My children,

Every 19th day, My Chaste Espouse, opens a universal and celestial door so that the lost souls may rediscover the path to God, the Creator.

For this Grace to be granted in the heart of the simple and good server, so that each one of you may be a bridge to the Universe of God on the 19th of each month, your Beloved Saint Joseph needs you to love seeking the essence of the humility of the heart so that the codes of self-destruction and illegitimate power, codes that are contrary to My Beloved Son, may be banished from your minds.

On the 19th of each month, the altars of Saint Joseph receive, through your prayers, lilies of light that are souls redeemed and converted by the loving action of your sacred offer.

Each lily of light that is placed at the foot of the altar of the Patriarch Saint Joseph, is offered afterwards as a symbol of restoration and peace between humanity and God, thus the Plan manifests itself again month by month in the life of each soul.

Dear children, all of these redeemed souls merge themselves in the Heart of God and a new Purpose descends over a world that would be already on the edge of a universal collapse.

Children, do not waist time with your internal realities, be consistent with the Grace of the Humility that Saint Joseph pours to you every month, thus you will drink from the Source of the Humility of Saint Joseph and, as a result, your lives will reach a good redemption.

Every 19th day, My Immaculate Heart is the most pure and chaste portal for millions of essences of this world to reach the paternity of God and the filiation with God through the Chaste Heart.

Each novena that is made to the Saint of Humility and to poor Worker of God, is received in the Kingdom of the Heavens as an opportunity to transform your lives.  Do not deceive yourselves, My children, take the hand of simplicity and chastity that My Holy Espouse extends to you with the hope that some day you will reach the path of renunciation and humility.

Be pure in the heart and you will not lose the infinite Grace of keep being instructed by Saint Joseph.  He is your Father and Guardian; He is the one who after My Ascension, from the universe, assumed your conversion to God.



Today I bless you all in the name of My Son because in truth I say to you that it will be through Him that you will find the way out and the immediate solution for your issues of the material life.

There is nothing more special than to live in the Love of the Kingdom of God, because in the journey of this pathway are found the master keys for transformation, which are the keys for purification and for redemption.

You, following with obedience the path that My Son indicates to you, will be able to discover in time each aspect of life that needs rehabilitation.  For this reason, I come everyday from Heaven so that your lives may be able witness the transformation that My Immaculate Heart has made in each one of you.

My little ones, now, with the gaze on the horizon of the rebirth of hope you will find the needed inner strength to go ahead.  Today I say to you, children of Mine, that each one of you is a part of My plan of redemption, a plan that prepares the next coming of Christ to the world.

And if your hearts give true testimony of the love for My Son, you will have the possibility that your souls may be led to the discovery of the spiritual mission.   Everything that may happen in your minds and hearts are states and times of purification.  For this, offer it with love to the Eternal Father so that He, in His Supreme Glory, may take pity on all of those who do not want to listen to His last call.

I bring you the opportunity of carefully reconsidering your own actions.  For this, as your Heavenly Mother, I promise you to always show you the truth so that you may grow up in humility and in faith.

I thank you, children, for having answered to My call in Brasilia!

A new light has awakened in the simple and fervent hearts.

Who unites you to the cenacle of the Heart of Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  


Raised to Heaven be the hearts that are persevering and consistent with My call, as they will be crowned on the day of their Glory by the Celestial Queen.

Raised to Heaven be the innocents, because on the day of their judgment they will reach the Mercy of God.

Raised to Heaven be the missionaries of Mary, because having crossed the threshold of the material life they will reach the day of the perpetual unification with the Supreme Divinity of God.

Raised to Heaven be all the created kingdoms, because all those who have worked tirelessly to save and protect them will receive the great day of liberation and relief.

Raised to Heaven be the worshipers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, because arriving to the Kingdom of God they will remember the moment when the doors were open to the redemption of the whole humanity.

Raised to Heaven be the humble, because on the day of their death they will see the Celestial Spheres of the Creator arrive.

Raised to Heaven be the constant and perseverant, because on the day of their judgment they will be able to get to know the Glorious Face of My Son and in their lives there will not exist any evil.

Dear Children,

Today I wish all to be raised to Heaven in spirit of peace and love so that, once for all, you may see appear in your lives the virtues and gifts that you will awaken in this time.  Of these gifts, your Heavenly Mother, is served without forgetting the inner potential that each child expresses for this sacred Marian work.

You, My children, are the perfect pieces that I have chosen from this vast universe to take you to service and to total redemption of the debts.  You have walked by My side for a very long time, for this, feel now in your hearts the fruit of the truth and of the divine purpose that I have deposited in each of My children.

But precious fruit will still wake up during the time of your purification.  I Am your Guardian and Mother of Mercy, with maternal love I have chosen you from so many millions of souls so to that the work of your Heavenly Mother may be able to be fulfilled.

Children, it has come the time in your lives for you to see the fruit of My loving work in you instead of looking all the time to the thorns that are nailed in your feet.  To arrive to the school of peace you must pass through the school of purification, of surrender and of renunciation.


Dear children, do not be afraid!  You will always find shelter in the fortress of My Heart.  There, nothing bad will happen, and you will feel the Immaculate Love that will always embrace you.

Living the time of your purification, which is the time of your constant preparation, take the prayer of the heart as an invincible instrument.  In this way you will discover the internal gifts of the fortress which constitutes My Immaculate Heart.

My children, may in these difficult and, at the same time, decisive times, your gaze just concentrate on the Purpose that the Celestial Father has planned for each one of you.  In this way, concentrating your feeling and your gaze in the Heart of the Eternal Father, you will be guided through the correct paths.

Dear ones, may not even a small part of your beings feel separated from God.  Work without delay to build a fortress similar to the one of My Immaculate Heart.

The Lord awaits you in the lap of His Celestial Kingdom to hold you in His arms and thus give you the eternal legacy of His Merciful Love.

With determination and surrender to the great Purpose of the Creator, you will establish the necessary bases for the manifestation of the spirit of the New Humanity, which will be acquitted of sin, of denial and of suffering.

The victory of My Immaculate Heart and the triumph of My presence in the world and in the whole humanity will determine the big evolutionary step that My children must take, overcoming their own selves.  This will liberate the innocents from all the outrages, and the most humble ones will be the precursors of the Good News for the time that will come.

On the path of the fiery prayer, you will always find Me, praying for you and for the world.

Do not fear!  Be brave and acquire the gift of My fortress to face the time of changes and definitions.

My Love will always permeate you all.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who blesses you under the Most Pure Love of the Creator,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I give you My Peace and I deliver to you the Peace of God.

The time of your resistance shall end so that the true self and the true consciousness may finally emerge.  Keep praying with the heart, invoking the Celestial Father and asking Him for your redemption.  Thus, once the soul humiliates itself and recognizes that it is the smallest of all, you will be able to take the steps.

Children, I give you to know the essence of humility of your Celestial Mother.  For this, the hour has come: imitate Me! Just as the apostles did in the past.  Do not try to force yourselves into humility because it is not born from conflicts or from the constant struggles.  Humility springs like a font, which gives all to drink from its pure and fresh water.

Dear children, may the dedication and the effort of seeking the holy humility never end.  Pray with the heart, and openly ask My Son to transfigure you.  If in this way many souls were truly humble, facing these critical times you are living today, much greater will be the possibilities for the Divine Mercy to widely pour itself over those who condemn entire lives and entire peoples.

Become bearers and searchers of this humility, My children.  Your first step will be to recognize yourself as the smallest of all, but also as the one who is ready and available to serve, without distinctions nor rewards.

The science of the Divine Humility has, as its foundations, faith and perseverance in the moments of transcending the obstacles, falls and even the deceptions of the being.  Humility is gestated by means of the truth and the detachment from one's own principles and ideas, those which feed My adversary.

The school of humility is the first path for the new apostles of My Son, and is Jesus Christ who shall always remind you that the holy humility has the self-renunciation, the forgetfulness of your own preferences and needs, as its primordial foundation.

While gazing into your hearts, your Celestial Mother invites you all to meditate on this message.  To some, humility seems to not be the school for all, but the learning of a few.

In truth I tell you, My children, that if there is no permanent work with the holy humility in this world, and specially in this humanity, you will not be able to recover the innocence that you have already lost.


Dear children,

If your hearts study in the school of humility, they will be pure someday and, living the purity of the heart, you will transform your faults and you will be able to live in the Mercy of God.

For this, My children, work ardently in this time to achieve the purity of heart.

My rays are poured over you so that, touched by My Light, you may always live in the Redeeming Love of My Son.

Through your steps taken on the path of transformation, your Celestial Mother finds the open path to liberate the souls from the constant perdition.

Open the arms and receive the Light of My Immaculate Heart in the center of your souls.

You are in time to change attitudes and customes that are part of the old humanity.

With your transformation and immediate redemption, you will say “yes” and give the true testimony to the Celestial Father, who will be pleased to see His small creatures willing to redeem themselves.

Your Master of Love offers you the opportunity to correct your ways and follow Him despite the consequences.  You, My children, by living in His absolute trust, will acquire a spirit of faith that will be unbreakable in the moment of the great planetary battle that humanity will live.

The current time indicates the time of conversion to give way to the definitive consecration of your hearts and lives.

Children of Mine, go through the cycle of your purification, renouncing everything that bothers you and opening the eyes to the horizon of mercy which comes to redeem all evils.

My path is opened in your paths, for this, do not miss the hour of your redemption.

I Am your Mother and I hold you in My arms so that you may always feel Peace.

The world still does not understand the gravity of the times.  I, in the name of My Son, bring to your consciousnesses that the time to change and heal the past has come.

I thank you for answering to My urgent call!

Who heals you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

May in times of battle, only exist peace, and may the peace of the heart manage to absolutely reestablish the love of God in the poor hearts that have lost it. For this, children, in this time, Your Celestial Mother comes from Heaven in order to prepare you to live the great spiritual battle that the Woman Dressed of Sun will hold against the enemy.

Live the peace of heart in this hour, and may your lives, passing through the cycle of purification, only find a favorite refuge in the Heart of My Son.  But, while the King who will banish evil does not arrive to call you to live the last supper of this cycle, your Celestial Mother is already running to the desert and protecting Her children from the sharp claws of evil.

My dears, the time of definition has already arrived.  Do not turn your faces away from the great inner change that is approaching, which needs you to be purified before My Son returns to your encounter.  

For this, beloved, do not waste even one minute in superficial things, only seek to gestate within yourselves a greater strength, which is not built with arrogance or self-pride.  Be more and more humble and you will be safe from the claws that beguile all the time the most naïve and impure of heart.

I wish, in this cycle, that your purification passes quickly, thus you will be up to know how to answer to the Divine Will that calls you all the time.

Your Celestial Mother is already in the desert protecting Her children from all adversity and deceit, because the time of mirages has come to all.  Destroy with the love and the power of the internal prayer, all the parallel reality that seeks to divert you from the only objective: Christ.

Reverent and humble, manifest the possibility that peace accomplishes prodigies and salvations in those who would not deserve it due to their own cruelty towards the Kingdom of God.

With your meekness you will know how to recognize false from true and nothing will drive your attention from the true Christic path that you came to traverse.

Through your renunciation the world will recover its purity.  Be attentive to the signs that your Celestial Mother will send you through the messages, because this is the last opportunity for all. 

My Glory and Love supports you.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Who gathers you in the Heart of the Master,


As a fleeting ray from the universe, My Maternal Consciousness descends and approaches to this world so that the asleep humanity may awake again to the call of the Most High God.

I come to your lives so that you may remember Me as your dear Mother, as the Kind and Prodigious Woman of God, the one who has done miracles and spiritual conversions in your lives.

But each time that I descend from Heaven towards your world, My Victorious Heart cannot fail to see the ignorance and the indifference of many of My children, those who have passed through My paths, and now turn their backs to Me and do not listen to Me.  It is this indifference that the enemy spreads like poison in the hearts of people, it is this indifference and cruelty of many of My children that leads to the perdition of the souls.

For this, in order for the Wise Justice to be avoided, I come from the cosmos to beg you to do something for this destroyed humanity.  Know that not only the souls suffer, but also My blessed Kingdoms of Nature, the ones that day by day are outraged without love and mercy, until the last drop of life is removed from them; this provokes the wrath of God and promotes irreversible consequences on all those who destroy the Creation Project.

For this, My children, open the eyes to wisdom and feel in your heart the prayer that I ask you more and more to do, this will help to avoid misfortunes for the most unfair ones.

Above all, seek the Mercy of God, so that you and the world may be forgiven for the constant sins of foolishness and vanity.  Through My Blessed Purity I give you the cosmic power of My Grace, a state that repairs you and leads you through the path of redemption.

While My Son sees every day the horrors and unfair actions that are committed against the Heart of the Celestial Father in this sick world, I place you in this apocalyptic time as if you did not participate in it.  But it is the power of prayer and of the daily consecration of your hearts to My Immaculate Heart of Mother that will permit to reverse your faults and the faults of many.

I want all to know that through My call you will find the exit and even if the enemy hits you strongly, he will never be able to overthrow the love I have placed in your hearts.  Be wise and thus you will not get confused, avoiding to follow another path, another spiritual movement that is not the one of My Beloved Son.


I want that from an old tree, new branches may sprout.

I want that the old souls may peregrinate with Me through new paths.

I want to cause to be born inside the heart a new heart.  May the old heart not lose its wisdom, but that it may demonstrate having to be born in itself this new heart, that beats in the rhythm of the Greater Will and that accompanies attentively the movements of the Universe.

I want to strengthen those whom I have chosen to be the columns of My temple and that for so long have been prepared to live that which happens today in the world.

I want to be the light on the path of My children, so that they may recognize in the treading of My steps, the teaching of other times.

I wanted to come to the encounter of those who did not fear, even while thinking that they were afraid, and that followed Me, even believing that they did not know how to find Me.

Now, children of Mine, it has come the time to see following upon My steps, and to perceive that on this path through which I have guided you are found all the teachings that with other faces I have to you.

If you are capable of following Me with confidence, feeling your way in the dark, now allow My light to switch on the inside of your beings and show you the way to live what you learned yesterday, but with the heart of today.

My children, I invite you to service, because you will be able to see and feel in this simple action, what the Divine Messengers have constructed in your beings.  When you return to serving, be attentive to what exists in your hearts and that before did not exist and discover that blessed is the heart that thinks it has not been transformed, because it will always cultivate simplicity, humility and what is most important, it will never stop walking, because it knows that it has not come to its goal.

My beloveds, I agree to come to encounter you, to contemplate each precious pearl that has arisen in your hearts and to find you here, at My side, even after so much incomprehension.


Today Our Lady appeared as the Lady of Charity which is a new manifestation that is approaching to us, it is another face of Her task that She is inviting us to know.

This manifestation of Our Lady of Charity existed in the world and She asked the sisters of the Network of Prayer to transmit to all the groups of San Paulo the story of this manifestation that happened on the Island of Cuba, because the groups will realize a task with Our Lady of Charity.

Today Our Mother came with a child in Her arms, but it was not the Child Jesus.  She was dressed in very simple clothes as in the era of Nazareth.  The child that She brought in Her arms was an African child, who was two years old.  Our Lady was tightly hugging this child and presented him to us.

Afterwards She indicated a task for this group which was transmitted in the message that She gave to us.  In the moment of the message She told us that humanity did not have the consciousness of how many faults it still has as humanity, primarily among the nations.  She said that when She manifested as Our Lady of Charity it was for us to have a conscious reference of how to alleviate the offenses that we have with Africa, which in that case of Brazil are still not resolved.

