Wednesday, May 3 of 2023

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold My Promised Land, the Land of Galilee, the inner Call of Christ, which resounds throughout the times and is inexhaustible.

Listen to this Call, which resounds from the Heart of the Universe, from the great civilization of Andromeda, and prepares, in the inner worlds, the next coming of the Lord, His expected Return.

Today, it gladdens Me to be here. I was yearning for this moment, of meeting those who follow My Steps, despite their difficulties and tests.

It gladdens Me to meet with Mine, those who do not tire of saying ‘yes’ to Me. Even not understanding what this means, that ‘yes’ moves all the universe and the Creation.

For this reason, I am here to present to you again My Spiritual Retreat, alive in the heart of the Holy Land, which I invite you today to internally enter in spirit, essence and soul, so that you may receive the codes that I sowed and deposited in this place through each one of My deeds and passages.

What is most important in all this, companions, is that today your inner worlds may remember again that which many lived in these far-away lands, through the Word of the Lord, through the Presence of the Lord, through the closeness of the Lord. Each one of these moments rises again on the horizon in the heart of each one of Mine.

I could not wait for a long time to return to Brazil, because this place was worthy for receiving and accepting Me, recognizing My Call and following it, since the foundation of this Light-Community of Figueira.

Here the Lord of the Tree of Life, who comes to renew the Tree of Figueira, who comes to bring you, at this moment, its origins and principles, the foundations that were established through the self-summoned, those who listened to the call and message which, through Instruction, has permanently resonated throughout the ages. And although you are not aware of this, that resonance has been echoing in the stars since the ascension of your Instructor and Master José.

He is here today, present with Me, so that you may glimpse, and internally contemplate, that it is possible to experience transformation and redemption.

Through José, I was present here for a long time, at each moment of Instruction as well as at each moment of manifestation of this Light-Community and others, at each daily work and at each shared moment.

Today, My companions, My Spiritual Retreat in Galilee unites to the Spiritual Retreat of this place, blessed by the Graces of the Eternal Father, so that your souls and the souls of the brothers and sisters of the whole world may experience an inner synthesis and a moment of renewal.

For this reason, I tell you that all has not been concluded yet. In this Work of the Hierarchy, which has expanded in the world through service and the humanitarian missions, at this moment you can glimpse the fruits of the efforts of very few, albeit true efforts that God alone knows in His Heart.  

Therefore, I invite you to no longer fear. The times you and your brothers and sisters are going through are complex and painful. But do not forget that I am here, and I will always be in your lives when you call Me, when you seek Me, whenever you want to find Me.

To Me, this place will always be a Sacred Temple where God, through His Hierarchies and all His tools, will deposit hope for the world, a hope that brings the Love of God, consolation and renewal for souls.

For this reason, you must be open to receive all those who come. Never close the doors to anyone, because I might be behind each one of them.

Be compassionate, and the Wisdom of God will not be lacking for you.

Be merciful, and peace will not end, because the triumph of My Love is near.

Before My Return, this victory of My Love must be completed in you and in your brothers and sisters. Remember what I told you: love one another, just as I love you unconditionally.

I come here to bring you My most precious Spiritual Relics, the Relics that I deposited in the Holy Land for each one of Mine, and that I spiritually present to you today to give you the strength of renewal, the power to continue, overcoming these times, transcending the forms, deepening into the degrees of love.

In this second visit, which I make to you today, I come for the Spiritual Purpose of this country and of the other nations, so that the Purpose of each nation may be protected, and the people of each part of this region of the planet may find the meaning of being here, in this world, and the reason why they are here.

What I would like to do the most today, companions, is to be here with those who listen to Me, with those who recognize My Voice, those who follow My Steps, surpassing themselves to bear witness of the Christification that begins within each one, in that which is smallest, that which no one can see. That is where My Work starts being fulfilled, in the transformation of brave hearts, in the willingness of the consistent, in the hope of those who experience My Call.

Remember that the Ark of the Holy Covenant has come with Me, and has reverently been deposited in this place, in the heart of this Light-Community. Because all is kept in this Sacred Ark, the past, the present and the future, all the codes of Creation experienced throughout the times and civilizations in the universe and on Earth, in the surrender and in the inner life of all My companions.

Let us celebrate this moment with joy and bliss. On your faces, I want to see the smile of this sacred moment, for all those in the world who cannot live it, for those in the world who cannot receive Me.

May this inner communion with the Master and Lord of the Universe multiply in blessings and Graces, not only for you, but also for your brothers and sisters in the world, especially those who experience persecution, war and conflicts.

I want this Marathon to be a Marathon towards your inner worlds, towards the incessant quest for your Inner Christ.

It is My wish that in this Marathon you may be within your Inner Christ, so that you may be in unity with Me, for all that your Redeemer will carry out during this month of May together with the other Sacred Hearts.

I will thank you for paying attention to this request and to keep following the impulses of the universe, spiritual impulses that will place you in the right attunement and at the right moment, to understand all that the Hierarchy will do. You know how to do it, just start doing it.

Today, I want to deliver to you a merit that was not foreseen in My Plans, because I have seen the dedication and also the true effort that you have offered to My Heart during the last Sacred Week, even going through all the tribulations.

Can you understand that all is possible by being in My Love?

Today, you are all here safe and sound while listening to Me, and you have the Grace of being before Me, just as I have the Grace of being before your inner worlds.

The merit that I want to grant you is a special consecration so that, from the beginning of this next Marathon of Divine Mercy, you may enter more deeply into all that the Hierarchy will do, knowing that in these times you are learning to sustain that which the world cannot sustain by itself. You are learning to support what the rest of humanity cannot consciously support, and that especially, you are learning to love what the rest of the world neither loves nor considers.

Therefore, recognize in this Marathon that it is time for you to decide to live My Christic School, because there is no time left. And in My School of Christification and Love you will learn quickly if you accept it. You will grow in gifts, virtues and sanctity, and your miseries will no longer be a problem; rather, your objective and purpose will be to serve others, those who are near and those who are far away, through the incessant life of prayer, so that this world may find balance and peace again.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


Christ says that, with the permission of the Council of this Work, He convokes here, at the foot of this altar, the postulants to be helpers.

Let us bring Christ the elements of consecration: the rings and the veils.

We stay before the Lord in attunement and unity.

And we will accompany this moment, at the request of Christ, through the song “Consecration.”

Availing ourselves of this moment, which Christ offers to us, to renew our vows with the sacred law of consecration and the law of life of the spirit. Availing ourselves of this moment so that, before the Heart of Jesus, we may renew ourselves in our vows, in our principles and, above all, in service to His Plan of Love.

We prepare ourselves.

Celestial Father,
Who has conceived life in this universe
so that Your Children and Creatures
may recognize You within them
and may praise You.

I ask You,
Most High Lord of the Universe and of Infinite Mercy:
to bless these elements which, as from today,
will represent renewal for these hearts,
which prostrate before the Universal King,
to serve Him unconditionally until their last days
through the vows that have been granted
to all helpers.

May these elements represent union with Me.
But above all, may the inner worlds of these souls
establish their Alliance with me,
espousing Christ, the Redeemer.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


 Song: “Consecration.”


Today, Christ is consecrating this sister with the name “Bethlehem.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Judá.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Sinaí.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Betania.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María del Cenáculo.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Qumran.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Betsagé.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Eloheinuh.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Consuelo de Jesús.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Estrella de Israel.”


And you, who have been faithful from the beginning and will be faithful until the end, who has pleased My Heart with your works, who have rejoiced the Heart of My Mother with your generosity, today I want to give you a name in this consecration, a very sacred name to Me and to My people of Israel: “Menorah.”

Your name to Me today will be “Emmanuelle,” in honor to the Creator.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And to consummate this Consecration of the sisters, we will say the Prayer of the Advent of the New Race:


may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype. 
May the Word be alive and build Your temple.
May Your mystery expand within us
and the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the perfect unity.


Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.