Friday, April 15 of 2022

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Gift of Light must never be missing in the children of God because when this Light is missing in the world, darkness reigns in many consciousnesses submerged in chaos and evil.

Today, with all the fervor of My Heart, I invoke, for each one of you, the Gift of Light, which today is lit through this Menorah as a symbol of the transcendence and transfiguration of consciousnesses, just as today I present Myself to you as the Transfigured and Glorified Christ, as the very victory of the Cross.

I bring to souls these Gifts that are found within the Gift of Light, because the Gift of the Light of God is based on His Eternal Love and on His Divine Unity.

These two powerful currents of the universe allow souls to awaken from illusion, just as the very Light of God, which incarnated through His Son had in those times caused all who were sleeping to awaken to the true spiritual path, the path of transformation, the path of Christification.

May this Light of God, which the world needs today, permeate all spaces of the planet and of consciousnesses, may it purge from human beings the codes of capital sin, which lead consciousnesses to perdition and distraction.

Today, through Andromeda, I bring you this Gift so that you may dare to transfigure, transcend and elevate yourselves, just as the very Son of God transfigured and elevated Himself with one aim: for love of all.

May this be the cause of your lives: to be willing, open and available to live My Path, the Path of Will that I try to draw through your consciousnesses. A path that does not end with death, a path that continues throughout eternal life and the experiences and lessons that you will be able to live in this evolutionary trajectory, among the dimensions and the planes of consciousness.

It would be very limited to think that life ends here. Your essences have received the bodies that you have for them to be able to move and learn, to carry, in the innermost depths of your cells, the codes of forgiveness and love that you may achieve in this life. Because, in the end, the trajectory of each one of those who are Mine will be brought into the Primordial Source so that, through the triumph of the Love and Redemption that Christ provides to you in these times, you may be the result that God expects, through your experiences and lessons.

Be the consciousnesses that dare to re-create this Creation, so that all may be repaired and healed.

With this door to the unknown, which I open to you, today I invite you to climb, not Mount Calvary, but rather the Mount of the Victory of Christ, the Mountain of the New Christs, from where you will be able to glimpse and contemplate the coming of the New Earth, the New Race, a New Humanity, which will no longer be connected to the doors of evil, but will rather be redeemed and also consecrated to the Divine Plan; a Plan that does not end here, a Plan that does not finish with the transition of the Earth, because it is a Plan that will continue to be written through the evolution of your entire consciousness and the consciousnesses of your brothers and sisters.

Now you will be able to broadly understand that evolution does not end here, that the learning experiences do not end here, because if your own Master incarnated in the world, preached in the world, died in this world and ascended to the Heavens, to the Heart of the universe, the great Constellation of Andromeda, do you by any chance believe that I did not continue learning?

This is the most precious aspect of evolution and Creation, that consciousness may not become excessively accustomed to the spiritual path or to the path of service, because the true goal for each one of you lies in Eternity, in what we call the Eternal Present, where there is no past nor future, where there is what here, in the universe, we call the fourth dimension.

Will you dare, internally and consciously, to expand your consciousnesses toward the Higher Universe, to enter the Real Time of the universe, where your true trajectory of the past and the future is written?

You are like precious pieces of this great puzzle of the Universal Creation, in which the Eternal Father aspires to have you like precious jewels within the dwellings that He has prepared for each one of you.

For this reason, life does not end here. It is a constant elevation and effort through the impulse to live the Purpose, through the effort of living the Will of God and through the determination of living the Truth.

For this reason, I am here, because I know that you can keep walking, you can free yourselves from the past, from those chains and ties that do not allow you to walk. I come to cut these chains with My own Sword, and free you from the shackles of perdition so that, through the Consciousness of Archangel Michael, each one of your spirits may be formed as a warrior of Peace, that may be capable of contemplating and protecting the Sacred Flame of the Divine Purpose, which is alive and hidden like a teraphim at the heart of Andromeda.

Be postulants to become disciples of the Universal Hierarchy, emptying your hearts, purifying your lives, expanding your consciousnesses towards the Sidereal Universe, because there lies the true meaning and the true reason for all that your Master and Lord lived in the Passion and on the Cross.

All of you, at the end of these times, and after all that you have heard and learned throughout the years, already have the capacity, as well as the reasoning faculty to understand the expansion of Consciousness of Christ after His Ascension to the Heavens.

Because if you are on this level of consciousness and with this attitude, you will not only allow the Codes of My Passion to pour out upon the world or allow yourselves to be postulants to be the New Christs, but you will also allow Me, as the Great Governor of the Universe, as the Great Spirit of the Humility of God, to awaken the consciousnesses that need to awaken and remember what they have truly been and not the errors they have committed, because I will always grant you forgiveness and reconciliation, as long as you are consistent with the Laws and especially with Me.

Because here I do not come as a judge. I come here as the Advocate of God, as the intermediary and Mediator of the hearts and consciousnesses that, in these times, must find their origin again, so that nothing and no one can defeat or vanquish them, not even My enemy, who will also be defeated by Me at some moment. But not as many think or believe, because it will be a surrender that My Heart will make that is similar to the one made in the sorrowful Passion.

Can you understand now the hidden meaning of My Arrival on Earth?

Because it was not only announced and prophesied, or written in the Sacred Scriptures. I not only reappeared after having died on the Cross, revealing the Power of My Resurrection, but I also brought a broader Message for all the consciousnesses that were faithful to Me until the last moment. A Grace that I granted, a promise that I fulfilled until the last moment, for all who were by My side without understanding why I went to the Heavens.

If I had not ascended to the universe, how could I have conceived the union of My Spiritual Government with the whole Creation of My Father?

All that was written, all that was prophesied, even what was unknown, was already foreseen and has happened, has been fulfilled. For this reason, this moment and these times that you consciously live with Me now, without having any doubt or any questioning, was already foreseen.

Do you understand now that you are within My times of revelation? A time when not only the Seals of the Apocalypse are opening, but also the Reliquary of My Heart. The Temple of My Soul and Divinity is shown to the world through these Words and these impulses, which only try to remind you that your own cross may be converted into the triumph that I so much expect.

For this reason, I ask you to no longer complain. For this reason, I ask you not to escape your responsibility and your commitment, because there will be no other moment or other time for you to live or fulfill them. The time and the moment are now.

For this reason, with bravery and courage, love your own cross. With bravery and courage, carry your own cross, not as victims or with pessimism, but rather with the maturity of a spirit that understands what it is to be in Christ, does not yield to frailties or weaknesses, does not let itself be so easily blown away by contrary wind, but rather, with its heart open and arms open, sustains  in the world the banner of My Peace and of My Light, just as I sustain, at the center of your hearts, the powerful Cross of Emmanuel.

I feel that, in truth, you are open to live the change of these times. Do not give strength to that which you cannot do, give strength to that which you can achieve, because if you are incarnated today and if you are here, by My side, listening to Me once again, after two thousand years, has the Father, by any chance, made a mistake?

Understand that this is a time of great reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgive yourselves and you will learn to forgive others. No longer judge yourselves and you will learn to no longer judge anyone.

For this reason, I tell you again, as I told My apostles in the Last Supper, that the first Law of all Laws is: Love one another, just as I love you at this moment.

If your consciousnesses are elevated through an inexplicable and extraordinary amnesty, the archaic consciousness of humanity is also elevated. Believe that this is possible. I am saying this.

Have faith, and you will not perish.

Have faith and you will learn to correctly walk toward Me.

Have faith and you will know what it is to be a warrior of Peace.

Have faith and you will know what it is to be a Guardian of the Divine Purpose.

Because the time will come when you will have to unite your swords with Mine so that this Sacred Purpose may descend, exorcising and expelling the currents of evil that, together with the Hosts of Archangel Michael, I will liberate and redeem from this world so that the Christs may raise their heads again and elevate their gaze towards the universe. Thus, in a simple but mysterious way, they may see Christ come in His Return.

Souls still need sacred objects to understand My Mysteries, and this does not mean something small, but rather that, through the sacred objects, they may access the revelation of these spiritual and inner mysteries, which My Heart offers to the world through the Source of Grace and Mercy provided by the merits of the Passion lived by your Master and Lord.

For this reason, as in all Sacred Weeks and Holy Fridays, I come to bless these sacred objects that you will offer to Me today, so that you may be in physical contact with Me through the sacred spirit of reverence, devotion and peace.

Raise them.


“Lord and Father of the Universe,
who have  conceived Your creatures
in the image and likeness of Your Heart and Life,
by the merits of the sorrowful Passion of Christ,
by the merits  of His Resurrection and Ascension to the Heavens,
grant, through these sacred objects,
the perfect and favorite union  of Your children with Your Glorious and Powerful Heart,
so that, united to Your Rays of Love and Mercy,
souls may attain the consecration and healing of their lives,
so that the time  of redemption and rehabilitation may be established.

May all those who have faith in the sacred objects
feel,  at this moment, protected
and also supported, under the Powerful Mantle of Christ,
which will make you invisible  in the face of the interferences and harassments of evil.

Grant them, Lord, the Graces of Your Kingdom
and that, through these sacred objects, souls always see the path of Light,
for the victory of the Return of Christ.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will now ask the priest brothers to come here with incense and water, to bless the sacred objects of all brothers and sisters who are present. And we will also stand up to accompany, at this moment, the blessing of the oils that are being offered to the Redeemer for the anointment of the sick and for the exorcism of the bodies.

The Lord says that a lot of oils were brought to Him. He is looking at them.

Mother María del Salvador, Mother María Fidelia, Mother María del Huerto and Mother María Shimani may come here.

Let us participate together, at this moment, in the blessing of the oils, of the holy oils of the Lord.


“Just as I was anointed by the love of My spouses and Mothers,
Holy Lord of the Universe,
Father of Peace and Divine Mercy,
the One who cures All of Creation,
 Healer of all wounds,
through the Source of Your Most High Love,
O Holy Father of the Universe!
make Your Spirit  descend at this moment,
just as You had Your Spirit descend in the Garden of Gethsemane
to relieve the torments of Your Lord, Your Favorite Son.

In the same way, I ask You today, Celestial Father,
for You, in the name of these sacred objects, to bless humanity with Your Presence,
and  for  You, like a Beloved, Kind and Prodigious, Loving and Eternal Father,
to guide them and lead them to Your Celestial Kingdom,
so that Your Will may be fulfilled for the times to come.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

You may go down, Friar, to bless the objects of the brothers and sisters.


Now, I must return to Heaven.

And today we lived, together, in the name of humanity, a communion that was very special and intimate to Me, which is the Communion of Spirit with the Spirit of God.

For this reason, I would like you to bid Me farewell singing “O Supreme Creator!” so that you may always remember that God will give you Healing, will give you Peace, will give you His Love. You must always open up to this and trust.

I thank you for making the Cross of the Redeemer triumph!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.