Wednesday, July 5 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Write My Words in your heart and may they not disappear, because they will be necessary Words for the coming times.

I Am so similar to this Light, that whoever follows Me will never be in the dark. Joyful will be those who follow My Light and recognize it within themselves, for they will not miss the opportunity to feel the power and strength of My Love.

When My Light is present, there is no darkness. The dark ones and the demons fall into hell, because My Holy Father, Archangel Michael, has defeated them one by one. Therefore, now you do not have to fear for anything, but for the conversion of your hearts; a conversion that must be consistent with My request, at this final time, in which all is defined within and outside of beings.

Whoever searches for this Light, will not perish. Whoever lives in My Light will be light in the dark of the three days of darkness.

My Light is the essence of love and My Love is the essence of life, the life that God has given us from the beginning, to all His creatures. Most beautiful is His Light in the universe, for it is triumphant and cannot be defeated.

You will see the hells moving. You will feel the Earth trembling. You might see terrible things in the times to come, but know that it will be the moment of great definition and the decision and the freedom to do it will be in you, because I need souls that shine with My Call. I need warriors to fight against immense things, against which they have never fought. Therefore, I integrate all of you into My Light, that is the eternal Light of God; it is unity, it is omnipresence and it is universal science.

Woe to those who do not enter the Light of My Heart. How will you be able to persist in these acute times?

I come to give something to the world, to which most people pay no attention, but only give attention to the superficial and petty. You will see men and women beating their chests for not having done it, for not having searched for My Light, the eternal Light of the Creator.

My Essence is being delivered until the last drop. I am giving an account of you and of the world to My Father. Do not reject or miss this opportunity, because it is one of the last, and in you all the treasures must be alive, which month by month and from time to time, I have been delivering to you through this simple meeting of prayer.

It is time for you to place the keys of Heaven upon the table and to contemplate with gratitude the Graces that My Father has given you through My Glorified Heart. You, if you are My followers, have the keys to open the new doors and not to close them to those who need to cross into the new life, into renewal and hope. Define your paths, because the time is approaching and I invite you to be part of My Light so that, by being in Me, I may be in you at each moment and in each hour.

And if My Light is in you, My enemy will not triumph. He will not be able to defeat any of My souls, those that throughout times I have summoned to be part of the armies of the final time, of the preparation of the Return of your King.

Drink from the Source of Light that I bring you today, because in essence it is Adonai who with immense Mercy is giving Himself to your spirits, souls and consciousnesses, for those who do not accept Him, for those who deceive Him and, especially, for those who do not experience Him.

I invite you all the time to be true, so My Light may be in you, because nothing belongs to you. Your lives are part of an original Project that has been distorted through times and centuries.

I come to complete, at this hour, what I could not do two thousand years ago, because My Father called Me and I had to ascend to the heavens to listen to Him, as a good son listens to his father and rejoices in his words of wisdom and love.

In the same way, I would like you, My companions and My friends, My servers and My servants, to listen to the Words of your Lord, your Master, your Shepherd and your Father, as if they were the last ones for this last era, because you must witness what you have experienced with Me and you may or may not be witnesses of this Truth that I bring you.

Today you will place your faces before your enemies to witness that I have been here, in these last years, with you and with all who have welcomed My Call in humanity.

Therefore, the time has come to commune not only with My Body and with My Blood, which is the greatest gift of My Love and of My Sacrifice for the world, but the time has come to merge yourselves with My Light and to never leave it again, in order to not get lost in the tribulation that this world will experience and that it will face in these times.

With all the Glory of Heaven I bring you this Light that belongs to no one but the Primordial Source, where Unity and Love reign in all creatures. May this Light shine in the dark spaces. May this Light banish the emblems of evil. May this Light triumph in the pure hearts and may the New Christs, the new apostles, the peacemakers of the Redeemer finally be born. 

This Light, that I bring you today, comes from a profound and sublime place, from an unknown dimension of the consciousness, from which your Lord and Master of Love emerged, like His Holy and Virgin Mary, as well as all the archangels that exist in Heaven and in the universes, who praise Adonai eternally.

You are children of this Light. Awaken, awaken your brothers and sisters from the world hypnotism. Remember that you are children of the Source and that you are essences that come here to experience the principle of redemption and forgiveness for all that has happened beyond this plan.

This Light of My Heart brings you Grace. This Light blesses and renews you, because it brings you Mercy and grants indulgence to your hearts that need it so much in the whole world.

If you are around this Light, the Light of My Heart, you have nothing to fear. The purification of your consciousnesses, the rendition of your human aspects and the liberation of your atavisms will be difficult. But whoever is near My Light will never perish, for they will be contemplated by the universe for having been contemplated by the Son of God, who believes and has hope in a New Humanity, healed and redeemed of its eternal mistakes.

Raise to the Heavens spiritually, the Light that exists in your hearts and essences. Offer to God this Light as a reparation and recognize that without this Light you cannot do anything and will never be guided to the final goal.

Dignify your consciousnesses and receive, through this Light, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that should spread throughout the world for the souls that fall into the hells of the planetary surface. Furthermore, I tell you that this Light is also granted by the angels of the universe.

Today, at My Father's request, I stop the actions of the evil in humanity and will no longer allow the innocent to suffer the attacks of hell, because My Light, which is invincible, will triumph.

Joyful will be those who believe in this mystery, because, just by believing, they will be within My Light without perceiving it; and, in truth I tell you to commune with My Heart until the end of the days, until you see Me coming among the clouds, in the Glory of God.

That is how I stop at this hour the perdition of the souls, the agitation of the hells, the human injustice and sin of the humanity of the surface. This Light grants, at this moment, an instance of peace for those who need it most, for those who suffer most, for those who despair and have not found any way out.

Today you have communed with the Sacrament of My Light, a mystery that I am revealing to the Church on Earth because, beyond the communion of My Body and of My Blood, you can commune with My Light, and thus you will be communing with My Divinity.

Now listen to the prayer of your Master, who kneels before the altars of Adonai, just as all the angels of Heaven kneel before the Primordial Source. And in this way, with this prayer, I will bless all the elements, because while I speak, My Divine Energy, that is the Energy of God, magnetizes all things and transforms them into something sacred and  worshipped. Everything transforms itself in a great ceremony when the Light of My Heart projects itself upon humanity.

"Listen, Eternal Father, to the Voice of your Servant, of Your Essence, of an immeasurable love, which kneels before Your Throne to beg You, to convert this moment into something sacred, pure and immaculate.

At the Feet of the Creator Fathers, of the Archangels, we beg with the angels of Heaven for the emergence of a New Humanity free of mistakes, free of suffering, free of bitterness, free of sadness, free of uncertainties, free of failures.

May Your Divine Light, Lord, which permeates and lives in all universes, descend now upon those who listen to Your Sacred Word, through the most beloved Word of Your Son.

May the souls always find refuge in My Heart so that I may take them to You, and You, Father, hold them in Your Arms to protect them and to contemplate them with the sweetest gaze of Your infinite Love.

So, Father, at the request of Your Son, banish what causes indifference. Open the eyes of those who are blind spiritually. Make yourself be felt like a powerful Ray in the most closed hearts, so that all may experience the splendor of Your Celestial Kingdom.

I promise, Lord, until the end of days of this world, to assist Your children of Your Holy Justice so that all may submerge into the ocean of My Mercy and in this way find peace, the hope of experiencing you and of participating with You in eternal Communion.

Now I send the angelical armies for them to fill the whole Earth with Your Light, and that the greatest sinners be liberated from perdition, so they, too, may experience the Source of Your Love and of Your Truth.

Bless, Lord, this moment with Your eternal Light and, in Your Source of Life, immerse Your creatures, the ones that You have conceived according to Your Divine Thought and Your Project; thus, with the surrender of Your Son on the Cross and with the cross of the New Christs, My eternal rival will be defeated, for his defeat is near. The triumph of Your Kingdom will descend upon Earth, the New Humanity will be born and it will no longer be indifferent to Your Words and Designs.

Believe, Father, and observe with the gaze of Your Love what I have done in Your children throughout times.

Listen to the praises of the saints.

Receive the honor, Father, of the blessed ones.

Hear, Father, the song of the angels, because You are always Our Light, Our Guide and Our Truth.

I offer the Light that you have granted in My humble and poor Heart, for those who do not experience You yet and do not even search for You.

Lord, have Mercy and may no soul stop being able to kindle their inner light before Your Presence, before Your omnipotence and omniscience.

May Your Will be fulfilled, Lord, in the hearts that receive it today and that they be forever aware of this sacred commitment with Your eternal Heart.

Today I ask You, Father, that by Your infinite Grace and by Your greater Love, the hells succumb in their hells and that You close the doors to evil, just as Your Son implores You, with all that You have granted in essence, in life and in divinity, in My Sacred Heart.

May Your Rays of Grace reach those who need it most.

May you grant healing of consciousnesses and may joy return to all who have lost it for some reason.

May Your children, Lord, Your creatures rejoice to experience Your Celestial Kingdom, because Your Paradise is approaching and at the end, Lord, at last the thousand years of peace will be fulfilled.

Today the inner lights of your creatures have risen to Your Kingdom. Today Your altars are lit by this Light. May your divine Light, Lord, make more humble, simple and meek those who follow Your Path with faith, hope and trust.

My Heart rejoices in You, Father, just as My Heart rejoiced, in spite of everything, in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing that this time would come and that everybody would know through these means, the power of Your Words, the decree that exists in the Heavens.

May the Light of God purify Your children and may each child, who comes from You, fulfill Your Will with joy."

I baptize with this Light all those who have followed Me through the ages and I institute on this day, among all, the new Congregation of Faith, under the guidance of your Lord Jesus Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the peacemakers raise their voices to the Heavens, for the ears of the Father will hear their melodies. May the peacemakers of the Redeemer proclaim to the four corners of Earth, without any fear of saying that they are Christians until the end, until their Master returns to establish a new time in humanity.

Let us pray to the Father with gratitude and rejoice.

Prayer: Heavenly Father

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of our Lord let us sing together "Peacemakers of Christ the Redeemer" and let us invite our brothers and sisters from the Monasteries, from the Communities, from the groups of the Light-Network and all the praying beings of good will.

Let us offer to God this Light that He has granted us in our interior as an offer of repair and healing for humanity.