In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From Heaven, I come to this ocean, I come to this sea, just as I did more than two thousand years ago, as a fisher of hearts. I come to invite you to again come aboard My Boat so that, in faith and hope, we may cross the oceans of consciousness, in which God lives, in which His Creation is latent, in which His Peace dwells.

A short time ago, I called you to step upon these oceans with your feet. Some have done this spiritually, but I still await those who have not done so, for those who have not dared to overcome the limitations of their minds and their consciousnesses in order to enter the mystery of Higher Life, of infinity, of the universe.

Today I come as this fisher of hearts, as That One who was at the banks of the Sea of Galilee to call upon the first apostles.

Today I come here, to meet My companions so that they may hear My voice and feel My Heart, so that they may receive My Love and My Peace, because we must cross the oceans of the end of these times.

From the great oceans of the planetary consciousness, the urgent needs of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature emerge, because the planet is on the verge of living its great birth.

The movement of the Earth is continuous. The changes bring events to an earlier moment. Everything becomes premature and the majority of souls are still not ready.

Just as I invite you to cross these oceans with your feet, have faith, because, in this way, your feet will not fail, and you will walk, like Peter, upon the waters, without being conscious of yourselves, but rather being conscious of the Truth of God.

My Father has delivered a Message for all of you and for the whole world.

My Merciful Heart, in spite of the suffering I see in the world, feels joy and bliss because Our Celestial Father has communicated with His children once again, just as He did many times with the ancient people of Israel.

Its descendants and its tribes must still prevail throughout the times, although this human civilization has sufficiently learned to self-destroy and wound itself.

Who will come aboard My spiritual Boat to cross these oceans and help your Master to launch the nets of salvation and planetary rescue into this universe of needs, of demands and emergencies?

When I formed the first apostles, more than two thousand years ago, I not only formed consciousnesses in surrender and in willingness to serve the Project of My Father, but I also founded the first missionary consciousnesses in humanity through service, charity and the Word.

These three pillars: service, charity and the Word. will be that which will heal humanity when the majority of My companions, especially those who still do not accept Me, understand that fidelity will always keep them in the Light and in the Truth because My enemy still keeps weaving his adversities and evil plans throughout the world.

Souls become stuck in his nets of capital sins, of ambition, of power, of lies.

Do not surrender to these projects of evil nor allow your brothers and sisters to be dragged or pushed towards the abysses of illusion.

As I told you at the beginning, these are times of emergency, these are times in which each one must serve Me wholeheartedly so that I can work and fulfill the aspirations of the Father.

My instruments in the world, that is, the souls that serve Me, must be these very nets that I can launch over the oceans of the emergencies of this world so that, not only may souls awaken, but they may also again find the truth they have lost, the inner truth.

Meanwhile, I wait for you here, in My Boat, on this ocean of the world, in which I am today, and I will be very attentive and open to receive your true and not fleeting offers.

I know it is not easy for the majority to surrender their lives for My Plan, and, above all, for My Will. I have seen that many made the effort, and few have managed to do it, and this should not be a reason for guilt or disturbance. I only ask you to give Me what in truth each one of you can give Me, because, in this way, I will not only be able to launch the nets of salvation, but I will also weave a net of Light, of Power and of Peace through the brave and available hearts.

You already know that the world agonizes at each moment that passes, at each day that goes by and is fulfilled, and the material necessities, and also the spiritual ones, grow.

Many souls have still not understood the Message that I delivered to you more than two thousand years ago through the Gospel. I invite you to study the parables again, because, in such simple and essential Teachings, you will understand everything I tell you.

During this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you to pray for the expansion of human consciousness so that, beyond the material limits and the spiritual prisons that many souls in the world live, all hearts may receive the Grace of the expansion of consciousness so that they can transcend and overcome themselves, to the point of attaining higher degrees of love and service.

The great key of this time for the service of souls is missionary life, because, in missionary life, you will not only step out of yourselves, but you will also surpass yourselves by means of absolute self-giving and unconditional surrender, and, even more, companions, you will know, just as I know, the pain of the world, the indifference of souls, the cruelty of many hearts, the deprivation of many people, social and global injustice.

But I do not ask you to serve as missionaries of peace and fraternity only to see these things, I impel you to the missionary service so that you may heal the spiritual deprivation of this humanity. The more souls serve, the less will be the effects of the planetary purification, the less will be the consequences of the climate and even of global warming.

Today, I do not send this Message through a religious message, but rather I send this Message through My Divine Consciousness, which is the emanation of the Consciousness of the Truth of God, because I also know that many of My apostles, of My companions, have felt ashamed in the face of what they have seen in My Church upon the surface of the Earth.

I do not ask you to believe in them, I only ask you to believe in Me, because I will never fail you, and I am fulfilling My Word, that I am returning to the world, more each day, with greater power and consciousness, with greater determination and spiritual strength.

From My Heart the Government of the Heavenly Father will emanate so as to again raise this sick and wounded, destroyed and self-annihilated humanity.

I will take the false scepter of power from the hands of those who govern, and, with your own eyes, you will see that no stone will be left upon stone.

If you see, in these times, that the planet expresses its rebellion, its agony and its pain, do not fear, this is the sign of the final time of the Armageddon, because, somehow, humanity must be purified of all it has done throughout the times. Everyone will receive what corresponds to them by Law, nothing will be out of place, although many put everything out of place and believe they will come out unaffected by the events of the planet.

I will remove the monarchy from this world, a corrupt and indivisible monarchy for those who believe they live it, because this human project is unique and will be fulfilled with those who, by faith, service and hope will repopulate the Earth with new attributes of evolution and love.

Because the Return of your Master will not only place in order the whole chaotic planetary situations of the peoples, nations and even of nature; the Return of your Master and Lord will be very similar to two thousand years ago, when I was able to be closer to Mine, to instruct them, to strengthen them, to ignite the flame of Christic fire in the human heart. This is what I most expect and this is what I most aspire to experience during My Return.

It will not only be a universal and planetary order, it will be the moment when I will invite you to physically board My Boat, so that you may know Who God is, because I will tell you so.

I only wish to have in My Arms those who have so much asked Me for this, in these times. I only wish to place My Hand upon the anguished, disturbed and desolated hearts, upon the hearts that lack peace, that have lost faith, that no longer believes in anything nor in anyone. 

My Love will transform the wounded hearts and re-establish union with the universe, of all those who lost it due to the injustice and shame of the men of this world, and even of My Church, because I will cause My Spiritual Church to spring up from the hearts of men and women of the Earth, of the children, of the youth and even of the elderly, and it will no longer be necessary for them to live bodily disease due to spiritual disease.

Hold on tightly to My Mantle and, in this way, I will not only protect you, but I will also sustain you with My Presence, which is the Presence of the Father, to go through, with courage and bravery, the end of these times.

From these oceans, I bless, renew and reconsecrate you to My Heart of Love so that the one thousand years of peace may be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



When you need to return to the beginning of the Whole, to your origin, contemplate the starry sky at night and ask: Father, where am I from? Thus, you will be opening your heart to awaken to the knowledge of your existence.

Open yourself without fear, so that one day you may know where you come from and why you are here on this planet, because you must recognize that true life is not material, but immaterial.

But if you ask where your inner origin comes from, you should know, My child, that knowing this will commit you to being responsible and mature, for your evolution and awakening.

Therefore, I invite you to risk knowing who you really are, and allow your soul to be released from the material prison, which does not allow it to be what it has come to be here on Earth.

I am not talking about looking for achievements, but rather about knowing, in order to grow and better serve the Plan of God; because the Celestial Father needs His children to be awake and to abandon the illusion and pleasures of material life.

Thus, knowing who you are and placing yourself to serve, you will not fear death, because you will know that the spirit does not die but reintegrates into the dynamic universal life.

Be patient, but also be humble. Persevere every day in the ardent aspiration that your consciousness may rise to expand, only so that you become more aware, responsible and surrendered to Higher Life.

You have My support and blessing to begin this sacred path towards the return to Higher Existence.

Go ahead!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To prepare for death: an art of love and surrender before God.

To prepare for death, children, is in reality a daily act of keeping the heart clean and empty of the things of the world, of fearing God and of surrendering to His Celestial Will.

To prepare for death should be a constant act in which the consciousness wakes up each day, knowing that it may be the last, and lives each instant giving the best of themselves so that the Will of God may be realized.

To fear God is in truth to love Him above all things, and to not hesitate when the moment comes to give up the things of the world in order to embrace His Celestial Universe.

Each day of your lives, you should prepare for death, in the sense of allowing gratitude, yielding, love and surrender to permeate all your atoms and enter into the deepest fears of your beings, not only those that are hidden within the human soul but, above all, those that are part of the material condition of human beings and that permeate even your bones.

To defeat these fears, you must love more, each day. But do not just love the world, love God, love life and know that life is not limited to planet Earth; to know that a greater and eternal life awaits you and that in order to always be worthy of it, it is enough that you carry with you the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit within your hearts.

For this reason, carry forward the practice of loving, of being grateful and of surrendering to God, every day. Aspire to discover a Greater Kingdom within you, in the world and beyond it, and thus you will discover the unity between the realities of life and that death is a step toward a greater life, where mysteries do not exist but rather only truth and the transparency of knowing oneself to be a child of God, returning to His Heart.

Each day, children, let the Love of the Creator expand within you and allow It to replace your deepest fears.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




A soul that was awake and ready to enter into the celestial mysteries prayed every day to God and asked for His help to detach from the world and to not fear Heaven. That soul feared suffering, the transition of the times and the change in the planet, because all this was unknown to it.

So one day, asking the Lord a question, it said:  "Lord, I believe You are God and that beyond this life there is a greater Life. I know we are experiencing a great illusion but, immersed in it, I am not able to understand the truth. I fear the change of the times, I fear the suffering of the world and I fear everything that we are going to have to experience before the Return of Christ. Will you be able to overcome those fears in my heart?"

And the Lord, contemplating that little soul with a gaze of compassion, responded:  "When a heart is placed in Me, it experiences everything in a different way. For them, suffering transforms into an offering and loses its weight, turning pain into a great Love.

The transition of the times and all that humanity will have to experience will be experienced in a different way by those who are within Me. Their eyes will see the confusion of the world, and within them will lie wisdom. Because I tell you, beloved soul, that it will not be the plagues, the movements of nature nor the signs in the sky that will cause souls to suffer. It will be the ignorance and their lack of connection with higher life that will cause them to be lost.

The foundation upon which they were based, ceaselessly seeking a life of pleasure and comfort, will not exist, and that will be the greatest sorrow of humanity, the root of all suffering.

That heart that is within Me will not fear, because I will give it peace and will strengthen its faith. And the more you pray, the more you will be within Me and I will grant you wisdom. And in the confusion and darkness of the world, your souls will be like lamps showing the way, and you will thus be the salt of the Earth and the light of the world. And My Words will be fulfilled, and the fulfillment of the prophecies will also bring you peace. For this reason, do not fear, but pray and be persistent in your fidelity, because I chose you to be a light on the table, and this is your destiny."

May this story strengthen you, dispel your fears and point you in the correct direction so that you may pray and not stop praying, and thus find peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

Take some time in your day to meditate upon who you truly are, to think about how before this life there was a Greater Life, from which the Purpose and the meaning of all existence came.

Meditate upon Creation and the deep Love of God for you, when He thought of each one of His creatures. And how great His Love was for the life that allowed essences in likeness of His Divine Essence to be born so that they could love as He loves, multiply life like He multiplies, and re-create Creation as He re-creates and renews it, with each celestial breath.

Think about it, child, that beyond all the material chaos there is a sublime reality, that Paradise is more than a heaven of eternal peace, it is the beginning and the end of life, from where creatures come and to where they must return with all the gifts achieved in their evolution beyond the dimensions.

Remember that this planet is a school and that difficulties exist to be overcome, thus leading you into going beyond yourself in love each day through a greater Love, that which in some moment of your evolution will reveal the Love of God to you.

Do not look at the world merely with human eyes, eyes that are imprisoned in a condition of ignorance, eyes of who sees life behind veils. The Love of Christ tore the veils that covered your face. So look for this Love. Look for the point in your consciousness, capable of understanding life more broadly, and focus your heart there, above the waves of the tribulations of these times, walking with your Lord through these waters, for they are nothing more than the Wind of God blowing chaos out of the world, to remove that which was rotten and make everything new.

Elevate your consciousness beyond the atrocities, the battles of chaos and evil on the stage of Earth and, for this world, be a bridge to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Live in the faith of the first Christians, who did not fear death but who madly wished for life in Christ and constantly offered their existence to God so that He could make of their soul's receptacles in order for graces and mercies to reach the world.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who announced the Kingdom of God, not only with the word but mainly with their lives; which allowed them to become inflamed by the Love of God and discover what true faith is in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who were not struggling to gain and accumulate things of the world, rather they were surrendering to gain their place in Heaven, dissolving in the Heart of God, becoming One with the Father.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who gave their lives for mysteries unknown to them, for an experience and a greater Life, which was only kept in the certainty of their hearts and in the darkness of their absolute faith.

Live, child, in this faith, allowing yourself to be inflamed by it, in prayer. May this faith, hidden within you, gain a place within your whole being so that it may be Christ who expands within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To awaken is to begin to remember that, before life on Earth, a higher life existed.

To awaken is to remember that, before the bodies of flesh, your souls lived in bodies of light.

To awaken is to begin understanding the immensity of the Divine Creation and to not limit the power that God has of giving life to human beings to life on Earth

To awaken is to begin to understand life, what you feel, what you think, the roots of your actions, of your ways of life, the roots of your customs,  of your culture and your human essence.

To awaken is to begin walking a broader path in which, at the same time that you advance, you return to God.  Evolution happens when the being begins to return, taking with them the learnings that contribute to the renewal of the Divine Consciousness, and to the evolution of life in all dimensions.

To awaken is to live in communion and humility. The more you recognize yourselves as small and ignorant, the more you will be within the greatness of the Wisdom of God.

To awaken is to recognize yourself as a true part of this God and to know that, in this Whole that is the Father, lies a vast and infinite life.

Awaken, children, from the sleep in which you live, because the time has come to return, as humanity, to the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Life passes, ephemeral and simple in what is palpable to you, to reveal an Eternity and a sublime Truth. Every expression of life that is not material does not perish and endures, to demonstrate to humankind where their heart must be.

The memories, the learning experiences, the examples, the teachings, the true feelings of Love, all of this remains alive, inside and outside of humankind and also in the Heart of God and in the Sacred Books, as part of the history of humanity, as part of the history of the renewal of the Heart of the Father.

Life passes so quickly in order to reveal a Truth and a mystery that transcends the body and human understanding: there is a reality that exceeds all the wisdom that humanity has already known; there is a Life that transcends everything that today you understand as life.

See, children, how the Eternal knocks on your door so that you may enter into the Time of no time, into Real Time.

Let this moment not be a loss to you, but rather a link with the Truth, because your instructor on Earth leaves the world to raise you to the Universe. Everything he learned in life, he will elevate to a Greater Life, and the sublime learning experiences that he will live in the Universe will be revealed to your heart, as a higher teaching.

Therefore, embrace this moment as a step towards Infinity. Let this new cycle, of your instructor and master, in this and in many lives, elevate you to new cycles, as Work and as beings in evolution.

The one who accompanies this moment with gratitude will take a step towards Infinity and will place, not only their heart, but a part of the human consciousness, closer to God, in His Eternity.

 Eternity, children, is not death. Eternity is Life revealed.

 Your Father and Friend,

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May nothing surprise you in the end of this time because to those who abandon Me, after having given them everything, everything will be taken away from them and nobody can complain because the Divine Justice will be working.

Sometimes human consciousnesses think that My plan is a project, that it is for a reason and is temporary; but in truth I tell you that you will know the reality of My Work.

I can no longer place My trust in the tepid hearts, renovation only promises more transformation and effort. 

And if with the little that I ask you to do you already feel tired, who will protect the back of the Master when the time comes to defeat the adversary with My Sword?

Will you sleep at the feet of the tree as Peter did? Who will vigil with Me at the most culminating moment?

It is enough to lament and justify yourselves for not knowing how to find the exit for the block or resistance.

I only ask you to love what you do because otherwise I will have before Me a countless number of ungrateful ones.

Where are My apostles of the last times? Are you only present when you need Me?

I cannot lose treasures again, as they were once lost in all who honored me before and crucified Me afterwards.

Will I have to feel your nails in My Hands again? Where is your mercy for Me? By chance have I not given you all that I Am and all that I have?

My brothers and sisters reflect; it is no longer time to abandon the ship because the storm of these times could make you get lost.

Before deciding, pray, pray and only pray.

One cannot live My Work of Redemption with their feet in two paths; I want you cold or hot.

Do not lose the opportunity of making one more effort. If at least you do not do it for your brothers and sisters, do it for Me, truly, so I will be relieved.

Deny your fanciful reality now, the Greater Life calls you to truly love.

I thank you for respecting and considering My Projects!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Learn to be in My Peace, in spite of the chaos and the conflicts of the world. Learn to look at the events with eyes of mercy and with a heart full of pity.

Learn to be before a planet in transition, maintaining the harmony and the peace of your small heart, because – even if the “stage of horrors and of human fear” - is formed on Earth, your heart must be in peace.

Learn, child, that you are in the world at this time to be the instrument of a Higher Will, of a Greater Life, which will be instituted on Earth once it has been purified. This Life will emerge from within the beings and will spread around them. It will be the result of the fortitude of the human heart that knows how to express what it truly is: a small living part of the Divine Consciousness.

Each day will forge, within beings, a greater fortitude. Everything will happen, for some, little by little, and, for others, abruptly, but the changes and the tests will dictate the growth of the hearts and the strengthening of their commitment to the Plan of God.

Each day it will be more necessary to serve and to donate from yourself that which seems not to exist in your own consciousness, because there will be those who will urgently need of the donation from the servants of God. For this, child, prepare your hands and let your heart grow without fear.

It will not always be simple, easy, or pleasant for you to serve. sacrifice removes the human consciousness from its point of comfort and spiritual childishness, the so-called “world illusion”; however, this same sacrifice elevates the human consciousness and leads it to the Will and to the Divine Thought, to what it is in essence and in spirit.

Let yourself, then, be elevated and guided by the changing of the times, because the very consequences of the transformation of the Earth will make you take steps, if you do not resist and if you do not close your heart.

I will be with you.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


For the divine Life to find in your heart a door to enter into humanity, you must have the manifestation of this life as priority.

When you are conscious that the most important is the union with God, you do it at each moment and you do not need to be closed in a chapel for this, because there are many forms to be united with the Father and one of them is to be His worker and building in the world His Work, so that not only you, child, but many others, unite themselves with Him.

You would not have to lose the opportunity to contemplate the Heart of God and to be perfectly united with Him, but as long as your tasks are still for yourself, they will separate you from God and, even if you believe that you do it for Him, you will not be able to find this union in your work.

The depth of the consciousness of each one is only known by themselves, and if you search it within you, you will know if your intention is to build something for God or if you are searching to big up yourself and receive the merits for fulfilling these tasks that you help to manifest.

Why did Santa Teresa of Jesus attain contemplation, if she spent so many days and so many hours occupying herself with foundations, constructions, with forming consecrated beings, with contacts in society?

Because she knew that what she was doing did not have any other end but to manifest a work that allowed the union of the human heart with God.

How could Father Pio contemplate if he was so busy with confessions, with administrating the construction of a hospital, with the pain that the wounds on his body caused him and also the wounds of his heart, caused by the incomprehension of beings?

Because he knew that everything he did had no other end but to expand a divine reign whose king he was not, it was Christ.

Child, if you want to grow as a soul, as a consciousness and as a servant of God and if you want to be a real instrument of God and builder of His Work in the world, forget from now onwards the merits that you may want for yourself.

If you are doing something and deep inside you gratify yourself for manifesting it, meditate and ask for mercy for your ignorance and for wanting to be recognized for a work that is not yours. In each moment, meditate on your intentions, and everything that you do, do it for God and not for yourself.

If in your activities you exercise what I tell you and in everything you are searching to please the Lord and to create conditions so that humanity has a form to unite itself to Him, when the moment to pray arrives, it will not cost you so much to find the Father, because in no moment you left Him.

Thus, child, your life will not be anymore an eternal falling and getting up, an eternal distancing and approaching yourself to God, and every day, in every liturgy, you will have the opportunity to unite yourself even more with Him.

The possibility to evolve and to fly to sublime worlds or to stay within yourself, with the illusionary merits of a task that is not yours, remains in your hands.

For the inner growth of humanity and its union with God I tell you these things.

I leave you My blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mother Mary of Nazareth, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Peace! Peace! Peace! Let only peace exist in your hearts, My dear children.

Let peace be the primary reason for living in the faith and in the love of My Son. I am your Mother of Eternal Peace. I am the Great Star of the Universe, which, in this critical time, comes to the world to illuminate the paths of those who are in the dark.

Through peace you will achieve wisdom and understanding about things; let peace not lack within you, so that in this way, peace does not disappear from the world.

Beloved children, let nothing disturb nor discomfort you, let nothing disquiet you. The world is going through a spiritual crisis, but My soldiers must not be without peace.

Be strengthened by the Holy Rosary, for it will be the instrument that will separate you from the actions of evil.

May your essences live in My ocean of Peace, do not worry your consciousnesses with outer things; may your peace only gain fortitude in the silence.

May peace be between beings, and between beings and God. May no child of Mine lose the hope of being redeemed and freed from the consequences that this world brings.

Be carriers of the peace of the heart; be like torches of light that indicate the pathway toward peace for your fellow beings. Unite your hearts with the Greater Life, lovingly enter into the Kingdom of the Father, so that from there, nothing more will disturb you nor take away your strength for walking.

May the prayer of the Rosary be your permanent shield, so that the snares may be liberated in its presence of peace and of love.

Dear children, it is time that your hands hold tight to My protective Mantle, thus nothing will defeat you nor destroy you, for My protection will be eternal for your hearts.

The spiritual war for the redemption of evil has now begun in the universe. Your purest and loving prayers will define the next planetary event.

Simply pray, pray a lot, so that your lips only emanate sacred words of prayer. Lose no more time in superfluous conversations, dedicate your concentration to the powerful art of the prayer of the heart, so that nothing opposite to the light is able to attack you.

I come to the world to awaken it from the slumber and the illusions that widely dominate the heart and the spirit of many of My children.

May your eyes only look at the light of infinity. May your ears only hear the melody of nature. May your mouths only pronounce sacred prayers of light. May your hands only serve and donate themselves to the needy.

It is a time of preparation, the end is drawing near and My children of the whole world will not be able to be aloof from universal events. May your spirits be strengthened in the Sacred Sacraments, in prayer, in fasting, in communion and in the reading of the Gospel. Reconcile every day with God, for in this way, you will be united with His blessed Spirit.

Dear children, today, September 24, I come with the mission that, through this important Message of peace, you be able to open your eyes to remove from your beings the dream of illusions, because it is time to fight with the Rosary in hand for the peace and the protection of all.

My Immaculate Spirit will always protect you. Forward, follow in My footsteps without fear!

I thank you for being in vigil today with Me from the heart!

May peace reverberate in your beings forever.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


Today I celebrate from Heaven a new Easter Supper, the Easter of the heart, because the one who truly communes of My Body receives the ministry of the New Easter of the heart, an Easter that renews your spirits to remove them from constant sin and to resuscitate them in this way to the greater life of the stars.

The Sacred Easter of the Heart is that which all of the universe shares with Me, and these great but humble consciousnesses from the universe have been already living for some real time My Path of Christification.

This Easter is an Easter that comes from the essence of My Spirit and, in consequence, from the Supreme Divinity. As a Major Priest I gather the essences that were originally born from the various Fountains of God and in this earthly time in which you live, by means of My Grace and of My Divine Mercy, I lead the sheep towards the inner stable of My Heart.

Already reunited with My ones in this supper I present in love to them the new apostles of light, those that once were with Me in the Holy Land. These brothers and sisters of yours, the new server apostles of Christ, will be now your guide; they will be the shepherds that will spiritually prepare My Coming to the world for the second time.

For this today in this Spiritual Easter I ask you: unite yourselves to the example of the ancient but now renewed apostles so that the love for the word, the love for the service to the Plan of God, may be awakened in these New Christs that imperfect, intend to imitate Me.

I Am the mature fruit from the vine and from this fruit is born the Blood of Life that washes those and eternally redeems those who seek It above all things. Keep on cultivating in your hearts the path of the apostolate. It is time that My ones give the testimonial of redemption and of conversion that I have made in them.

For this remember that humility will accompany you so that someday, empty of yourselves, may emerge the new redeemed being that will become a part of the history of My Universal Legacy.

Remember that some will get to know the power and the greatness of My Kingdom.

It is time to trust Me, as says the prayer. Walk without delay towards My arms because I wait to wash your hands and your faces, to feed you of My New Redeeming Easter.

I thank you for remaining in My Sacred Heart during this day of repairing prayer for the entire world. Many souls thirsty for My Light were collected from the abysses of the world.

Thank you for trusting My Infinite Mercy!

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Your King of Love, Christ Jesus

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