Monday, June 12 of 2017

Daily messages

The New Prophecy

Its foundations are made of covered stone, but in essence, there is nothing that supports it.

Its high columns elevate the apparently conquered power, clearly forgetting that God is the one who has the Power.

Its heart is lined with gold and shows all the beauty that is not from Heaven.

It shows its supposed justice, but inside its temple, the truths are hidden from the great vastness of its people.

The sacred Name of God is used in order to carry out its works.

But who will awaken ahead of time in order to be see the reality and not the appearance?

The Eyes of Fire observe its actions and the majority fall into a sort of trap of surprises. Faith is put into play and it is necessary to find the truth.

It emanates water so similar to a fount, and the thirst for light and love is so great in souls that all of them run, half blind, in search of a solution.

Because of this, few know that not all is right, just, and healthy.

The temple is going to be removed, and its faithful will feel it, but the majority will remain hypnotized by what is external.

It will be difficult to defeat this power; it grew so much after the trust granted by Christ. But as from the actions, the paths completely deviated.

Who will correct the mistakes of whole centuries?

For this reason, the Father observes with Mercy and only trusts in those who live His Truth and do not distort It.

Many are the shepherds who are responsible for entire flocks, but very few do what the Lord has taught them.

With their hand they take up the shepherd’s crook, but they do not know how to guide the flocks on the path of faith.

The temple is so similar to a coin, it has two faces: one of fire, and another of gold. On it is written a story of the past that, at last, must be purified.

Its steps are as confused as the soul that does not know how to walk or to find its direction.

No one has managed to oppose it; it is the mother of the apparent “peace”. But its works are not luminous or real.

Many will cry for having had their faith bought. Thus the divine Scepter of Light will strike so hard that its structures will move, just as the earth moves in an earthquake.

Despite its most acute phase, the Lord places His Divine Hand on the one who is just and simple, but who in all must keep silent in order that his people not be shocked.

The Father will give him the strength to move forward; his name is poor and this will protect him. From him the strength of the very Christ will be born in order to purify the temple and all its kin.

The greatest suffering will be to know the Truth, and as it was said, not one stone will be left upon another.

Even in the times when Christ is returning, all unfaithful foundations will move, within and outside the consciousness.

In the next dawn, the Sun, the Aurora, and the Light of Love will show themselves to the crystalline hearts, and they will show themselves to the opaque and perverted hearts that are ruled by spiritual ambition.

In order for love and the good to be fulfilled, the Mother of Heaven comes to intercede, but now under the command of Divine Justice, which will correct the events of the past.

It will be the moment in which each soul, and each life, will know where it has placed its faith, and in whose hands it has placed it.

Blissful will be those who will, above all, have been able to place their heart in Heaven, and unhappy will be those who will remain on the surface of the events.

The Lord sends His Servant to save the faith of thousands of souls, because the adversary still continues working.

Wise will be those who pray, because they will possess discernment.

Illuminated and clear will be those who always seek humility.

Holy will be those who have divine compassion for their brothers and sisters.

Nothing will be perfect until Christ returns, Who will finally govern in sovereignty, and the power will be taken out of the hands of humankind.

The simple will experience hope, and in spite of events, will be able to remain in the inner light.

In this way, all will become aware of the true request of Christ, His House is poor, and not lined, within the heart of the humble.

And all will see the coming of the House of the Light from the Universe, and will know that their dwelling places inhabit the subtle worlds.

Lastly, the old keys will be removed and the angels will show human beings who has the Keys of the Heavens.

Meanwhile, let us pray, until the Night Sky announces the sign of this forthcoming moment.

Your Celestial Mother will dry the tears of those who will strike their chest for having trusted in humankind.

But Christ will bring the joy of being able to live and feel Him vividly, above all appearances.

The time has come for the true apostles of silence to give testimony of the Kingdom of God to those that cannot manage to see It.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who prays together with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace