Marathon of Divine Mercy

Second Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold My Promised Land, the Land of Galilee, the inner Call of Christ, which resounds throughout the times and is inexhaustible.

Listen to this Call, which resounds from the Heart of the Universe, from the great civilization of Andromeda, and prepares, in the inner worlds, the next coming of the Lord, His expected Return.

Today, it gladdens Me to be here. I was yearning for this moment, of meeting those who follow My Steps, despite their difficulties and tests.

It gladdens Me to meet with Mine, those who do not tire of saying ‘yes’ to Me. Even not understanding what this means, that ‘yes’ moves all the universe and the Creation.

For this reason, I am here to present to you again My Spiritual Retreat, alive in the heart of the Holy Land, which I invite you today to internally enter in spirit, essence and soul, so that you may receive the codes that I sowed and deposited in this place through each one of My deeds and passages.

What is most important in all this, companions, is that today your inner worlds may remember again that which many lived in these far-away lands, through the Word of the Lord, through the Presence of the Lord, through the closeness of the Lord. Each one of these moments rises again on the horizon in the heart of each one of Mine.

I could not wait for a long time to return to Brazil, because this place was worthy for receiving and accepting Me, recognizing My Call and following it, since the foundation of this Light-Community of Figueira.

Here the Lord of the Tree of Life, who comes to renew the Tree of Figueira, who comes to bring you, at this moment, its origins and principles, the foundations that were established through the self-summoned, those who listened to the call and message which, through Instruction, has permanently resonated throughout the ages. And although you are not aware of this, that resonance has been echoing in the stars since the ascension of your Instructor and Master José.

He is here today, present with Me, so that you may glimpse, and internally contemplate, that it is possible to experience transformation and redemption.

Through José, I was present here for a long time, at each moment of Instruction as well as at each moment of manifestation of this Light-Community and others, at each daily work and at each shared moment.

Today, My companions, My Spiritual Retreat in Galilee unites to the Spiritual Retreat of this place, blessed by the Graces of the Eternal Father, so that your souls and the souls of the brothers and sisters of the whole world may experience an inner synthesis and a moment of renewal.

For this reason, I tell you that all has not been concluded yet. In this Work of the Hierarchy, which has expanded in the world through service and the humanitarian missions, at this moment you can glimpse the fruits of the efforts of very few, albeit true efforts that God alone knows in His Heart.  

Therefore, I invite you to no longer fear. The times you and your brothers and sisters are going through are complex and painful. But do not forget that I am here, and I will always be in your lives when you call Me, when you seek Me, whenever you want to find Me.

To Me, this place will always be a Sacred Temple where God, through His Hierarchies and all His tools, will deposit hope for the world, a hope that brings the Love of God, consolation and renewal for souls.

For this reason, you must be open to receive all those who come. Never close the doors to anyone, because I might be behind each one of them.

Be compassionate, and the Wisdom of God will not be lacking for you.

Be merciful, and peace will not end, because the triumph of My Love is near.

Before My Return, this victory of My Love must be completed in you and in your brothers and sisters. Remember what I told you: love one another, just as I love you unconditionally.

I come here to bring you My most precious Spiritual Relics, the Relics that I deposited in the Holy Land for each one of Mine, and that I spiritually present to you today to give you the strength of renewal, the power to continue, overcoming these times, transcending the forms, deepening into the degrees of love.

In this second visit, which I make to you today, I come for the Spiritual Purpose of this country and of the other nations, so that the Purpose of each nation may be protected, and the people of each part of this region of the planet may find the meaning of being here, in this world, and the reason why they are here.

What I would like to do the most today, companions, is to be here with those who listen to Me, with those who recognize My Voice, those who follow My Steps, surpassing themselves to bear witness of the Christification that begins within each one, in that which is smallest, that which no one can see. That is where My Work starts being fulfilled, in the transformation of brave hearts, in the willingness of the consistent, in the hope of those who experience My Call.

Remember that the Ark of the Holy Covenant has come with Me, and has reverently been deposited in this place, in the heart of this Light-Community. Because all is kept in this Sacred Ark, the past, the present and the future, all the codes of Creation experienced throughout the times and civilizations in the universe and on Earth, in the surrender and in the inner life of all My companions.

Let us celebrate this moment with joy and bliss. On your faces, I want to see the smile of this sacred moment, for all those in the world who cannot live it, for those in the world who cannot receive Me.

May this inner communion with the Master and Lord of the Universe multiply in blessings and Graces, not only for you, but also for your brothers and sisters in the world, especially those who experience persecution, war and conflicts.

I want this Marathon to be a Marathon towards your inner worlds, towards the incessant quest for your Inner Christ.

It is My wish that in this Marathon you may be within your Inner Christ, so that you may be in unity with Me, for all that your Redeemer will carry out during this month of May together with the other Sacred Hearts.

I will thank you for paying attention to this request and to keep following the impulses of the universe, spiritual impulses that will place you in the right attunement and at the right moment, to understand all that the Hierarchy will do. You know how to do it, just start doing it.

Today, I want to deliver to you a merit that was not foreseen in My Plans, because I have seen the dedication and also the true effort that you have offered to My Heart during the last Sacred Week, even going through all the tribulations.

Can you understand that all is possible by being in My Love?

Today, you are all here safe and sound while listening to Me, and you have the Grace of being before Me, just as I have the Grace of being before your inner worlds.

The merit that I want to grant you is a special consecration so that, from the beginning of this next Marathon of Divine Mercy, you may enter more deeply into all that the Hierarchy will do, knowing that in these times you are learning to sustain that which the world cannot sustain by itself. You are learning to support what the rest of humanity cannot consciously support, and that especially, you are learning to love what the rest of the world neither loves nor considers.

Therefore, recognize in this Marathon that it is time for you to decide to live My Christic School, because there is no time left. And in My School of Christification and Love you will learn quickly if you accept it. You will grow in gifts, virtues and sanctity, and your miseries will no longer be a problem; rather, your objective and purpose will be to serve others, those who are near and those who are far away, through the incessant life of prayer, so that this world may find balance and peace again.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:


Christ says that, with the permission of the Council of this Work, He convokes here, at the foot of this altar, the postulants to be helpers.

Let us bring Christ the elements of consecration: the rings and the veils.

We stay before the Lord in attunement and unity.

And we will accompany this moment, at the request of Christ, through the song “Consecration.”

Availing ourselves of this moment, which Christ offers to us, to renew our vows with the sacred law of consecration and the law of life of the spirit. Availing ourselves of this moment so that, before the Heart of Jesus, we may renew ourselves in our vows, in our principles and, above all, in service to His Plan of Love.

We prepare ourselves.

Celestial Father,
Who has conceived life in this universe
so that Your Children and Creatures
may recognize You within them
and may praise You.

I ask You,
Most High Lord of the Universe and of Infinite Mercy:
to bless these elements which, as from today,
will represent renewal for these hearts,
which prostrate before the Universal King,
to serve Him unconditionally until their last days
through the vows that have been granted
to all helpers.

May these elements represent union with Me.
But above all, may the inner worlds of these souls
establish their Alliance with me,
espousing Christ, the Redeemer.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


 Song: “Consecration.”


Today, Christ is consecrating this sister with the name “Bethlehem.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Judá.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Sinaí.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Betania.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María del Cenáculo.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Qumran.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “María de Betsagé.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Eloheinuh.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Consuelo de Jesús.”

Christ is consecrating this sister as “Estrella de Israel.”


And you, who have been faithful from the beginning and will be faithful until the end, who has pleased My Heart with your works, who have rejoiced the Heart of My Mother with your generosity, today I want to give you a name in this consecration, a very sacred name to Me and to My people of Israel: “Menorah.”

Your name to Me today will be “Emmanuelle,” in honor to the Creator.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And to consummate this Consecration of the sisters, we will say the Prayer of the Advent of the New Race:


may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype. 
May the Word be alive and build Your temple.
May Your mystery expand within us
and the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the perfect unity.


Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Heaven and Earth must be united through good and surrendered priests. This is the main Legacy that I have left for humanity and for the planet.

Since the days of old, there have always been good and surrendered priests: through the patriarchs, through the announcement of the prophets, through all those who, throughout the times, have given their lives to the Lord, not only to live the total consecration of their consciousnesses, but also to serve the Lord of the Universe.

God had already thought of all this, that this Human Project could unite to the Universe and to the Primordial Source through the presence and existence of good and surrendered priests.

Within all the tasks that exist on the spiritual level, the life of My priests throughout the world is the most persecuted and harassed, but the master key to overcoming all this lies within the total surrender of the priests to My Merciful Heart.

Throughout the times, I do not come to seek perfect consciousnesses. I come to seek the virtues and talents that I left within each one of them, which is what I need in these times to carry forward the emergency Plan of Rescue. For this reason, priestly consciousnesses has been spiritually attacked throughout the times.

However, I have given you several examples of overcoming. Through surrendered consciousnesses, I have given you the testimonials and the example of how self-transcendence attains union with Christ to carry forward this extremely important and sacred task. Through the priests of the world, and regardless of their religions and beliefs, regardless of their dogmas and institutions, this will allow the people of God to spiritually live the gift I have given to them.

I want you to know, companions, that without priests in this world, the world will perish. Without true and good priests, souls may continue to go astray in this world.

It is very important to Me that priestly life may reflect and mirror upon the planet the sacred treasures that I left to all souls through the Sacraments.

Tonight, I want the whole world to remember the Passion of the Lord. This profound and eternal Passion that Christ lived at the Last Supper, not only instituting the greatest Legacy of Universal Love through the Body and Blood of Christ, but also instituting the Spiritual Priesthood on the planet, renewing it through the surrender of the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world and gives you peace.

This is why I give thanks because, within this Monastic Order, just as in other religious orders in the world, there exist conscious souls that pray for the priests so that My Christic Legacy may not disappear from this world.

Through all My priests, there is the bridge that unites souls to God, there lies the opportunity for them to draw near the Primordial Source and for all hearts, regardless of their sins and faults, to remember they have the Grace of being worthy Children of God. This is also a sacred task of priests in the end of times.

For this reason, I will return to Israel this year, to re-establish and re-build the planetary spiritual priesthood.

I ask all souls who pray for priests, all those of religious profession who live My Priestly Ministry, living it with devotion, faith and love, to unite to the Great Priest of the world, Christ Jesus. In this way, and just as it was 2,000 years ago, at this moment of planetary inflection, priests that still continue to live in Christ and for Christ may be spirits that receive the Legacy of Love and Redemption, through all that I Myself will offer to the world during the next Sacred Week.

I would like you to understand, companions, that there is no other way or solution. Because through the priests that I internally form when they truly surrender their lives to Me, I can work miracles, liberations, reconciliations and profound acts of Mercy in those souls that still have not attained atonement from God.

It will be priestly life, in the end of these times, that will allow souls to find the strength they need in times of emergency, through the living of the Sacrament as something unique and spiritual.

In this way, souls will be able to unite to My Priestly Spiritual Archetype, which is a living, eternal and inexhaustible state of consciousness that Christ Jesus radiates to the universe from the sublime heart of Andromeda, from where My Christic and priestly impulses can reach all humanities, beyond this humanity.

But I know that what I left to the world 2,000 years ago and through the Last Supper, having founded the apostolate to the world, is still a mystery or something unattainable for souls.

However, I ask you to love to discover, in these final times and through yourselves, the science of the Sacraments. For what I instituted 2,000 years ago must flourish again in these final times and especially in this next Sacred Week, because it will be the last great impulse that I will give to the whole world so that, through priestly life, souls may be ready and prepared to live the last and great time of tribulation, when all will seem lost. In such a culminating and unknown hour for humanity, the Light of God will return to the world through the Return of Christ.

And just as I have called you all by your names, I will also call My priests so that they may come to celebrate the Supper of Redemption with Me, together with the angels, blessed ones and beings of goodwill who, throughout the times, have valued the Precious Blood of Christ, poured out upon the world, bearing witness of the Presence of My Love in this world, through the sacrifice and surrender of My companions.

Thus, I will not only re-build the planet and prepare souls for the New Humanity; I will also come and seek My apostles, My priests, all My prayerful ones, those who live the spirit of contemplation, the seekers of peace, the adorers, all those who try to bring to the world healing for the planet, as well as those who reflect, through their lives, like a great mirror, the Grace and Mercy of God, such as those who guard and keep the Evolutionary Plan.

In this way, I will gather you, on top of a mount, but it will no longer be Calvary. It will be Paradise, the emergence of the New Earth on this horizon of the world. And together with Me, for the redemption of the human race and for the healing of this planet, everyone will again break the Bread, share it with their brothers and sisters, again eat from the Living Body of Christ, present within it, and they will drink from the Chalice of renewal and peace.

Through souls, I will renew the world and expel from this planet the forces of evil. And no nation will ever again rise against nation, division in families will no longer be known and no soul in this world will know what disease is, for they will have attained inner healing, which will come from the Cosmos to the planet through all those who attune with the Laws of Healing.

And the sign will be visible at the moment of the Return of the Lord, for I will come as the Supreme Healer, the Redeemer of the World, to return to you the peace you so much seek and yearn for. Thus, hand in hand with Me, you will enter Paradise and the Project will finally be fulfilled.

This is why we must pray with more fervor, with unknown fervor. Not with fanaticism, not with euphoria. Truly pray, from the heart, feeling each one of the words that are pronounced through the praying word.

Thus, through the merits of My Sorrowful Passion, those who have not repented will repent. And I will keep the door to My Mercy open for those who have abandoned and left Me.

At that hour, I promise you, each soul will be before their own reality, know who they are, know who they were and what they did in other times. And at that moment, they will have the opportunity to place their knees on the ground and ask for forgiveness, mercy and redemption, so that even their own origin may be re-established and recovered from all that once happened in other times.

For this reason, My Arrival will be not only in the world, My Return will also be in the universe. For this I am preparing you. Do not miss the opportunity to be with Me, because little time among you is left for Me. I have extended My time here more than had been foreseen.

Throughout these years, in these meetings, at each moment shared with My companions, the Father has allowed Me to stay longer than what was had been foreseen. For this is the moment for you to finish strengthening and be My apostles in action, not in theory. To be My apostles in closeness, in listening, in dialogue, in the opportunity to appreciate differences, in the Grace of living the sacred spirit of compassion. In this way, at this moment and under this planetary condition, souls may receive the last opportunity they need, with one aim: to again find the path to My Heart.

This is the reason why it is important to have priests in this world, despite the interference and clashes experienced.

The one who truly loves Me and does not exchange Me for anyone, shall not perish. This is a Law.

Therefore, before My return to Israel, when My entire history will be exposed and available for the inner worlds, correctly know how to drink from the Fount of Grace.

At this hour and in these weeks, I prepare you to enter the Sacred Week with greater awareness and determination, for I still hope that your lives may be My instruments on Earth.

At this hour, I commune with those who listen to Me in an open way.

I renew My Presence through all those who hear Me.

I pour out My Mercy through those who cry out for Me, because the great spiritual wounds of the planet must still be healed by the Christs of the New Times. This is a promise that I made to the Eternal Father.

You now have everything. I ask you for everything. And I hope you understand Me.

The hour is coming. The prophecy of John, the Apostle, is being fulfilled. It is time to act.

Now, we will celebrate My Legacy of Love, by re-living the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, through the Sacred Eucharist, when all, once again, will have the Grace of being before My Christic Legacy, for the angels that will co-celebrate this moment will be able to place My Graces in your hearts.

Do not forget that I Am the Lord of Love and Life, and that I give My Life for My friends, just as I gave My Life on the Cross, at each step of the sorrowful Calvary. At each flagellation, I did not think of the pain, the agony or all that I was going through while I was being torn apart or hit, because they wanted Me to die before reaching the Cross of the Victory of Redemption; before being able to renew the Tree of Life.

Thus, I hope that not only the priests, but also all those who consciously unite to Me, will surrender their lives for Me. It saddens me to know, at this moment, that some of those whom I have called have abandoned Me, not understanding at all the power of My Love, for one reason: not having surrendered before Me.

For this reason, if you see that this happen to someone, do not judge nor criticize them. Do not condemn that lost soul. See within yourselves, with wisdom, love and compassion, how your surrender to Me is. For the contrary currents will come, the ground will shake, and you must be firm through My Love and your trust in Me. I Am with the one who is with Me. This is a promise.

Now, through the priests, I will allow Heaven to descend to Earth, just as it descends through My Word.

Now, I will allow My Graces to descend so that souls may be spiritually renewed and healed, so that the relief of suffering of the innocent may once again be possible, the relief of those who are experiencing chaos and still do not have the Grace of Mercy or of Peace.

May this moment be celebrated by each one of them, because I need it this way.

May each moment that you will live, from now on, in your spiritual life, in your moment of prayer or adoration, be offered for all that which your Master and Lord will carry out in the Middle East, during the next Holy Week.

Do it as I ask of you, and you will later understand why. The emergency demands it so.

Let us open the doors, at this moment, of the Celestial Church, so that the guardian angels may elevate the offerings of the souls that are present at this place and in other places, so that souls may re-live with sincerity the Passion of Christ through the Eucharist.

Thus, once again, each one of you will be marked by My Light and My Peace.

Let us celebrate.

I bless you, giving you strength, courage and bravery for the next stage, so that the Christ of the New Times may emerge in you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Gift of Light must never be missing in the children of God because when this Light is missing in the world, darkness reigns in many consciousnesses submerged in chaos and evil.

Today, with all the fervor of My Heart, I invoke, for each one of you, the Gift of Light, which today is lit through this Menorah as a symbol of the transcendence and transfiguration of consciousnesses, just as today I present Myself to you as the Transfigured and Glorified Christ, as the very victory of the Cross.

I bring to souls these Gifts that are found within the Gift of Light, because the Gift of the Light of God is based on His Eternal Love and on His Divine Unity.

These two powerful currents of the universe allow souls to awaken from illusion, just as the very Light of God, which incarnated through His Son had in those times caused all who were sleeping to awaken to the true spiritual path, the path of transformation, the path of Christification.

May this Light of God, which the world needs today, permeate all spaces of the planet and of consciousnesses, may it purge from human beings the codes of capital sin, which lead consciousnesses to perdition and distraction.

Today, through Andromeda, I bring you this Gift so that you may dare to transfigure, transcend and elevate yourselves, just as the very Son of God transfigured and elevated Himself with one aim: for love of all.

May this be the cause of your lives: to be willing, open and available to live My Path, the Path of Will that I try to draw through your consciousnesses. A path that does not end with death, a path that continues throughout eternal life and the experiences and lessons that you will be able to live in this evolutionary trajectory, among the dimensions and the planes of consciousness.

It would be very limited to think that life ends here. Your essences have received the bodies that you have for them to be able to move and learn, to carry, in the innermost depths of your cells, the codes of forgiveness and love that you may achieve in this life. Because, in the end, the trajectory of each one of those who are Mine will be brought into the Primordial Source so that, through the triumph of the Love and Redemption that Christ provides to you in these times, you may be the result that God expects, through your experiences and lessons.

Be the consciousnesses that dare to re-create this Creation, so that all may be repaired and healed.

With this door to the unknown, which I open to you, today I invite you to climb, not Mount Calvary, but rather the Mount of the Victory of Christ, the Mountain of the New Christs, from where you will be able to glimpse and contemplate the coming of the New Earth, the New Race, a New Humanity, which will no longer be connected to the doors of evil, but will rather be redeemed and also consecrated to the Divine Plan; a Plan that does not end here, a Plan that does not finish with the transition of the Earth, because it is a Plan that will continue to be written through the evolution of your entire consciousness and the consciousnesses of your brothers and sisters.

Now you will be able to broadly understand that evolution does not end here, that the learning experiences do not end here, because if your own Master incarnated in the world, preached in the world, died in this world and ascended to the Heavens, to the Heart of the universe, the great Constellation of Andromeda, do you by any chance believe that I did not continue learning?

This is the most precious aspect of evolution and Creation, that consciousness may not become excessively accustomed to the spiritual path or to the path of service, because the true goal for each one of you lies in Eternity, in what we call the Eternal Present, where there is no past nor future, where there is what here, in the universe, we call the fourth dimension.

Will you dare, internally and consciously, to expand your consciousnesses toward the Higher Universe, to enter the Real Time of the universe, where your true trajectory of the past and the future is written?

You are like precious pieces of this great puzzle of the Universal Creation, in which the Eternal Father aspires to have you like precious jewels within the dwellings that He has prepared for each one of you.

For this reason, life does not end here. It is a constant elevation and effort through the impulse to live the Purpose, through the effort of living the Will of God and through the determination of living the Truth.

For this reason, I am here, because I know that you can keep walking, you can free yourselves from the past, from those chains and ties that do not allow you to walk. I come to cut these chains with My own Sword, and free you from the shackles of perdition so that, through the Consciousness of Archangel Michael, each one of your spirits may be formed as a warrior of Peace, that may be capable of contemplating and protecting the Sacred Flame of the Divine Purpose, which is alive and hidden like a teraphim at the heart of Andromeda.

Be postulants to become disciples of the Universal Hierarchy, emptying your hearts, purifying your lives, expanding your consciousnesses towards the Sidereal Universe, because there lies the true meaning and the true reason for all that your Master and Lord lived in the Passion and on the Cross.

All of you, at the end of these times, and after all that you have heard and learned throughout the years, already have the capacity, as well as the reasoning faculty to understand the expansion of Consciousness of Christ after His Ascension to the Heavens.

Because if you are on this level of consciousness and with this attitude, you will not only allow the Codes of My Passion to pour out upon the world or allow yourselves to be postulants to be the New Christs, but you will also allow Me, as the Great Governor of the Universe, as the Great Spirit of the Humility of God, to awaken the consciousnesses that need to awaken and remember what they have truly been and not the errors they have committed, because I will always grant you forgiveness and reconciliation, as long as you are consistent with the Laws and especially with Me.

Because here I do not come as a judge. I come here as the Advocate of God, as the intermediary and Mediator of the hearts and consciousnesses that, in these times, must find their origin again, so that nothing and no one can defeat or vanquish them, not even My enemy, who will also be defeated by Me at some moment. But not as many think or believe, because it will be a surrender that My Heart will make that is similar to the one made in the sorrowful Passion.

Can you understand now the hidden meaning of My Arrival on Earth?

Because it was not only announced and prophesied, or written in the Sacred Scriptures. I not only reappeared after having died on the Cross, revealing the Power of My Resurrection, but I also brought a broader Message for all the consciousnesses that were faithful to Me until the last moment. A Grace that I granted, a promise that I fulfilled until the last moment, for all who were by My side without understanding why I went to the Heavens.

If I had not ascended to the universe, how could I have conceived the union of My Spiritual Government with the whole Creation of My Father?

All that was written, all that was prophesied, even what was unknown, was already foreseen and has happened, has been fulfilled. For this reason, this moment and these times that you consciously live with Me now, without having any doubt or any questioning, was already foreseen.

Do you understand now that you are within My times of revelation? A time when not only the Seals of the Apocalypse are opening, but also the Reliquary of My Heart. The Temple of My Soul and Divinity is shown to the world through these Words and these impulses, which only try to remind you that your own cross may be converted into the triumph that I so much expect.

For this reason, I ask you to no longer complain. For this reason, I ask you not to escape your responsibility and your commitment, because there will be no other moment or other time for you to live or fulfill them. The time and the moment are now.

For this reason, with bravery and courage, love your own cross. With bravery and courage, carry your own cross, not as victims or with pessimism, but rather with the maturity of a spirit that understands what it is to be in Christ, does not yield to frailties or weaknesses, does not let itself be so easily blown away by contrary wind, but rather, with its heart open and arms open, sustains  in the world the banner of My Peace and of My Light, just as I sustain, at the center of your hearts, the powerful Cross of Emmanuel.

I feel that, in truth, you are open to live the change of these times. Do not give strength to that which you cannot do, give strength to that which you can achieve, because if you are incarnated today and if you are here, by My side, listening to Me once again, after two thousand years, has the Father, by any chance, made a mistake?

Understand that this is a time of great reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgive yourselves and you will learn to forgive others. No longer judge yourselves and you will learn to no longer judge anyone.

For this reason, I tell you again, as I told My apostles in the Last Supper, that the first Law of all Laws is: Love one another, just as I love you at this moment.

If your consciousnesses are elevated through an inexplicable and extraordinary amnesty, the archaic consciousness of humanity is also elevated. Believe that this is possible. I am saying this.

Have faith, and you will not perish.

Have faith and you will learn to correctly walk toward Me.

Have faith and you will know what it is to be a warrior of Peace.

Have faith and you will know what it is to be a Guardian of the Divine Purpose.

Because the time will come when you will have to unite your swords with Mine so that this Sacred Purpose may descend, exorcising and expelling the currents of evil that, together with the Hosts of Archangel Michael, I will liberate and redeem from this world so that the Christs may raise their heads again and elevate their gaze towards the universe. Thus, in a simple but mysterious way, they may see Christ come in His Return.

Souls still need sacred objects to understand My Mysteries, and this does not mean something small, but rather that, through the sacred objects, they may access the revelation of these spiritual and inner mysteries, which My Heart offers to the world through the Source of Grace and Mercy provided by the merits of the Passion lived by your Master and Lord.

For this reason, as in all Sacred Weeks and Holy Fridays, I come to bless these sacred objects that you will offer to Me today, so that you may be in physical contact with Me through the sacred spirit of reverence, devotion and peace.

Raise them.


“Lord and Father of the Universe,
who have  conceived Your creatures
in the image and likeness of Your Heart and Life,
by the merits of the sorrowful Passion of Christ,
by the merits  of His Resurrection and Ascension to the Heavens,
grant, through these sacred objects,
the perfect and favorite union  of Your children with Your Glorious and Powerful Heart,
so that, united to Your Rays of Love and Mercy,
souls may attain the consecration and healing of their lives,
so that the time  of redemption and rehabilitation may be established.

May all those who have faith in the sacred objects
feel,  at this moment, protected
and also supported, under the Powerful Mantle of Christ,
which will make you invisible  in the face of the interferences and harassments of evil.

Grant them, Lord, the Graces of Your Kingdom
and that, through these sacred objects, souls always see the path of Light,
for the victory of the Return of Christ.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will now ask the priest brothers to come here with incense and water, to bless the sacred objects of all brothers and sisters who are present. And we will also stand up to accompany, at this moment, the blessing of the oils that are being offered to the Redeemer for the anointment of the sick and for the exorcism of the bodies.

The Lord says that a lot of oils were brought to Him. He is looking at them.

Mother María del Salvador, Mother María Fidelia, Mother María del Huerto and Mother María Shimani may come here.

Let us participate together, at this moment, in the blessing of the oils, of the holy oils of the Lord.


“Just as I was anointed by the love of My spouses and Mothers,
Holy Lord of the Universe,
Father of Peace and Divine Mercy,
the One who cures All of Creation,
 Healer of all wounds,
through the Source of Your Most High Love,
O Holy Father of the Universe!
make Your Spirit  descend at this moment,
just as You had Your Spirit descend in the Garden of Gethsemane
to relieve the torments of Your Lord, Your Favorite Son.

In the same way, I ask You today, Celestial Father,
for You, in the name of these sacred objects, to bless humanity with Your Presence,
and  for  You, like a Beloved, Kind and Prodigious, Loving and Eternal Father,
to guide them and lead them to Your Celestial Kingdom,
so that Your Will may be fulfilled for the times to come.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

You may go down, Friar, to bless the objects of the brothers and sisters.


Now, I must return to Heaven.

And today we lived, together, in the name of humanity, a communion that was very special and intimate to Me, which is the Communion of Spirit with the Spirit of God.

For this reason, I would like you to bid Me farewell singing “O Supreme Creator!” so that you may always remember that God will give you Healing, will give you Peace, will give you His Love. You must always open up to this and trust.

I thank you for making the Cross of the Redeemer triumph!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Friar Zeferias, the Lord is asking you to play the piano to prepare His work.

He, somehow, is asking all of us to prepare this moment for what will occur, being very awake and concentrated, sustaining this channel with Christ.


What a joy it is to be here today, among you, to remember what I once gave you for the redemption of all of humanity: the great key of My Love, based on the spirit of redemption, which I came to live in my own flesh, to save the whole human race.

This will be the Gift that we will ask the Holy Spirit today so that, through Its Divine Intelligence, it may keep granting the world the opportunity of Redemption, especially for those consciousnesses that are already condemned and could only be saved by the love of My Apostles.

For this reason, we will light the Menorah today, asking the Holy Spirit to make the Gift of Redemption descend at this moment, as an essential attribute in these critical times, because without redemption there is no rehabilitation, and without rehabilitation, souls cannot find the Love of God.

Redemption is the door that opens up for the liberation of souls, so that the ties and chains of those who are oppressed may be liberated. For this reason, we will light the Menorah once again, invoking the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit.

In the Cenacle, I taught My apostles about the Law of Love, based on the immeasurable Pity of the Father for all souls, for all the spirits that have emerged from His Source, so as to re-create this Creation and bless it through the experiences of Love and Forgiveness.

If the fallen father had not disobeyed, this whole local universe would be a part of the Celestial Kingdom, because in the Heart of God this divine fusion between the dimensions and planes of consciousness is still foreseen.

And in the Cenacle, in the secrets that My Heart revealed to the apostles, I not only gave them the legacy of My Love and revealed to them the values of the Sacrament and of Confession, and mainly the importance of communing with Me until the end of days, but the important moment which your Lord would live after His Resurrection was also revealed to them. That moment, which I shared with My apostles and I share today with you, was what would later on happen, during My Ascension.

What would come to happen between the Material Universe and the Mental Universe, between the human consciousness and the angelic consciousness?

When I ascended to the Heavens, to the Universe, God physically opened the doors of Andromeda to Me, because He placed there, in that place of the universe, what He had thought of for this Material Universe. And that was possible through the archangelic intervention and through the Archangels, by means of the Hierarchies.

So, think for a moment on what it meant for the apostles to receive this revelation of what would truly happen to your Master and Lord, which they should guard and protect through their prayers and offices in the innermost depths of the silence of the heart, because in those times it could not yet be revealed, nor in the times that would come. The revelation about My Ascension should be revealed by Me, moments before My Return to the world.

Do you now understand? how, since more than two thousand years ago and up to the present moment, all souls that I congregate have been a part of a history that is extremely important to Me, and that, with My own Hands, I come to remove the veils of your consciousnesses so that you may see the reality that the enemy himself has dared to confuse, through his mirages and doubts.

In your hearts lies a molecule that is very important to God, a molecule that, through the awakening of the consciousness, reveals itself and becomes especially visible when hearts surrender to live the Will of God.

At the doors of this mystery that is unveiled today, and that cannot be understood by the mind, but rather needs to be welcomed by the heart, I met, when I arrived in Andromeda, Sublime Consciousnesses that, in the inner planes, had accompanied Me during My trajectory on Earth, since My Birth until My Death, and during the important moment of My Resurrection.

In those stages, those Sublime Consciousnesses were present, because, in Their Hearts, they know about the Plan of God. They are nine Hierarchies of the Universe, Mentors of the Heavenly Governments, entrusted with the spiritual and material evolution of millions of consciousnesses in this Creation, as well as of other galaxies and constellations.

With this revelation, you will be able to understand that life is infinite and that the end that you place to life is through your own minds, because at the doors of Andromeda, these Consciousnesses were waiting for Me, in order to give me the next step that I would take for you: that of not only being the Redeemer of the World, but also of being the Governor of the Universe, uniting, through My Heart and My Divinity, all the consciousnesses that serve Me in the Higher Universe, from their evolutionary experiences and schools.

So that the Human Project not become lost, even with what happens in these times, the first thing that God gave Me was the essence of the Purpose of this planet, as well as of other worlds, which, through the learning experiences and their efforts, should reach Me, through the Redeeming Christic Love. Do not forget that each one holds within themselves this Christic molecule that the Father gave them, a Christic molecule that has being trying to awaken, since a long time ago, through you.

But now that you are awakened and conscious, now that you are learning to listen with your hearts, this molecule becomes more potent in each one of My companions so that, through the essences, I may restore, through My Return, the essence of the Purpose of this planet, which God conceived, from the beginning, since what you know as the Genesis.

Thus, through the Glorious Return of Christ and of His Divine and Ultra-terrestrial Face, this Purpose will be re-integrated in all those who have been consequent with Me, throughout the times and generations.

In this way, the code of evil will be dissolved from the human consciousness, the forces of chaos will be removed from the planet to reservoirs that are being prepared by the Archangels themselves. Because all deserve redemption, from the most evolved consciousness down to the smallest particle that has life in this Creation; all is a part of the Creator Project from the beginning. For this reason, you must be attentive to this moment, for you will not be forewarned.

Through this meeting with Me, on this day, when you remember the Last Supper, it is time for your consciousness to broaden and expand. It is time for your inner senses to awaken and replace the external senses, because in this way you will be able to see beyond what you see, in this way you will be able to hear beyond what you hear, in this way you will be able to feel more than you feel.

Because when your Christic molecules unite to My Heart in this work that I am gestating during this Sacred Week, I assure you that you will have no doubt of where to be and what to do, because what I need is something very important that you do not yet understand.

When the heart or soul trusts in the unknown and launches into this ocean of cosmic knowledge, it gradually prepares for the great moment of the Return of Christ, and it also has the opportunity to become aware of its virtues and talents.

Returning to Andromeda, place your consciousnesses in this place and in this space of the universe. Do not think that you will not be able to do so because, through Me, the Door to Andromeda is open now and unites the higher planes with the lower planes.

I want you to enter the same state of revelation as the holy women and as My Holy Mother did, because that was possible through the Spiritual Communion that they lived during the exercise of the Last Supper.

Each time you receive the Grace of the Body of Christ, each time you receive the Mercy of the Blood of Christ, keep in mind and be aware of your important inner Christic molecule. Now you must concentrate upon it and work, although you may keep purifying and redeeming yourselves.

I do not want to make you glorious or survivors. I want to make you humble, capable, open, adhered and helpful to all that must be built in the important preamble to the Return of Christ, because My Words someday will end here, and there is not much time left. Each one is responsible and conscious at this moment of what they have received, because all that I give you and have given you must not be wasted.

Upon entering Andromeda, the Sublime Consciousnesses revealed their rays, which were the first thing they gave as a legacy from the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, the Plan that should be gestated and manifested throughout the times. And when the great interference and alteration took place through the fallen angel, this Plan had to be recalculated, as it is being recalculated now, second by second, in these definitive times.

For this reason, you must never think that the Hierarchy changes its mind. Now is the time for you to realize, through spiritual maturity, that all the Hierarchy proposes and does has the aim of fulfilling the Plan of Rescue. And when some piece, that is, some consciousness, moves from their place, becomes deviated or abducted by the consciousnesses of chaos, then the Plan must be re-calculated, because the Divinity and Sublime Hierarchies do not only work for you, but rather for the whole world.

You must not forget, companions, that everything is already foreseen, as had been foreseen that today those who are here must be here. Have you by any chance understood what this means and why at this moment you are listening to these things that come out of My own Mouth, affirming the Will of God for the world?

In this apparent demand, there is a precious fiery tension that forges, in the terrestrial consciousnesses, an elevation, so that you may learn, once and for all, to no longer to think of yourselves, and to keep very clear in mind, at the center of your being, the Divine Purpose that is hidden before you, in the inner planes and which is up to you to fulfill and concretize.

When you open up to serve, I assure you that you are opening up to the unknown.

When you open up to love more and more, I assure you that you are entering the degrees of Love.

When you forget yourselves, I assure you that you are quite close to God, just as many consciousnesses on this planet have been, through the saints of the East and West.

All is possible when the consciousness wants to take the step. And when it takes the step it enters an experience that is similar to the one I lived in Andromeda, which took Me three cycles of material time to conclude because I not only glorified Myself and divinized Myself through the human person of Christ, but I also assumed, in a more profound and eternal manner, a commitment to your salvation.

Now, who will be ready, just as I was in Andromeda, to receive the Purpose about the continuity of the Plan of Redemption of humanity and of the planet, in the part that is up to each one to live and fulfill?

Who will be capable of being the caretaker of this Purpose?

Who will be capable of loving it beyond themselves, although they do not understand or comprehend it?

Who will be capable of illuminating their consciousness and their cells through the impulses that I bring you in this Sacred Week?

Because what I need is very great, but it is also very simple. I need you to decide to be blessed, although you are on this sorrowful and wounded surface; I need you to dare to give your lives for Me, just as the apostles dared to during their apostolate in the Holy Land and beyond the Holy Land; I need you to dare to be capable, just as the Holy Mother and holy women were, to cross all of Europe and reach England, to found the Order of the Templars and strengthen the foundations of the Christic energy on the planet through the Inner Centers.

Who will be capable of giving continuity to these spiritual treasures, while millions of souls in the world are absolutely distracted and disconnected?

I ask you to pray for those who must still awaken. and for you to keep awakening and not believe that you are awakened, because if you were truly awakened, some things would no longer happen to you.

But I invite you to again trust in My Redeeming Love so that you may learn to trust in My Cosmic Love, which is hidden in the Heart of Andromeda among all Hierarchies. Because just as today, Thursday, I celebrate this moment with you, and I will celebrate with you this moment of consecration for a greater and inexplicable reason, in the same way, hundreds of Hierarchies, at this moment, are gathered around the Son of God, before the Face of the Lord of the World, of the Divinity of Christ and of His ultra-terrestrial aspect that presents itself to all as the Solar Angel.

I now ask you to think: How is it possible for a human being, who incarnated among you, taught, preached, redeemed and gave his life for a greater reason, how was He capable of converting Himself, after His Ascension, into a Solar Angel?

You must contemplate this in the innermost depths of your heart, without seeking an immediate answer. The steps of evolution and of the expansion of consciousness are ruled by the Law of Love. That is where your expansion and elevation begin.

The more you love, the more you will grow, and your pride will be dissolved. You will no longer want to live personal power, because Higher Love will lead you to live Supreme Will through commitment and responsibility, through the lineages, called virtues and talents, that I gave to each one of you.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Through the portal that is open behind Christ, the Lord makes us, at this moment, contemplate Andromeda and all the stars around this place, just as all the suns and all the Sublime Consciousnesses that, at this moment, are in communion with all hearts that are open.

He asks us to contemplate Andromeda in our inner world, and to see within us our inner universe. Let us contemplate, for a moment, listening to the melody that is being offered. And let us empty ourselves into the Whole.

Under this powerful energy that embraces us and, through this reverential and devotional attitude, we will proceed, in the Presence of Christ, to the consecration of the new priests.

We ask that we may remain concentrated and united to this important moment that Christ is carrying out.

We ask the Mothers to approach the stage, the foot of this scenery, and that each one may bring a candle with her.

Please, bring a candle here.

Let us not become disconnected.

Let us contemplate Andromeda in our inner world, let us drink of this Fount that Christ is consciously offering to us and thus, let us accompany this ceremony with reverence and devotion.


My children who will be consecrated today, before the authority that I will grant you as from this moment onward, at the request of the Most Holy Mother and responding to Her loving and eternal supplications; firstly, may God grant you not only divine but also terrestrial maternal protection, through these Mothers, consecrated to the Celestial Spouse, and who are thoroughly available to sustain you, listen to you and console you.

This step that you will take today will not be something personal, but it will rather be something planetary so that, through these apostles that I am consecrating in these times of darkness, you may re-build My outraged Church and, especially repair the offenses that millions of priests throughout the world have committed against Me.

For this reason, the nine Sublime Consciousnesses of the universe, the Highest Priests of the universe, accompany this solemn, divine and reverential moment today, so that the spiritual lineage of priesthood, which I established in this world two thousand years ago, may be reconstructed and reconstituted.

And through the Pious Mother of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of consecrated souls, who has untiringly supplicated for the priestly life not to become lost, today, before all and especially before all priests of the planet, through the Light of the Holy Spirit, I entrust you that you may be guardians and caretakers of the Sacred Office that I taught the apostles, which My apostles have taught throughout the times, so that Heaven and Earth may unite in perfect harmony and redemption.

Christ addresses each one of those who are being consecrated:

May the Holy Spirit of God illuminate your steps today.

 Christ addresses one of the new priests:

The Lord consecrates you today as Friar Juan Evangelista, in honor of the apostle who loved the Cross until the last moment, the apostle who consoled the Lord in His most difficult hours, and who, together with the Heavenly Mother and Mary Magdalene, as well as Joseph of Arimathea, did not leave the Lord alone, because they suffered with Him until the last minute of His expiration. Welcome, Friar Juan Evangelista, may the Holy Spirit illuminate you today.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

You may make your offering before Christ.



"Lord, Beloved Father,
You who purify, through Your Love,
all that You touch and contemplate,
purify today the human consciousness of its inferior condition
 so that it may rise before You,
as at this moment Your Son is before Your Throne,
so that these consciousnesses may praise You and glorify You
just as the angels of Heaven do.

through this incense offered
at the Temple of Your Heart,
bless all."


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Holy Water.



"Lord, Emmanuel,
before You created Your children,
You thought of taking care of them and of loving them
as a loving Father, and you granted them water
so that, through it,
they might learn
to quench their thirst.

May Your Graces and Mercies
flow like a wellspring at this moment
upon all the dark spaces upon the planet,
and in the favorite union
of the souls that are present here,
may this blessing re-establish peace in humanity.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The Virgin Mary is present at this moment, as the Mother of all mothers and of all priests.

We may bring the stoles here so that the Lord may bless them with holy water.

You may come, Friar.


Through this priestly symbol, may the souls of the priests be a bridge of Light between the Infinite and the planet so that, in their sacrificial surrender, the souls that most need the Love of God may reach His Heart. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The oil to bless.

You may uncover the oil. You may raise it.


With love, My spouses of Jerusalem anointed My Head and My Feet before the Passion.

With love, My spouses of Jerusalem anointed the wounded Body of the crucified Christ.

With love, My spouses of Jerusalem anointed the Resurrection of Christ through their trust in Me.

May those who will be anointed today always anoint those who need it, for in the powerful Anointment of the Cross lies your liberation. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now, at this moment, we will call the following Mothers, so that they may stand behind the brothers who are being consecrated:

Mother María Fidelia behind friar Paulo Mateus, Mother María Shimani behind friar Juan Evangelista, Mother María Getsemaní behind friar Shemaya, Mother María del Salvador behind friar Nazareno.

Now the Mothers who are behind their spiritual sons will give the candle to the brothers, before them, and, before giving them the candle, they may make an inner offering to Christ.


Friar Elías pronounces the Prayer to ask for Divine Wisdom for those consecrated.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now, before the Lord, the brothers will make their act of priestly consecration.


The new priests pronounce the prayer indicated.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

In this way, still before the Heart of Jesus, may you contemplate the immensity of His Work of Love and Mercy.

We invite all those present to together relive the Last Supper.


"Celestial Father,
may these alliances represent
the perpetual union of souls
with Your Divine and Glorious Heart
so that the perfect union between Heaven and Earth
may be established forever."

Just as, at the Sacred Cenacle, I offered to you eternal commitment to Me, today I offer to you, My new apostles, the same commitment to My Heart.


The priests pronounce the Prayer of purification of the priest before celebrating the Eucharist.


Just like that night, when I gathered with My apostles, today, in solemnity, I gather with you to re-establish the union between Heaven and Earth, between souls and God.

For this reason, with a Love that is unknown to all who are Mine, I take the bread again and offer it again to the Father, so that it may be converted into My Glorious Body. In the same way, I break it again, and, offering it to all, I say to you: “Take it and eat it, for this is My Body, which was given for humanity for the forgiveness of sins.”


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We revere the Living Body of Christ.


Then I took the Chalice into My Hands and, offering Myself even more to the Father in sacrifice and love for each one of My companions, I asked Him for the wine to be transubstantiated into My Precious Blood. Then, I passed it to My companions, as I pass it to you today, saying to you: “Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant, which was shed by your Redeemer for the remission of all faults. Do it in remembrance of Me, for I am returning.”


We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We revere the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world and gives us peace.


Behold the Body and the Blood of Christ. Happy and blessed are those who avail themselves of this powerful Sacrament, because I always promise you My Love, My solace and My Peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, present and unfathomable at this moment, let us finish offering these transubstantiated elements, in honor of our Redeemer, so that His Love and His Mercy may be established on the planet.

We end this consecration singing the Our Father in Aramaic, together with the angels of Our Lord.

Song: “Our Father” in Aramaic.

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

In union to our Master and through a gesture of reverence, we greet our brothers, giving them peace.


Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.


And we announce, at this moment, at the request of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Spiritual Communion, at this important celebration of the memory of the Last Supper, so that these exercises may perpetuate throughout the times and congregate many, many more souls, through the Love of Our Lord.

Today, Our Lord asks us to commune for the non-redeemed.


All receiving the Christic molecule of the Lord.

All contemplating, at this Communion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and expanding the Light of this Heart to the whole world and to souls, through this alliance with the Communion of Christ; radiating this Light to all our dear beings, brothers, sisters and acquaintances; our families, friends and companions; all receiving the Light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which He emanates, at this moment, to all.

Let us place in the Heart of Jesus all our loved ones and the planet, affirming this union with Christ; all being relieved and consoled by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, present at this moment.

Let us feel the same embrace He gave His apostles at the Last Supper. And let us adore the King of the Universe through this Eucharist.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee
the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences
 by which He is offended.
And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg you the conversion of poor sinners.


Now I can go in peace, for this moment is consummated, by internally giving you the first impulses of My physical Return to the world.

I bless you and grant peace to the world, and especially to those who are suffering.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As in other moments, place your heads upon My Chest and feel the cosmic beating of My Heart, and let us ask, through this perfect alliance with Me, for the Holy Spirit to descend once more to the world, to grant it the Highest Gift among all gifts, the Higher Law among all laws, the Higher Purpose among all the Purposes of God.

Today, I open the door of the Holy Spirit to grant the world the Gift of Love. Therefore, you must feel the beating of My Heart, a Heart that thirsts for souls, a Heart that suffers for the innocent, for the slaves, for those who are lost and the refugees; this is the Heart that once again gives its Life for you.

But do you know what I am giving you today? My Spiritual, Divine and Cosmic Life, all that I learned after I ascended into the Heavens and after I was present at the center of this universe, called Andromeda; so that, in spirit of humility, your King might learn to govern, just as the Father governs through His Love and His Mercy, because the Government of God is no imposition, nor is it justice or authority.

The heart of Andromeda, at the center of this galaxy, is where your Master and Lord prepared Himself, during the two thousand years of your time, to come to this culminating moment and be able to reappear to those who are Mine, to those who belong to My Spiritual Life, to those who are a part of My Mystical Body, so that all together they may consciously prepare My Return, the Return that is near.

Do you now feel what makes My Heart beat? Now embrace Me, feel Me, trust Me again, and believe that, between you and I, between My Soul and your souls, there is nothing that can separate us.

Believe in this Power that God has given Me to free your life, to sanctify you time and again, so that someday you may be My redeemed, the one that I will crown, just like the blessed ones, all those who take the risk of fulfilling My Will, without knowing why.

Now allow the Fire of My Eternal Heart to illuminate you and the Rays of My Merciful Heart to permeate the depths of your soul and your essence so that, in the face of the errors and injustices of the world, your Lord, your Master and your Love may have a way to justify before the Father all that I need to achieve through your life and the lives of your brothers and sisters, because I am the Christ in you and in them.

You should not hide anything from Me, but you should not fear Me either. I do not come here as a judge, I come here as your Redeemer, as that One who, at each step of Calvary, shed drops of His own Blood so that you and your brothers and sisters might be here today, listening to the Lord of the Universe and feeling each one of His Words, which definitively come to put an end to this captivity.

Today is a special day for Me, because each time someone is consecrated, they consciously take a step toward the unknown, not toward that which they do not know and are not aware of, but rather toward the unknown of the Love that awaits them to renew their lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters, of all those who need My Love at this moment to learn to survive and go through the deserts of these times, which lack water but where the thirst of many hearts abounds.

Embrace Me very tight, feel My Spiritual Body, the Glorified Body of the Son of God, who, out of love for you and the world, resurrected each one of His atoms and cells, and, igniting in the Spirit of God, resurrected on the third day to give Eternal Life to all of you.

In this inner communion with each one of your hearts, today I establish, for all those present and for all those who are listening, the Sacred Sacrament of Reconciliation, because the moment you embraced Me, and I hope you are still embracing Me, feeling the Fire of Love in My Heart, your guilt, faults and debts were forgiven, because I know that you can do it for Me, and you can do even more so that the Will of My Father may be made in each corner of this planet and in each heart present on this surface. Because the step that you take towards My Heart, beyond what it may mean or represent, will be a step that will open a door toward the redemption of the human race.

In simple words, through My Embrace, through the Embrace that I give you today, in the Mercy of God and in the kindness of His Eternal Spirit, I not only renew you, but I also impel you to give more and more.

Do you by any chance doubt that you will be able to be the Christs of the New Times?

If I, with twelve consciousnesses, was able to save the world, what could I do at this moment with all those who follow Me?

Do you now understand the immensity of the ocean of My Mercy?

It does not have limits, because the Mercy of God, to be Mercy, loves what is imperfect and corrupt, and makes it incorrupt, sublime and elevated, so that all creatures, regardless of the place in the universe where they are, may be united to Me in this perfect alliance of propagating Love for the world so that the wounds, the traumas and the pains of millions of hearts, who have gone through this pandemic and this war of the Ukraine, may have hope and rebuild their lives forever.

Through this embrace that you are consciously giving Me today, I can also have in My Arms the children of the wars, those who walk for days and days in the desert, seeking an opportunity, those who are in the prisons of the whole world, submerged in darkness, because no one has had the courage to love their enemy and forgive the one who has made a mistake, just as you have many times been forgiven by Me.

Today, I do not give you a cross. Today I give you a promise: the promise that you believe that you can serve Me and that you can expand the degrees of love throughout this suffering world, because the Love of your Master and Lord will transform your imperfections and thus transform the world, returning to humanity the dignity it completely lost for all that My enemy has imposed on millions of hearts, in hundreds of lives that no longer believe in the Love of God.

Now that you, in this Sacred Week, can be witnesses that God is present here through His Son, ask yourselves again, "What else can my heart give to the Lord? Because now your hearts must not only be ready, your hearts must now be empty to fulfill the aspirations of your Master and Lord.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 

Take your hands to your heart and feel, at this moment, the warm embrace of Christ. And He asks us to repeat: Lord Jesus, I trust in You.


Lord Jesus, I trust in You.
(five times)


Christ calls two of His companions, two of His spiritual spouses, to come before the Sacred Heart of Jesus and sing for Him.

Sister María Jerusalén and Patricia may come here.

And through this Alliance with Christ and before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will not only once again renew our vows before this Apparition of the Lord, but we will also prepare this moment of consecration that new auxiliaries will live at this moment.

The sisters that will sing to Christ may come.

We will sing a song He has chosen for all of us, which is called “I will rest”, and we will ask the choir to accompany the sisters in this offering.

All those who want to make an offering before Christ, may make it at this moment, standing or kneeling down. We will sing to Christ at this moment, as He is contemplating us here , so that He can take our love to God.


Song: “I will rest.”


The Lord has blessed us while we sang, opening His Arms as the Redeemer of the World, and through the love that we were offering to the Lord, He returned it to the world as Light, Healing and Hope.

And He is still with His Arms open, and now with a red Mantle and a white Tunic, as the Redeemer of the World, offering His Hands so that, whenever we need, we may hold tight to them, and He tells us that with Him we will never be defeated, that we are a part of His Being and of His Christic Consciousness.

The Lord tells us, at this moment, that He would like the sisters that are here, María Jerusalen and Patricia, to sing a song on Holy Saturday that is important in these times for all, as they can best do, which is a song that He will use on that Holy Saturday so that all those who rule this world may have a moment of Light in their consciousnesses, so that they not forget that Love is above all things.

This song that He has offered for this planetary situation is “The Prayer.”

He asks the sisters if it is ok with them. The Hierarchy always confirms what they ask, because all is precious for God.


I wish I could be here longer today, but the suffering of the world calls me, through My servers and prayerful beings, so that relief and peace may be established for all those who need them in this hour.

For this reason, I thank you for having responded to Me. Tomorrow, at the same time, I will meet you here, so that we may once again be united in the Embrace of God, thus uniting Heaven and Earth, and souls to the Divine Source.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:  

Let us take the Embrace of Christ to our hearts for some moments. Let us commune with this Embrace of Christ, let us hold on to this Embrace of Christ and let us allow all pain, whether personal or of others, internal or external, to finish being dissolved by the Love of the Redeemer, who today anointed us again with His Spirit.

Let us now prepare for the consecration of new Auxiliaries of the Divine Mercy of Christ.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will come through the dawn of the sun. I will come through the moonlight. These are the signs of the new time.

It is not a new religion. It is not a new movement. It is the advent of what has been awaited.

This great portal to the new time opens up in the heavenly dome. It opens up among all the doors of the cosmos.

It is the portal to the Great Conclave, which is gathered today before you, which is present today before your inner worlds. The Celestial Father has decided it so, and, in obedience and in law, we will fulfill it.

Today, My Voice echoes from Andromeda, and, through Andromeda, in all universes and consciousnesses.

Today, a culminating stage has been completed, not only for your civilization or for the soul of the planet, but also so that the portal to the Great Time may open. The change will take place.

Souls must be awake and love the unknown even more; that which has no form, that which is not intellectual. The unknown is that which is not material.

This is why today We come and make Ourselves present before you, through a great unknown portal. It is the portal to the fourth dimension.

This will be the way, this will be the path and will also be the bridge for all to cross. But it is not through a technique nor through a mental or spiritual procedure.

You will cross this portal through your inner world because it is there, in the inner world of each one of you, where the essence of the Divine Purpose lies; a purpose that humanity has outraged, violated and transgressed, up to the current times.

Do you now understand the consequences of what you experience?

However, Love is what will always prevail. It is this Love that gathers us today, the Love that congregates us today, the Love of the Greater Hierarchies, which call you all to cross the great portal so that all consciousnesses and also the planet may be transmuted, purified and liberated.

Because it is in the most chaotic moments, like the current times, that the great opportunities of liberation and redemption take place.

Do not forget that hope is latent in the Heart of the Universe, and it is this hope, permeated by Divine Unity, that I bring to you today, for you to accept it and experience it.

This is why it is important for you to practice fraternal consciousness, and not a mean one, for you to practice an inclusive consciousness, and not one of discarding, a peaceful consciousness, and not one of conflict, a consciousness of love, and not one of lie.

These attributes will purge the Earth of planetary corruption, which generates the great debt of this world and of all humanity, which submerges the most innocent and the poorest into the abysses, without having an opportunity of raising their gaze to Heaven to once again believe and have faith.

This is why I am preparing My Return to the world as I have promised, and I want you to know, companions, that today these are not only Words, they are facts.

Two thousand years have passed since My events with you and among you, this is why I gather all the Evolutionary Consciousnesses of the universe into a Conclave so that they may help Me and prepare My Return. Thus, you will see the Son of God come among the clouds, the clouds are the portals of the universe that will open, and that will be physical. Thus, the Spirit of God will return, will heal the Earth and its wounds, will populate the Earth with New Christs, those who have known how to say ‘yes’ to Me.

This is why the portal to the Great Time opens up today before your eyes and inner worlds. It opens up today before these oceans, in representation of all humanity and of the whole planet, as well as of the Kingdoms of Nature, which will also see the Son of God come. And that which was thought of in the Origin of humanity’s Project will be reconstituted and re-established.

Throughout time and space, the evil that was generated throughout entire generations will be dissolved, and those who persist until the end, to wait for Me to return, will see this change, in a concrete way.

Thus, all, absolutely all, will return to their origins, to the origin for which they were thought of and created, to the origin with the goal for which they emerged, to the origin with the goal for which they have existed and were emanated by the Supreme Source.

Today, I speak to you not only through My Spiritual Government, but also through the Love of God, a Love that was capable of dying for you on the Cross, even knowing that it would be denied.

Today, may those who suffer be healed, those who lack hope be renewed, and those who have decided to give up may they reach out their arms toward God, because the moment will come to express gratitude for My Return, which is near.

This is My great Message for the celebration of the one hundred Marathons of Divine Mercy, an important and spiritual moment for all, when the Son of God, the Solar Essence of the Cosmic Christ, makes you see and recognize how far you have walked with Me.

Do not see only the miseries of your tests, the banishments of your human aspects. Do not see only the suffering of the planet or the transgression made to the Kingdoms of Nature. For this Marathon number one hundred, I ask you to see the efforts accomplished, the persistence built, the unity strengthened, the faith expanded and the Mercy achieved, in spite of the darkness of this world.

Because it will be through this Universal Conclave that you will find the solution and the way out, this Conclave of evolutionary consciousnesses that know you deeply, that grasp you deeply, that have accompanied your cosmic trajectories since your origin.

This is where you will find the strength and the certainty that you will need to keep moving forward and thus fulfill the Plan. A Plan that is still to be fulfilled, first, within each one of you, so that then this cosmic Plan may be fulfilled throughout the whole world, although everything may seem to be in ruins and in darkness.

It is this Light of the Higher Councils that blesses and contemplates you today, not only as beings in redemption, but also as consciousnesses in transformation and bravery.

Within all those who are Mine, I will make the new apostles. Therefore, persist and follow My footsteps of Light, firmly follow My steps toward the Divine Purpose, because today the scepter of God is in My Hand to lead you and guide you toward the goal, the great goal of your Christification.

I want to thank, from the depths of My Heart, the consequent and prayerful ones, those who, in the last one hundred meetings of prayer, have sustained the banner of My Peace and will keep doing so, for a much longer time, until I meet you, face to face, in My Return.

And the last thing I tell you, companions, for you to hold within your hearts, is the following:

What would you do if, at this moment, I were physically facing you?

What is the first thing you would say to Me?

What would you do with Me if I told you: “son, daughter, here I am, because I have returned”?

Contemplate this scene in your inner world and attract this reality, at each new day.

When you feel that you cannot, or even that you will not manage to, that you will not have the strength to keep moving forward, think and contemplate for a moment if I were before you, what would you say to Me?

I leave you My Peace, I leave you My gratitude, I give you My Consoling and Redeeming Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From My Heart, I emit the Silence of God for the world, the Silence that speaks about many things, the Silence of God that brings many reflections to His children.

Behold the Silence of God that comes to call humanity towards its inner quietude, to abandon the noise of this world, to listen, in the silence of the heart, to the Word of God that emits the power of His superior energy that transforms all.

Behold the Silence of God through the First-Born Son, who today comes to this world, once again, to rescue lost souls, to remove the chains of oppression from many of My companions, who, spiritually, are prisoners of evil. But I open the doors for them, to the Silence of God, because this is where they will be liberated.

Evil does not know silence, because silence will lead you towards inner unity, and in inner unity you will be strengthened to face the battle of these times so that you may have enough courage and bravery to face this planetary reality.

The Silence of God is unchangeable. Through the Heart of His most beloved Son, He brings to the world a Message of Peace, but also a Message of reflection so that the majority of His creatures not lose the sense of the Divine Purpose and may perceive that this planet is agonizing because of humanity, for all that it does, day by day.  

The Silence of God, through My Merciful Heart, comes to announce to you, for the last time, the repentance of the heart, to make penance, to no longer transgress the laws of nature, because no being upon the surface of this planet knows them.

The Silence of God, through My Glorified Heart, comes to tell you not to challenge the Laws and not to challenge the times, because no one knows what will come tomorrow.

Through My Heart, the Silence of God speaks to each inner world, because the most culminating time is arriving. The pandemic and the climatic situation of this planet are the preamble of the end of times, the last part of the Armageddon.

The door of the Apocalypse is now very open, and, as you do not know what the Apocalypse is, I invite you not to challenge the Apocalypse, to not degenerate the Apocalypse with the evil actions of the men and women of the Earth, because suffering in this world has multiplied throughout the times, and there are still consciousnesses upon the surface of this planet that enjoy the suffering of others.

I ask, through the Silence of God:

Where is human sensitivity and dignity? I do not speak of anything spiritual, but rather of something deeply close to you.

Where is human fraternity?

Where is the human love that, although it may be imperfect, will never be capable of doing evil?

All that the world faces today, the universe also faces it with you. The Central Sun of the Galaxy, more and more, emits powerful and transforming rays throughout the three planes of consciousness.

As you do not know the powerful currents of the universe, the Silence of God also speaks to you and tells you not to challenge these currents, to not oppose these currents, but, unfortunately, I know that many will still challenge them.

I come at this moment as the great spiritual amnesty for your lives, and I expand My offer throughout this universe and in this Creation even more so that not only the merits of My Passion may help you, but also the merits of My Ascension and My Spiritual Government may justify, before the universe and the Law, all your errors. Because the human being is not only a being of errors, this is an illusion. The human being does not know its inner universe, because it completely contradicts it.

The inner universe is something that God gave you with much Love. This inner universe is the Temple of God, it is His sacred Tabernacle, where the Most Holy Trinity can be present in your lives. But it seems all that We give you is not enough, and I know that this does not correspond to most, but it does, however, correspond to all of humanity. For this reason, throughout the times and all generations, there have been great saints and consciousnesses surrendered to Me, who not only justified their own sins but also the sins of the world.

Who else will offer themselves to My Heart and to the Heart of God, to be a victim of the Love of the Universe? This is nothing poetic nor mystical. This is a step of the consciousness, of the one who takes the risk of living in Christ and for Christ, of the one who, in spite of their miseries, errors or sins, stands up again, every day, to begin anew, as if nothing had passed.

This is the Christ who becomes consecrated to Me. This is the consciousness that Christifies itself for Me, not only by giving itself for others, but also by living for others,  serving for others, as well as surrendering for the Kingdoms of Nature, because not only the human being needs love, the Kingdoms of Nature also need love and redemption.

With the world view that presents itself to the Silence of God, I invite you to reflect upon all these teachings. From beginning to end, I invite you to meditate upon this Message, because My Words are finalizing, and the universe is preparing for My Return, a Return that is unknown to the human being of the surface because only God knows how I will return and My Celestial Mother, who has been your Mother since the moment of the Cross, and who is the Guardian of My Return to humanity. She is the caretaker of the secrets of My Heart.

For this reason, My Mother, who is your Mother, always asks you to pray so that My secrets, which are My Prophecies, may not be fulfilled, but rather that only the great promises of My Heart be fulfilled, for each one of you, for each one of your brothers and sisters.

Like the light of the sun that illuminates you today, thus, I come from the universe. Thus, I bring My Spiritual Government, from the heart of this universe called Andromeda, the favorite dwelling of the Supreme Divinity, to guide, accompany and rule all Its material universe.

I come from Andromeda, this is the place that God has given Me after My Ascension, because to be at the right side of God, sitting in His Throne, near His Heart, is to be fulfilling His Will, as His Son fulfilled it, since the beginning of His Birth on Earth.

For this reason, I come to tell all My companions, to all souls that postulate themselves to be victims of My Love, at some moment of their lives, to keep moving ahead, to be brave, persevering and determined, for their hearts to never become cold, and for their hearts not to become tepid, may their hearts feel the fire of My Love so as to be able to renew this wounded and outraged Earth, to be able to heal this humanity that is sick and lost due to the lack of spiritual guidance.

But I reappear in these times to bring to the world the Message of preparation of My Return, but I also come to bring, through the Silence of God, the Message of warning to humanity because the doors of My Mercy are still open but souls still continue submerging through the doors of the abysses.

Children, do not let yourselves be dragged nor pushed by evil, however, do not challenge it. May each blow you receive be an act of resignation and of a profound renunciation for those who still flagellate My Heart, especially for the priests of the Catholic Church who are the shame of the whole world, because to them I have entrusted My flocks, the most innocent and small flocks, and, due to the events experienced in these times within the Church, they have caused the smallest ones to lose the possibility of Christification throughout time.

Who will do something for this to be reversed? Who will be able to overcome the indignation and injustice in order to understand the sinners, just as I understand them and love them? You should know, companions, that you are in the times of experiencing great daring things so that My Love may triumph on this planet.

But I do not invite you to be unconscious or for you to lack discernment, because my ruler measures each sin, but My Heart, and, above all, My Mercy, transforms all and heals all in the hearts that repent before Me. Thus, you will be able to understand how sin dissolves before Love and how Love leads the consciousnesses to reconsider and remake their lives, in spite of what may have happened.

I would like to speak to you for a much longer time, but I know that your inner worlds and consciousnesses need some time to understand My Words and, above all, to grasp the vibration of My Message, because I do not come to be a judge, I come here to be your Savior and Redeemer, because, remember, I gave My Life for you up until the Cross, until the last moment of My expiration.

Each second of My Passion was offered for you, for humanity, therefore, I invite the faithful devotees of My Sacred Heart to invoke the power of My Blood.

I invite you to pray all the prayers that may attract to the world the powerful Blood of Jesus so that the Christic codes of My universal Consciousness may enter the sick cells of humanity and all may be reversed.

Place your hope and faith in the power of My Blood, but do not expect results.

In a resigned way, offer each moment of prayer and allow Me to place the fruits of the prayer of the heart where it is most needed, and for the ones who most need it.

But as I say that you recognize the planetary situation and all the aggressions that the world is experiencing, I invite you to renew your faith and, above all, your confidence in Me.

I ask you not to do the same as the apostles did, who, by lack of faith and confidence, were besieged by My enemy. Fear embraced them and they doubted Christ, leaving Him alone and hanging from the Cross.

Be like the holy women who transcended all situations and difficulties, be like the first helpers of Christ on Earth, who never doubted, who did not fear to face any adversity to be close to the Lord and heal Him with their kisses of love, because it was their kisses of love, the love of the holy women, that, on the second day of having been at the sepulcher, closed the Wounds of the Lord. This is a mystery that I reveal to you today, the simple yet true mystery of love that surrenders in faith at the Feet of the Lord.

Today, I again receive within My Heart all prayers and intentions.

I know that each one of you, and also your families, loved ones, friends, companions and nations, face the end of these times, a very unknown time to all, a time that many do not even know how to go through.

However, do not fear, because the victory of My Kingdom is approaching, and the New Earth will rise in the hearts that believed in Me.

Let all those who listen to Me be aware that I know your intentions, your requests and even your pleas. Be patient and persevere. My spiritual priesthood blesses you and illuminates your steps so that you can cross the darkness of these times with the absolute confidence that I am returning.

For this reason, I need to dwell in your hearts, I need to be present in many more hearts, just as I was in the hearts of My apostles, and of the holy women.

Today I again give you the Commandment that I gave to My apostles and to the holy women: “Forgive one another and reconcile, love one another as I have loved you and as I love you today, because, in the Love of the Almighty, you will overcome everything, but if you step out of this Love, you will take a long time to reach that, be patient in Love, and all will be healed.”

I will now leave you the greatest experience of My Love, through the Spiritual Communion, and remember that in the Sacrament of the Altar lies your redemption and your renewal, for your entire lives.

The Son of the Father now retreats into the Silence of God so that many more may enter the Silence of the Father.

I absolve you, but I also bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Beloved children,

Place your attention upon what I will tell you today.

It is an important moment, in which your consciousnesses may deepen into awakening, to meet the true life that is lived in the universe in order to meet the true vibration which can come to you, in help and in protection.

Today, on the palms of My hands, I bring you the sphere of Light of the archangelic and angelic consciousness. This is the essence that God used to create His angels and archangels, all His hosts of Light.

Now place your consciousnesses in that space, in that vibration and dimension.

For a moment, perceive how it is possible, through My Words, to leave the terrestrial sphere, the human condition and the chaos, so that you may find within each one of you the true being, the original purity.

Through this creative sphere, God manifested the supra-terrestrial mental universe, before the material universe existed.

Thus, My children, you can understand how ancient and valuable that moment was when the Eternal Father placed His gaze and His Love in order to create and manifest His hosts of Light.

This sphere that I carry within My hands today is the creative sphere, one of the many spheres that the Father used and manifested to concretize His Will within Creation.

A similar sphere exists over the material universe. Imagine how ancient that moment was when everything was manifested and created for the Glory of God, to praise and honor Him as He is, the Source itself, Love, Unity and Mercy.

From that creative sphere that I carry between My hands today, as I told you at the beginning, archangelic and later angelic hosts emerged, and then, successively, the armies of Light of each Creator Father, of each Archangel, thus forming the Angelic Hierarchy, the sacred commands to carry forward the important Project of God in the material universe.

Imagine for a moment, My children, that before you existed, the archangelic and angelic consciousness was already present, learning to take the first steps in the unconditional service of God, learning to manifest and concretize the Law, so that the Commandments could be expressed, one day, in their civilization and in others. So that, through divine, spiritual and material laws, all My children in the universe would learn to evolve.

The Father knew from the beginning that the Project of the material universe would have its oscillations, before the fallen angel abandoned the Divine Will.

In that oscillation, duality was generated, what you know today as free will, the freedom to decide and to assume the consequences and effects of the decisions of each human being.

Thus, living in the Will of God is more than accepting it, more than living it, it is being able to have all of your consciousness permeated by that Law, by that vibration that will only elevate you to the meaning of the purpose and the goal.

This Will was fulfilled from the beginning by the archangels, the angels, and all the hosts of Light, those known as celestial choirs.

Thus, following the indications of the Divine Source, of the Creative Consciousness, after having formed and gestated the different angelic Hierarchies, the moment of the Creation of the material universe came through divine alchemy and the intervention of divine Laws, of divine rays, and also of cosmic currents that allowed the creation of the material universe.

And so the first planets emerged from the great, very ancient stars, which today no longer exist within the material universe, but which gave the impulse for the Will of the Father to be able to be concretized. The mission and, at the same time, the divine operation, carried forward by the armies of Light, the different angelic Hierarchies, is under the guidance of the Archangels.

Thus, each Creator Father, at the feet of the One Source, collected what God with Love, Unity and Mercy gave to each one of them, each one received their divine sphere.

Twelve creative spheres were entrusted to manifest the life of the material universe, with the main goal and the primary purpose that the creatures that would emerge from the Lakes of Light of the universe could have an important condition, which was and which today is the divine connection with the Source so that, regardless of any situation or experience in Heaven or on Earth, creatures could learn to unite with the Heights, to enter into communion with the Source in order to regenerate and heal themselves.

Those twelve spheres, in the hands of the Archangels, were taken to the threshold of the supra-terrestrial universe, from where the material universe would begin to be created.

Through divine doors, the Archangels reached the thresholds of the great cosmic void, where a deep silence still reigned. Moments later, the twelve Archangels united in prayer and supplication for the Divine Source to help them carry out and concretize the mission that the Eternal Father had entrusted to them.

It was at that moment that one of the Archangels rebelled, his interior moved away from the divine connection, and mainly from Love, completely deviating from the wisdom and understanding of the Divine Science that God proposed, at that time, to create the material universe.

The Throne of God, recognizing this important failure, dismissed him so that in a space of the cosmic universe he could reflect and reconsider in order to realign his consciousness with the Divine Source and heal his consciousness of feelings opposite of God.

Meanwhile, the other Creators, the Archangels, began to carry forward that mission. They gathered all the creative spheres, in which the Will of God was deposited in each one of them.

In each of these creative spheres lied the emergence of civilizations, that is, of life in the different material universes that would be created.

But there was one of those creative spheres that had a burning and deeply spiritual desire of God, that which we now call the Local Universe. From there would emerge the greatest Christic experience of love, although at that time God had not yet expressed His Second Person, the Son.

Back then, the Creators carried forward the Will of God. They prayed, they supplicated an, connecting with the Supreme Source, they began to create, through vibration and sound, the material universe.

That was the moment when Andromeda became the center of this Local Universe, as it has been up to these times.

A spiritual and cosmic Government would be developed so that it would be the intermediary bridge, so that the other creatures could live in the Law and fulfill it, so they could achieve the happiness of evolving and of being in contact with the Source in an eternal way.

While the first creatures were created in the Lakes of Light, the rebelling Creator Father began to create duality; the feeling that creatures could decide for themselves, regardless of consequences or results, without bearing in mind that the Law is the energy that helps to align consciousnesses with the Purpose that leads them and guides them towards their spiritual and inner goals.

Evolutionary life was being generated in this local universe as in others. Time passed, experiences were carried out, and God contemplated how His creatures, whom He deeply loves, responded to Him.

With this, I want to tell you, My children, that the Project of God has always been updated, it has always adapted to the realities of this material universe, as well as to those of the mental universe.

Inevitably, with the entry of duality or free will, the creatures carried out their experiences and made many mistakes.

After millions of years of your time, the creation of a civilization emerged from the Eternal Father, His civilization on the surface of the Earth, which would not only live the connection with the Source, the communion with the Heights, but also express Christic life.

In the early days of this human genetic project, humanity managed to take its first steps. There were important failures in the history of humanity, as occur until today.

So that this Project on the surface of the Earth would not become lost and aborted, the Divine Source itself, God Himself, the Almighty, decided to materially express His Second Person, the Son, and He brought Him to Earth.

But He would leave an important lesson and instruction for all generations that would pass through humanity, for all creatures who would have the opportunity to live their redemption and forgiveness upon this school-planet.

For this reason, Christ incarnated in a very humble and simple place, such as a grotto. God could never have been born on a throne or in a palace because then He would not be God Himself.

In the birth of Jesus, in the manger of Bethlehem, you can see, represented by a clear vision, the humility of the Eternal Father, which is what allows the Source to govern all of Creation and all life.

So understand, My children, how important it is to live that humility at this time, to be able to recognize the inner God in each one of you, and thus be able to transform yourselves.

Today, within the consciousness of this humanity, I deposit this creative sphere, which is the one that generated the material universe and especially its civilization from the earliest times.

Through the creative sphere, regain your connection with the Heights, with the Source, and unite again to the Love of God so that He may again give you His trust and His Mercy, and so the world may recover, as a whole, its filiation with the Eternal Father. Thus you will be able to live in the Law, in the Commandments; not as the obligation to comply with a rule, but with the open consciousness of knowing that this is the way for each one to live their transfiguration and their ascension until they merge into the Divine Source.

Open your hearts to welcome this mystery. Carry within your consciousnesses this impulse of the Divine Spirit and reaffirm your vows with the Source of Creation so that the world receives the Grace of a new opportunity, and thus most of you may achieve the happiness of being in God and belonging to His Kingdom.

I pray that you achieve this aspiration of Mine.

I love and bless you, under the Light of Christ, Our Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Look at yourself for a moment, before your existence, and remember what you originally were, from where you arose and for what you were created.

Look at yourself for a moment, before your existence, and within you let the remembrance of the Purpose of God awaken, that which was destined for your consciousness, for your evolution.

Now, contemplate this existence in the great center of Andromeda, where the first evolutionary life was manifested, before the origin of the Earth, before the emergence of the Solar System.

You will thus understand that life in the universe has existed since primordial times, when the Angelic and Archangelic Hierarchy gave an impulse to the manifestation of Creation.

With this, I want you to know that you must look towards what you truly are, and not towards what you appear to be. You must find your immaterial life, which vibrates in the spaces of the universe, that which is part of a cosmic symphony and complements a part of the great and infinite Brotherhood.

Today, your existence and your origin are at the feet of Andromeda, before the government of the universe that conducts and guides all consciousnesses, just as it gives an impulse to the expression of all virtues and all gifts, that which the Spiritual Hierarchy calls lineages.

Humanity came to incarnate on this planet to fulfill this task and this mission of expressing the lineages through virtues and gifts, because in this way evolution would be completed.

Andromeda is this great powerhouse of the universe that gives impulse to life and to the awakening of consciousness. This is why today your existence is there so that, just like the Hierarchy, you may find within you the school that you must  go through in these times, which is the school of awakening.

Living this school, you will overcome illusion, and will know how to purify your indifference. You will no longer be part of the world ignorance, of what blinds humanity and of what blocks the mind, but rather, through the recognition of your immaterial life, you will be like a mirror, you will be like a guardian, you will be a governor, you will be like a contemplative, you will be like a healer, and thus you will find the path that the universe has destined for your being.

Why does God need, within this Creation, that you live His gifts or His virtues through the lineages?

Because it is the path that will help you in your redemption, in your purification and transcendence.

Because it is the path to find your origin again, to remember your existence;to know that you come from the Divine Spirit and that to the Divine Spirit you must return, completing this experience of the Creation that has to be re-created, that has to find its definitive path for the fulfillment of the Plan.

I know that a great part of humanity is asleep, it is ignorant and also indifferent.

But just like you, I came to Earth with a Greater Purpose and an inextinguishable, divine and cosmic Will; and with only twelve consciousnesses, I carried forward the task of redemption, bringing the opportunity of uniting the times, of uniting the consciousnesses, of awakening the talents and expressing the inner life in a humanity that was lost, blind and deaf.

Now you must be this bridge, at this time. Learn to recognize your errors, but do not submerge in them. Learn to correct your lives and not become confused. Learn to discern, so as to not go crazy.

Purification is a part of the process of evolution, it is steps of the infinite stairway of the universe, which will impel you to again find your origin and your existence.

Days ago, Sirius sent you a message and brought to the world the awakening of consciousness. 

Today Sirius impels a great transformation, a constant aspiration of finding the truth and of participating in it, to abandon the illusion of the surface of the Earth so that each sun may shine by itself, knowing how to unite to the currents of the universe through the lineages. Knowing that human power and authority do not belong to you. Knowing that it is time to serve by expanding the consciousness in order to find a safe path, that path that directs you towards the center of the universe, the great star of Andromeda that impels the awakening.

You must not fear to find your obstacles, your limitations, your errors in this world and in other parts of the universe.

Through purification, you must transcend duality and the corrupt states of the mind and consciousness in order to turn towards that which is immaterial, to that which is real and sublime. You are not lacking any help at this moment.

It would be a great relief for the Hierarchy if all of humanity were aware of this so that once and forever it might learn to step out of the very chaos it generates, of the very duality in which it participates, of the indifference it fosters.

This is the time to find your true being, to learn to live true life.

As the situation of humanity is unleashed, greater will be the efforts to live the lineages through the impulses of the virtues and the gifts. Greater will be the determination of reaching these spheres and of attracting to the Earth the Christic Life.

The more of you who live your awakening, the greater your opportunities will be; but understand that, just like you, many of your brothers and sisters will face the reality that will lead them, either way, to experience change, and to detach from what is material and superfluous, from all that does not lead to the life of the spirit and to experience that which is immaterial. But just by placing oneself in the aspiration of finding it, help will come, and, little by little, everything will be converted.

You must learn, more each day, to sympathize with your fellow beings, because if fraternity does not exist and is not consciously lived, the lineages will not awaken.

It is not possible to flaunt cosmic life without first living a life of solidarity, of cooperation, of brotherhood.

This humanity has received many treasures throughout the times and generations.

Now it is time to give value to the Word of the Hierarchy so that it not only passes you by, but it may also enter your consciousness in order to become a part of your being.

Through this awakening, humanity will be sustained. A great part of the ignorant humanity will also be sustained, and this sustenance, this inner and spiritual support will be what will allow the consciousnesses to participate in My Return. Overnight, you will see the Truth that the universe will show you. A Truth that no one will be able to interfere with nor impede.

My priesthood guards each one of your gifts and virtues so that your inner life may have more strength than external life, which is concrete and material. Because it is in that which is internal where the force of overcoming and transcendence lies. The building of a New Humanity lies there.

Today, before your existence, interiorize these words so that Andromeda may always send you the impulse of the great awakening.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It was on the great star of Andromeda that God placed His great aspiration for this humanity and for others.

Andromeda is the regent of your Solar System and others. It was there, in that part of the universe, where the Creator Fathers once came to sow the Plan of God in the material universe through a Divine Project, which first was to emerge and manifest in the Great Star of Andromeda.

Those who arrived there were beings from the mental universe, beings very enlightened in Science and in Divine Wisdom. Thus, the Archangels sent the Hellel, so that they could gestate this Project of God in that part of the universe. This is what My Celestial Church is showing you today through its main portal.

We are going to the real science of your origin, so that you may understand how the Divine Laws acted in the creator universe, to then gestate the Universal Laws, these later being the Commandments, which are a part of the great lesson of all the Universal Laws.

Life could not emerge without being governed by a Law. What would be the sense of evolution existing in the universe without the presence of the Law?

For the Divine Purpose to be able to manifest, the Law is necessary. For this reason, the Father so established it, and the Great Star of Andromeda was chosen so that, from the Mental Universe, it could have this experience.

The Hellel, the Resplendent, the most subtle angelic beings of the Mental Universe, that never descended from that location, only when the Archangels requested it of them so that, from the mental universe, that Divine Project could be carried forward in Andromeda, Andromeda being the emergence of humanities in likeness to yours.

 Why was Andromeda chosen rather than another location of the universe? And why does Andromeda today continue to be the Governing Center of this Local Universe?

Everything begins with a divine and occult meaning that is within the great Law of the Mystery of God, in which Divine Thought was what, in other times, in very ancient times, fostered the emergence of life in this universe.

In the same way that God thought of His human Project, He also thought of other Projects that continue to evolve, similar to this one. With other degrees of consciousness and evolution, the different creatures of the Father live their lessons and schools in order to achieve the experience of degrees of love.

But what is there within this Project of humanity that makes it so important for the rest of the universe? What other universes do not have, as you have, in what is known as Divine Science, which makes you worthy in the Father and in His children. This is what allows you to be here today, in spite of the errors.

In Andromeda, the purpose was very great; the challenge could be impossible, but it could not have flaws.

In that time, the evolution of consciousness was different. Before it was decided that a humanity could exist, like this one, which is upon the surface, only the Father knew what would happen. For this reason, He created the Laws, first in the Mental Universe, so that His requests could be fulfilled and His aspirations of having creatures in likeness to Him could be realized, that would learn to recognize Him and love Him as the Divine Source, as the Essence of Love, as Supreme Power.

Up to that time, in Andromeda, everything was on course. The Plan was ready to be carried forward.

That was how the Hellel, in a source of Light in likeness to the One Source, within the great star of Andromeda, created the first representatives that would carry out this humanity and another.

It was necessary that there be intermediaries in this Project, not only to accompany it and guide it, but so that the first humanity, that would emerge on Earth through Adam and Eve, could follow the divine guidelines, mandated by the Hellel for these higher consciousnesses, that were intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, between your humanity and the Mental Universe.

In that time, the first experience of love was implemented. It was not in the Mind of God to descend to Earth as the Christ, to redeem humanity. But the Project diverted; it did not follow the correct path through the choice of the men and women of that time.

But there was something in all of that which could not be lost, that was the essence of the Purpose that had been requested and sought by the Father from the Archangels, and the Archangels from the Hellel.

Since the Project was established in Andromeda and moved out from there to other parts of the universe, the humanities, in their different schools and lessons, were to keep alive their divine essence in order to understand, in their evolution, the Project of God, and understand that life had been created for adoring God, to love Him and revere Him, just as He loves, reveres and adores them as part of His Paternity.

Up to that point, Andromeda managed to develop what the Father needed. The Resplendent Ones came and settled for a specific time. It was the great moment of manifesting the request of God, in which the first thirteen humanities were to exist in the material universe, being that one of the thirteen humanities would have the gift of a divine connection and angelic contact. And that humanity is your own.

Now do you understand the importance of this project being successful?

The master key for overcoming duality is Love. Love cannot be destroyed by the adversary, just like it tried to destroy the project many times, tempting Adam and Eve into the greatest deviation of all time, so that what God needed would not be fulfilled.

But the aspiration of God was not impeded. Many consciousnesses of the universe came to Earth to assist humanity, because what had happened in Andromeda had been very important.

A spiritual conclave occurred at that time, when the human consciousness still did not exist nor the elaboration of the first part of the Project, because it was only an aspiration of the Mental Universe to then become a reality in the Material Universe.

Why was the Project of Andromeda not completed on Earth, with all the assistance given to it? Why did the higher consciousnesses not succeed in accomplishing what the Hellel requested of them?

You must be aware, companions, that a Creator Father had failed and was absorbed by his disobedience.

From that point on, everything changed. The Eternal Father, for a moment, was faced with an unknown. What would happen to Creation if His Project were not accomplished as His One Consciousness had decided? What was the reason for disobeying His Law and His mandate, and of not having understood that the center of His Power is Love rather than authority?

The mistaken Creator Father could not see beyond the events. That is why it denied the Eternal Father and everything changed. As from that point, evolution was divided by the first error of Adam and Eve. The apple of temptation embraced them and the genetic Project changed overnight.

They stepped out of immortality and entered mortality. Something unexpected happened; the man and the woman of Earth awoke to old age, something not foreseen because God had thought of an eternal and immortal humanity.

After twenty-six thousand years from the emergence of the first Project in humanity with Adam and Eve, Abraham came, who was the first and great patriarch, who had to face the hardest moment of his life, leading his people into living the Law rather than disobedience.

Abraham managed to do so, but he suffered greatly because God asked him for everything, knowing that from his descendants would be born the Christ.

Thus, what would happen with Abraham and his people was decisive. That was the great moment for correcting the human Project and of learning to correctly live the Laws.

From that point, the Eternal Father saw that humanity must never again be misguided and that the direction of humanity would depend on the fulfillment of His Will and His Law. And it has been this way up until these days through the intervention of the Sacred Hearts, because being a part of God, we know your history, and we are a part of this humanity.

My Mother and I incarnated so that even matter could experience the process of redemption, and we could cause what the Hellel had determined to be accomplished. Thus, I had to die on the Cross, be denied and repudiated, humiliated and scourged, so that the human Project could be saved, and in this last opportunity, through the Presence of Christ on Earth, the aspiration of God could be fulfilled, that His Love be a part of His creatures forever.

And so, God has asked Me to use His creatures, His children, over the course of time and generations, so that all souls possible may achieve living a Christic life, even in the culminating moments, even in the determining cycles, until the Will of God be done.

The aspiration of the Resplendent Ones is still to be fulfilled. That definitive moment will come with the Return of Christ, when everything is about to be accomplished, when the prophecies manifest and humanity becomes aware, in the last hour, of these events.

Thus, the Sacred Book of the Hellel is still incomplete. It is the story of your lives that will complete it. It is the value that, for the price of My Blood, all of you can give it, so that this book may be finished, written by the very hands of the Resplendent Ones.

Your life and the lives of each being of this planet should be written in that Sacred Book as a testimony to the fulfillment of the Will of God, just as the Life of your Lord is written in the Book of the Resplendent Ones.

On this seventh day, I leave you this revelation so that you may understand and feel what the Father is feeling and living, that this moment is culminating, and there will not be another. For this reason, He sends Me as His Messenger, so that you not only experience these things in My Mercy, but that you also fulfill them, as has been foreseen.

Today your human part is facing the Truth of God, so that it may become more aware and responsible each day, because we are faced with the last great time, the time of the coming, of the Return of the Son of God.

May God make you humble so that you may hear His Message and His Word, to go beyond yourselves and fulfill His Will.

Through the Grace of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, let us commune of this mystery and of this truth of God, so that humanity may give a response to the unfinished Project.

Let us celebrate.

We stand in first person before Our Lord Jesus Christ to receive His blessing and His Divine Grace. We unite in our heart to this prayer for all priests:

may my spirit be purified
at this moment, 
so that I may participate 
in Your unfathomable mysteries of Love.

may my soul be purified
at this moment,
so that I may be worthy
of all Your Graces.

may my mind be purified
at this moment,
so that my consciousness may be united 
with the Divine Mind of God, and thus
be able to have the Grace of lovingly carrying forward
this Holy Sacrament.

may my heart be purified
at this moment,
so that my feelings may be united
with Your most pure feelings
of Love for humanity.

may my hands be purified
at this moment,
so that I may be worthy of participating
in the celebration and the consecration
of Your Body and Your Blood.
Purify my hands of all
that I have done that is impure and incorrect,
so that I may be blessed, 
able to touch Your Glorious Body.

may my eyes be purified
at this moment
of all that I look upon outside of the Law,
so that during the celebration, 
my gaze only be fixed only upon You.

may my mouth be purified
at this moment
of the words, deeds and judgments 
that I may have pronounced against the Love of God,
so that all that I say from now on
be the holy word of Your Gospel, 
under the Grace of the Holy Spirit.


may my ears be purified
at this moment
of all that I may have heard,
so that from now on I only hear Your Words
and, as a priest,
I may practice all your teachings.

empty me, at this moment,
so that it may not be my personality that acts,
but rather the strength and the power of Your Spirit,
which will perform miracles and wonders 
in this Holy Eucharist.


Let us celebrate the mystery of the Love of Christ present in the Eucharist, and in the Presence of Our Lord, the Resplendent Ones, the Hellell, and our Creator Father, let us not only offer this Sacrament as the surrender of the human condition, but also, let us offer our souls and hearts as testimonies and a thanksgiving for all the Love of Christ received throughout time.

Thus, before Christ was given up, He took the bread, elevated it, giving thanks to the Father so that it could be blessed as His Glorious Body, so that it could be transubstantiated by the angels of the universe, as justification and forgiveness of human errors. He then broke it and offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

He then took the Chalice and offered it to the Father for the redemption of humanity, so that it could be converted into His Blood. The Chalice was blessed and the prayer of the Son was heard by our Creator Father. He then offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

Our Father (in Spanish and English).

May the Peace, Love and Light of Christ descend to the planet.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.
Celestial Father, Who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us through the path of Love
so that Your Will may be done.

The Plan of Salvation of Christ is taking place and this is the essence of My coming here as a Messenger of God, as the Son of the Father, so that all may be rescued by My Love.

I thank you for listening at this time to the praise "Rescued by Your Love," so that you may understand the essence of the message given today, because everything will always begin with Love, and Love will bring you Grace.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I bring the Center of the Universe beneath My Feet so that you can contemplate the Origin of your origin, so that you can adore the first Thought of God, before everything existed in this Universe and in others.

With this message, I come to reveal the Truth to you, the Truth that exists within you. A Truth that is unalterable and inextinguishable, a truth that no one can change because it is a Truth that comes from God, from His Source and from His Manifestation.

In spite of the time of tribulation and purification, this Truth will never change because the Truth within you is the essence, what God constituted in each one of His children from the moment He thought of the manifestation of the Creation and all that exists today throughout the Universe, beyond your knowledge or not, because humanity of the surface has not yet discovered the Universe.

In order to know higher reality, you must first discover the Universe that exists within you. A Universe full of wisdom, of riches, of spiritual treasures and of the aspirations of God; formed by means of His Gifts and Virtues; integrated through His Wills that were preciously thought of for each one of you, for each one of His children.

Today humanity has grown as a population upon the surface of the Earth and you know that it is living an acute moment, a transition. This is a humanity that has already entered the doors of Armageddon, of the end of times, of the cycle of definitions.

But I wish that, in a part of humanity, this truth that is within you could unite you to each one of your brothers and sisters so that in these times of tempest and tribulation, of obscurity and darkness, nothing may make you vacillate nor hesitate; because when nature shows its manifestation and expression, and the elements act to purify the Earth and its whole consciousness, your faith must be unshakeable.

Believe, companions, that you have never lived this time. A time that brings revelations, not only within you, but also in the consciousness of the planet and of all of humanity.

Just as there are difficult times, there are also miraculous times, in which all are invited and called to participate in these times of miracles, in which the new Christs will emerge and sustain this planet and its consciousness, learning to overcome the end of times and learning to go through the tribulations that will manifest within and outside of you.

However, My dear companions, you must not put your eyes on what is external or on what happens to you because God knows what you are experiencing. God will always give you the strength you need in order to overcome and to help others overcome. This is part of a great chain of love that is built spiritually, through My servers and collaborators, in this Work of Redemption.

For this reason, today I want you to raise your consciousnesses toward the Center of this Universe, where not science nor any consciousness of the surface of the Earth has ever truly arrived, in order to discover and know what lies there.

In this place, known as Andromeda, is your Lord, to govern this part of the Universe with you, to teach you to be My pillars in this end time, to give strength and momentum to those who suffer, to those who have nothing, to those who are weak, to those who cannot overcome themselves.

From the Center of the Universe, I give you My Peace and in My Peace I lead you, in spite of purification and the imperfections.

Do not forget, My friends, your true essence, this little cell of light that God deposited within you, in your spirits, in the center of your souls, deep in your hearts. Neither evil nor darkness will be able to enter there; because God, from the beginning, made you a part of Him, and so ardent, loving and deep was His Wish to have His children upon the surface of the planet, as in other places of the Universe, in a way that you could know Him, love Him, contemplate Him, not only as a Divine and paternal Consciousness, but also as part of everything that exists, beyond adversity and duality.

Place your consciousnesses and your minds in another attunement and you will learn to overcome these difficult times while humanity changes its mind, day by day, and loses the direction toward the Truth.

Therefore, the time of My Return draws near, and you will not only listen to My Words, but you will also see the movement of My Lips while I am physically among you, not only in My Glorified aspect, but also in My aspect of Divinity, of the Second Person of God, the one that announced the Truth in past times and will announce it again, to renew the times within each one of you and upon this planet.

For this reason, My Work has expanded and will continue expanding, and you are the collaborators for this to take place, maintaining a primordial unity among your hearts and your lives, mutual respect among your people, fraternity among your souls, fostering mutual receptivity among your spirits.

All this will contribute, companions, to the fulfillment of My Plan in this crucial time of humanity. You will continue to learn to overcome battles, both within and outside of yourselves. You will continue to learn to heal, by means of the Love that I have taught you and that I will keep teaching you. You will keep learning to give of yourselves, to surrender in an unconditional way that will be capable of overcoming the limits of your consciousness and of your body, that will be capable of demonstrating that Love will win, once again, as it won on the Cross.

But this will not lead you to great agonies nor great grief. The planet is already suffering, humanity is physically and spiritually sick, but there are still flocks like this one, that are in the Sacred Centers, to prepare the Advent of your Redeemer because, at first, I will not come to great multitudes but rather for small groups, just as I once came for My Apostles, calling them, one by one, by their names, so that they might discover their true spiritual name that is part of the Source, of Existence, of the Creation of this Universe, of a higher and permanent vibration that is recognized by the angels of Heaven and by the great Creator Fathers.

Position yourselves, My companions, in the attunement of the Center of the Universe, of Andromeda, and you will have the tools, instruments and impulses of Light in order to keep transforming, to attain redemption on behalf of many, for those who will not undergo it, for those who will not accept it nor recognize it, but My Mercy comes for all, without exception.

My Glorified Heart opens the door to the whole humanity and it will still penetrate more within human consciousness when more servers congregate in the name of love, in the quest of the inner truth and in the sustenance of faith.

The planet must hear that I am returning and that I have announced Myself for several years through you who, under the unknown light of Aurora, opened the doors for My arrival, for My Second Coming to Humanity. I know that you still do not understand this mystery and that perhaps it seems to you that nothing is happening or that everything is just like before.

Place your eyes and especially your heart in the infinite and you will always reach the Star that will guide you, a special Star that up to now has guided and conducted you, the great Mother Star, the Universal Feminine Consciousness which, under the rays of Her maternal Attributes and impulses, has prepared both you and your brothers and sisters of the whole world, so that I may be here.

Just as the light ignited in Figueira a few days ago, today the light of the truth of Aurora re-ignites here again, within your hearts. You must not fear if the light of Aurora retreats or becomes silent because you, companions, are now prepared to represent the light of Aurora on the surface, in your conviction, in your faith, in your overcoming, in your unconditional spirit, in your inner and spiritual mission, in your service, in your surrender, in your fraternity, in your opportunity of delivering healing, relief, consolation, calm and bliss to those who have nothing within, because the world believes it has advanced technologically and spiritually, but you know, companions, that this is not true.

Therefore, God chooses such simple places as this one to be able to manifest His Word and His Message so that, among very few and in representation of many, you may know the Supreme Truth which, conducted by His infinite and superior Love, has gestated you, has created you and has brought you here, just as all of humanity.

The world has forgotten, in this time, the Love of the Father, but this infinite and merciful love returns through His Son, by means of His Word and of His Presence throughout the recent years, in which the Work of the Divine Messengers has been known and will keep being known, and diffused by the hearts that feel the echo of God within.

Do not believe that everything has ended, these last years were the preamble for the great preparation of the end of times. Service, love, charity, prayer, instruction, healing are the bases of this spiritual Work that joins many kindred Works throughout the world, and which will keep joining them to fraternize with all children of God, in the presence of the sacred spirit of the Hierarchy and of the Brotherhood, which are always present in Heaven and on Earth; which have been contemplating you, conducting you and guiding you since the beginning of your origins, since the emergence from your sources, where all was perfect, in accordance with the Plan of the Creator.

Just as evil was defeated, believe, companions, that by the presence of My merciful and paternal Love, duality will be defeated within and outside of you. But persist, persist, persist for Me. Feel that you are under My protection.

I congregate all of you, time and again, in the name of the Truth and of the Love of the Father because, just as the people of Israel were guided and chosen, His new people, His new race, His new flock, His servers of the end of times are also congregated by the Presence of His Love and of His Wisdom.

Do not forget to be mirrors of the Sacred Centers so that the Centers can be present on the surface of the Earth in this time, in which humanity places its mind and its heart in many desires and tendencies. God is tired of feeling the wrath of His children, of feeling indignation for the hearts that do not listen to Him and that do not want to open their eyes to see, on the horizon, the presence of the Brotherhood. But you, My servers and companions, old brothers and sisters of the past, who have already been formed by the light of Instruction, awaken your gifts, awaken your virtues and continue, as up to now, by means of the prayer for all nations, constructing this impulse that comes directly from the Universe.

The light of Aurora offered to selflessly serve the planet and humanity by means of the meetings and of the impulses of light in the pilgrimages. I knew from the beginning, companions, that you would not be aware of what this would mean, but you knew how to obey, adhere and love, and this is valued by the Eternal Father and by all of His Existence, just as many servers have done throughout the times to surrender to God in an unconditional and true way.

