Tuesday, October 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Before the Angel of Justice arrives to the Earth I wish to pour upon you and the entire world the Source of My Divine Mercy.

For this to be possible there must exist those who faithfully invoke My Merciful Rays. In this way I will be able to liberate you from sin, and the enemy, during the last hour, will be defeated by the infinite power of My Redeeming Love.

For this today I invite you to imitate the faithfulness of the humble shepherds of Emmaus, those who believed in My Resurrection from the first moment. May this example of apostolate and of fidelity help you to gather the inner strengths necessary for the great moments that will come in humanity.

You must not miss, not even for a moment, the hour of My Divine Mercy. That before this moment of reparation, of healing and of forgiveness, your beings prostrate themselves on the sacred soil of prayer so that in truth you may be helped and nothing related to your inner efforts may be able to surprise you.

I invite you now to be defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy because in this way you will be helping in the redemption of humanity. Remember that I Am in the heart of those who open it so that I may be able to visit them always.

Under the Light of Father, be forgiven and be merciful.

Thank you for considering My Teachings from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Master of the Divine Piety