The New Prophecy

Its foundations are made of covered stone, but in essence, there is nothing that supports it.

Its high columns elevate the apparently conquered power, clearly forgetting that God is the one who has the Power.

Its heart is lined with gold and shows all the beauty that is not from Heaven.

It shows its supposed justice, but inside its temple, the truths are hidden from the great vastness of its people.

The sacred Name of God is used in order to carry out its works.

But who will awaken ahead of time in order to be see the reality and not the appearance?

The Eyes of Fire observe its actions and the majority fall into a sort of trap of surprises. Faith is put into play and it is necessary to find the truth.

It emanates water so similar to a fount, and the thirst for light and love is so great in souls that all of them run, half blind, in search of a solution.

Because of this, few know that not all is right, just, and healthy.

The temple is going to be removed, and its faithful will feel it, but the majority will remain hypnotized by what is external.

It will be difficult to defeat this power; it grew so much after the trust granted by Christ. But as from the actions, the paths completely deviated.

Who will correct the mistakes of whole centuries?

For this reason, the Father observes with Mercy and only trusts in those who live His Truth and do not distort It.

Many are the shepherds who are responsible for entire flocks, but very few do what the Lord has taught them.

With their hand they take up the shepherd’s crook, but they do not know how to guide the flocks on the path of faith.

The temple is so similar to a coin, it has two faces: one of fire, and another of gold. On it is written a story of the past that, at last, must be purified.

Its steps are as confused as the soul that does not know how to walk or to find its direction.

No one has managed to oppose it; it is the mother of the apparent “peace”. But its works are not luminous or real.

Many will cry for having had their faith bought. Thus the divine Scepter of Light will strike so hard that its structures will move, just as the earth moves in an earthquake.

Despite its most acute phase, the Lord places His Divine Hand on the one who is just and simple, but who in all must keep silent in order that his people not be shocked.

The Father will give him the strength to move forward; his name is poor and this will protect him. From him the strength of the very Christ will be born in order to purify the temple and all its kin.

The greatest suffering will be to know the Truth, and as it was said, not one stone will be left upon another.

Even in the times when Christ is returning, all unfaithful foundations will move, within and outside the consciousness.

In the next dawn, the Sun, the Aurora, and the Light of Love will show themselves to the crystalline hearts, and they will show themselves to the opaque and perverted hearts that are ruled by spiritual ambition.

In order for love and the good to be fulfilled, the Mother of Heaven comes to intercede, but now under the command of Divine Justice, which will correct the events of the past.

It will be the moment in which each soul, and each life, will know where it has placed its faith, and in whose hands it has placed it.

Blissful will be those who will, above all, have been able to place their heart in Heaven, and unhappy will be those who will remain on the surface of the events.

The Lord sends His Servant to save the faith of thousands of souls, because the adversary still continues working.

Wise will be those who pray, because they will possess discernment.

Illuminated and clear will be those who always seek humility.

Holy will be those who have divine compassion for their brothers and sisters.

Nothing will be perfect until Christ returns, Who will finally govern in sovereignty, and the power will be taken out of the hands of humankind.

The simple will experience hope, and in spite of events, will be able to remain in the inner light.

In this way, all will become aware of the true request of Christ, His House is poor, and not lined, within the heart of the humble.

And all will see the coming of the House of the Light from the Universe, and will know that their dwelling places inhabit the subtle worlds.

Lastly, the old keys will be removed and the angels will show human beings who has the Keys of the Heavens.

Meanwhile, let us pray, until the Night Sky announces the sign of this forthcoming moment.

Your Celestial Mother will dry the tears of those who will strike their chest for having trusted in humankind.

But Christ will bring the joy of being able to live and feel Him vividly, above all appearances.

The time has come for the true apostles of silence to give testimony of the Kingdom of God to those that cannot manage to see It.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who prays together with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I celebrate from Heaven a new Easter Supper, the Easter of the heart, because the one who truly communes of My Body receives the ministry of the New Easter of the heart, an Easter that renews your spirits to remove them from constant sin and to resuscitate them in this way to the greater life of the stars.

The Sacred Easter of the Heart is that which all of the universe shares with Me, and these great but humble consciousnesses from the universe have been already living for some real time My Path of Christification.

This Easter is an Easter that comes from the essence of My Spirit and, in consequence, from the Supreme Divinity. As a Major Priest I gather the essences that were originally born from the various Fountains of God and in this earthly time in which you live, by means of My Grace and of My Divine Mercy, I lead the sheep towards the inner stable of My Heart.

Already reunited with My ones in this supper I present in love to them the new apostles of light, those that once were with Me in the Holy Land. These brothers and sisters of yours, the new server apostles of Christ, will be now your guide; they will be the shepherds that will spiritually prepare My Coming to the world for the second time.

For this today in this Spiritual Easter I ask you: unite yourselves to the example of the ancient but now renewed apostles so that the love for the word, the love for the service to the Plan of God, may be awakened in these New Christs that imperfect, intend to imitate Me.

I Am the mature fruit from the vine and from this fruit is born the Blood of Life that washes those and eternally redeems those who seek It above all things. Keep on cultivating in your hearts the path of the apostolate. It is time that My ones give the testimonial of redemption and of conversion that I have made in them.

For this remember that humility will accompany you so that someday, empty of yourselves, may emerge the new redeemed being that will become a part of the history of My Universal Legacy.

Remember that some will get to know the power and the greatness of My Kingdom.

It is time to trust Me, as says the prayer. Walk without delay towards My arms because I wait to wash your hands and your faces, to feed you of My New Redeeming Easter.

I thank you for remaining in My Sacred Heart during this day of repairing prayer for the entire world. Many souls thirsty for My Light were collected from the abysses of the world.

Thank you for trusting My Infinite Mercy!

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Your King of Love, Christ Jesus


At this hour of Mercy My Great Thirst for souls is quenched through the prayers of all of the devoted souls. At this hour of Mercy My Rays pass through the wounded, lonely and sick hearts bringing for all of them an inexplicable state of peace.

Besides, at this hour of Mercy all of those who pray who are united to My Blessed Heart help Me to open the spiritual source that permits the washing of the stains of the sinful hearts and permits the saving of the souls that are lost.

Who trusts in My Mercy will be able to understand My Mystery of pure and unfathomable love for humanity. For this, day by day, I call My ones, so that they may help Me to rescue the part of the world that is still spiritually blind and deaf.

For this I count much on the shepherds, those who out of love I have entrusted the priesthood and the sacred ceremony of the Eucharist so that they may feed the spirit of the People of God.
Through My Mercy you will find the path of your conversion and forgiveness.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I choose the hearts so that they may transmit in these times My Renewed Messages. This has a spiritual and divine aim because in them I try to repose with My Sacred Heart, aspiring that those who are awakening to Me and who return after such a long time may resume My Path of Holiness.

As a Son and Eternal Server of God, I come to the world to remove from My Disciples the weight that cause the past, impeding the materialization of My Project in each little soul. For this in this last cycle I renew My Soldiers through the path of merciful prayer, that which is consecrated to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

This Chaplet will not only remind you day by day of My Passion so that you may imitate It, but It also reunites the universal powers that imprint themselves as codes of light in the soul that prays this powerful sacrament of prayer.

Prayer for Me is a great redeeming sacrament along with communion. These two sacerdotal principles will allow you to be closer to Me and, from the ecumenical perspective, to rescue the importance of living of My Body and of My Blood out of love and for the salvation of those who have, for a long time, communed with the modernities of the world and not with My Savior Spirit.

You will encounter Me, as has been said to you, in all of the sanctuaries of the Earth. For this go in trust to the shepherds, and to the consecrated ones, so that they may offer My Body and My Blood, symbols of eternal union with the Glorious Father of the Heights.

Today I remind you of these things because the moment has arrived for the existence of a universal order in everything, and in order for this to be a reality in your spirits, you must exercise the sacred sacraments.

I listen to you in the silence. I bless you in the prayer. I baptize you with the Water of Life in each confession. I surrender Myself to you in the Sacred Communion.

For this be attentive to the signs of the new times because only that soul that lives through the love of the heart will be able to recognize Me in My Return to the world.

I Am the Living and Eternal Heart. I Am the Heart that wants to beat strong inside of your beings when only you abandon yourselves in My Paternal Spirit.

Under the Mercy of the Father, I thank you all for having accompanied the great purpose of the Plan of God!

Peace and Good for My children,

Christ Jesus, the Universal King

Monthly Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Most Holy Peace, transmitted in Manantiales, Maldonado, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children,

Blessed be Christ Jesus in your precious lives!

On this evening of Saint John, I invite you to imitate the loving example of the faithful disciple of Jesus. As Mother of the Divine Mercy, today I ask you to consecrate your beings to the perpetual and eternal Light of My Immaculate Heart. As Mother, I call you so that your lives are consecrated to the Mother of the Celestial Divine Universe on this consecrated evening to Saint John.

Dear beloved children, with joy, My maternal Heart reaches this part of Uruguay to confirm My company and My Presence on the special awakening that the Marian Center of Aurora will have during the month of August 2013.

As Queen of Peace, I invite you to tomorrow enter into My Immaculate Heart once more, on June 25, so that thus you may follow me especially on this new anniversary of the 32 years of the Apparitions in Medjugorje.

My children, during this cycle of June, you will be able to understand that Mary, Queen of Peace, returns to the world with the hope of a prompt conversion and awakening of humanity. Therefore, on this day of Vigil, I ask the Marian Centers and all pilgrims who follow Me, to unite in profound prayer for the special intentions of the Virgin Mary.

