Saturday, August 15 of 2020

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It was on the great star of Andromeda that God placed His great aspiration for this humanity and for others.

Andromeda is the regent of your Solar System and others. It was there, in that part of the universe, where the Creator Fathers once came to sow the Plan of God in the material universe through a Divine Project, which first was to emerge and manifest in the Great Star of Andromeda.

Those who arrived there were beings from the mental universe, beings very enlightened in Science and in Divine Wisdom. Thus, the Archangels sent the Hellel, so that they could gestate this Project of God in that part of the universe. This is what My Celestial Church is showing you today through its main portal.

We are going to the real science of your origin, so that you may understand how the Divine Laws acted in the creator universe, to then gestate the Universal Laws, these later being the Commandments, which are a part of the great lesson of all the Universal Laws.

Life could not emerge without being governed by a Law. What would be the sense of evolution existing in the universe without the presence of the Law?

For the Divine Purpose to be able to manifest, the Law is necessary. For this reason, the Father so established it, and the Great Star of Andromeda was chosen so that, from the Mental Universe, it could have this experience.

The Hellel, the Resplendent, the most subtle angelic beings of the Mental Universe, that never descended from that location, only when the Archangels requested it of them so that, from the mental universe, that Divine Project could be carried forward in Andromeda, Andromeda being the emergence of humanities in likeness to yours.

 Why was Andromeda chosen rather than another location of the universe? And why does Andromeda today continue to be the Governing Center of this Local Universe?

Everything begins with a divine and occult meaning that is within the great Law of the Mystery of God, in which Divine Thought was what, in other times, in very ancient times, fostered the emergence of life in this universe.

In the same way that God thought of His human Project, He also thought of other Projects that continue to evolve, similar to this one. With other degrees of consciousness and evolution, the different creatures of the Father live their lessons and schools in order to achieve the experience of degrees of love.

But what is there within this Project of humanity that makes it so important for the rest of the universe? What other universes do not have, as you have, in what is known as Divine Science, which makes you worthy in the Father and in His children. This is what allows you to be here today, in spite of the errors.

In Andromeda, the purpose was very great; the challenge could be impossible, but it could not have flaws.

In that time, the evolution of consciousness was different. Before it was decided that a humanity could exist, like this one, which is upon the surface, only the Father knew what would happen. For this reason, He created the Laws, first in the Mental Universe, so that His requests could be fulfilled and His aspirations of having creatures in likeness to Him could be realized, that would learn to recognize Him and love Him as the Divine Source, as the Essence of Love, as Supreme Power.

Up to that time, in Andromeda, everything was on course. The Plan was ready to be carried forward.

That was how the Hellel, in a source of Light in likeness to the One Source, within the great star of Andromeda, created the first representatives that would carry out this humanity and another.

It was necessary that there be intermediaries in this Project, not only to accompany it and guide it, but so that the first humanity, that would emerge on Earth through Adam and Eve, could follow the divine guidelines, mandated by the Hellel for these higher consciousnesses, that were intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, between your humanity and the Mental Universe.

In that time, the first experience of love was implemented. It was not in the Mind of God to descend to Earth as the Christ, to redeem humanity. But the Project diverted; it did not follow the correct path through the choice of the men and women of that time.

But there was something in all of that which could not be lost, that was the essence of the Purpose that had been requested and sought by the Father from the Archangels, and the Archangels from the Hellel.

Since the Project was established in Andromeda and moved out from there to other parts of the universe, the humanities, in their different schools and lessons, were to keep alive their divine essence in order to understand, in their evolution, the Project of God, and understand that life had been created for adoring God, to love Him and revere Him, just as He loves, reveres and adores them as part of His Paternity.

Up to that point, Andromeda managed to develop what the Father needed. The Resplendent Ones came and settled for a specific time. It was the great moment of manifesting the request of God, in which the first thirteen humanities were to exist in the material universe, being that one of the thirteen humanities would have the gift of a divine connection and angelic contact. And that humanity is your own.

Now do you understand the importance of this project being successful?

The master key for overcoming duality is Love. Love cannot be destroyed by the adversary, just like it tried to destroy the project many times, tempting Adam and Eve into the greatest deviation of all time, so that what God needed would not be fulfilled.

But the aspiration of God was not impeded. Many consciousnesses of the universe came to Earth to assist humanity, because what had happened in Andromeda had been very important.

A spiritual conclave occurred at that time, when the human consciousness still did not exist nor the elaboration of the first part of the Project, because it was only an aspiration of the Mental Universe to then become a reality in the Material Universe.

Why was the Project of Andromeda not completed on Earth, with all the assistance given to it? Why did the higher consciousnesses not succeed in accomplishing what the Hellel requested of them?

You must be aware, companions, that a Creator Father had failed and was absorbed by his disobedience.

From that point on, everything changed. The Eternal Father, for a moment, was faced with an unknown. What would happen to Creation if His Project were not accomplished as His One Consciousness had decided? What was the reason for disobeying His Law and His mandate, and of not having understood that the center of His Power is Love rather than authority?

The mistaken Creator Father could not see beyond the events. That is why it denied the Eternal Father and everything changed. As from that point, evolution was divided by the first error of Adam and Eve. The apple of temptation embraced them and the genetic Project changed overnight.

They stepped out of immortality and entered mortality. Something unexpected happened; the man and the woman of Earth awoke to old age, something not foreseen because God had thought of an eternal and immortal humanity.

After twenty-six thousand years from the emergence of the first Project in humanity with Adam and Eve, Abraham came, who was the first and great patriarch, who had to face the hardest moment of his life, leading his people into living the Law rather than disobedience.

Abraham managed to do so, but he suffered greatly because God asked him for everything, knowing that from his descendants would be born the Christ.

Thus, what would happen with Abraham and his people was decisive. That was the great moment for correcting the human Project and of learning to correctly live the Laws.

From that point, the Eternal Father saw that humanity must never again be misguided and that the direction of humanity would depend on the fulfillment of His Will and His Law. And it has been this way up until these days through the intervention of the Sacred Hearts, because being a part of God, we know your history, and we are a part of this humanity.

My Mother and I incarnated so that even matter could experience the process of redemption, and we could cause what the Hellel had determined to be accomplished. Thus, I had to die on the Cross, be denied and repudiated, humiliated and scourged, so that the human Project could be saved, and in this last opportunity, through the Presence of Christ on Earth, the aspiration of God could be fulfilled, that His Love be a part of His creatures forever.

And so, God has asked Me to use His creatures, His children, over the course of time and generations, so that all souls possible may achieve living a Christic life, even in the culminating moments, even in the determining cycles, until the Will of God be done.

The aspiration of the Resplendent Ones is still to be fulfilled. That definitive moment will come with the Return of Christ, when everything is about to be accomplished, when the prophecies manifest and humanity becomes aware, in the last hour, of these events.

Thus, the Sacred Book of the Hellel is still incomplete. It is the story of your lives that will complete it. It is the value that, for the price of My Blood, all of you can give it, so that this book may be finished, written by the very hands of the Resplendent Ones.

Your life and the lives of each being of this planet should be written in that Sacred Book as a testimony to the fulfillment of the Will of God, just as the Life of your Lord is written in the Book of the Resplendent Ones.

On this seventh day, I leave you this revelation so that you may understand and feel what the Father is feeling and living, that this moment is culminating, and there will not be another. For this reason, He sends Me as His Messenger, so that you not only experience these things in My Mercy, but that you also fulfill them, as has been foreseen.

Today your human part is facing the Truth of God, so that it may become more aware and responsible each day, because we are faced with the last great time, the time of the coming, of the Return of the Son of God.

May God make you humble so that you may hear His Message and His Word, to go beyond yourselves and fulfill His Will.

Through the Grace of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, let us commune of this mystery and of this truth of God, so that humanity may give a response to the unfinished Project.

Let us celebrate.

We stand in first person before Our Lord Jesus Christ to receive His blessing and His Divine Grace. We unite in our heart to this prayer for all priests:

may my spirit be purified
at this moment, 
so that I may participate 
in Your unfathomable mysteries of Love.

may my soul be purified
at this moment,
so that I may be worthy
of all Your Graces.

may my mind be purified
at this moment,
so that my consciousness may be united 
with the Divine Mind of God, and thus
be able to have the Grace of lovingly carrying forward
this Holy Sacrament.

may my heart be purified
at this moment,
so that my feelings may be united
with Your most pure feelings
of Love for humanity.

may my hands be purified
at this moment,
so that I may be worthy of participating
in the celebration and the consecration
of Your Body and Your Blood.
Purify my hands of all
that I have done that is impure and incorrect,
so that I may be blessed, 
able to touch Your Glorious Body.

may my eyes be purified
at this moment
of all that I look upon outside of the Law,
so that during the celebration, 
my gaze only be fixed only upon You.

may my mouth be purified
at this moment
of the words, deeds and judgments 
that I may have pronounced against the Love of God,
so that all that I say from now on
be the holy word of Your Gospel, 
under the Grace of the Holy Spirit.


may my ears be purified
at this moment
of all that I may have heard,
so that from now on I only hear Your Words
and, as a priest,
I may practice all your teachings.

empty me, at this moment,
so that it may not be my personality that acts,
but rather the strength and the power of Your Spirit,
which will perform miracles and wonders 
in this Holy Eucharist.


Let us celebrate the mystery of the Love of Christ present in the Eucharist, and in the Presence of Our Lord, the Resplendent Ones, the Hellell, and our Creator Father, let us not only offer this Sacrament as the surrender of the human condition, but also, let us offer our souls and hearts as testimonies and a thanksgiving for all the Love of Christ received throughout time.

Thus, before Christ was given up, He took the bread, elevated it, giving thanks to the Father so that it could be blessed as His Glorious Body, so that it could be transubstantiated by the angels of the universe, as justification and forgiveness of human errors. He then broke it and offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

He then took the Chalice and offered it to the Father for the redemption of humanity, so that it could be converted into His Blood. The Chalice was blessed and the prayer of the Son was heard by our Creator Father. He then offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

Our Father (in Spanish and English).

May the Peace, Love and Light of Christ descend to the planet.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.
Celestial Father, Who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us through the path of Love
so that Your Will may be done.

The Plan of Salvation of Christ is taking place and this is the essence of My coming here as a Messenger of God, as the Son of the Father, so that all may be rescued by My Love.

I thank you for listening at this time to the praise "Rescued by Your Love," so that you may understand the essence of the message given today, because everything will always begin with Love, and Love will bring you Grace.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!