Tuesday, August 27 of 2013

Daily Messages

My Peacemaking Heart also makes Itself present and lives among the families that, united to Me, pray the Chaplet of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

This is why, in this time, I allow Myself to say that My Restoring and Compassionate Love wants to reach the hearts of each family, because from the origin of My Coming to the world as Jesus, the Son of Mary, My Mission was and will be to conserve perfect and loving unity between the loved ones of each family in the world.

In this time, merciful prayer within families will allow the re-establishment of peace and the true and sincere love that is lost in numerous families of the entire world.  For this, before My awaited Return, I will ask the good families for daily prayer.  This request will have, as a spiritual reason, the consecration of all the loved ones to the favorite symbol of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, that loving, austere and simple essence of life that has remained engraved in the three Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

With this goal, if merciful prayer is present, every day at three in the afternoon, as a model of union and fraternity among the hearts of the families, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will make use of the powerful prayer that each family may generate out of love for the Greater Good.

The prayer to the Divine Mercy, as a family focal point, will avoid future divisions, conflicts, disharmonies and barriers that the enemy creates and imposes between loved ones because, as My Celestial Mother has said, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will triumph in each home that opens to receive It as a protecting emblem.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with love to My humble words!

Christ Jesus.

At the end of the daily message, in the Absolute Love of His Heart, Christ gave us the following prayer that He named:

Prayer of Family Consecration 
to the Sacred and Powerful Heart of Jesus*

Eternal and Sublime Heaven
that permeates us completely. 
Precious Heart of the Universal King.
Sacred Water of Life
that springs up constantly.
Divine Blood that washes, heals and redeems all.
Most Beloved Heart of Jesus:
protect, consecrate, shelter,
preserve, take care of, heal and redeem
each one of our families
so that, eternally,
before Your Merciful Presence,
we may deserve to live, now and always,
in Your Glorious Kingdom
by the intercession of the Immaculate
and Powerful Heart of Mary.


*According to Our Lord Jesus, this is a prayer to be recited every Friday, the day of consecration of families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.