Monday, February 13 of 2017

Daily messages

The Heart of Mary: A Portal towards God

Dear children,

Little by little, I teach you to be permanently in contact with God. Because of this, in this time, My Heart will act as the Portal towards God for each one of you.

I need you to take a step towards spiritual maturity and that you not waste time seeking human happiness far from God.

I offer you a single path; every day and for some time longer I bring you the possibility of reencountering the Celestial Father.

I hope that your eyes open and especially that your inner ears may hear with attention and concentration the Mysteries of God that I am revealing to you in this time.

Dear children, the portal of My Heart will guide you to the House of the Father, and in the House of the Father you will be one in essence, in spirit, and in life.

It is time, dear children, that you penetrate the revelations of these times and that as from this cycle you be able to understand and live the divine treasure that is being given to you.

No consciousness on this planet, in this or any other time, has come to know and to penetrate the mystery about the Aspects of God.

In this sense, dear children, the arrival and the descent of the Aspects of the Father over certain areas of the planet are due first to planetary need, and in second place, to the inner union of the different Faces of Christ.

Never before in the history of humanity, after the Ascension of Jesus, has the world known the cosmic Faces of Christ, that is to say, the spiritual and divine aspects of the Redeemer.

Because of this, dear children, this union of the divine Aspects of Christ is part of the stage previous to His second and last coming.

The human consciousness of today, which is submerged in the appearances of illusion and is distanced from the soul, will experience the upcoming events as something renewing and at the same time as a cycle of deep spiritual and inner definition.

This spiritual union or fusion of the aspects or of the divine Faces of Christ, after the revelations made by My own Son as the Sacred Heart, the Merciful Christ, and the Glorified Christ, mark a before and an after in human science in this acute stage of the Earth, something that does not have a mental explanation.

After the three important revelations about the Faces of Christ, My Son comes to unite them in this time so that an important universal impulse may be given, and at that conjuncture, the spiritual union of the divine Aspects of Christ may definitely open the doors of the spiritual, mental, and material Universes so that the One Consciousness, called God, this time may manifest through the Aspects of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, in this unique event that will prepare the Apocalypse of humanity, hundreds of souls will be unexpectedly touched, and overnight they will consecrate themselves to the Plan of God in a way never seen before.

This is why this spiritual impulse, which Christ is giving on levels higher than the seventh dimension of consciousness, brings as a result the transfiguration of the corrupted human state into an incorrupt state, free from debts and regressions.

The spiritual and autonomous arrival of the Aspects of God to the Marian Centers in first place promises to help that part of the human consciousness that is in extreme and serious danger of becoming compromised with forces of the planetary chaos.

In this cycle, the union and the adherence of each soul with the sublime Aspects of God will allow certain evolutionary principles, heretofore lost, to be reestablish.

It is time to cross the Portal of My Maternal Heart to be able to come to know the divine Mysteries in depth.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace