Saturday, March 3 of 2018

Monthly messages

First Message

From the top of the mountains, I come to pronounce the Word of God.

You are before the Prince of Peace, before the King of the Universe, before the Humble Heart of God, the One that comes to seek the works of mercy of His children.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I want to take you to the Peace of My Heart so that you know how to overcome these times, so that you know how to transcend the barriers, so that you find the way out that I am indicating to you in this time and that leads you towards My Merciful Heart. In this place I have a sacred space for everyone, without preferences of anyone.

I come to seek what is true in you, what God created from the beginning so that you could evolve and awaken throughout times.

I Am the Prince of Peace and I show you My Sovereignty. I bring you My Celestial Government, that government that God granted Me after the Ascension so that, after all, I might call the sheep by their names and they might come together with Me to fulfill the Plan.

Today I come with the Peace of the Kingdom of God, which stabilizes energies and spaces; which brings serenity to the consciousness and awakens meekness in the heart. Without this Peace nothing can be lived in these times, above all, the plans that God expects to accomplish, because He needs, companions, to mirror His Plans on His children.

You know that the majority of humanity will not awaken; but the Prince of Peace will make the attempt, because the Grace of God is also for the most miserable, for those who are most distant from Me, for those who do not feel My Heart neither seek It.

Enter, now, towards this state of Celestial Peace, in which everything is balanced, in which everything quietens, in which there is a profound retreat to allow feeling God within.

The Prince of Peace comes with the angels of Peace to announce to the world the last time of peace before everything happens, before everything is unleashed, before the humanity of surface sees the reality which it does not want to see yet.

Build in you, companions, states of peace that are unalterable. Seek wisdom and patience so that this can be built in you and in the most difficult moments you may know how to transcend difficulties and obstacles.

From the top of these mountains I pronounce My Voice, and My Divine Word echoes in the hearts.

May My Word resound in the inner worlds.

May the inner worlds raise the temples again so that God can dwell and make of human beings new people, make of the spirits, consecrated consciousnesses who do not fear to know who they truly are and what they have come to fulfill in this cycle.

Today I place My Hand on My Chest and I make you feel My Heart, My Pacifying Heart, so that everything may be neutralized, so that the obstacle may be dissipated, so that souls may find again the path and the security of being in God.

Today I come among the clouds to announce to the world My arrival, first in Divinity and then in Glory; first within your spirits and then around you, upon this surface.

The time has come for the return of the Lord, the time has come for the last preparation of the hearts for all that is supposed to come in these definitive times.

Keep yourselves in the certainty of being in My Heart, build in yourselves this bridge that unites you to Me, and do not allow earthly energies to make you oscillate.

Be firm before the Purpose, be firm before life, because in this way you will be good apostles, thus you will fulfill My call and you will fulfill My Work on this planet, a Work that is for the whole world.

Retreat your inner beings on top of these mountains and discover the true reality that exists in them, the true treasures that they keep and where many still cannot see them.

But I reveal these treasures to you, I reveal to you these principles and these Gifts that come to build the New Man, that come to make the old man die, that come to awaken in the spirits that which renews.

Allow theses treasures that are kept here be received by your spirits and the old man lose his garments, so that hemay baptized by the Spirit of God and this may make him worthy of His Kingdom.

While I Am here, with you, I Am with the world.

I bring you Peace so that you may feel it and live it. The Peace I bring you comes from Heaven and from the Universe. It is the Peace that comes from the Silence of God and from His most intimate and eternal retreat.

May this Peace raise you again as My consciousnesses, soldiers, apostles and servants.

May your essences be impenetrable to the harassment of the world.

May your essences be strengthened before My Celestial Presence and may the codes of a New Life be placed in them, the codes of the Light that I bring through My Heart, in order to cause to rise in you what God has requested from Me for each one.

May the advent of the New Christs be fulfilled.

May the advent of the last called be carried out so that the Earth may be prepared and also the whole human consciousness may recognize the coming of the Redeemer, Who still waits with His open Arms for the embrace of His children and His companions, to relieve the pain that His Heart feels because of human indifference, ignorance and error.

May the celestial Peace dissolve indifferences.

May the celestial Peace unify hearts.

May the celestial Peace establish the Kingdom of God within humankind so that life may be regenerated and the Suns of these times may awaken and emerge in the firmament, giving a “yes” to the Creator Universe.

May no one lose hope of being able to redeem themselves.

May no one lose the joy of serving Me.

May no one fail to follow My steps, because they are the last ones I am taking before My Return to lead you through the path of the great awakening.

May the Universal Laws be fulfilled in humankind.

May the Rays of the Universe descend upon the consciousnesses to rebuild the inner temples and, thus bring to the Earth the Grace of God.

May this Marathon be offered for the unification of beliefs, for the transcendence of human doctrines and philosophies so that everyone may achieve Christic Love and may unite to Me, in essence and spirit, so that the Church, which I founded more than two thousand years ago, may live the Designs of God and may not alter them.

This is why I come to call out of My Church those who need Me, those who expect Me and also those who do not seek Me, because in everyone is the Christic Love, because this Love is in you since the beginning when you were created in the image and likeness of God.

May the flame of faith ignite in hearts so that the Plan may triumph.

Because I will not come through the greater door of My Church for you to recognize Me, I will come in a different and anonymous way, through a place no one thinks, that no being imagines.

I will come in the night of the great Moon, because it will illuminate My paths and will announce the dawn of the New Aurora.

May God bless you and bless your lives, bless all beings of the Earth so that they may awaken to My grand summoning someday.

It is time to return to the Love of God because there, all will be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.