Friday, April 26 of 2013

Daily messages

In My Ocean of Mercy at 3 p.m. the faint and most suffering souls are washed with the Water of My Ocean and the angels of the Lord heal them and repair them from their perpetual pains.

And this is possible only because some soul upon the face of the Earth is united to Me by means of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. In My Ocean of Graces, the sores of the spirit are healed through the honest prayer of souls that, upon the Earth, dedicate a space to My Divine and Celestial Presence.

In this way, find out about My inexhaustible Source of prodigies and blessings for all of humanity. If I had not given My Life for you, this Spring would not have been able to pour itself as it does up to this very second in which you listen to My Words.

This ocean of Graces is the fruits collected during the sacrifice carried out and accepted by Me since the Passion. But this Fount of Redemption, this endless Ocean, was born from My Presence amongst you in the world.

Know that this ocean reappeared in a very pure way on the Cross when your spear, the spear of the pain of humanity, pierced My Side and, instead of Me pouring Justice, My Love for each one of you poured Glory: Grace, Mercy and Liberation which, in the spirit of truth and sanctity, expanded as a flow of Grace and Salvation upon each one of the souls condemned to hell.

At three p.m. My Spring approaches, from the Universe, the spiritual heart of all the most inveterate sinners. The lifeline for each one of them is the prayer of the Divine Mercy that is prayed by all souls.

All of you have the merciful opportunity to enter My Ocean to wash your beings. At three p.m. My Universal Consciousness opens a Door from Heaven with the hope that you may live in the ocean of My Love by means of forgiveness.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you keeping My precepts in the hearts!

Christ Jesus