Saturday, April 9 of 2022

Weekly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While the world is divided by war and pain, I come with the Light of the Heavens to bless all, so as to be able to elevate as many souls as possible before the Presence of the Celestial Father, and so that He, in His Mercy and in His Infinite Grace, may help as many souls as possible.

After having been in Fatima more than one hundred years ago, to deter the greatest cruelty of all times, I am here, at this Center of Love, together with each one of My children, to fulfill the prophecy that I once announced in Fatima: that in South America the Boat of God would sail, gathering all the consciousnesses that would prepare the Return of Christ. Because from South America the impulse of renewal and peace must emerge, from South America the union must be re-established between Heaven and Earth, between humanity and God.

For this reason, I am here today, to tell you again that the doors of the Marian Centers are now open and that your Heavenly Mother is attentively following the coming events of humanity, after the Arrival of My Son during this Sacred Week, when He will re-establish many codes in the planetary consciousness. And on re-establishing these codes in as many souls as possible, My Son will awaken the New Christs, all those who you would not even imagine, who have come in these times to serve Him in this plan of rescue for humanity.

For this reason, My Son also, as He announced in the Gospel during His Ascension to the Heavens, is coming in these times to fulfill His Promises, but He also comes to ask for the talents of hearts, which are indispensable and fundamental to prepare the planet and humanity for His expected Return.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 

Our Lady, at this moment, is opening Her Mantle, to show Her Immaculate Heart. And today this Immaculate Heart has thorns that stick out of It and cause the Blood of the Heart of Mary to be shed.

And Our Lady taught us the following prayer:


Oh Bloody Heart of Mary!
forgive all faults of humanity.

Let us repeat this prayer together, with Our Lady.

The Blood of the Heart of Mary, while we were praying, gradually disappeared. And the thorns in the Heart of Mary represent the extremely grave outrages of the wars and conflicts in the nations and, especially, the innocent blood that has been shed, from children to elderly people, from refugees and exiled, not only in Eastern Europe, but throughout the whole world. Our Lady says also in Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan and Syria.

Our Mother tells us: 


Pray to the Heart of Mary, for It not to be pierced by the grave offenses of those who make wars and conflicts. Pray to the Heart of Mary so that She not shed Her Blood, because it is the blood of the innocent, of the forlorn.

Today, I am here to deliver you this sacrifice and relieve the Heart of the Mother of God so that the heart of many consciousnesses may be relieved.

And now that you are ready to cross the desert again, just as My Son has taught you, the deserts of life that will soon come, be brave and have courage. Do not give up, but rather move forward, because you must keep in mind, in these times, that all that you live is not just for you, but also for the whole world.

Thus, beginning thirteen years ago, we have been close to you, bringing the Message of Heaven and of the Universe, bringing the Call of God to all souls and consciousnesses, and re-consecrating humanity, time and again, so that something worse may not come.

It gladdens Me to find you here, as a family, as a family that has learned to endure your own purification, striving every day to forget yourselves so as to place the Plan of God on your paths, that Plan that must be fulfilled and carried out in each one of your lives. And this will make you keep growing in spiritual maturity, in the responsibility to respond to My Son in these times with all that He needs to carry out at this moment.

Know that the door to the Return of My Son is now open, through this humble and simple moment that you are sharing with Me in this house, because this is how God wants to see you, united and close to one another, just as your Mother was with the apostles and is today with you, My beloved children.

May closeness be the keynote for these times, to relieve hearts, to liberate spiritual pressures; may a feeling of compassion sprout in your hearts so that criticism may no longer be in your lives, but rather the compassionate spirit of love, which will make you grow in charity, accepting your fellow beings as they are, just as God accepts you the way you are.

Now, with joy, as in every moment shared with Me on Saturdays, we will finalize this moment in the Presence of the Mother of God, with the consecration of the Eucharist. This will be done so that, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, these elements may be offered for the redemption of humanity, and  also so that the redemption and transformation of your lives through Our Sacred Hearts may be the confirmation which the Father needs to pour out His Mercy and not His Justice.

Know that at this moment, at the doors of the Sacred Week, many souls on the inner planes are being assisted. And this is possible because I have called your Guardian Angels, who, present at this very moment, serve together with the Mother of God.

Let us celebrate in Christ and for Christ.