The Father made a request to Our Lady and granted Her for this group of prayer to pray for the souls of Africa, and that if the group would do so it would help to resolve many things.  She said that She especially needs that this group unite itself with Our Lady of Charity and that, when the group of prayer becomes acquainted with this face of the history of Our Lady it would understand what She is asking through this message.

She not only wants that the group continue working as it has done until now, but that it grow a little more in its tasks.  She proposed to accompany them in this prayer for Africa.  This path of prayer that the group will realize and that will be for an indeterminate time, should be done through the intermediary of Saint Joseph; He must be the regent of this work.

Mary said to us that everything should be entrusted to Saint Joseph.  That which Saint Joseph receives from the groups, will also be received by the Divine Mother.


Dear children:

On this special day, I open again My arms to pour over the world the Mercy of God.  My Immaculate Heart on this day descends in Glory and in Spirit over Curitiba contributing, to speed up your maturity, these twelve steps to reach humility:

First, to see the need of the other before your own.

Second, to recognize that without God nothing can be done.

Third, to have a pure heart, to be able to have a pure mind
       and as a consequence pure feeling.

Fourth, to know that without Christ the paths will remain inconclusive.

Fifth, to consider as vital, permanent and devout prayer.

Sixth, to learn to be humble through the teachings of the Gospel of Christ.

Seventh, to be an instrument of good and charity for all.

Eighth, to recognize oneself as an apostle and server of Christ.

Ninth, to renew oneself every day through kind gestures of love
       and fraternity among others.

Tenth, to live every day the Passion of Christ as an act and a sacrifice of love.

Eleventh, to live fully the unity with God.

Twelfth, to empty oneself of oneself to be able to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

       If these twelve simple steps are experimented with by the good hearts, the Lord will help you and will show you how important it is to accept and to live the humility of the heart.  A humble heart listens, does not judge or question, is open to receive instruction from Heaven, and then it prays and meditates in its interior with gratitude and joy.

My children, the world has lost humility, for this God comes again to encounter you by means of My Maternal Heart.  Let us pray so that the holy humility, that which will permit that you recognize each other as dignified children of God, may be gestated as a new seed in your hearts.

As Mother and Guardian of all the hearts, today I am here to transmit to you My Sacred Humility.

If in truth the entire world prayed from the heart and realized at least a little act of charity and good, it would find the path to humility; but the enemy has managed to remove from the good hearts the Most Sacred Flame of Humility, by means of the temptations and the desires for the modern and advanced things.


Enter directly into My Ocean of Peace and by means of prayer, find the breath and the refuge of your souls, mind and body.  Exercise to be in My Heart all the times that it is possible for you and aspire, each time more, to live this encounter with Me; each day that you come in touch with the Peace that I bring from the Heavens you strengthen and mature the inner dwelling place, the place of eternal peace that I construct in your hearts.

I want that My children learn from constancy and from perseverance because without these two attributes, the inner steps of your beings will not be able to be consolidated.

Today it is necessary that you may attain more than an inner experience with Me, more than a moment of encounter with My Heart; it is necessary that you may attain the experience of that which I bring to you, the imitation of My Consciousness which, as well as those of Jesus and Joseph, express the perfect model of life on Earth.

Learn from serenity and from Peace and try, at some times, to leave from the common living of the human consciousness, because today I bring you this possibility as I have brought it over the centuries.

My children, those who know how to see and receive the Graces of God will perceive in the heart that there has not been in the world a more precious moment than this which you live today.

The Divine Messengers arrive to several parts of the world, among the different consciousnesses that are expressed on Earth; they arrive to different nations, different cultures, but bringing one same Message.

I am not here to create a new religion, but yes to unite, in the Heart of God, all the religions that already exist.

I do not ask you to follow some belief, sect or doctrine.  My teaching comes from the Heart of God and to Him it should be turned.

I do not bring you, in this moment, an archetype of religion, but yes, a permanent archetype of life. These are not words that have been meditated on in the interior of a temple or church, they are divine impulses to be lived, applied in the consciousness, transforming all the matter corrupted over the centuries.

