Saturday, November 9 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the Lord of Grace and of Mercy because all of the souls can direct themselves to My Heart to plea for help.

But there are rays of Grace that I pour over those who day by day invoke My Paternal Presence.  In all of these hearts I can leave the Source of My Wonders only when they are encouraged to tell Me yes.

In this time of changes for all, My Rays of Grace and of Mercy descend from the universe to illuminate the dark path of those who walk among the shadows of the Earth.  I come in search of all of those who have forgotten about Me.

For this My Repairing Source of Mercy needs receptacles to be able to deposit the Sublime Grace.  These new receptacles will be My Apostles of redemption and of forgiveness, those who in the service and in the surrender to the neighbor will give testimonial of My Existence in their hearts.

Now it is time to continue walking without looking behind because you must only concentrate your spirits in the redeeming purpose of the Earth.

I contemplate you, I follow you, I encourage you to give more.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My message with the heart!

Christ Jesus