Monday, October 19 of 2015

Daily messages

Peace can be a reality in the world, as well as it is in the Kingdom of God, where His Supreme Consciousness fully expresses itself.  However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary that the human beings want to be with God, as well those who live in His Kingdom want.

When a being aspires to be permanently with God, they seek Him in all things and expect to find Him in everything, in the certainty that the Creator deposited a part of His Consciousness in all that He created.

For this, in order that peace establishes itself, you must seek and find God in everything and in everyone, transcending the influences of the world and whatever people who transit through it appear to be.

Permanently remember the existence of the spirit of each being and that, to each one, the Creator has a perfect plan, an idea and a divine thought.  Remember that, inside of each consciousness, in the its innermost, are the codes that it needs to fulfill its mission.

Today I want to reveal to you a mystery of the Kingdom of God, of His Plan for humanity.  When He created the human beings, God deposited in each essence a divine attribute, called Universal Ray, which is a way of expression of His Divine Spirit, This one that creates all the things.

The Rays of the Creator are responsible for conducting His Creation to perfection, but, in the case of the human beings, there is a secret, a particularity: the experience of perfection in humanity depends on the expression of love, and that perfection activates itself not only when a being loves, but also when it is loved.

The love of which I speak to you is not the love that you know because the human beings are used to love what is convenient to them, what pleases them and what causes them some gratification, but that is not the Love of God.

The Love of God is that one which looks at a being and transcends its imperfections, finding thus the truth of the essence of each one, and this is what it loves: it loves the Will of God for His creatures; it loves the perfection of God hidden in the beings; it loves God Himself, by means of His creatures.

This love is not impossible to be lived, but to find something that is lost in the other, you must find what is lost in yourselves, which is the possibility of truly loving.

For this I am here.  For this I descend every day to the world, to make simple the spiritual life, to make simple what, for humanity, has always been so complicated.  Because what difficulty there could exist in truly loving, if you were created exclusively for that?

Seek inside of you the truth about what you are.  When you take the first steps, I will help you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the awakening of love in the human consciousness