I leave to My Ones a profound appreciation that springs from My Most Sacred Heart.

For this Grace that is born from My Essence today I give to you one last prayer, that which will close the cycle of the nine days with Merciful Jesus.

I wish to explain to you that this prayer is an inner confirmation of your souls before the Throne of God by means of My Divine Mercy.  Permit that through this confirmation all the Christic codes be sown in your hearts because My greater aspiration as King of the souls is that you may be able to eternally live in Me.

May after these nine days of union between Heaven and Earth, your lives find rest in My Sacred and Divine Heart of Peace.  May the path that you have traversed through the Powerful Novena confirm you as new Christs for the current time. 

Walk by My side because in this way I will not lose you.  Remember that I always need the loving help of My Ones. 


Prayer of the Divine Confirmation
Lord, God the Father,
Infinite Source of Love, Unity and Light,
I am Your humble and little servant.

I am Your spark of fire that comes from the Great Source.

Permit me to be as simple as Your Beloved Son,
permit me to be as pure as Your Precious Universal Mother.

Liberate from my path all bonds,
cut with Your Sword of Light the ties that the enemy has established
because living in Your Supreme Freedom
I will find hope in the future,
I will find strength in the Light of Your Divine Heart.

May the nine powerful deeds
that Christ lived upon the Earth
be sown in my heart
so that on the day of the Great Celestial Victory
the Angels and Archangels
guide the purpose of every essence
and that we may live together with You, Lord of Love,
in the Kingdom of Eternity, of Service
and of Absolute Surrender to Your Plan of Redemption.
May those who have fallen be raised!

May Your Divine Mercy
resuscitate the spirit of our brothers and sisters in the world!


Those who with joy pray to Me a mystery of the Holy Rosary by the Sacred Manger on the 24th of December and, in addition to that, ignite a candle of light, will be giving the universal permission of removing from eternal earthly suffering the souls that are the most desperate and that have condemned themselves to worldwide purgatory. 

For this the 24th of December will be something more than a simple manger.  If your hearts keep themselves united to My Precious Heart during this day, the Christic codes that are engraved in the Sacred Blood of Christ will also be deposited upon those hearts that may open to Me the inner door.

I wish during this day to reign among people and God because to the hearts that may receive Me humbly through the message of the manger, I will let them know My Sacred Gifts of Unity and of Redemption.

I invite you that, in truth, you prepare yourselves for this day.  God has given Me the permission to consecrate again the hearts that are most separated from Me for some reason.  On the 24th of December I will come to the world as a new star of the night, that which will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

Opening the doors of your inner dwellings, celebrate in God the divine mysteries of the birth of Christ.  I will be thankful to the devoted souls for uniting themselves for an instant to My Greater Task, in this way the world will again be relieved by the action of My Divine Mercy.

Guard your lives in the Sacred Manger of the Lord Jesus.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for celebrating with Me the birth of the Inner Christ!

Christ Jesus of Mercy


Prayer to be recited especially during the Christmas Eve of the Lord and at the end of the Holy Rosary of the 24th of December.

    Act of Consecration of the Sacred Family of Nazareth

Divine Rays descend from Heaven
       over the dear city of Bethlehem.

The Angels announce to the shepherds
       the Birth of the King of Humility.


The most precious souls are those that rejoice My Heart every day because they adore Me and consecrate themselves to My Eternal Presence.

For this all of the time I must take care of these souls that for various reasons have come to the world to redeem their lives and their pasts.  For the sake of My Infinite Mercy these souls are able to liberate themselves from the conditions of the past, those that do not allow them to take safe steps towards Me.  I sustain in My arms each one of the souls in order to be able to carry them with Me towards the Greater Kingdom of My Father.

In this time the consecrated souls are entering into the apex of strong experiences and learnings, those which will allow them to mature with wisdom and discernment.  All these souls are like treasures in My Kingdom because I pour My Graces and My Peace over them so that forever may be radiated to the world the sacred gifts of Heaven.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding your souls in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


At the end of the message Christ transmits a new sacred exercise of prayer that according to His Instructions will help us to face the end of times and, above all, the action of the capital sins.  This exercise is considered by Christ as a shield of protection against these energies.

According to His Instructions this exercise of prayer must be published in the webpage in a special way before the end of the year of 2013 and, afterwards, in a booklet in graphic format. 


The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ

This sacred novena comes from an inner emanation of prayer that springs perpetually from the Heart of Jesus.

This novena is a direct dialog with the Creating Source from which all creatures have arisen as essences.  The soul that venerates Me by means of this Sacred Novena will enter into the historical moment in which Christ lived His public life and His Passion.  In this way it will spiritually collect the divine fruits that the Master left engraved on the consciousness of this world.

Whoever invokes Jesus by means of this Sacred Novena will approach to the celestial powers that the Father conceded to Jesus from the first moment of His birth, of His public life, of His Passion, of His Death and of His Resurrection.


Before His daily Apparition, the Master appeared walking in an indigenous community in Brasilia, DF, Brazil. He was helping and supporting the original peoples; after that He came to us and transmitted His message.


Dear brothers and sisters:

You know that, now and always, the entire humanity forms part of the incalculable source of My Divine Mercy.

Today My Heart wants to pour out Its Graces, not only in the entire world but also, in a special way, upon all the original peoples that have appeared since the beginning of the project of God.

With such a goal, today I give you a new exercise of devotion, which will assist in conserving and protecting the spiritual and loving culture of all your original brothers and sisters.  They too, at this time, are deserving of My Divine Mercy.  All the religious and devotees that will pray this devotional will be able to channel many Graces over the consciousness of all these peoples.  Spiritually they are in need of recovering their identity before God, the identity and the purity that was interfered with by the modernities of today's world.

For this, I ask you that the Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus for the Indigenous Consciousness be prayed fervently on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and especially on Wednesdays, together with the prayer of the Five Sacred Wounds.  This will have important spiritual repercussions in Heaven and I promise to be attentive to the voice of your supplications.

This Sacred Devotional has the goal to protect, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all the original consciousnesses, the ones that you call the Indigenous Consciousness.

Since the origin, when I was on Earth, the Father trusted Me with the revelation about the existence of all these brothers in the Americas.  After My Work in the Middle East I made the promise to bring My Mercy to the Americas with the goal that this continent be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This devotional may be prayed as many times as the soul feels the necessity to unite herself with My Purpose of salvation of this Sacred Indigenous Consciousness.  Now you shall exercise the devotional in the following manner:

Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus
for the Indigenous Consciousness


In truth I tell you that the souls forget My Divine Piety.  Because it will be through Piety that I will be able to resolve your problems.

I ask you that you be brave and that with courage and braveness you face the headwinds that will come to your lives. I will never abandon My soldiers because the moment has come for My ones to take the steps towards the ascension of the heart.

In My eternal silence I shelter you within My Being, in My Heart I commune with all of you. Do not fear to be completely empty before life or before your families because it is only My Love that unites you.

It is only My Redemption that will resuscitate you in life. It will be only My Mercy that at the difficult moments will fulfill you and My Source will quench your inner thirst. Look always only to the horizon because a new star of peace and of hope will emerge in your life. You will not be in the darkness because whoever trusts the power of My Mercy will be guided until the end.

In truth I do not promise you joys in this life, I do promise you Blessings and Graces in the upcoming eternity. There you will be together with Me, there will no longer exist suffering nor pain for learning.

I Am Your Path, Your Piety and Your Sun.

Stay with Me, it is time to look at the infinite and to encounter the light of My Mercy.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed and meek.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus, Your King

Prayer to be recited every Tuesday
for the formation of the Light-Communities and for all servers.

May my hand never separate
from the fraternal hand of my brother,
because for Christ I will grow and become a new being.

May my feet walk along side my brother,
because in Christ we will follow His steps of light.

May my eyes always look to Heaven,
because together with my brother
we will search for the Eternal Grace of God.

May my being donate itself entirely to the neighbor,
because the New Humanity will be born with Christ.

In You, Lord, is my strength.

By you, Lord, I will be redeemed.

With you, Lord, we will fulfill the Plan of God upon the entire Earth.


My Peacemaking Heart also makes Itself present and lives among the families that, united to Me, pray the Chaplet of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

This is why, in this time, I allow Myself to say that My Restoring and Compassionate Love wants to reach the hearts of each family, because from the origin of My Coming to the world as Jesus, the Son of Mary, My Mission was and will be to conserve perfect and loving unity between the loved ones of each family in the world.

In this time, merciful prayer within families will allow the re-establishment of peace and the true and sincere love that is lost in numerous families of the entire world.  For this, before My awaited Return, I will ask the good families for daily prayer.  This request will have, as a spiritual reason, the consecration of all the loved ones to the favorite symbol of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, that loving, austere and simple essence of life that has remained engraved in the three Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

With this goal, if merciful prayer is present, every day at three in the afternoon, as a model of union and fraternity among the hearts of the families, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will make use of the powerful prayer that each family may generate out of love for the Greater Good.

The prayer to the Divine Mercy, as a family focal point, will avoid future divisions, conflicts, disharmonies and barriers that the enemy creates and imposes between loved ones because, as My Celestial Mother has said, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will triumph in each home that opens to receive It as a protecting emblem.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with love to My humble words!

Christ Jesus.

At the end of the daily message, in the Absolute Love of His Heart, Christ gave us the following prayer that He named:

Prayer of Family Consecration 
to the Sacred and Powerful Heart of Jesus*

Eternal and Sublime Heaven
that permeates us completely. 


Dear children on the Earth:

The Sacred Hearts have, at this time, the spiritual purpose of transforming and elevating the condition of current humanity.  With this goal, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph has proposed to help in the awakening of the consciousnesses that are asleep to spiritual life.

In this way, the Sacred Heart of Jesus works by means of the Most Chaste Heart to open an inexhaustible source of Graces and of infinite purity for all of humanity through this great Working Spirit.

Jesus wants to consecrate the Americas to the Most Sacred and Blessed Heart of Saint Joseph so that this part of humanity may achieve the peace and purity of soul and body. This will be possible by means of the constant daily prayers that name the beatitudes of the Chaste Heart.

If humanity in its majority responded to the request of the Sacred Heart of Jesus there would be, through the intercession of this Worker of God, an unlimited salvation of souls that in these times are being condemned to eternal hell.

Before My Glorious Coming South America must be consecrated to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that this part of the world may be worthy to receive the spiritual visit of the King of the Stars.

If this consecration to Saint Joseph and to the Virgin Mary were realized as a vow made on the part of the souls, the events would change and the entire humanity would be totally forgiven.

For a greater consecration of souls to the Blessed and Most Sacred Heart of Saint Joseph My Merciful Consciousness will leave written for you on this day the Seven Beatitudes of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, beatitudes that will allow you to find inner strength for the critical times, with the objective that peace may be established in all beings.

     The Seven Beatitudes of the Most Chaste and Most Sacred Heart of Saint Joseph


Today I come to your encounter by means of the presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus so that you may always remember that My Heart has a precious space for the souls that spread My Existence in the entire world.

The Heart is the Temple of God for your consciousnesses because through the heart your evils will be remediated and all pain will be dissipated. Try to live from the heart so that you may know when it is your heart that talks to you and when it is the enemy that dictates wrong ideas to your inner mind.

Through the heart your feelings will be clarified and through My Heart you will know what step to take towards which path. Live in the heart because in this way you will be able to recognize the divine purity that God guards in each creature. May the souls be united by the intermediary of the heart so that they may help Me to fulfill the purpose of God.

Enter into the infinite ocean of My Sacred Heart because in this way you will receive the eternal light of My Rays and your darkness will be dissipated from any space. If you still do not know what to do with your lives or how to proceed, I ask you to enter into the consciousness of your hearts so that My Ocean may be able to be united to your river of love that runs through life without direction. I want that your hearts and Mine be only one, thus you will know what to do at the right moment.

My Heart is infinite, it is pious and merciful. My Heart is the refuge for your doubts and it is the light for your darkness. Be all the time in My Eternal Heart and in this way you will always be communing with Me, with My Eternal Love.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Refuge of the Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred Heart.


Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Eternal Temple,
that guards in love my dwelling.

Eternal Fire,
that illuminates my paths.

Eternal King,
Sacred and Unfathomable Heart
of Jesus, live in me, be in me,
act and work through
my heart
so that we may be now and always
one in the Eternal Paradise of God.



This prayer is to be recited every Thursdays, day of the luminous mysteries, as indicated by Master Jesus.


My Consciousness is being radiated to the hearts beneath the message, the light and the expression of the Seven Rays.

As in a rainbow created by the infinity of elements, your lives will be able to encounter Me as the immaterial tone of light and color that will fulfill the necessities of your lives. In these shades of colors and light forms your consciousness may be able to enter with trust and with faith. In this way you will be uniting yourselves to the merciful dimensions of My Heart.

See My Sacred Heart as an incandescent flame that emanates the shades of light and of color to the life of all of the beings. When My Seven Rays come in light and in color to your inner beings My Sacerdotal Consciousness prepares the temple where It waits to dwell perpetually.

Search in Nature, as in all of the Creation, the light of My various colors and rays because always there will be some of them that in your hearts will be felt as fulfillment, love and affinity. If My Consciousness from Heaven, as from the Universe, was not present before humanity in light through the various rays, the souls would have difficulty to be able to recognize Me as the Universal Instructor.

For this today I reveal to you the infinite greatness of My Love, that Love which comes from the Living God and that dwells always through the presence of His Firstborn Son.

Therefore, My Companions, get to know now how My Divine and indestructible Love is manifested in this time to the creatures and to the world. Find Me within the shades of the rays and each time that you see a rainbow remember that My Merciful Heart is descending in Grace and in Pity through the colors of the seven rays.

Collect from your beings the fruits that have already matured and do not disturb more your lives for that which still has not been redeemed. Always try to donate to Me that aspect which is tough and impenetrable because I, as Your Beloved King, will always know what to do with it and where to lead it to. 

Only place all your being within the rays so that may descend into your spirits the joy of living in God and of serving God. Under this Christic impulse you will renovate the old Earth and in this way My Seven Sacred Rays will consecrate the essences that are lost.


Dearest friends and followers of Mine:

Today, under the Power and the Grace of the Father, springs from My Merciful Heart for all of you a new and powerful exercise of Prayer, of Mercy and of Redemption which I name the Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus.

With true love, devotion and surrender, you will repeat ten times each one of My Five Wounds. Whoever does this exercise with faith and spiritual conviction will receive the merits achieved by Me on the Cross and these will be the same merits that I will deposit in the heart of all those who may clamor for Me and who may believe in the redeemer and healing power of My Wounds.

Those hearts that, as in the Via Crucis, venerate Me and pray to these five wounds marked on My Glorified Body, all Wednesdays and Saturdays, will be truly united to My Compassionate Heart and with reverence I will give them My Peace, My Comfort and My Mercy. If this exercise is prayed in group or as a family, the power of this devotional will acquire greater celestial repercussions.

All those who with faith exercise these prayers to My Five Wounds will be able to understand from the heart the divine mysteries that were achieved by Me during the Passion. In this way you will repeat ten times each one of the five wounds and you will concentrate your being on the place where they were marked on My Glorified Body. Whoever does like this each new day will help in glory and in honor so that My Sacred Heart may be relieved from the pain that humanity causes Me for not accepting the All Powerful God through His Most Beloved Son. 

You will repeat on the first sign:

For the Sacred Wound that we marked(*)
in the right hand of Our Lord Jesus,
Father, have Pity on us.

You will repeat on the second sign:

For the  Precious Wound that we marked(*)
in the left hand of Our Lord Jesus,
       God the Father, have Mercy and Pity
       on all of us.

You will repeat on the third sign:

For the Immaculate Wound that we marked(*)
in the right foot of Our Lord Jesus,
Eternal Father, have Compassion and Forgiveness
for all of us.

You will repeat on the fourth sign:


The one who has the courage to open the wings of the heart will be able to get quickly to My Kingdom of Peace and Redemption, because the soul that day by day surrenders itself to Me by means of merciful prayer will receive the precious gifts of My Sacred Heart.

In this time the flocks will be only one because through them I will always intend to prodigiously share My Graces of Love and Mercy. That heart which at three in the afternoon opens its door to Me will be aided by My Spirit that comes from the Universe as an immaterial and divine presence. In this way It will erase from the memory of its soul all of the sufferings caused to My Merciful Heart.

But My Grace that comes from Heaven and from the Kingdom of God descends all of the days at three in the afternoon to be multiplied in love, truth and fraternity. My Heart looks for thirsty souls and souls that may still not know the greatness of My Universal Love.

In this time I gather the sheep so that they may graze new laws, very close to Me, at My side, without losing sight of the path of redemption that each one must go through in this world.

For this My Sacerdotal Spirit comes again from the Universe to free from sin all of those who may open themselves to recognize that the Son of God is near and that He will arrive at each one of your lives to unite you again in Peace and in Love.

Something that this world lacks today, the world that God perpetually contemplates, is to live in the Love of My Heart, something important that humanity forgets about. If you live in this love, the alliance that must exist between My Disciples will be able to be materialized in the same way that I created it between the apostles.

My dears, today I gather you and I come to your Prayer Gathering to open the doors of your hearts because this will be the way for this final time. Open the doors of the heart, in this way your spirits will be redeemed and they will find the safe path towards the victory of My Light.

Tirelessly unite yourselves to the indispensable hour of My Mercy because once more, through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, I will be able to liberate from hell many who live there perpetually for not having met love and for not having accepted My Redemption.


In this afternoon of endless mercy and infinite wonders for souls of the entire world, I see with joy the hearts gathered in My Name, hearts that in truth intend to follow My Path of consecration and apostolate.

To you and to all those who follow Me, I give My Celestial Mercies to erase any affliction, impediment or limitation that may separate you from Me.

The path for you to reach Me will be the merciful prayer. All those who accompany Me with the heart and unite themselves to My Inextinguishable Source of Mercy are blessed in spite of the great circumstances of life. All those who follow My Path of Mercy at three in the afternoon will be purified by the Light of My Heart and in the hour of great tribulations they will not feel any fear, but they will feel peace, joy, grace for being a worthy and praised child of God.

All those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy with Me will be highly contemplated by My Compassionate Heart, including their families, and no one will lose the hope of entirely surrendering themselves to My Eternal Kingdom.

Those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy will help Me to intercede before the Universe for this humanity and no soul will lose the opportunity of encountering Me at some moment of their life. My Mercy is infinite; it penetrates the deepest spaces of hearts and heals the spiritual wounds that seem irreversible for the consciousnesses.

All those who unite to Me at three in the afternoon receive the merit of absolute redemption and at least the opportunity of knowing My Celestial Kingdom in the Universe. No one will remain without knowing who I Am, because whenever the soul feels My Redeeming Love, its little heart is healed.

At three in the afternoon, God contemplates, through His Son, the pleas of all the apostles and flocks that by Grace, united as one, relieve the weight of the Law upon the world. My Mercy awakens Graces and Forgiveness never before understood by humanity.

Those who have faith in My Promise will not repent because I bring to you the Good News that will liberate you from yourselves and thus you will be with Me for all eternity.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more