The world and humanity still need this light of Aurora. You have the Grace of making this light shine in your hearts and in your lives, in your sharing, in your fraternity, in your communion among brothers and sisters, just as the Essenes used to do.

All that I experienced while I was present on Earth, I have shared with you by means of My Messages and Words, through each meeting in this place as in others. But the moment of expansion will experience its time of retreat. There is still a lot to do before that, companions, the planetary need is very great, the need is immense, but you will never lack peace, although you may be in a battle. Trust, because I will always be there by your side to take you in My Arms to God, and to make you again find the meaning of being here.

May the hearts that are awakening listen. May the souls that are arriving unite. May the light of the Sacred Centers attract the servers of God from different places of the world, because the moment is coming of communion with the great spiritual family that is formed by all those who listen to God in their hearts and respond to His call.

At this hour, may the next Will of God be fulfilled, which will be revealed, even while being unknown to all.

Strengthen your spiritual bases, day by day, to strengthen the bases that make up the life of the community on the surface, on each space consecrated to the Hierarchy.

You know, companions, that the Sacred Hearts will be in the world for a longer time, as God grants, and this time will come when you must be the very light of Aurora on the surface of this planet and wherever you go, in the certainty of fulfilling the Will of God by means of faith. Treading the path of transformation, of surrender and of redemption, you will lack nothing.

The planetary imbalance is very great. Dissociation is immense and so is inequality. But if the little flocks remain strong, the Shepherd will always guide His sheep to take them and conduct them towards the Greater Purpose which, although it is unknown, will someday become conscious in you.

Under the light that conceived the purpose of Aurora, in the Origin of origins, from the center and from the heart of this Galaxy where My Government establishes peace and equality, I bless you and absolve you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Second Message

And today I come showing My Wounds to the world, to each one of the souls, as an offering for the wounds that Argentina has today, as a spiritual and material nation.

Today I come to offer My Blood as this perfect testimony of love for you and for each nation of this planet, especially for the nations that suffer the most, which are submitted and colonized by projects that do not come from God, but rather from humanity.

But this will end. It will not last for a long time.

I have come here, to Argentina, for all of this to begin to change from now on. 

I have chosen this nation for this start to happen, just as My Father has asked.

For this reason, I offer My Wounds, not as a symbol of suffering, but rather of victory, pouring out the Light of My Spirit from each one of them, for those who want to be bathed by My Grace. 

I come here to testify that the Kingdom of God is possible, inside and outside of beings, and on the surface of the planet, which, in spite of the chaos of the end of times and of the immediate purification, the Lord invites you to prevail in peace; invites you to build inside of you a path which is still unknown. 

This path that I offer to you is toward the Universe, where the Brotherhood is found; where a purpose is lived during the entire lifetime, until it can be fulfilled.

For this reason, you must seek inside of you, companions, the essence of what you truly are and of what you have come to accomplish in these final times, where the next Kingdom of God in humanity and on the planet will be defined, where many more things will happen, things that you must live to be able to learn and to experience the degrees of love and of forgiveness, in order to achieve, finally, the so awaited redemption.

For this reason, I invite you to be consequent with Me, as you have been in all these last days, where in each detail, in each labor and service, I have seen your love and your effort for Me, with the aim of the Work of the Divine Mercy to be accomplished in humanity, and especially in Argentina.

As I told you yesterday, here there are very valuable souls that have arrived in this time to experience the great change of consciousness, by means of strong experiences and deep livings that try to lead you to the comprehension of the reconciliation and of faith, of unity and of fraternity, in this beloved people.

Here is the preamble of a new race, as is in Brazil and in another parts of South-America. 

Everything that happens in these times on the surface of the Earth is part of the objective of My adversary which is to imbalance and destabilize the humanities, peoples and nations. But do not enter in this field nor into this energy of discord and of dissociation. 

Nourish yourselves, day by day, through the word of prayer and you will be able to reach the sublime spheres, and the sublime spheres, as guiding stars, will indicate the new path to you, the new direction that you must travel through your lives and experiences.

Do not fear to face the end of times nor the purification.

Do not fear to offer yourselves to suffer for Me, because what I will give you is what you really need, beyond what you would deserve. 

Trust in My Heart, because in it lies the Sacred Temple for your spirits, so that your souls may live the communion with Me, time and again.

For this reason, today I come again from Andromeda, to emit My proclamation of peace, to make of this peace a reality that many would like to live but cannot. But if you, companions, decide to be My instruments and not the instruments of the world, I will be able to continue working through your lives and consciousnesses. 

Thus, in spite of what happens or what may present itself in these times, I will build in you an unbreakable fortitude that will have its base in spiritual life, given by the fortitude of faith and of the trust in the One, Our Celestial Father.

My Father sends Me, not only to call you to understanding and comprehension, but also to the necessary correction that is vital for these critical times; a correction that will try to lead you always along the path of the Purpose and of the Truth, so that you do not lose the objective of what God needs to build in humanity and in all peoples. 

Through My Wounds, I illuminate your lives.

Through My Consciousness, I ennoble your spirits, because they are old spirits, originating from other stars and from other universes. Spirits that have congregated to accomplish a purpose in the name of the Son of God, a purpose that has not been accomplished yet and that has not ended, which is in the apex of its transition and of its definition.

Thus, everything you do for the good of God will build the new and the eternal, which will be invincible and will not be defeated.

Over you is the Hand of Grace. A Grace that helps you, a Grace that fills you, a Grace that leads you to live peace in times without peace. 

Be builders of the New Humanity. Postulate yourselves as pillars that will be the bases for the new race by means of attributes, of examples and of an unconditional service for humanity and the planet, as well as for all its Kingdoms. 

Elevate your thought toward the High and unite your thought to the Thought of the Father-Mother Creator Emmanuel and here there will not exist interferences nor disturbances, your attention will be fixed in the Purpose and in all that must happen in the next times. 

Argentina must achieve its transparency; it must manifest its equality. For this everything will be purified. 

Do not fear to know that everything will be purified. Do not fear to find the reason for this purification and of this moment. Know that everything is already foreseen and that your land has been called to live a new state of consciousness that will first be born in the human beings who live in the Lord, who accomplish His Designs and His Divine Will.

From you the new being may be born and the old being will be left behind, because you will have accepted to live the Principles of God, which will not only constitute new consciousnesses in you, but which will form the new peoples, the new race, the New Earth.

From the heart of the Universe, I emit My Voice, so that My Voice may be heard by all.

I leave for you the Love that I have for your Motherland and for your nation, knowing that God has given you the best that He has so that your people, from its origins, might learn to express its inner and spiritual virtue. 

It is this virtue that I come to seek from the Argentinian people, and it is this virtue that will not be dissolved from the essence of all those who live here.

Therefore, everything is in a battle and in definition, just as it is in Brazil. 

In the principles of the Earth, this region was preserved from much interferences. 

Here was the Eden of God, in its exuberance and splendor, in its beauty and loveliness, through all Kingdoms of Nature. Humanity has destroyed it and keeps destroying it.

So that everything can be reversed and change, so that the Eden can flourish again and express itself, from Argentina there must born this state of consciousness of restoration and of healing which not only its people need, but also a great part of the world.

The Celestial Brotherhood is setting its instruments on a region that has been called to express an important Will of God.

Although My Message is symbolic, My Words are clear, because I talk to your hearts and not to your minds. I talk to what is beyond your physical being and what is internal, which listens and knows everything that I say. 

It is here where the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where the seed of the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where what God expects so much will sprout, so that human beings finally may know their freedom and leave behind their constant captivity.

Be similar to the People of Israel. But you must not spend forty years to find the Promised Land and your true freedom, you are more conscious about the end of times.

Just follow My steps and enter into My Heart, in faith everything will be accomplished. Because among few the greatest thing will be done, among few the planet will be led to a new state and you are invited to participate in this. 

From Andromeda, I convoke you and I call you to unite, in love, to the grand Confraternity. 

I thank you for everything you have offered to Me, because this multiplies Grace, not only for your beings, but also for your country.

May the Kingdom of God be in your hearts and in your spirits. 

May the Lord of the Universe show you His Sacred Face and may you contemplate the splendor of His Existence so that you may feel blessed by His Divine Spirit, by His powerful Current of Mercy and of Peace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


First Message

From the Great Star of the Universe, I greet you and send My Message of peace to the world.

Today My Words emanate from the heart of Andromeda, a place from where the Universes of this Universe are governed, and many more Universes that are ruled by the Law of the Hierarchy, and are under the care of the great universal Consciousnesses.

I have come to Argentina to correct it in its purpose, to again lead it towards the path of the light.

This is why I extend My Hand to the People of God, so that they may hold on to Me tightly and follow Me on the pathway of the true faith and of the new hope.

From Andromeda, I emit My Voice to the world and especially to Argentina, knowing that it is a people that needs to straighten its paths to be able to accomplish the Purpose of God, to be able to vivify it, to be able to fulfill it, in these critical times, in which everything is at stake.

What I ask you today is nothing new, companions, just only remember your commitment so that you can remember your origin, knowing that this material life does not end here and that after this life there is much more to learn.

The Universes offer themselves so that you can learn in its sacred Schools, where everything is written and where everything is accomplished.

Therefore, I invite you on these days to drink of My Mercy so that you can drink of the Source of Knowledge, a knowledge that reveals the Truth to you, a knowledge that will give you the peace and the wisdom that you need for these critical times.

But My coming to Argentina will not avoid many other things more that happen in these days and in these times.

Freedom is still in the hands of humankind.

Freedom is what can lead you to God or what can condemn you without you perceiving it.

For this reason, the choice is in each human heart, the choice of living in God or not being in God, of submerging in the Love of God or moving away from the Love of God.

Nobody will be forced to live a spirituality that they have not yet understood, nor felt inside.

But what I can promise to Argentina is just My Love and My Mercy. Streams that will lead you to find the Divine Purpose, to find the answer that you are looking for so much, for a long time.

Thus, I am gradually forming My new soldiers, the soldiers of the last times. I am gradually building the inner Christ in the dwellings of all beings, the inner Christ who will live the end of times, the one who will give testimony, in My Name, that I am here among you and with you.

For this reason, today My Voice is emitted from Andromeda, a place where the Universal Government dwells and complies the Divine Laws of this Material Universe; a place where great decisions are taken for the evolution and the awakening of the consciousnesses, for the infinite expression of more degrees of love, of a greater Love than the one I could conceive when I was on Earth among you, a long time ago.

At that moment, I had left you a key that would help you to transcend all times and all generations, all experiences and all learnings.

It is the love for life what will rebuild Argentina, beyond the mistakes and faults.

Love is what will heal, it is what will fill.

Love will concede you peace and thus you will live in justice.

It will be worthless to oppose one another, because even though inequalities exist, which are seen by all, what matters for God, companions, is the destiny of your nation and its people, as a Promised Land, that will no longer have injustices nor inequalities, which will be permeated by the Presence of God, in the perfect living of His Beloved Son, in the heart of humanity.

Do not fight for what is material, although it is unjust.

Build in you what is true and what comes from God, what will really make you free, someday, to reach the Kingdom of God, which is inside of you.

Living in the Kingdom of God you will be in communion with the High and it will be no longer a religion nor a doctrine, because your religion, companions, regardless of any other, will be love.

It is love that will lead you to live service and fraternity towards your brothers and sisters.

It is love that will allow you to build brotherhood and thus be able to live the new life that will repopulate Earth in the coming times.

But while you live your internal and external transition, do not fight, do not oppose to one another any longer. Seek this justice in the Gift of the Mercy of God and everything will pass.

Thus God will make justice, as the Great Divine Consciousness that He is, and His children will finally represent Him on Earth, as He so much has expected since the beginning.

Be capable of living My Words beyond the senses.

Be capable of risking to do a little bit more than you do or than what you have achieved in your lives, because everything will start again in love, and from love will begin. The rest will become dust and to dust will return.

In your spirits is the Sacred Reliquary of My Heart.

In your souls, the presence of My Soul can be, so that you may be in communion with the Divine Justice and in a perfect balance.

Therefore, from Andromeda, a Voice of equality is emitted and the Great Star of this Universe calls you to the elevation of the consciousness, to step out of forms and battles, to achieve the true meaning of your existence and of your mission on Earth as individuals, as a people and as a country.

Close the doors to chaos. Open the doors to My Divine Mercy because thus My Presence will triumph in you and My Energy will triumph in your nation.

The time has come to perceive reality and not deceits.

The time has come, companions of Argentina, of climbing one more step to approach God and to feel His Love that fills and fills you, time and again.

Be a people that deserves Divine Justice and not human justice. Thus you will learn to be in balance and in harmony with the Universe.

Andromeda emits its voice, from the Universe to your planet, so that you can listen to it and count on its great Government that is celestial and complies with the superior commands that the Eternal Father dictates.

Join this chain of prayer for peace and prevent chaos to submerge you.

Be intelligent and activate the prayer of the heart so that your own inner Mirrors may dissolve all reigning darkness.

For this reason, Andromeda comes to bless you and consecrate you so that each human heart and each soul may listen to the Voice of the Universe and receive, from Andromeda, the spirit of peace.

May your offering for this Marathon be true as you have demonstrated on these last days.

Because the Universe is contemplating all your efforts, however small they may seem. All efforts add to the descent of Divine Mercy that allow to love the enemies and forgive the unjust ones.

Encourage yourselves to surpass Me in love and you will find the Truth.

Encourage yourselves to be My testimonials and you will be free, as you expect so much.

The Kingdom of God is inside of you and it must remain there throughout the times, for the Sacred Will to be fulfilled.

I thank you for having said “yes” to Me for this meeting, because this means much to Me, as a Divine and Universal Consciousness.

Here exists very valuable souls and very important spirits for the Creation. This is why you are in Argentina and not in another place.

Everything in the Creation has a divine meaning and a superior Purpose to be manifested.

Be part of this universal current that comes from Andromeda and recognize, in these times, your mission with humanity.

May in this Marathon of springtime, the love of your hearts flourish.

May your hands, arms and feet give the fruits of service and walk to meet those who are most in need, so that Mercy may reach all, without distinction.

May the Light of the Spirit of Andromeda bless you in the name of the Sacred Brotherhood.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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