Friday, October 25 of 2019

Monthly Messages

When I cry for the world, it is to clean with My tears the indifference and the lack of love that blinds My children and do not allow them to see the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

When I cry for the world, it is so that I can, through the pain that I feel in My Heart, alleviate the pain that the Heart of Christ feels for seeing the planet and the evil that overtakes the hearts that He loves so much, since the beginning of life.

My tears are shed upon the world, as a river of pity and compassion. The tears of a mother for her children heal, repair and generate merits for the salvation of souls, no matter how sinful and lost they may be.

Therefore, My children, today, with My hands in prayer, I wash My Rosary with tears; tears that seek the awakening of humanity; tears from eyes that see a reality that only the Heart of God can reach.

My children, through prayer, through the awakening of consciousness and the sacrifices experienced for love, you will be able to heal this world and dry the tears that My Immaculate Heart sheds today in reparation for the Earth.

Infinite life awaits you. The Thought and Essence of God still wait to manifest within humanity.

May the agony that so many nations experience today lead you to look within and upwards, to seek the Truth that hides within you and to know that only with Truth will you be able to overcome these times, having love triumph and not strengthening hatred and indifference.

Struggle, My children, struggle for Peace, with the rosary in your hands and with the love of your hearts. Struggle, overcoming your human condition and establishing peace, as the greatest service that you can render today for this wounded planet.

While the consciousness of nations live their passion in this time, be imitators of My Immaculate Heart.

Sustain this cross in silence with the truth of your hearts. Sustain this cross with prayer and win each test through faith and the certainty of the Divine Presence. Remember that behind every cross, there is the possibility of making a new love triumph, of seeing the spring of Divine Mercy emerge.

My Heart observes you, My Love supports you, and I constantly inspire you to live the Purpose of God.

O, how many truths and mysteries I aspire to reveal to you! But the greatest among them, beloved children, lies within yourselves, and the revelation of this mystery is born from the overcoming and the sanctity of your lives.

Believe that the love, which is born within you, can give a new opportunity to the world, just as it happened more than two thousand years ago.

Just do not be indifferent. May faith not lack within you, nor the willingness to overcome and to live the mysteries of prayer and love every day.

I love you and inspire you to be true imitators of Christ and of Mary, in these times.

My Immaculate Heart supports you and I bless you with love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace