Tuesday, June 5 of 2012

Daily messages

The Marian praying missionaries that unite themselves to the light of My Immaculate Heart must be vigilant in prayer for those who still do not pray, do not wait for, and do not love the Celestial God of the Universe.

This practice of love and vigilance for souls is given through the prayer of the heart because through this prayer the keys of wisdom and discernment may be awakened by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Today I call you, dear children, so that your lives in these times of great changes aspire to be and remain under the flame of the Holy Spirit.  In this way your hearts will be participants of the selfless service for other souls, service that may awaken through the heart.  And in this spirit of collaboration for all the souls in the world is where your lives will find the perfect unity with My Glorified Son and in this way you may see the eyes of Jesus in each one of your brothers and sisters of the path.

Now dear children, to humanity corresponds to protect and call for the presence of the Holy Spirit so that all hearts in Christ may be missionaries for Peace through prayer.

With all this dear children, the moment will come when each life must irradiate the true spirit of fraternity, which will be necessary to cultivate so that the Peace of the Kingdom of Heaven manifests for this promised Earth.

For this dear children, with joy bring between your hands the gift of fraternity so that uniting heart with heart and as humanity you participate in the awaited return of My Son.  With open arms to wait for Christ, your hearts may be prepared for the coming of the new, for the coming of the Spirit of Peace, so that many of My children may live it.

May My son be for your lives the first aspiration for Celestial Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity