Tuesday, August 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in pure souls that pray from their heart for the establishment of peace.

My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in the souls that open the Doors of Heaven with their prayers, and do not fear to know the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

I come, My children, so that your spirits may know this Truth, so that Argentina does not remain in ignorance about itself and about life on Earth, but rather that it may know who it is and what the potential is that it holds as a nation and as a people.

I come, as I came so many centuries ago, to prepare the birth of the new humanity which will emerge from within each one of you. A humanity that will reveal the similarities of your hearts with God; a humanity that will demonstrate to you what you were created for and what the purpose of your lives is.

I come to raise men and women by means of My presence; to raise a people from its darkness and from its inner abysses so that, strengthened by its best virtues, it may convert into a fertile and sacred soil, worthy of receiving the Feet of the One who will come to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth and to reveal this Kingdom within beings.

My Heart of Mother, so many times flagellated and outraged by human actions and by the indifference of hearts, is repaired by the sincere prayers of My children and, more than that, beloved children, I find encouragement and merits to intercede for the world when your spirits are open and available for a new life.

I come, to remove you from illusion and suffering, and to teach you to repair the Heart of God with your own lives. I come to open your eyes to the simplicity that there is to find and live the celestial Truth and higher life.

I come to point out the way and show you the signs in the sky and within you so that your inquietudes may find responses in the Truth that is revealed to your hearts.

Argentina is a nation filled by mysteries and hidden gifts, and the moment has come for them to be revealed, and it will be the very Hand of God, My children, that will remove the veils that cover your eyes and will show you what is hidden, although it has always been here, since before the establishment of your people as a nation.

From the top of the mountain ranges to the depths of the seas, everything will be revealed. The light that shined, hidden by nature, will no longer shine within the Earth but rather before your eyes, reflecting in the mirrors of your hearts and revealing that not only upon the Earth, but also within yourselves, a greater life was hidden.

This is a time of revelations; revelations of a Truth that has existed since the beginning of the Origin of life; a Truth from which you have distanced and which will be revealed to you so that you can return to it. With the light of this Truth, the light of My Son will also be shown to you. You will first see His splendor in the Sun of His Eyes and of His Heart; then you will see His Feet, which walk toward the Earth, and then you will recognize Him as the Son and a part of God, as God Himself surrendered to humanity.

Rejoice and awaken, My children. It is time to make of your own conversion a reason for bliss and joy. It is time to make of your own awakening a reason for plenitude; to make of your own sacrifice a reason for renewal and of your own life an eternal revelation of God.

I love you, bless and thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace