Friday, November 20 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Look at yourself for a moment, before your existence, and remember what you originally were, from where you arose and for what you were created.

Look at yourself for a moment, before your existence, and within you let the remembrance of the Purpose of God awaken, that which was destined for your consciousness, for your evolution.

Now, contemplate this existence in the great center of Andromeda, where the first evolutionary life was manifested, before the origin of the Earth, before the emergence of the Solar System.

You will thus understand that life in the universe has existed since primordial times, when the Angelic and Archangelic Hierarchy gave an impulse to the manifestation of Creation.

With this, I want you to know that you must look towards what you truly are, and not towards what you appear to be. You must find your immaterial life, which vibrates in the spaces of the universe, that which is part of a cosmic symphony and complements a part of the great and infinite Brotherhood.

Today, your existence and your origin are at the feet of Andromeda, before the government of the universe that conducts and guides all consciousnesses, just as it gives an impulse to the expression of all virtues and all gifts, that which the Spiritual Hierarchy calls lineages.

Humanity came to incarnate on this planet to fulfill this task and this mission of expressing the lineages through virtues and gifts, because in this way evolution would be completed.

Andromeda is this great powerhouse of the universe that gives impulse to life and to the awakening of consciousness. This is why today your existence is there so that, just like the Hierarchy, you may find within you the school that you must  go through in these times, which is the school of awakening.

Living this school, you will overcome illusion, and will know how to purify your indifference. You will no longer be part of the world ignorance, of what blinds humanity and of what blocks the mind, but rather, through the recognition of your immaterial life, you will be like a mirror, you will be like a guardian, you will be a governor, you will be like a contemplative, you will be like a healer, and thus you will find the path that the universe has destined for your being.

Why does God need, within this Creation, that you live His gifts or His virtues through the lineages?

Because it is the path that will help you in your redemption, in your purification and transcendence.

Because it is the path to find your origin again, to remember your existence;to know that you come from the Divine Spirit and that to the Divine Spirit you must return, completing this experience of the Creation that has to be re-created, that has to find its definitive path for the fulfillment of the Plan.

I know that a great part of humanity is asleep, it is ignorant and also indifferent.

But just like you, I came to Earth with a Greater Purpose and an inextinguishable, divine and cosmic Will; and with only twelve consciousnesses, I carried forward the task of redemption, bringing the opportunity of uniting the times, of uniting the consciousnesses, of awakening the talents and expressing the inner life in a humanity that was lost, blind and deaf.

Now you must be this bridge, at this time. Learn to recognize your errors, but do not submerge in them. Learn to correct your lives and not become confused. Learn to discern, so as to not go crazy.

Purification is a part of the process of evolution, it is steps of the infinite stairway of the universe, which will impel you to again find your origin and your existence.

Days ago, Sirius sent you a message and brought to the world the awakening of consciousness. 

Today Sirius impels a great transformation, a constant aspiration of finding the truth and of participating in it, to abandon the illusion of the surface of the Earth so that each sun may shine by itself, knowing how to unite to the currents of the universe through the lineages. Knowing that human power and authority do not belong to you. Knowing that it is time to serve by expanding the consciousness in order to find a safe path, that path that directs you towards the center of the universe, the great star of Andromeda that impels the awakening.

You must not fear to find your obstacles, your limitations, your errors in this world and in other parts of the universe.

Through purification, you must transcend duality and the corrupt states of the mind and consciousness in order to turn towards that which is immaterial, to that which is real and sublime. You are not lacking any help at this moment.

It would be a great relief for the Hierarchy if all of humanity were aware of this so that once and forever it might learn to step out of the very chaos it generates, of the very duality in which it participates, of the indifference it fosters.

This is the time to find your true being, to learn to live true life.

As the situation of humanity is unleashed, greater will be the efforts to live the lineages through the impulses of the virtues and the gifts. Greater will be the determination of reaching these spheres and of attracting to the Earth the Christic Life.

The more of you who live your awakening, the greater your opportunities will be; but understand that, just like you, many of your brothers and sisters will face the reality that will lead them, either way, to experience change, and to detach from what is material and superfluous, from all that does not lead to the life of the spirit and to experience that which is immaterial. But just by placing oneself in the aspiration of finding it, help will come, and, little by little, everything will be converted.

You must learn, more each day, to sympathize with your fellow beings, because if fraternity does not exist and is not consciously lived, the lineages will not awaken.

It is not possible to flaunt cosmic life without first living a life of solidarity, of cooperation, of brotherhood.

This humanity has received many treasures throughout the times and generations.

Now it is time to give value to the Word of the Hierarchy so that it not only passes you by, but it may also enter your consciousness in order to become a part of your being.

Through this awakening, humanity will be sustained. A great part of the ignorant humanity will also be sustained, and this sustenance, this inner and spiritual support will be what will allow the consciousnesses to participate in My Return. Overnight, you will see the Truth that the universe will show you. A Truth that no one will be able to interfere with nor impede.

My priesthood guards each one of your gifts and virtues so that your inner life may have more strength than external life, which is concrete and material. Because it is in that which is internal where the force of overcoming and transcendence lies. The building of a New Humanity lies there.

Today, before your existence, interiorize these words so that Andromeda may always send you the impulse of the great awakening.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.