Wednesday, April 4 of 2018

Monthly messages

Second Message

Listen to the Voice of your Master and make it part of yourself at every moment.

I Am the Lord of the Universe and the Redeemer of the World who comes in this time to submerge in the internal abysses where the consciousnesses live their reality, where they must face what they have never faced, and from where they must seek the way out to My Sacred Heart.

I Am the Lord of the Universe and I come to submerge myself in the darkest abysses of the planetary consciousness and I attempt, through My disciples, to withdraw souls from perdition.

But no one is free from living their own abyss and from being able to know it at any moment of this final time.

You must dare to overcome these difficulties by means of My Merciful Love.

Because My Merciful Love is an incandescent flame that enlightens everything, that transforms and pacifies everything.

There is no other remedy you can seek but this Merciful flame of My Heart, which at this moment radiates to the world, to help it.

Then live the transition of these abysses of the consciousness and of the great abyss of humanity, in which millions of souls are submerged, without even perceiving it.

Do not be afraid of knowing this truth that the abyss of human consciousness is in. Do not be afraid to cross it.

Do not be afraid to cross this desert, where someday you will feel alone, as if nothing had meaning or answer.

The world and its humanity have never faced this abyss, in any other time or in any other era.

You are part of a definitive transition that walks towards the great awakening.

For this, you will have to transcend the obstacles, you will have to know how to overcome the tests, you will have to know how to be above the challenges.

I will not get tired of looking for you and of calling you.

Humanity is a great abyss that must be reversed by Love and Light, by the triumph of peacemaking hearts, by the absolute donation of servants, by the expression of love of the hearts, in every sense.

And although your own inner abyss may hurt, go ahead.

There is no greater abyss than the one that this world lives at this moment, from where many cannot get out, because they do not have inner strength, nor courage to do so.

The great abyss of humanity is the mirror of the planetary purification, of these such profound roots that must be removed from the soil in order for the earth to be plowed and for new seeds of Light and awakening to be sowed, for new forms of knowledge to be sowed, as well as new forms of life that humanity has not lived nor known so far.

For this reason, before the inner abyss of your consciousnesses, the inner Sun must shine, that Star that the Father gave to you, your essence, which is the principle of all Creation and of this universal life.

Hold on to the Sun of your inner essence and overcome the abysses of these times, so that, in this way, you may learn how to overcome everything and help those who will not be able to do it by themselves.

I give you the most emblematic tools so that you can do it, so that you can transcend times, first in yourselves, and then in humanity.

I give you the key of Communion with Me, every day, because it is something that becomes inextinguishable before darkness, because it is the Love that triumphs in the Body and the Blood of Christ, when every being communes with Me in humility and penance.

I give you the key of Adoration, so that you can find My Existence in the Eucharist, My Spirit and My Divinity in all that has been created, so that you may cross the portal to My Kingdom.

When your eyes contemplate My Living Body, I can renew everything, even if it seems impossible.

In that spirit of being able to overcome everything with humility and courage, do not fear to dive into the abyss of humanity, because some, in representation of the majority, will have to learn, by all means, to seek the way out to the new portal where the Sun of God will rise on the horizon to dispel the darkness and the abysses of consciousness.

By My Sorrowful Passion you already have the base to do it.

Your Master and Lord knew the abyss of human consciousness and of the planet, endured and suffered this reality, but never, never let Himself be defeated, knowing the Father had put Him before a test of great Love.

May that Love that comes from Me never be emptied in you, but rather may it increase in degrees and in steps of confidence and unity.

You are already learning to accompany your Master in a Work that is for all humanity, which does not restrict itself to a group of souls, to a community or to a spiritual center; we are talking about great and unknown things, about having the vision of the whole and not just of a single place, about expanding consciousness as God expands it to embrace His children in love and in peace.

Thus, I come to give you the same internal forces that I received during My Agony, so that you may learn to endure everything, at least for Me; so that you may learn to live everything, at least for Me, and, thus, you may, at this time, give great testimonies of love and transcendence, greater than those I lived in the past.

Because what you live at this time, as humanity and as a planet, I could not have lived it at that time, in the Gethsemane Garden, nor in the Passion.

What must be defined in this time is very big and exceeds all borders and all limits.

For this reason, the work of overcoming the inner duality will be very hard, the work of maintaining a balance will be great indeed and all this will be for a Greater Purpose that I wish to conceive in the souls of the world and in those who are awakening.

Have courage to overcome the abysses of human consciousness and to not have restrictions in asking for forgiveness as many times as necessary, because in this way your hearts will be at peace, they will be in good, they will be in My Mercy.

Do not leave to cross these abysses of the end of times, because on the other side awaits your Master and Lord to lead you towards the Light that is eternal and invincible.

Thus, I come to strengthen you with all the possible impulses so that you may give, at this time, testimony of your transformation to the world and so that it may not only be a theory, but rather a reality that motivates other hearts to live the great transformation.

May your essences be the ones that, today, are in the highest of Heaven, in the most sublime of the Universe, so that you may shine and thus your inner abysses may be closed so that peace and Light may reign.

Receive, then, My Sacerdotal Blessing, reminding you that this Marathon is a moment of great reflection for souls, in order to prepare to take a new step, although you believe you are not ready.

I bless you and give you My Mercy, to all who hear in love and in faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.