Saturday, November 15 of 2014

Monthly messages

For these times of tests, of confirmations and of surrender, I invite you to the path of overcoming.  Your Eternal Father contemplates with attention the steps, certain and confident, that all of His beloved children are taking for this time of spiritual and material crisis. 

I come on this day to announce to you a new cycle, after all these years shared with Me through the sacred instructions of Heaven that I have given to you.

Dear children, I have come in pilgrimage to Santa Fe to remind humanity that in these times only faith and the path of permanent prayer will save you.  Now, God has asked Me that His dear children learn to discover the universe of inner growth by means of the tests and of the experiences.

Before the enemy wants to take you from the path, I have come to rescue you, bringing you this important message of preparation for the end of the times.  You, my beloved children, are called to form an army of prayer and of light, capable of being vessels for the divine and supreme energies.

But for this to be possible I have come to announce to you, as a spiritual synthesis, the time of your transformation and of purification.

All of humanity is found hypnotized and sleepwalking due to the harmful effect of the modernities and of human advancements.  I ask of you, in the name of My Son, that you do not fear detaching yourselves from that which artificially hurts you inside.  May your true communication be with God and with the all of the Greater Universe.

If the souls had truly sought the union with the Heights and with the Supreme, many circumstances would have not taken place in the material life of My children.  For this definitive century, as I have already told you, I come to untie the great knot of the unconsciousness and of the lack of attention.

As Your Celestial Mother I wish that you take the steps to the awakening of a new life, united to the entire Universal Creation to which you belong.  My urgency is to take you out of this sleep that the modernities generate, and the lack of connection with the Supreme Laws.

All of you were born to live in happiness and in love.  The disorder in the world and the lack of balance has generated irreversible effects in the life of My children, and many were conducted along the path of sadness, of sorrow, and of sickness.

God has asked that I advise you for the last time that Heaven will open Itself to receive all.  It will pour the Graces and the blessings over all those that have not deserved them.

For this, my children, with courage confront this ultimate cycle of hard tests and confirmations so that the light of Christ may flourish in you.

I wait day and night for you, and from Heaven I pray for all, so that the majority of My dear children may understand that the time has come to quit thinking of yourselves: to begin thinking of the world, and of the necessity of service and of prayer for this final humanity.

In this way My Heart is offered to you, so that in consciousness and surrender you may recognize the Voice of God, that which resounds in the Universe and calls you to the awakening.

In this final monthly message I invite you to make a compilation of all the messages, so that you may live them and practice them; in this way you may be prepared for that which shall come.

For this encounter of God, may we remain united in prayer for these moments.

Who thanks you for the inner attention,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace