Friday, September 21 of 2018

Daily messages

In the depths of your body, in the center of your atoms, lies a hidden and silent light. This is the Spirit of Life; it is the Breath of God, which dwells within you and which is the true composition of your being.

You are a living part of the Spirit of God. Thus, the Father, Omnipresent, dwells in the essence of your being. Therefore, His All-Embracing Spirit dwells in everything that is life.

Allow your consciousness to penetrate the mysteries about yourself and discover, through love, wisdom, and humility, the matter pure and full of the Glory of God, which hides in your being.

The glorification of the body is the awakening of the Truth in the most intimate of the composition of human matter. The Glory of God is in His children from the beginning of Creation, but just as His Presence remains silent in the essence of beings, His Glory and His Spirit is also silence in the most intimate of human matter.

When a being reaches full unity with the Father and gives Him the space and permission to manifest in their body, the Glory of God begins to awaken in their physical and material atoms.

All beings, just as all Life, are parts of God, dismembered from Creation and manifested in apparently individual creatures.

Today I reveal a mystery to you: everything is part of God. Everything is a divine projection and particle. But the Creator expresses in those who awaken. His Spirit speaks and lives through the humble, who recognize their ignorance and do not limit the Greatness of God, which is still so unknown and incomprehensible to the human mind.

Meditate upon the life that is in you, upon the life that you are, part of God, part of His Spirit, and gradually let His Glory manifest in your being so that you may understand that to resurrect is not to die in the body and return to life; to resurrect is to die to ignorance and illusion and to discover the Truth within you.

There were those who died in the body and did not find glorification in God, and there were a few, unknown to humankind, who died to their ignorance and let God show them His Truth; living without understanding the Glory and the Magnitude of the Spirit of the Creator.

This is the time in which not only a glorified being must emerge, but rather a glorified race, which dying to the illusion of a false time and a false life, may resurrect to the Truth, dismissing the retrograde life of the surface of the Earth and opening the path so that the Kingdom of God may dwell here.

Live in Christ so that He may guide you to His Glory and glorify you in Him, awakening, in everything that you are, the living presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph