Friday, February 24 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

May your hearts smile today so that the flowers of God may sprout and blossom in them.

Little children, keep with fondness the Presence of the Heart of My Son. In this way, He will make you walk towards the Kingdom of the Lord, in which you should always long to live and to remain eternally.

Today I invite you to let peace spring from the depths of your souls. Many hearts await kind souls that may be able to radi- ate peace and love to repair the pain. This is why I prepare you daily so that you may live in My school of prayer. A good disciple lives with faith the precepts of the Master of Love, and in this way, begins to travel the paths of love and hope, which are necessary for many souls that are alone.

Dear children, each prayer is a new mystery of faith that reveals itself to the life of souls. For this reason I invite you to be before the Divine Spirit of the Father so that all may begin to live His Laws of Love.

Dear children, you are all called to the conversion of the heart and this begins through the deep love that your hearts may be able to radiate to others and towards the world. If humanity could love beyond life and heart, the world would change and the opportunities for salvation would reach many children.

I call you to be part of the groups of prayer consecrated to My Immaculate Heart so that God the Father, in His Infinite Mercy, may contemplate the world with compassion and love. Each prayer that is pronounced with firmness and devotion will permit that more souls separated from the Light may be elevated by the inner strength of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, we are still in time so that many souls, in an act of reconciliation, may be able to approach My Son. With True Love, He awaits them to show them the immensity of His Goodness and His Humility.

The school of prayer is for all the souls that aspire to enter it and for those who have not found the Light of the Celestial Kingdom that My Heart is offering you daily. Let us love with honesty and let us relieve the world from its own pain. All have been called to the hour of total reparation of that which your souls have not done well. You have been called to the hour of Redemption.

Thank you for responding to My eternal call.

Light in the hearts of the world,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity