Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

While more souls enter My Universe of Light, more events from the past are dissolved by Christic Love, and thus I triumph again in the face of darkness, and souls recover their spiritual meaning of being here in order to stop being disoriented.

Souls walk towards the inner planes to have an encounter with your Master and Lord. Even though it may not seem so, this is what happened with the souls of Croatia and is also what may happen with the souls of Hungary, strategically imprisoned in a system of human self-destruction.

But My Mercy shall reach all those who wish to receive it, and even more.

My Mercy shall fill all spaces when My arrival is announced, just as the arrival of your Heavenly Mother to Croatia was announced through the diffusion of the heart, which was to share Christic Love.

This is the last time in which souls will unexpectedly receive the impulse of awakening directly from the Source so that each one may take on their commitment with the Celestial Father and be a part of the soldiers of Christ of the end of times.

But this impulse shall happen only once and will not be repeated.

Therefore, the more the diffusion group is aware of the work it performs on the inner planes, the greater will be the effects for the Work of the Hierarchy in the whole world.

I thank you for all the efforts made; I thank you for keeping My words and impulses in your heart.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages
Message for the Special Apparition received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

I come on this special day when your dear people of Croatia remember the Mother of God of the Stone Gate, so that your hearts and souls may now feel this moment of forgiveness of all the past and of all that has happened.

Today, your sweet Mother meets you to profoundly awaken you to the Love of God, so that your footprints of pain and of suffering may be erased by the balm of Light of My Heart.

My children, today I bring you the Grace of renewal for your people. This is the moment when God contemplates His people through the Divine Mother, and it is the moment when the Celestial Father will be attentive to the voice of your supplications so that, in consequence, He may pour out His Mercy and many more children may feel spiritually relieved of all that has happened.

As a Consoling Mother, I offer you the Gate of My Heart so that in this time you can feel the love of your Heavenly Mother. A love that will rejoice your wounded hearts, a love that will bring healing and redemption to your consciousnesses.

On this day, when the history of the old Yugoslavia will be piteously liberated by God, your hearts will receive the Grace of recovering faith in the Heights, and the Heights will descend upon you for the Purpose of the Father to be consummated, of recovering your spiritual dignity as children of His Eternal Heart.

Today, Heaven descends in glory through the Mother of God, and the Divine Lady places you in Her arms so that you may feel love, healing and forgiveness.

Elevate your hearts to Heaven and believe in your freedom. Everything will change, everything will transform, and what was painful in the past will no longer weigh because you, My children of Croatia, will attain Mercy.

Express your love. Unite with the Celestial Father. He waits for you with all the compassion of His Heart so that you may live peace and hope in these definitive times.

Encourage yourself to say “yes” to the new time, the time of Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

I Am the Mother of God of the Stone Gate, and I come to this place, My children, to tell you that, in spite of all ancient suffering, in spite of the wars, of chaos, of the illusion and of evil, I am still here. My Love for My children remains intact, because I love, within you, the divine presence, the potential that your hearts have of loving and of opening the gates of Heaven so that all of Creation may return to the Heart of God.

I come with the Fount of Divine Mercy flowing from My Immaculate Heart. I come with the Fount of Grace springing from My hands so that today, My children, you may receive the opportunity of healing the incurable and of redeeming that which seemed could never be erased from your histories and from your hearts.

I come to dissipate the suffering that is hidden in a life that was reconstructed materially, but not spiritually. My Heart grants you the Grace of restoring the joy and fullness of being in God. Grace descends today upon you and upon your people so that, healed by Divine Love, you may become new instruments of God and may pray for more nations to receive the blessings that you are receiving today.

The debts of humanity with the Divine Creation are incalculable and unpayable, My children. Only the infinite Mercy of God can come to the aid of humanity but, for this, it is necessary that you cry out with consciousness and that you pray with the heart.

We are in times of spiritual miracles, miracles of the spiritual healing of the planet when the Mercy of God touches the deepest wounds of the Earth. And I come today, in the name your Celestial Father, to grant you the Grace of redemption and of spiritual restoration so that all suffering that was hidden in your souls, and in the soul of this wounded nation, can transform, and your hearts, children, may become instruments of reparative prayer for this country and for the whole planet.

I just ask you to pray.

Pray to heal this world; pray for your hearts to find God; pray, because the wars leave inner marks that material construction cannot repair.

Today, I awaken your hearts with My Grace so that you may understand that a heart strengthened in God remains uplifted, in spite of human atrocities, just as I remained, as the Mother of God of the Stone Gate.

Today, My children, feel My Heart, feel My Peace and pray with Me for a greater Grace. Pray for liberation and pray for redemption. The Creator Father has wonderful things for your lives, just open the gates of your hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Today there are now more souls that enter the Universe of the Light of your Lord so that the deep nuclei may merge with the Nonmaterial Source.

Today there are now more souls of Croatia that in a coming cycle will feel encouraged to know My redeeming Love and the maternal Love of My Mother. This will help in continuing to dissolve the thoughtform about the misfortune and the oppression of these beloved people.

Croatia has a place, has a space in My Merciful Heart. And just today, the first steps are being taken within the beginning of a Work on the inner planes, which will assist and encourage the souls of Croatia to rediscover the path of faith and of love.

So, to make known the arrival of the Divine Messengers is to open the door of sleeping and hypnotized consciousnesses so that they may step out of the illusion and the vices that make good souls corrode, trapped in the prisons of materialism and excessive consumerism.

Thus, Croatia today will move toward an encounter with an inner opportunity that, for decades, has been hoped for by the Croatian people.

Open your arms, open your hearts, because the Light of Christ will shine and illuminate all the abysses.

Go ahead, inner Croatia!

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

While at three in the afternoon the very entrails of My Divine and unfathomable Mercy opens, your Master and Lord withdraws from the hells of the Earth all those who were oppressed by pain and adversity.

It is for this reason that your Lord will send His Messenger and faithful Servant to Croatia so that, through Her Maternal Love, spiritual forgiveness may be granted to all the people of Croatia, which in recent times has been a witness to conflicts and adversities.

Therefore, on this day, I come to pour out the Mercy of God where it is very needed so that, on their faces, souls may recover the joy of living and of participating in a spiritual Communion with the Creator, Who will give them the life and the love to be able to erase the past and cut the chain of errors that have been committed.

My Mercy wishes to penetrate the deep spaces of the consciousness where there is a void and a spiritual desert that has placed the Croatian people in a position of discouragement and in the lack of loving hope.

Through the Heavenly Mother, I bring you the opportunity of finding again the meaning of life, because in the Croatian people is the fortitude of survival and determination.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

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