This is the last time for planetary illusion, and this is why, children, the forces of chaos and evil unrestrainedly try to grow and multiply throughout the world. They know this is their last time. Just as the Creator knows His eternity, those forces know their end.

Children of mine, this is the time to close your eyes to the influences of the planet, because the more the end draws near, the more illusion grows, and souls, minds and hearts are more confused.

If you do not hold on tight to higher life and vanquish the tendencies of the world in order to maintain your own faith, following a true spiritual path will cost you very much. You will confuse the message with the messenger and by not seeing the prophecies being fulfilled in the time and form that you expected, you will not believe anything that you learned up to now. 

Remaining in love is a mission for the brave of spirit, those who believe more in God than in themselves, those who are attentive to His Messages and not so much to the way they reach their own hearts.

The Apocalypse is now occurring, inside and outside of many beings. The Americas are being taken care of by the Divine Messengers, but the time will come, children, when it should also go through its purification. The birth of a New Race and of a new principle of life will depend on each heart that will be there and their disposition in persevering, beyond trials, to rebuild the world when the time comes.

Children, you will fully understand what you experience and the instruction we deliver you when you are awake in all levels of consciousness, and the veils are no longer upon your eyes. But today I want you to understand that the planetary events will not happen the way you expect. And so it is, that they are happening now, and very few have noticed them.

So that the chaos on Earth does not confuse you, more each day affirm faith and unity with one another. The prayer that sustains the heart is the same that will maintain the mind in sanity.

Remain with what I told you and do not forget it. When the time comes, these words will be like keys that unlock the doors of the new time.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear child,

Every day, strengthen in your interior the certainty of the existence of a superior life and of a purpose that transcends matter and the superficialities impregnated in it.

In these times, many will strengthen illusions, the disproportioned pleasures and the absolute usufruct. The big companies that dominate the ordinary mind of humanity with their influences inspired by the forces of chaos – in the same way that the false governments of this world – will encourage humanity to seek pleasure above life itself.

When the change of the planetary cycle becomes visible even to the blind of heart, Light will call Its children to Itself, and darkness will also want to strengthen its reign. You, as a child of Light, must be a beacon which illuminates the path of the lost ones and indicates them the goal.

Do not let yourself be carried out by the despair of humanity or even by the anxiety of “gratifying yourself while there is time”, because this will be the motto of the dark ones in the end of all.

Seek to be lucid amongst all and, much as those who you love follow other paths, remain yourself firmly in the purpose of reaching God.

Child, never think it is not worthy to keep spiritual principles and try to find God in a world that has drifted away so much from Him. Much as the world around you seems to be ending, the principle of all, the seed that will impregnate the New Earth will be inside of you and, while you still remain steady despite yourself, it will never die.

God is alive in the interior of all His Creatures, but He only acts by means of those who believe in this truth and remain in it, even if they seem to be the only ones with this certainty.

The things I tell you, child, you may find today in the world around you or tomorrow beside you. For this reason, assimilate what I tell you and consolidate inside of you the absolute conviction of the triumph of God on Earth.

Much as this war may not be visible to your eyes in this moment because of your spiritual immaturity, just trust and grow. Mature your spirit with foundations sanctified by the impulses of the Divine Messengers and you will be, yourself, the Living Principle of a perfect Creation in this world.



Do not let your days become mechanical and your life, common, “ordinary” to your heart. Do not let the rhythm make you automatic and the repetition of the actions remove the spontaneity from your being.

Observe yourself so that you do not get used to the chaos and to the internal and external disorder, so that the Armageddon of the planet do not become something normal to you and you lose the sense of your role in the Plan of God, such as many have already lost it.

You know it is human nature to seek adapting itself and accommodating itself to all the situations that present themselves in life, but this accommodation is a fruit of the influence of the forces of the inertia that do not allow the evolution of the consciousness.

Most human beings are, in this moment, trying to get used to violence, to terror and to the current chaos of the planet. Those who are minimally awake should be eager to remove their brothers and sisters from the sleep, because numbness is involving humanity.

Child, I tell you that so that you do not seek a comfortable, easy or “normal” space for yourself in order that your consciousness does not live the typical tension of these times. On the contrary, affirm to your sleepy cells that it is time to awaken and live in Christ each second, as if it were the last one.

It is time to listen to each message as if it were the last one and to seek living them as if it were the last moment to do it, because – in truth – it is.

Do not seek to adapt your bodies to the daily tension as a way not to feel bothered by the harassment of darkness, because from the moment you accommodate yourself in this current planetary scenario, the victory of the chaos will prevail in you.

Child, seek only to find the inner peace. Find your fortress in the divine purpose of the existence of this planetary cycle and be firm to bear all the currents that may descend to the world.

Do not fear to waver and, even, to fall; just stand up each time, because also Your Lord fell more than three times.

For the awakening of the human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions in Christ,

With love I tell you that, while there is still time, learn the art of elevation and concentration, the fruit of the consciousness that understands the moments it lives and the Grace of all that it has learned.

In a short time, dissociation will be a law on Earth, and those who do not know how to live by laws that transcend material existence will risk losing their own mental, emotional and spiritual control, when immersed in the laws of chaos.

Today I will ask you not to listen to My Words like so many more you have listened to over the years, because every spoken phrase brings a precise instruction for the end of times. That is why the fact that you have received a certain instruction will already signal to the universe that you are able to bear the trials that will come and that will make you put into practice all that We have taught you.

I ask you to observe, in your lives, how the retrograde energies have already gained a certain degree of incentive with the technologies and astral and mental stimuli in general. Now, think: if within a group aura prepared by God to withstand important negative strikes, the forces of darkness still manage to penetrate and influence, even if not as intensely as the influence of Light, how would be the minds of the governors and consciousnesses that handle in an uncontrollable way the energies of power and of property?

The craving for power is growing in a misguided way and – as these consciousnesses acquire more power and property in relation to things and people – their ambition grows and the sensation that they are invincible seizes their minds and their hearts.

I must speak to you in a clear and direct way, because the forces of darkness are no longer hiding among men and, thus, neither the Light can hide itself, for with the same intensity it must reach the world, so that the consciousnesses can find the balance before themselves and can elect their choices between the Light and the darkness, which in the same proportion present themselves.


Dear companions,

Offering Our Hearts to the Celestial Altar as part of this Plan of God, we cry to mankind to establish peace in their lives. We ask that you awaken a little more to the true need of the planet, because in the times that will come you will need to demonstrate a greater awareness and maturity. Those who are blind today in the spirit and heart will seek relief and guidance in those who can be minimally balanced in the face of the planetary situation.

Know, dear ones, that – in the view of the degree of evil and hatred that lives in the hearts of some human beings – the outbreak of a third world war can completely destroy planetary life. The hearts of many rulers are only thirsting to demonstrate power and superiority over others beings in the world. It will be a battle between chaos and evil, because there will be no rules and there will be no mercy. All nations will want to demonstrate their power and they will ally one another to destroy the others according to their beliefs.

Just look at the world around you and be able to see a higher priority than your own lives, because the Plan of God transcends individuals and, if necessary, the Lord will ask for more of those who believe they have already given all, because not just the planet but the universe also needs it.

I ask you to seek to know the truth that is in your hearts, so that you are not taken by the terror that will spread throughout the world. Do not despair in the days to come, for the Spirit of God will sustain you, always when you are His servants and His soldiers of peace and prayer.

I do not tell you that you will suffer nothing; however, all the suffering and all the trials that the Lord places in your paths will be for you to generate merits for the salvation of humanity.

I tell you that from now on you learn to love and to accept differences, because We will ask you to welcome and support beings that are very different from you according to all points of view.

Also on this day, I will beg you to help the missionaries of Mary to reach the Middle East soon, before their doors definitely close and the souls there, seeking a way out, do not find mercy, but only justice.


Dear companions,

I would to remind you that the world still agonizes and suffers for the actions of humanity, but I do not tell you that in order martyrize your consciousnesses and make them suffer an ill that you do not know; I tell you these things because, with all that you receive every day, you must be a little more consistent with that in your actions, in your thoughts, in your feelings and in your aspirations.

Many frequently forget about what happens in the world and let their consciousnesses get lost in the daily distractions and in the little inner problems, which become large, such is the attention that you place on them.

The beings, in their majority, do not truly recognize that we are in apocalyptic times.  Even those who consider themselves more conscious will need a great impact in their consciousnesses in order to know that, in truth, the end of times has come for the current humanity.

God expects that those who believe in His Messengers and who follow Their instructions be more vigilante than ever and seek, over all things, to manifest in themselves the Purpose of God, in which they trust.

I have always told you that you needed to be brave, but many take these words with a merely emotional enthusiasm and believe that will be brave when they are before chaos that spreads itself throughout the world with violence.  But what I come to show you is that this same chaos dwells within the creatures of the world in their due proportions and must be purified and elevated by the transformation of the consciousness.

It will do little that My Chaste Heart may descend every day to the world and deposit, in the beings, a part of the codes that I reached as Joseph of Nazareth, if your hearts do not do anything or almost anything to develop these codes within yourselves.

I do not want to discourage you or to disregard your efforts, but you must recognize that your distraction is very big and that you often still allow yourselves to live the old human patterns, even with all the knowledge that you have of the planetary situation.

Today My paternal Heart talks to those who aspire to live the transformation and to those who will not feel hurt with what I tell you, but rather impelled to maturing, because I come in this definitive time to deliver the best that there is in God to those who will move forward.


In order that you can transit in a period of planetary chaos and be a source of peace for the beings, and non-collaborators of the large dissociation network of the planet, you must start to strengthen the spirit with the knowledge of a superior life and with the living experience and the self-experience that such life exists and that the material dimensions of consciousnesses are only a reflection of all that manifests itself in the universe.

The differences between a conscious group of the planetary reality and other prayer groups that exist in the world and that support themselves only in the invisible of their faith are the tools that each one will have in the end of times and with what they will be able to contribute as a support for humanity, when the truths that have been always hidden start to emerge.

For a long time, Our Divine Spirits were extremely silent and delivered to humanity small impulses and signs that used to demonstrate Our Divinity, but they would not reveal to the human eyes what exists between matter and the Spirit of God, which is the life manifested in the different existent dimensions between 3rd and 12th dimensions.

Today Our Voice starts to deliver new signs and unveil new secrets to all of humanity, because, in this time, the adversary of God will try to confuse many spirits that are seeking the true Light and, thus, many beings will have visions that are not true or will receive instructions that more confuse and than clarify the heart.  It is for this reason that we start to reveal what humanity will have to recognize in order to take its evolutionary leap.

I want you to know that an instruction that comes from God is the one that leads you to the spirit of humility and of faith; it is the one that brings, in its interior, the purity that the heart can feel by coming in contact with it.

For this, I ask you to not listen to all what they say in the world, both outside and within yourselves; do not let yourselves be lost by the confusions or by your own need to fulfill certain functions within the Plan of God, because for each one the Creator has a perfect idea and a single plan.  Besides that, many of those who are in the world wanting to be something came to learn to be nothing.

Have trust that the Messengers of God will tell you everything that you need to listen, and follow Our Words with attention.


Dear companions,

Today I want tell you that, as the consciousnesses open themselves to live wider degrees of spiritual maturity, God makes known world truths that transcend the physical barbarities that humanity lives in the world.

The great sorrow of God is the suffering of souls that die day by day submersed in the incomprehension and, thus, are not able to leave the states of consciousness that are hells created by chaos and by evil.

You are being called in this moment to be true companions of God and of His Son and, in this way, to share with Him His sorrows and not remain in the stinginess of the your daily lives.

God calls you to maturity, and when His Son leads you to know His constant agony, caused by the world, it is so that, in this way, you may walk fast towards the forgetfulness of self and recognize that exists a Higher Plan, which manifestation depends on the awakening and on the maturing of those who have committed themselves to the Creator in the beginning.

This moment that you live is marking the time of coming out of yourselves and assuming the planetary task that is due to you as a group.

The Lord is making known realities that many are not prepared to face because evil precipitates itself in the world and progresses each time more, making the souls lose faith and hope and enabling the essences to be completely extinguished.

An essence that is extinguished and disintegrated, My beloved ones, is like a part of God that ceases to exist.  Remember that each essence created by Him is a living part of His Divine Consciousness sent to the manifested Creation to fulfill a mission.

Now I ask you to accept this offer that has been delivered to you as a grace to serve God consciously and to no longer lose yourselves in trivial problems of your lives, but let yourselves be transformed and molded by the ray of the divine humility and unite in prayer to the Father for the salvation of the planet.

Each step that you take towards Light is a step of the whole humanity towards a new time.

Mature from the heart and in consciousness, since there is no more time to lose with yourselves anymore.

I love you and lead you to new planetary cycle.

Saint Joseph, the Eternal Servant of God


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