Wednesday, August 28 of 2013

Daily Messages

At three in the afternoon My Heart likes to enter into all of the homes where My Spirit is welcome and expected.

This act by the faithful devotees of My Sacred Heart represents the true mystery of the faith that springs from each soul, and this act of love also represents for Me an emblem of the unity between Heaven and Earth.

My Heart prepares in this time, all of the days at three in the afternoon, the soldiers of My Infinite Mercy, those that must give testimony to the world of My unprecedented approach to your Earth, to My Original House.

By your precious prayers will be prepared the Earth in which will be sown the new seed of the New Humanity which will blossom like a beautiful flower that will emanate aromas of redemption.

For this today I ask you to persevere in My Purpose so that God may send to you His Eternal Graces, those that will help you to walk between the abysses and the great battles. But for this to be possible the sincere testimonials of your faith and love for My confident Heart must emerge.

In this era of tribulation and of light God calls all of His Children so that they may climb on time onto the boat of salvation, that boat of the Divine Mercy that passes by your homes and touches the essences of your hearts.

For this I will send, as in the past, the new apostles, this time clothed in Peace and Mercy so that in humility and in prayer they may give the example of redemption and of rebirth to the life of the spirit, to the universal life of God.

All will happen in the extent of the surrender of those who may in love favor My Sacred Redeeming Project.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.