Saturday, March 12 of 2016

Daily messages

To My consecrated children

Dear children,

On this day of renewal and confirmation of vows for the plans of peace of Your Heavenly Mother, I would like to see you express the joy and love that brought everyone together in this eternal oratory of My Immaculate Heart.

When the doors of the heavenly Universes open today, see your Holy Mother descending from the House of the Celestial Father, crowned with all the flowers of Her favorite children, who again and again confirm their adherence to the Plan of the Sacred Hearts.

My children, today I want everyone to be within My fullness and My spiritual joy, gathered together in this Marian Center and holding hands to celebrate with your Celestial Commander the triumph of the Heart of Her Son in the world.

Along with the celestial choirs, seraphim, cherubim, and archangels, let us sing the Hallelujah hymn, decreeing Yahve as the only and powerful Father of Mercy.

An atoning Grace will be poured by My Immaculate Heart over those who are already consecrated and who will be consecrated to Me on the 13th of March, when your Celestial Commander will direct Her maternal Grace toward impossible causes. On that day when the greater door to the most sacred oratory of My Heart is open, I would like to see you internally pronouncing and affirming for another year your ‘yes’ to the Plan of the Universal Father.

Dear children, as your Celestial Highness, I descend from Heaven glowing with love, with maternity, and crowned by Her children of the world. Today I wish your souls to pronounce loudly: "Gratitude, Mother for all you give us." So I will raise to Heaven this plea, that the Father may contemplete it in the infinite ocean of His Mercy; in that way, the Plan of the entire Universe can count on the cooperation and effort of everyone.

Many of you would like to witness the obvious results of all this Work, I promise you will see them in the coming time.

Beloved children, now I invite you to work in the name of love and from the heart for everyone who rejects every day the spiritual call of God. You consecrated yourselves as My children because you were touched by My Light, by My sacred Motherhood, and by My Mercy.

I would like for you to take advantage of this last cycle, the unfathomable Grace that I lovingly pour on you so that your hearts open more each day to love and recognize in your fellow human the Presence of Christ as I recognize it in each of you.

Today truly be one spiritual family without appearances or judgement, as We, the Spokespersons of the Cosmos, are a family with each creature on this planet, whether they are on the path of Christ or not.

Dear children, renew your vows of consecration and of union with Your Heavenly Mother. On this day My Immaculate Heart is even closer to your lives so that you feel My eternal Peace.

I thank you, children, for being part of the praying armies of light.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace