Saturday, June 1 of 2019

Daily Messages

When a nation cries out, listen to its clamor and pray for peace.

Sometimes, children, it is not only the souls of a nation that cry out for help, for liberation and for peace. Each nation has a spiritual life, a divine principle which was given to it, to guide its expression and the mission of its people.

The spirit of the nation is the consciousness that includes all life inhabited there, on different levels. It is the spiritual space that holds the purpose of God for all different peoples that inhabit the Earth. It is a living state of consciousness which keeps, protects and supports the evolution of nations.

The spirit of a nation assists its growth and influences the inner steps of the people who live there. Yet, in the same way, it is also influenced by the life of beings and by all that happens in that nation.

When peoples experience conflicts and, little by little, beings destroy their own essences by means of hatred and of the fear generated in wars, the spirit of this nation also gradually dies and distances from its purpose.

When a people chooses the path of darkness through its customs, habits and ways of living, the spirit of that nation is also influenced. For this reason, when the Creator can intervene in the planet through the prayers of His children, His Eyes also lie on the spirits of nations. When a people cries out through the souls who ask for help, the spirit of that nation cries out even louder.

The spirits of nations are parts of the spirit of the planet, they are bodies of that spiritual consciousness of the Earth, and all this is part of the science of Divine Creation. All this is part of the Plan of God for the evolution of His children.

In the beginning, when the Father created lands and seas, He also created the spirits of those lands and the spirit of seas. Everything within the Divine Creation is life. Therefore, children, learn to listen with your inner ears to the clamor that arises from the depths of nations, and unite to that request of peace and of redemption of the planet.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph