When I cry for the world, it is to clean with My tears the indifference and the lack of love that blinds My children and do not allow them to see the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

When I cry for the world, it is so that I can, through the pain that I feel in My Heart, alleviate the pain that the Heart of Christ feels for seeing the planet and the evil that overtakes the hearts that He loves so much, since the beginning of life.

My tears are shed upon the world, as a river of pity and compassion. The tears of a mother for her children heal, repair and generate merits for the salvation of souls, no matter how sinful and lost they may be.

Therefore, My children, today, with My hands in prayer, I wash My Rosary with tears; tears that seek the awakening of humanity; tears from eyes that see a reality that only the Heart of God can reach.

My children, through prayer, through the awakening of consciousness and the sacrifices experienced for love, you will be able to heal this world and dry the tears that My Immaculate Heart sheds today in reparation for the Earth.

Infinite life awaits you. The Thought and Essence of God still wait to manifest within humanity.

May the agony that so many nations experience today lead you to look within and upwards, to seek the Truth that hides within you and to know that only with Truth will you be able to overcome these times, having love triumph and not strengthening hatred and indifference.

Struggle, My children, struggle for Peace, with the rosary in your hands and with the love of your hearts. Struggle, overcoming your human condition and establishing peace, as the greatest service that you can render today for this wounded planet.

While the consciousness of nations live their passion in this time, be imitators of My Immaculate Heart.

Sustain this cross in silence with the truth of your hearts. Sustain this cross with prayer and win each test through faith and the certainty of the Divine Presence. Remember that behind every cross, there is the possibility of making a new love triumph, of seeing the spring of Divine Mercy emerge.

My Heart observes you, My Love supports you, and I constantly inspire you to live the Purpose of God.

O, how many truths and mysteries I aspire to reveal to you! But the greatest among them, beloved children, lies within yourselves, and the revelation of this mystery is born from the overcoming and the sanctity of your lives.

Believe that the love, which is born within you, can give a new opportunity to the world, just as it happened more than two thousand years ago.

Just do not be indifferent. May faith not lack within you, nor the willingness to overcome and to live the mysteries of prayer and love every day.

I love you and inspire you to be true imitators of Christ and of Mary, in these times.

My Immaculate Heart supports you and I bless you with love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Prologue of the Booklet of Poems of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

That someday, My followers, you may be fully encouraged to imitate this soul, not only in the sweetness of its words but also in the way of living them, one by one.

I would like you to be so similar to this soul, in devotion, purity and sincerity because, beyond the imperfections of life and of human appearances, in the depths of each being there is an inner Christ capable of conducting your lives and your souls towards My Celestial Church.

I hope to listen to poems so similar to these, yet at the same time simple and true, that may spring from your hearts so that one day I may be able to rescue that which your souls could give Me internally while praying and speaking to Me with the transparency of heart.

I encourage you to be part of this legacy of the redeemed who, having gone through great confirmations, unexpected challenges and extensive tests, confirmed themselves, day by day, to My Sacred Heart.

I need that, finally, the new Christic legacy of each heart in transformation may be available for its Master and Lord. 

May each heart that is encouraged to talk to Me like this precious soul be able to express the love and inner reverence that it feels for Me. Thus, I will be able to gradually manifest on the surface of the Earth the new brotherhood of Christs.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


God is Justice in love and in mercy.

Gods knows the kindness of souls and the virtues of small hearts.

God knows of all the right choices in life, but also already knows about the possible mistakes.

God knows the greatness of love in the human heart, but also knows about the weakness of the oppressed.

But above all, God seeks good among His children and consideration among the disciples of Christ.

God knows of the aspirations of His children, but also knows about the temptations that His rival causes in creatures.

God accepts all the offerings, but also embraces all the sacrifices.

God always shows Himself just, but still more merciful and compassionate.

God is great in love, but small and simple in all things.

Imitate the greatness of the Father.

Imitate, in these time, the universe of His donation, because in this way you will always be with Him, in each moment, and He will strengthen you to take new steps.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Keep in your hearts the moments when you were with God. Keep as a treasure, as a stronghold, the moments when Heaven descended to Earth, to show humankind how this world must be.

Thus, in times of chaos, transmit the peace that dwells in your hearts to those among your brothers and sisters who have never felt God in their lives.

Hold as a treasure the moments when the Holy Spirit merged with you to show you that there is a divine essence within each being, which must express itself so that you may be an example for the whole of humanity, just like the Son of God was.

Christ arrived in the world not only to be contemplated, but also to be imitated. And, so that you may follow the steps of Christ, God offers you all that Jesus once received. You are beside His Holy Family, surrounded by angels and archangels and living under the guidance of the saints and patriarchs of all times. Now, the Lord cannot do anything else but wait for you to accept His offer.

May you, as did Christ, take the cross that will lead you to a new humanity, a cross that for the current humanity is not the martyrdom of the body; it is the overcoming of the temptations of the world, with the elevation of your consciousnesses. It is to be able to say “no” to all the stimuli that the enemy imprints in the human consciousness, and that little by little, make the union of creatures with their Creator disappear.

To carry the cross that will lead you to the new humanity, to the new Christs, is to find joy in the humble spirit, and though it is a solitary walk, little understood by humanity, may you follow this path which leads you to God.

May My words fill you, inspire you, and also encourage you to follow this path, which makes you find, within yourselves, the perfection of God.

Your beloved companion and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

The greatest expression of love is the acceptance and then the understanding of the Sacred Will of God, which manifests in a definite adherence to that Sacred Purpose, for which you were created in the image and likeness of the Father.

For this reason, children, in these times, to recognize the true Will and to experience it, will always place you on the right path, and, in this way, you will avoid suffering through your errors. But to recognize that Will and not experience it would be to allow yourself to be subjected to the models of life humanity built, distancing your lives from God, again and again.

Dear children, this is why I want you every day to copy the experience of My life, that which I lived in this world through obedience and fidelity, something that humanity has not yet firmly learned.

If you love obedience, the doors will open to lead you through new experiences and help you resolve that which through inertia you have not yet solved. Each indication the universe shows is unique. God expects you to experience His Will in a natural way, and that you not just go through His Will, but that you may understand there is a greater goal for each life.

The Father hopes to reflect His Divine Will in the life of all His creatures, but the freedom that characterizes everybody has fully demonstrated the abandonment and the choice that humanity has made for itself.

Thus, My children, be like your Heavenly Mother; let each one of you experience, understand and apply Divine Will as best as you can. Now, this will not be enough, because the urgency is great in this world, a world that goes through collapse after collapse because of its own wills, which lead to the loss of many souls.

Dear children, the coming times will be more demanding for everybody, regardless of the school you may be attending in this end cycle. Your sincere union with the great Purpose, without clauses or middle terms, will determine the world being able to receive the Infinite Grace it is so much in need of so as to not succumb.

Children, each of your hearts knows, in front of the universe, what it came to accomplish and does not want to escape from such an important mission, which you were lovingly called upon to live in this time.

Until the day comes when you, My children, become aware of what you are doing and by whom you are being guided, amongst so many millions of souls, up until that day, your Most Holy Mother will be praying and hoping for a specific position from you about the Plan of the whole universe. 

This will allow you to mature, and if you do not awaken, it will make you come to a standstill in time. Heaven hopes to place its treasures in open hearts; if this has still not happened, it is because the Divinity is waiting for everyone to give a little more to this Plan and to this Divine Project, and that you set aside less space for your own plans.

The true server of God is one that lives based on the instruction and applies it regardless of the school you are attending.

The universe hopes to make you worthy of receiving the keys that will open the doors for the emergence of the new consciousness of humanity.

My children, the decision rests with you. We, your Messengers, are here to guide you and show you the best inner path.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who lifts you up to a true Awareness of the Thought of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


At the end of the prayer of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy we were waiting for the arrival of Master Jesus but today something special happened: it was the apparition of Child Jesus in the arms of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, who with devotion and an example of humility visited us at 3pm.

From the moment of the apparition of the Child Jesus He transmitted us the following instruction:


My dear brothers and sisters:

Today, as the Child Jesus, as the Little Jesus, I come in the arms of My Father to demonstrate to you that you will only get to the Kingdom of God if you are little and humble children that obey with fidelity and love the designs of the Father.

With this aim, today I call you to reflect if your consciousnesses think and feel like a pure and good child.

If it is not this way, in spite of the experiences of life, I invite you to consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Child Jesus because it is through your act of faith and of forgiveness of yourselves that you will receive the divine help, that which you may need in order to undo the knots in the consciousness.

For this Friday I also call you to renovate yourselves and to imitate the most chaste path of Saint Joseph. You only must put in your hearts the aspiration of transforming yourselves and of making way so that the Will of God may act through your lives.

Saint Joseph will help you to cultivate a spirit of humility and of simplicity.

I call you, for this special day, to affirm yourselves on the path that Saint Joseph went through by means of obedience and of the absolute emptiness of oneself. If you do not empty your hearts of all property or control in time, how will you be blessed by the treasures from Heaven?

You are in time to construct the path of your own redemption. For this today My Mercy presents Itself before you through the presence of the Sacred and Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. Every time that you may not be pure, chaste and meek, remember that there is a Faithful Mediator before God who is waiting to cross the gate of transcendence and of the inner detachment of yourselves.

Find through Saint Joseph a good and venerable father, capable of accompanying as a Good Shepherd each one of My sheep.

I repeat to you with great compassion: be like children before the maturity and the arrogance that wants to conquer your precious lives, lives that can only filled by the Spirit of God, lives that can transmit the impulse of the Divine Mercy to all of the Earth.

I wait for you in prayer and in reflection in the Chaste Heart of the Father Saint Joseph.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My messages in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


Do your hearts know how much I love you?

My Immaculate Love is for all; therefore, dear children, today I invite you to live in My Universal Love, even though you may still not know it nor feel it.

I come to your lives so that you may renovate the commit- ment that each soul has with My Son. In each call to prayer announced by My voice, many angels of the Divine Father gather to help the world and humanity.

Dear children, I love you deeply, much beyond your own lives. Each soul contemplated by My Immaculate Heart represents a precious instrument that God gives to the Earth so that His Will may be accomplished. But still many souls, distant from the true Universal Love that our Father gives to us, are also distant from the Divine Purpose that God has for each life and for each little heart.

This is why I invite you to deepen in the contemplative mystery of prayer so that, in this way, more and more souls may come closer to living the state of prayer. The groups of prayer that respond to the call of the Universal Mother must collaborate each day in the awakening of the Light of the heart so that they may be conducted by My Love and by My Peace.

Prayer in the groups consecrated to My Immaculate Heart allows, through the reunion of the praying hearts, that the world in its totality may be helped by the Divine and Greater Love. On this path to strengthen the groups in prayer, more groups of souls are attracted that need to drink from the Fountain of Wonders that My Son gives to all, a Fountain that we call Divine Mercy.

Dear children, each group of prayer responds to the divine call for peace in the world and, above all, for peace in the heart. I conduct you through the path of imitation of My Son, as pilgrims and as collaborators of My call. I shelter you all within My Immaculate Heart.

Perseverance will open the doors so that all, starting from this time, may live love in the heart so that it may be radiated to the other hearts.

Remember, dear children, that all of you and the whole world are being called to a task of charity and solidarity among souls. This will make the Ray of Fraternity emanate. Thus, from this experience, Grace will be able to be real for humanity, which is lacking light and peace.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace, peace and only peace for the world!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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