Saturday, March 23 of 2024

Weekly Messages

My dear and beloved children,

Today, it rejoices Me to have you close to My Heart, so that each one of you may feel the maternal warmth of My Sacred Flame of Love.

In this Lent, which is ending, I invite you to come out of the desert to enter the Eternal Paradise of God, which is in the Heavens.

I want to take you with Me, in this coming Holy Week, along the sacred path of the Calvary, so that you may spiritually collect the triumphant codes of the Sorrowful Passion of My Son.

In this time, Our Lord needs for souls to exist that are capable of being depositories of His principles, values and attributes, so that the world may see an eradication of the violence, war, impunity and slavery that many among My children still face day by day.

I wish, as a Mother, that you may offer your lives to God as an example in the face of so many sins in the world.

Dear children, for this reason, My intention as a Mother is to take you by the hands and, above all, within My Heart, along the path of revelation of Christic Love, which is faithfully expressed through the Passion of Christ.

My Son needs witnesses of His Love, in the face of so much cruelty.

My Son needs witnesses of His Mercy, in the face of so much injustice.

My Son needs peacemakers, in the face of so much violence and mistreatment.

Therefore, you must begin the exercise of setting yourselves apart and distancing yourselves from these energies.

For this reason, I come to show you the path, the path that will lead you to My Son, Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.

After transmitting the Weekly Message, the Virgin Mary complemented it with the following Words:

My Son thanks you for being here today, and through this Message, which you will soon share(*), you will understand the essence of what He needs in this cycle. Because We hope, and We also pray, for at least a part of humanity to be saved, before it is too late; and mainly for the humanity that will be rescued to hold, in itself and in each heart, the Values and Principles of God, which, from the beginning, gestated the existence of races and peoples, the authentic expression of the divine values of the people of Israel.

My silence comes to comfort you. My prayer comes to rebuild you. My Love comes to elevate you before this spiritual and divine door, which opens to the Sacred Week.

The Church of My Son is ready, because what will shine at Its Altar will be the offering of each one of your hearts, this is what He ardently hopes for. It does not matter that it is imperfect or that it is miserable to you. My Son expects it to be true, with the loyalty that each heart can live, to understand the Call of God, which, in this time, comes to awaken all, because humanity must not fall asleep in its indifference and denial.

Humanity must be the race of the New Christs. And for this cause I also pray every day, just as I faithfully pray by the side of each one who unites to Me in prayer.

I thank you, and encourage you to live a victorious Holy Week, so that Christ, My Beloved Son, may govern each human heart. For this ardent aspiration of the Lord, I give you His Peace, the Peace of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be Light in the world, so that there may be Mercy.

(*) The Divine Mother refers to the Weekly Message.