Friday, May 31 of 2019

Monthly messages

I Am the Mother of God of the Stone Gate, and I come to this place, My children, to tell you that, in spite of all ancient suffering, in spite of the wars, of chaos, of the illusion and of evil, I am still here. My Love for My children remains intact, because I love, within you, the divine presence, the potential that your hearts have of loving and of opening the gates of Heaven so that all of Creation may return to the Heart of God.

I come with the Fount of Divine Mercy flowing from My Immaculate Heart. I come with the Fount of Grace springing from My hands so that today, My children, you may receive the opportunity of healing the incurable and of redeeming that which seemed could never be erased from your histories and from your hearts.

I come to dissipate the suffering that is hidden in a life that was reconstructed materially, but not spiritually. My Heart grants you the Grace of restoring the joy and fullness of being in God. Grace descends today upon you and upon your people so that, healed by Divine Love, you may become new instruments of God and may pray for more nations to receive the blessings that you are receiving today.

The debts of humanity with the Divine Creation are incalculable and unpayable, My children. Only the infinite Mercy of God can come to the aid of humanity but, for this, it is necessary that you cry out with consciousness and that you pray with the heart.

We are in times of spiritual miracles, miracles of the spiritual healing of the planet when the Mercy of God touches the deepest wounds of the Earth. And I come today, in the name your Celestial Father, to grant you the Grace of redemption and of spiritual restoration so that all suffering that was hidden in your souls, and in the soul of this wounded nation, can transform, and your hearts, children, may become instruments of reparative prayer for this country and for the whole planet.

I just ask you to pray.

Pray to heal this world; pray for your hearts to find God; pray, because the wars leave inner marks that material construction cannot repair.

Today, I awaken your hearts with My Grace so that you may understand that a heart strengthened in God remains uplifted, in spite of human atrocities, just as I remained, as the Mother of God of the Stone Gate.

Today, My children, feel My Heart, feel My Peace and pray with Me for a greater Grace. Pray for liberation and pray for redemption. The Creator Father has wonderful things for your lives, just open the gates of your hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace