Saturday, February 25 of 2012

Daily messages

Do your hearts know how much I love you?

My Immaculate Love is for all; therefore, dear children, today I invite you to live in My Universal Love, even though you may still not know it nor feel it.

I come to your lives so that you may renovate the commit- ment that each soul has with My Son. In each call to prayer announced by My voice, many angels of the Divine Father gather to help the world and humanity.

Dear children, I love you deeply, much beyond your own lives. Each soul contemplated by My Immaculate Heart represents a precious instrument that God gives to the Earth so that His Will may be accomplished. But still many souls, distant from the true Universal Love that our Father gives to us, are also distant from the Divine Purpose that God has for each life and for each little heart.

This is why I invite you to deepen in the contemplative mystery of prayer so that, in this way, more and more souls may come closer to living the state of prayer. The groups of prayer that respond to the call of the Universal Mother must collaborate each day in the awakening of the Light of the heart so that they may be conducted by My Love and by My Peace.

Prayer in the groups consecrated to My Immaculate Heart allows, through the reunion of the praying hearts, that the world in its totality may be helped by the Divine and Greater Love. On this path to strengthen the groups in prayer, more groups of souls are attracted that need to drink from the Fountain of Wonders that My Son gives to all, a Fountain that we call Divine Mercy.

Dear children, each group of prayer responds to the divine call for peace in the world and, above all, for peace in the heart. I conduct you through the path of imitation of My Son, as pilgrims and as collaborators of My call. I shelter you all within My Immaculate Heart.

Perseverance will open the doors so that all, starting from this time, may live love in the heart so that it may be radiated to the other hearts.

Remember, dear children, that all of you and the whole world are being called to a task of charity and solidarity among souls. This will make the Ray of Fraternity emanate. Thus, from this experience, Grace will be able to be real for humanity, which is lacking light and peace.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace, peace and only peace for the world!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity