Saturday, July 9 of 2016

Daily messages


May your life be for the concretion of a higher Plan. May your actions, your word, your thought and your feeling be impregnated by a true meaning, a meaning which will conduct you to the Divine Plan, to the meeting with the Creator.

Make your life be permeated by the sacred, with conscious actions that will lead you to not only the personal transformation, but the transformation of the old human patterns.

Receive from God, with joy, the Grace of being aware of the planetary reality and of the higher life, aware of the purification and the chaos that spreads throughout the world. Because, at the same time that you are here, before these words, there are many brothers and sisters of yours in the world who do not understand what they live, who do not accept their infirmities and do not know how to revert them; they do not understand the movements of Nature and do not understand the hatred in the hearts of humankind, which causes the wars and the conflicts; they do not know how or where to find peace.

May your life be a permanent offering to the Creator, in reparation for what takes place in the world.

Child, never live only for yourself, because otherwise the Graces of the Father in your life would have no meaning. The more you receive from God, the more you must attract a new principle of life to the Earth; you must prepare, in yourself and around you, the arrival of the Celestial Kingdom.

You must, each day, transcend the human condition a little, so that others who are on the other side of the planet may receive the reflection of your transformation and, in this way, receive an opportunity.

My child, whatever you do, do it with joy. Do not let the chaos and the oppression of the world discourage your heart. Do not let the purification that you live and the purification of the Earth make you give up finding the most marvelous thing that exists in the universe.

Behind all the mud of consciousness there is something pure and limpid, hidden in all beings. Because of this, child, remember the treasure that is inside you and, even though it may cause you pain or disturbance, do not get sad when you purify yourself.

Seek resources to find peace and to relieve yourself, in the certainty that, one day, all this will pass and the light will again shine within you, defeating the darkness of your inner world. This same light, which will first shine in you, with all its potency and majesty, will shine in the darkness of the world, in the return of Christ, consolidating unity and likeness of  God in the human heart.

The one who encourages you and who embraces you, so that you may never give up, your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph