When the soul agonizes and stirs from within, seeking something that it does not find, give thanks to God and just let His renewal reach your spirit.

Do not resist, do not give up and do not be sad for something that, in fact, should bring you peace because it means that your interior is willing to go through a transformation.

When the soul cries out within the heart of someone who is trying to follow the Will of God and gives their life to it, it is a sign that a change and renewal is necessary. And this change comes from the Divine Will itself; it will be for you to not resist, to not give up and to not be sad for something that, in truth, should bring you peace.

In truth, what you feel as an inner agony is your soul, elevating its voice beyond the aspects of your body, of your mind and of your feelings.

Listen, then, to this voice that wants to make itself heard, and let it express itself before your soul gets exhausted from screaming inside of your inner world for a new step, a new cycle, a new being.

Listen to the voice that elevates from your soul and let it express as it feels, may it be a chant, a prayer or even a cry that expresses the freedom of the soul to manifest itself, and that all of this, your singing, your prayer, and your cry, be the impulses for a new cycle and a new step in your life.

May your soul not shout without being heard. May your mind not close the window to the soul, again hiding what is removed from your inner world.

Just as the soul of the planet screams to be heard by the hearts of humanity, their own souls also scream and stir within.

Life is a mirror of itself in different proportions. So today, I say to you: listen to the voice of your soul to know, one day, how to listen to the soul of this planet, and that no inner voice will elevate in vain.

God speaks through the souls and spirits of beings and it is He who calls you to a new cycle, that does not have to be great, but that needs to be new, bringing what you already know you must be and that you know you are not yet, not because it is impossible, but because you turn a deaf ear to the voice that screams within you.


Not even the heaviest yoke can make you give up this path. All sacrifice, when lived with love, becomes light and simple.

The weight of the Cross of Christ was not in the wood He was carrying. His sacrifice did not lie in the pain of His wounds. He was carrying the sins of the world that had been committed until that moment, and was also forgiving there all those which would be committed throughout time.

Incomprehensible to the human mind was the weight of that cross, just as incomprehensible to many today is the weight that some companions of Christ carry to prepare His return. Because both the Cross of Christ and the cross of these times hold in themselves a burden invisible to human eyes, yet almost palpable to those who carry it. This burden, which exists in the consciousness, is carried to transform that which must be healed in the human consciousness itself.

In the same way that the merits attained on the cross of Christ were only seen after the Resurrection of Jesus, the merits of the burdens carried in these times, for many will only be seen after the return of Christ and the establishment of the new life on Earth.

Those who understand the life of the spirit will not be confused by the appearances of matter and will live the love and unity needed to cross the obstacles that will come. But many others will fall through a lack of understanding and through the inability to live a higher reality and to transcend material happenings, just as occurred with many in the time of Christ.

In a spiritually similar way, the happenings are repeated for the establishment of the Plan of God, because the science that carries them into the manifestation of this Plan is always the same. For this reason, you must observe the life of Christ and reach the essence of the Teaching that He left you, and not only the facts. The facts may change, but the essence of the experience that you must live is the same.

The happenings themselves are leading you to that experience: the same tests, the same temptations, the same burdens. It will be enough now that from you spring the same perseverance, the same unity with God, the same surrender, and the same love of Christ.

The path to Christification is now proclaimed and your feet are already called to step upon this way. It will be up to each one the way you will live the Passion of these times, carrying with love your own cross or being a burden carried by others.



When the universe gives you graces, distribute them to the world through merciful acts, prayers, silence, joy and experiencing of virtues.

When Heaven opens Itself before your eyes, even if often the limitation of the human eyes cannot see It, contemplate with the inner gaze this unfathomable Grace of the Divine presence and cry out for the planet, for the ignorant, for those asleep. Offer the Father a true transformation, a true miracle for His Creation. That by contemplating the world His wounded Heart may find a relief in your permanent effort.

I will not ask you, My child, that you do not fall or do not sin anymore because this world will always lead you to fall and, even if you do not want it, a part of you always sins because in some form it collaborates with the human degradation.

What I will ask you today is that, if you fall, that you get up; if you sin, that you clean your stains with the Forgiveness and the Divine Mercy, with the true repentance, this one that will help you not always to make the same mistakes.

Your weaknesses are the same as many of your brothers and sisters of the world; therefore, find the strength to surpass them in the permanent offer to do it for others, for those who are blind of spirit.

Today, child, I will offer you a path of reparation, a path in which your life becomes a planetary service, in which all your acts, thoughts and feelings are offered to God to repair something. If you do it so, you will make fewer mistakes and you will meditate before acting, because your consciousness will remind you that everything you do is for God.

Offer to Father your daily attempt to overcome yourself and, if you are not able to do so, offer Him your intention and persistence. Never give up, child, because the merits are found in the heart and in the consciousness of those who have pure intentions.

Many times the sincere intention to overcome something and the eternal attempt of doing so is worth more than the act of the one who overcomes themselves easily every day. A sinner who tries to get out of sin is worth more than the saint who is so by nature.

Make of your life a permanent repair of the Wounds of God and may He find in you a true relief.

I leave you My Blessing and My Grace, for you to take fruitful steps.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



May your life be for the concretion of a higher Plan. May your actions, your word, your thought and your feeling be impregnated by a true meaning, a meaning which will conduct you to the Divine Plan, to the meeting with the Creator.

Make your life be permeated by the sacred, with conscious actions that will lead you to not only the personal transformation, but the transformation of the old human patterns.

Receive from God, with joy, the Grace of being aware of the planetary reality and of the higher life, aware of the purification and the chaos that spreads throughout the world. Because, at the same time that you are here, before these words, there are many brothers and sisters of yours in the world who do not understand what they live, who do not accept their infirmities and do not know how to revert them; they do not understand the movements of Nature and do not understand the hatred in the hearts of humankind, which causes the wars and the conflicts; they do not know how or where to find peace.

May your life be a permanent offering to the Creator, in reparation for what takes place in the world.

Child, never live only for yourself, because otherwise the Graces of the Father in your life would have no meaning. The more you receive from God, the more you must attract a new principle of life to the Earth; you must prepare, in yourself and around you, the arrival of the Celestial Kingdom.

You must, each day, transcend the human condition a little, so that others who are on the other side of the planet may receive the reflection of your transformation and, in this way, receive an opportunity.

My child, whatever you do, do it with joy. Do not let the chaos and the oppression of the world discourage your heart. Do not let the purification that you live and the purification of the Earth make you give up finding the most marvelous thing that exists in the universe.

Behind all the mud of consciousness there is something pure and limpid, hidden in all beings. Because of this, child, remember the treasure that is inside you and, even though it may cause you pain or disturbance, do not get sad when you purify yourself.

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