Your hearts will pray constantly during the next six months:

• For Peace to be established among nations and in the world.

• For the future mothers to love the precious coming of the children of God through birth.

• For the nuclear conflict to end and so that the only plans of human beings be peace and good for the whole world.

• For the planetary healing that emanates from the Sacred Heart of Jesus to be poured out upon the most inveterate sinners.

• For the children, youth, and adults of the whole world to awaken to the call of conversion and the true change of the attitudes of life. This will be possible when parents who are responsible for the spiritual path of all their children experience and spread the life of prayer among families and among all beings.

Today I also ask you to pray:

• For the souls that suffer and experience the martyrdom of famine and lack of water.

• For the infinite and pious Mercy to be able to touch the hardened hearts and that, under the Love of God, they be able to help those most in need.

And lastly, I ask that during these next six months you pray:

• For a larger number of souls to awaken to the vocations of the Christian path.

• For the shepherds to be guided by the footsteps of My Son.

• For the true Church of Christ to transmit, through examples, the life of the spirit, reconciliation, and unity to all souls.

Therefore, My children, My maternal Heart, by the Will of God, appeared and is appearing for 32 years in Medjugorje and for the last 6 years in Aurora, in South America, with the spiritual purpose that all the hearts that have been separated from My Son, and consequently from God, can return to My Arms, so that My Light may guide them towards the peace of heart and towards conversion.

Beloved children, in this way you will learn to contemplate how necessary it is to pray for the special intentions of My Son Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that Grace be present in the world in these times of great changes.

I thank you for responding to My requests for the peace and redemption of the world!

Who loves and blesses you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



May your heart not bet ashamed and may your eyes not cease to look at Me because I know where you come from, to where you will go and from where you will come towards Me.

In this time of great changes for the consciousnesses of the entire world the enemy articulates its cunning plans to remove from the path those who may be resuming the reconciliation with God through My Sacred Heart.

For this My Mercy in this time demonstrates Its power to the humble ones, Its Grace to the little of heart, and Its infinite Piety to the simple and empty hearts. Never cease to look at Me in the eyes because it is through them that I know the history that is guarded in you from the origins.

The power of My Mercy does not only come to call those who have made a commitment with Me, but it also comes to liberate those who have fallen and who have offended the God of Love.

Be in humility as a result of the Spiritual Grace that in My Full Name you are receiving because thus I will be able to arrive as a source of healing and of restoration to all of the shepherds, to those that I have chosen so that they may proclaim My Word of Life and of Eternity.

Pray for your shepherds, pray for My ones, they also need a warm support of prayer and love for the co-redeemer task that it is up to them to realize with all of the souls for this time of spiritual crisis in humanity. I guide you towards the greatness of My Heart and now, in this time, I ask you that in everything you are one so that the wave of purification that will remove the world its place will be able to be sustained by the apostles that My Heart is calling.

Aspire to live for My Good News because the time of peace will come for those who have stopped looking at God the Creator.

Under the Glorious Love of the Father, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the one of yesterday and the one of today. 


On a day like this 11th of August, but in the month of February, 1858 in Lourdes, My Immaculate Heart brought to the world the Universal Mantle of Healing for all of My children. I asked My daughter Bernadette to dig a spring so that all the generations would be served from it, in the loving union with God that all souls must seek.

Today I accompany you, as I have been doing for five years, and in these times of great definitions, I contemplate you and I only ask you to be inexhaustible sources of prayer.

Dear children, the world still has not prostrated itself at the feet of the Creator and, as the Mother of the healing of the soul, I ask you to keep praying, praying with the power of love from each one of your hearts. This will allow the Universe of God to act on all consciousnesses, especially those that need the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Dear children, I invite you in a special way on this 11th of August to convert your lives into a state of prayer, into a new proverb of Light that may be radiated to humanity.

I conduct you through the new paths of the shepherds, shep- herds that you must love and respect, because My Son has elected them to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Dear and little children, the time is coming to unite what the consciousnesses of all My children have separated throughout time. The only reconnection for all the souls is the Divine Heart of My Son, because it is in My Son that you will be able to find the Peace and the Forgiveness of God, which many need.

Humanity continues along the path of the offenses and this has repercussions on the life of the spirit. This is why, as Inter- cessor of all souls, I call you to pray with the heart so that more Light may be ignited in those who walk through darkness.

My Son is the Light of the world and you are potential sparks of the eternal brilliance of His Sacred Heart.

My children, it is time to raise your arms and cry out for Mercy through prayer so that the whole Creative Universe may be able to transform all that humanity still does not manage to change.

Know, all My little ones, that you are in the last time of Mercy, and as it was announced by My Son to the world, the time for Divine Justice will come. Love the Law to be able to love the Universe of God. Remember the commandments; renew your vows with the Creator.

I guide you and I place you near My Son.

Do you accept the coming of His Kingdom?

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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