Saturday, November 18 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Dear Children:

During these days and due to the seriousness of the wars and the shedding of innocent blood, Our Three Sacred Hearts are trying to stop the evil that has invaded the minds and hearts of My children of some nations.

Therefore, today I come especially to ask you, now more than ever, to accompany Me in prayer so that the Three Sacred Hearts may intervene for all families and especially for the children who suffer from war, annihilation, invasion and mistreatment.

In the name of Our Creator and Lord of the Universe, I come to ask that the weapons be stopped so that the uncertain door of evil does not continue to be opened in the world.

I come to ask you, in the name of God, that the interests of the nations no longer predominate, so that the most disadvantaged do not find themselves in the urgency of escaping from terror and death.

Dear children, this is the expected time of tribulation and of the Apocalypse. Therefore, more than ever, I come to ask you to recognize the Presence of God in you every day and, through the Divine Presence, to remember that you are all brothers and sisters of the same Father who is in Heaven. Thus, My children, the world as a whole will not continue to turn away from Love and Light.

I pray, day and night, so that the world may attain peace. Pray with Me every day, so that the angels, tormented by wars, may be sustained.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


After delivering the weekly Message, Our Lady accompanied the consecration of the Holy Eucharist, as recounted below:

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:  

Let us celebrate together with our Mother this moment of consecration. At this moment, we prepare to partake in this mystery of Love that Christ left us in the Presence of Mary, Our Lady.

And, in the silence of our hearts, before the Heart of Mary, the Queen of Peace, we purify our hearts, our conscience, so that bathed in Her Maternal Love, we prepare our inner world to receive once again the Body and Blood of Christ, which will be transubstantiated in this celebration that Mary will accompany with attention and reverence.

Our Mother tells us, in this moment, that on the night when Jesus was gathered with His apostles, She, in another part of Jerusalem, was gathered with the holy women. Through their spirits, their consciences, they united with the sacrifice of the Son of God—a sacrifice that in the ether of the Earth would leave imprinted the eternal presence of His Love and His Mercy for souls.

And, in that hour, all sins from Adam and Eve to the present, until the end of times, were being contemplated by Our Lord and Our Lady, who in reparation and amnesty, offered them to God through the angels.

Thus, that Communion, which Christ officiated and celebrated with His apostles at the Last Supper, reached Mary, our Mother, and the holy women through the hands of the angels. It came in the form of a luminous Light, a form that entered the souls of Mary and the holy women to establish definitively that covenant with the Will of God through the Firstborn Son.

On that night, as Jesus was with His apostles and Mary was gathered with Her disciples, the holy women, when Jesus took the bread and raised it to God in thanksgiving, in offering and in sacrifice, Mary asked God if She could spiritually die alongside Her Son for the remission of all sins committed from the beginning, from Adam and Eve to the end of times. This was so that souls could receive the abundance of God's Love, a Love that would renew them and help them move forward in every step.

Thus, Jesus broke the bread and, offering it to His companions with a paternal, loving, and attentive gaze, said to them, just as He said to His Mother and the holy women in spirit: "Take and eat all of it, for this is My Body that will be given for mankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.


We bow down in reverence.

And thus, the form of Light entered into the apostles, into Mary, and into the holy women, preparing them for the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus.

And before consummating that covenant with the Eternal, Jesus took the Holy Grail in His Hands, lifting it to the Heavens, also in offering and sacrifice for the souls.

At that moment, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy women, in Spiritual Communion, offered themselves to be the first custodians of the Precious Blood of Christ, which would be shed from the moment of the flagellation to the heights of Mount Calvary. Thus, in honor of the Son of God, the spiritual science of the Via Sacra, of the Christic impulses that the Master left imprinted and engraved in each step of the Cross, could be established.

After transubstantiating the wine into His Precious Blood, Jesus passed the Chalice to His apostles and in spirit, to the holy women through the angels, saying to them: "Take and drink all of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood of the Lamb that will be shed for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me until I return to the world."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.


We bow down in reverence.

And at that moment, the angels present during the transubstantiation of the bread and wine at the Last Supper made available, from that time until the end of times, all the chalices that would receive the offering of souls that would consecrate themselves and live for Christ and in Christ.

Thus, we place our soul and spirit before that offering; we place our life and essence within those chalices so that, like this celebration, those chalices may be offered to God in reparation and in Mercy.

Thus, Jesus raised His Body and His Blood to bear witness to the Infinite and Merciful Presence of God's Love. The apostles, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy women contemplated the institution of the Christic Legacy of Love and Redemption at that moment.

Prayer: "Our Father."

And, just as Christ represents universal Peace and Peace for the world, we invoke, alongside the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the descent of Peace.

"Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.


And, as we share the Peace of Christ, let us radiate the Peace of Mary to each Inner Christ.

And, at this moment, we will announce Spiritual Communion to all internal worlds and souls in the world that need that inner Christic Presence.

As requested by Mary, in this communion moment, let us sing "Make of me nothing," so that in the inner emptiness that we must seek in each step, we can be filled with the All, with the Presence of God.