Tuesday, October 13 of 2015

Daily messages

When Mary arrived here to deliver the Message for the Apparition, She surprised us with a different aspect.  She had loose hair, with no veil; She had a dark complexion and an indigenous feature.  Her eyes were brown and She was wearing a white tunic and a blue mantle with some very tiny and different colors embroidered flowers.  

Mary talked as if She were in Colombia and we saw how She was uniting the times, and at the same time that She was talking before Me, She was making Her maternal energy enter in the hearts of all those who will listen to Her today, in Her Monthly Apparition.

Children of Mine,

May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be always in your little hearts.

I am your Heavenly Mother, this one who arrives to the world in order to awaken the hearts to the Sovereign Truth of God.

I come to Colombia in order to transform the pure devotion of My most simple children into the source of salvation for the souls of the whole nation, as well as the whole world.

My beloved ones, for a long time I descend from the Heavens, in Spirit of Love, to show to the beings of the world the truth about the human heart. With My purity of Mother of the World and Servant of God the Father, I seek to make emerge in the hearts of humanity the original purity.  That is why I make you feel as little children, because it is in that way that you will be able to understand the greatest celestial truths – when the purity of your hearts be a reality in your lives.

I arrive to Colombia, My beloved children, to renovate an old commitment that it has with My Immaculate Heart and, as a consequence, with the Heart of Christ and with the Most High God.  I come to renovate your faith and the faith of all those who will come after you and who will awaken to the life of prayer, by means of your praying example of love and fraternity.

My dears, I seek, in this time, to make your souls return to simplicity and to love; may forgiveness be able to be born in your hearts in order to redeem the past and bring to the future the perspective of a peaceful and full of God world.

As the Mother of the World, the Mother of the Americas and the Mother of Colombia, I come so that each nation and each being of this Earth be able to fulfill the Plan that God has for His creatures.   And that, My Children, is reached in a very simple way, but with persistence and braveness.

It is for that reason that today I call you to unite to My Heart and to make of Colombia a praying nation and that, in this way, the whole world be permeated by your prayers and by the fount of peace that you may generate from here.

I ask you to unite to Me in prayer every day, to listen to the supplications that the Sacred Hearts daily delivered to the world so that a new humanity, permeated by the Spirit of God, be able to be born in the planet.

I keep today, in your little hearts, the devotion to the Holy Child Mary, so that, as well as My Immaculate Heart, you can be as children before God and, in simplicity and in purity, you may fulfill the designs of the Creator.

I love you and leave you My Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace