Thursday, September 19 of 2013

Daily messages

Today I celebrate from Heaven a new Easter Supper, the Easter of the heart, because the one who truly communes of My Body receives the ministry of the New Easter of the heart, an Easter that renews your spirits to remove them from constant sin and to resuscitate them in this way to the greater life of the stars.

The Sacred Easter of the Heart is that which all of the universe shares with Me, and these great but humble consciousnesses from the universe have been already living for some real time My Path of Christification.

This Easter is an Easter that comes from the essence of My Spirit and, in consequence, from the Supreme Divinity. As a Major Priest I gather the essences that were originally born from the various Fountains of God and in this earthly time in which you live, by means of My Grace and of My Divine Mercy, I lead the sheep towards the inner stable of My Heart.

Already reunited with My ones in this supper I present in love to them the new apostles of light, those that once were with Me in the Holy Land. These brothers and sisters of yours, the new server apostles of Christ, will be now your guide; they will be the shepherds that will spiritually prepare My Coming to the world for the second time.

For this today in this Spiritual Easter I ask you: unite yourselves to the example of the ancient but now renewed apostles so that the love for the word, the love for the service to the Plan of God, may be awakened in these New Christs that imperfect, intend to imitate Me.

I Am the mature fruit from the vine and from this fruit is born the Blood of Life that washes those and eternally redeems those who seek It above all things. Keep on cultivating in your hearts the path of the apostolate. It is time that My ones give the testimonial of redemption and of conversion that I have made in them.

For this remember that humility will accompany you so that someday, empty of yourselves, may emerge the new redeemed being that will become a part of the history of My Universal Legacy.

Remember that some will get to know the power and the greatness of My Kingdom.

It is time to trust Me, as says the prayer. Walk without delay towards My arms because I wait to wash your hands and your faces, to feed you of My New Redeeming Easter.

I thank you for remaining in My Sacred Heart during this day of repairing prayer for the entire world. Many souls thirsty for My Light were collected from the abysses of the world.

Thank you for trusting My Infinite Mercy!

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Your King of Love, Christ Jesus