My beloveds, I ask you today to take a great leap in consciousness, and those who are encouraged and are impelled to take this leap, My arms will support and lift them until the step to be reached.


May the Glory of God live and reign in each one of your hearts.

Dear children, with deep joy I traverse the world and My pilgrim steps conduct Me to those most in need, so that they may awaken the eternal Faith in My Immaculate Heart and the Love for it.

I come as Queen of Peace to establish My Kingdom in the world, because this Earth needs to awaken for Peace, and above all because the human heart needs this universal and divine attribute.

I come today bringing the Peace of My Heart as a primordial attribute for life on Earth, because those who have become peacemakers will not perish before the tribulations that the world already lives.

By the Lord's request I traverse all the nations pacifying the souls so that before the greatest test, the last threshold to be crossed by the consciousness, His creatures may take the steps they need to take, in profound harmony.

Those who have eyes to see and heart to feel know how much the world needs Peace to balance the many conflicts that there are among the beings, among the nations, and between humans and God.

I return to the world once and once more, to give testimony, through My presence, of the existence of a Greater Universe that is alive and full and that awaits the awakening of all beings.

Despite not having the permission to show Myself to the eyes of all My children, still, I can show Myself to the heart of all of those who open the doors to Me.  My presence in your lives does not happen in the mind, My dears, but in the depths of the heart.

Each one of My little children will receive the touch of My Peace, in the form that they need it, and in the form they permit Me to do it.

To the simple souls, devout and of open heart, My kingdom will be shown, but it will not be out of favor to them but out of their own merit.  Their faith will open the doors of Heaven, and the key that blossomed from their hearts will show them the entrance to this Kingdom.

Today I want you to understand that the primordial reason for the existence of all is the awakening of true Love, the Love that donates all of itself, and becomes empty before the Universe.  My Heart, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus come, in this time of changes, to show you the path that must be traversed, that unlike what many think is a path of simplicity and humility.


My beloved children:

Today, as the Mother of Sacred Humility, I come to all My children to bring this presence of abnegation, detachment and surrender that I learned as Mary of Nazareth.

Each soul that enters in the true Christic path, that which is marked by My Son Christ Jesus, begins to live this school of Sacred Humility; an experience totally new and unknown for humanity.

Much has been said and written on this Earth about Humility, but few have been able to really experience it; it is so transforming that those who are willing to receive it, in general, are not conscious that they are living it, and think that they will never be deserving of living it.

It is as soft as a breeze in the spring, harmonious as the flowers that grow in the gardens of Heaven, and powerful, yes powerful, that dissolves any expression of property, self-realization, pride and self-love.

It is so majestic, as a queen without kingdom, as a sword of love that cuts softly the links with matter, and so transparent as a thread of light, that strings the souls together in a perfect fabric that unites them to the eternal service to the Creator.

Beloved son, beloved daughter:

What about you, do you want to receive in your life the Sacred Humility, the one that I lived and shared with Jesus and Joseph?

Do you want to know definitively what it means to be a humble consciousness?

Then, open your heart, surrender your will, that never more will be yours, to the Supreme, and eternally obey His Holy Will. Learn that My Beloved and Sacred Humility is found in the little actions of life, in anonymity, in patience and in simplicity.

In these times of so many transformations, some consciousnesses will be called by the Father to live the ways of Sacred Humility as apostles of Christ; the new apostles that have united themselves with Him in body, soul and spirit to serve Him eternally.

Today I leave you this reflection because some of you, who are present before Me on this day, will be disciples of the Sacred Humility of God.

Pray, be blessed, surrender your will to the Will of the Most High, and love your destinies.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of the Sacred Humility

Dear children:

If you search to live in the essence of My Peace you will find the Kingdom of God and upon the Earth and among the hearts will dissolve the conflicts, the wars that are born from the consciousnesses.

Above all in this time is to be united as brothers and sisters through prayer and to let yourselves be conducted by the power that it has in the moment that you pronounce it with love.

Dear children, recollect in this day within My Heart, search for the presence of My son, practice the teachings of Jesus through daily prayer and service and fraternity.

It is no longer the moment for any heart, for any child of the Father, to loose their daily task of prayer because without perceiving it you will be away from the purpose and you will begin to live under the human principles, even those souls that have consecrated themselves.

Prayer is the salt of your lives, it is the seasoning that provides humility and wisdom for these times. My children, walking upon this world through prayer you will open day by day a little door to Heaven to find peace and peacefulness.

Be in every moment merciful, even when your thoughts and feelings will say something different.

Unite yourself to the Heart of My Son so that all the sheep that have separated themselves from Him will encounter again the path. You are part of the Plan of God. A Plan that is being accomplished with efforts in this part of America though the announcement of My Immaculate Face.

As the Mother who Alleviates, I give to you My blessing and I invite you to remember the path of humility for your hearts, so that in this way upon this world will be more peace and harmony.

I thank you!

Thank you for praying the rosary every day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

As the Queen and Mother of Peace, today I invite you to search in your hearts for the internal union with Jesus, so that through prayer you may help My Son to carry the cross of the world.

As the Cyrene (Simon the Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross until Golgotha), you may carry for love, with the pain of the world, so that your prayer may be the food that may satiate all, and be the water that quenches the thirst of many of My children.

Today I want to tell you that the cross of humanity must be supported in the perseverance of the groups of prayer that, united with the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, will fulfill the call to alleviate the Heart of Christ.

Even a small part of your life, through prayer, will serve as a service to your neighbor. Today I refer dear children, to the inner state of donating yourself to others. This inner state will allow you to recognize the humility that is necessary to live in this time.

Through a lack of humility in the heart of humanity, many happenings are unfolding, events that determine the harmonious walk of my children.

For this, searching in yourself for Jesus, the Redeemer Love, you will find the essence of donation and when this donation is exercised daily together with prayer, your hearts will begin to glimpse the light of humility.

This path of humility, the emptiness of yourself, all my children are being be called to live, for love of God and for the reparation of the great conflicts and the arrogance that humanity lives, in which there is so little love one for the other.

Dear children, I am calling you to form yourself as good instruments of God so that your High Priest Jesus may pour His Merciful Graces upon the pure hearts and over the fallen hearts.

It is time to be in Jesus all of the days.

We pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children.

In the eyes of God, the soul always loves.

In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.

In the eyes of God, the soul walks and ascends.

In the eyes of God, the soul is in God.

In the eyes of God, the soul recognizes the path to Christ.

In the eyes of God, the soul drinks at the Fountain of Love of God.

In the eyes of God, the soul grows and encounters strength in the Heart of God.

In the eyes of God, all souls are equal and all of them are united to the principle Creator of God.

Because in the eyes of God we live the great mysteries of the Heart of God.

Dear children, today I invite you all to remain beneath the merciful glaze of God.  Because in the eyes of God your hearts will become inseparable from the life of prayer and the great and Divine Spirit of God will allow you to know the humility that is necessary to fulfill His Unific Will.

My children, when I invite you to be in the gaze of God, it is for you to recognize that you are not alone in your walk and that you, united to His heart, will be guided by Love and the Holy Spirit.

Little children, many hearts still are not beneath the kindly gaze of God. The Father is close to each one of His beloved children, and you in the name of Love may help so that the entire world will be beneath the gaze of God.

Each child of this humanity must open the chamber of the heart to arrive to the gaze of God.

My Father, the Highest, is in your hearts. Thus I invite you to search for him inside your beings because many children easily forget God in the heart. Your attention to be in God will alleviate the martyrdom that He receives for the constant offenses of humanity.

If humanity was able to be in the Mercy of God, it would be a merciful humanity. You are still on time to encounter the Fountain of the Love of God in your hearts, because My maternal aspiration is that you may learn to love as I love Jesus.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Dear Children.

May your hearts today, through the exercise of prayer, comprehend and venerate in the name of the Love of My Children, the special Grace that your lives are receiving.

Dear children, for this I invite you to pray more with the heart, so that the Father God may listen to you and My Maternal Heart may continue coming to the meeting with your lives. This mission which God has trusted you with, is a mission of prayer for the salvation of all souls, because in this time, dear children, all will have the final Grace, to live the conversion.

Before the Divine Universal Judgment may approach itself to the world, you My little children, must be in deeper and true prayer so that there may be born in you the will to pray every day.

For this dear children, it is so important, month to month, the renovation of the groups of prayer through the prayer meetings that allow the strengthening of the groups and the energy to serve God and to be less invaded by the realities of the world.

Each group of prayer must be the Light of Christ in the work, and so that this Light may illuminate the obscurity, the Flames of Christ, that are in each one of the souls, must be united in the mission and be humble from the heart, because in this way the Holy Spirit may guide and bless the existence of each prayer group.

Dear children, today I communicate to you this important mission of the final times for all of these prayer groups. Know, My dear children, that My Maternal Heart will be among you, and accompany you, at the moment of the beginning of your exercise of prayer.

Dear children, it is already time that from hearts is born fraternity so that the task of prayer in group among sister souls may have universal repercussions. But in order for this to succeed it is necessary to have much humility and to be empty of ourselves, because in this way your meetings of prayer will be victorious and will be united to My maternal purpose of salvation.

Today my dear children, I thank you, each one of the prayer people and devotees, for answering to my urgent call for prayer and for peace.

I thank you.

Thank you for answering my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

For this day, dear children, I invite you to retreat in My maternal manger. Today I call you to remain near the warmth of My Immaculate Heart, of My Maternal Love in the same way that Jesus was since His birth.

Today I ask you to unite your essences with My Maternal Essence so that in your lives may  awaken the true love of the Creator.

Dear children, today I invite you to remain within the power of prayer so that your souls may awaken the spiritual gifts that prayer offers as a fruit for the souls.

My children, when I call you to remain within My maternal manger I am calling you to be humble and simple so that God may find your dwellings crystalline and pure. 

Dear children, for this your hearts must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. The world still does not change, for this your prayer of the heart will permit that many situations may find the light of My Son.

Little children, today I am not only calling you to awaken your consciousness, but also to find through Me Jesus the Redeemer. My call is announced so that My soldiers may find the path towards My Immaculate Peace.

My children, today I call you to mature the heart and to recognize God in each one of the things because the Father waits for you to baptize you with His Spirit of Peace. Trust in the priesthood of My Son, commune of His Merciful Heart.

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

As Mother of the Universe I bring to you the gift of the Holy Spirit and the light of the stars. As Mother of the Universe I give you My Peace so that the love in your hearts may be awakened at this time.

Today I invite you to distance yourselves from the abysses of life and to take a greater leap towards the Light of fraternity.

Dear children, the world carries much pain. For this you, through prayers and good actions, must carry the emblem of My Eternal Peace so that the conflicts in the hearts may end.

You cannot lower your arms, but raise them in the direction of the Universe of the Creator and clamor one more time for the Divine Mercy. In this way God will listen to you.

Dear children, today I call you to awaken the humility of the heart through the Divine Light of Jesus because only through Jesus will your lives be able to learn the steps of humility.

Dear children, calling into your lives the essence of humility you will be able to know which is the task that God sends to your hearts. Today God, through My Immaculate Heart, reveals to you the task of the prayer of the heart so that you may be able to live within yourselves celestial peace.

Dear children, today I invite you to be prayer in life and in actions so that through this prayer all of the causes that are in need of forgiveness and of mercy may be dissolved.

My children, as long as your lives may be able to reflect good actions, faith will awaken as light for many of My children and humanity will stop fighting amongst themselves and for their own merits.

Whenever you feel lack of peace, vigil dear children, about how is your exercise of prayer. The time deserves the collaboration of all of the Marian servers consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you!

Live in My Eternal Peace, only Peace!

Thank you for answering to My call in spite of the circumstances.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.