Thursday, July 16 of 2020

Daily Messages

Whenever you cry out for peace, I will be there. My Heart is attentive to each plea, each cry, to each sincere heart that raises the light of their essence, even in the deepest abysses of the planetary consciousness.

When you pray from the heart, your voices are like melodies that resonate between the dimensions and reach the celestial altars, moving the Heart of God, that responds to the plea of His children with pity, healing and Mercy, with the Truth that awakens you from the sleep of the world and allows you to return to His Heart.

Whenever you pray, remember to do so truthfully, placing attention upon each word, with life within everything that you pronounce, sing or offer, because the miracle of prayer is still a mystery to the human heart. But today, I tell you, children, that it is this mystery, held within your hearts, that reveals the true potential of human beings.

It is when you pray with sincerity, overcoming all shame, fear and the human condition, that you can experience what you are and discover your most pure and spiritual potentials.

I do not speak of universal life, I do not speak of material realities, but about your essences, of that which makes you in likeness to God, that which many think they know, feel and live, under the guidance of the essence, yet it is not so.

The more you pray, the more you will be able to ascend toward that deep space of consciousness. When you set aside your fears and all that you think about yourselves, when you place yourselves in the Presence of God, and only in Him, to enter into a profound dialogue with the Creator, this is when you can begin to come to know yourselves.

Self-knowledge begins with confession, when you allow yourselves to be transparent, without layers, without veils, and you allow yourselves to not only be exposed to God, but also allow that God be Who touches you with His Hands and shows you this about yourselves, that which you still do not know.

Why do I tell you these things today?

Because in these last years, this is the synthesis of all that I have to tell you; pray, in truth, in confession, before God, disengaging from everything that you believe about yourselves. Lose the fear and the shame of not being what you built for so long on Earth and beyond it, and let the Hand of God cleanse you and show you something wonderful about yourselves, you who are nothing, except a pure, divine essence, part of the Creator, capable of recreating and renewing all of His Creation.

Each time you pray, let it be in truth and, little by little, your lives will be a constant confession, in which you will not need to be alone to be transparent, but rather you will find yourselves in the Presence of God at all times, and all that you do will be real, in everything that your essence will express.

On this day of renewal and of Graces, I come to tell you something that you think you already know but, in truth, you still need to risk discovering. Pray and continue to pray, until you are nothing, and then find everything, until the mysteries cease to be mysteries.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph