Tuesday, April 12 of 2022

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As in other moments, place your heads upon My Chest and feel the cosmic beating of My Heart, and let us ask, through this perfect alliance with Me, for the Holy Spirit to descend once more to the world, to grant it the Highest Gift among all gifts, the Higher Law among all laws, the Higher Purpose among all the Purposes of God.

Today, I open the door of the Holy Spirit to grant the world the Gift of Love. Therefore, you must feel the beating of My Heart, a Heart that thirsts for souls, a Heart that suffers for the innocent, for the slaves, for those who are lost and the refugees; this is the Heart that once again gives its Life for you.

But do you know what I am giving you today? My Spiritual, Divine and Cosmic Life, all that I learned after I ascended into the Heavens and after I was present at the center of this universe, called Andromeda; so that, in spirit of humility, your King might learn to govern, just as the Father governs through His Love and His Mercy, because the Government of God is no imposition, nor is it justice or authority.

The heart of Andromeda, at the center of this galaxy, is where your Master and Lord prepared Himself, during the two thousand years of your time, to come to this culminating moment and be able to reappear to those who are Mine, to those who belong to My Spiritual Life, to those who are a part of My Mystical Body, so that all together they may consciously prepare My Return, the Return that is near.

Do you now feel what makes My Heart beat? Now embrace Me, feel Me, trust Me again, and believe that, between you and I, between My Soul and your souls, there is nothing that can separate us.

Believe in this Power that God has given Me to free your life, to sanctify you time and again, so that someday you may be My redeemed, the one that I will crown, just like the blessed ones, all those who take the risk of fulfilling My Will, without knowing why.

Now allow the Fire of My Eternal Heart to illuminate you and the Rays of My Merciful Heart to permeate the depths of your soul and your essence so that, in the face of the errors and injustices of the world, your Lord, your Master and your Love may have a way to justify before the Father all that I need to achieve through your life and the lives of your brothers and sisters, because I am the Christ in you and in them.

You should not hide anything from Me, but you should not fear Me either. I do not come here as a judge, I come here as your Redeemer, as that One who, at each step of Calvary, shed drops of His own Blood so that you and your brothers and sisters might be here today, listening to the Lord of the Universe and feeling each one of His Words, which definitively come to put an end to this captivity.

Today is a special day for Me, because each time someone is consecrated, they consciously take a step toward the unknown, not toward that which they do not know and are not aware of, but rather toward the unknown of the Love that awaits them to renew their lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters, of all those who need My Love at this moment to learn to survive and go through the deserts of these times, which lack water but where the thirst of many hearts abounds.

Embrace Me very tight, feel My Spiritual Body, the Glorified Body of the Son of God, who, out of love for you and the world, resurrected each one of His atoms and cells, and, igniting in the Spirit of God, resurrected on the third day to give Eternal Life to all of you.

In this inner communion with each one of your hearts, today I establish, for all those present and for all those who are listening, the Sacred Sacrament of Reconciliation, because the moment you embraced Me, and I hope you are still embracing Me, feeling the Fire of Love in My Heart, your guilt, faults and debts were forgiven, because I know that you can do it for Me, and you can do even more so that the Will of My Father may be made in each corner of this planet and in each heart present on this surface. Because the step that you take towards My Heart, beyond what it may mean or represent, will be a step that will open a door toward the redemption of the human race.

In simple words, through My Embrace, through the Embrace that I give you today, in the Mercy of God and in the kindness of His Eternal Spirit, I not only renew you, but I also impel you to give more and more.

Do you by any chance doubt that you will be able to be the Christs of the New Times?

If I, with twelve consciousnesses, was able to save the world, what could I do at this moment with all those who follow Me?

Do you now understand the immensity of the ocean of My Mercy?

It does not have limits, because the Mercy of God, to be Mercy, loves what is imperfect and corrupt, and makes it incorrupt, sublime and elevated, so that all creatures, regardless of the place in the universe where they are, may be united to Me in this perfect alliance of propagating Love for the world so that the wounds, the traumas and the pains of millions of hearts, who have gone through this pandemic and this war of the Ukraine, may have hope and rebuild their lives forever.

Through this embrace that you are consciously giving Me today, I can also have in My Arms the children of the wars, those who walk for days and days in the desert, seeking an opportunity, those who are in the prisons of the whole world, submerged in darkness, because no one has had the courage to love their enemy and forgive the one who has made a mistake, just as you have many times been forgiven by Me.

Today, I do not give you a cross. Today I give you a promise: the promise that you believe that you can serve Me and that you can expand the degrees of love throughout this suffering world, because the Love of your Master and Lord will transform your imperfections and thus transform the world, returning to humanity the dignity it completely lost for all that My enemy has imposed on millions of hearts, in hundreds of lives that no longer believe in the Love of God.

Now that you, in this Sacred Week, can be witnesses that God is present here through His Son, ask yourselves again, "What else can my heart give to the Lord? Because now your hearts must not only be ready, your hearts must now be empty to fulfill the aspirations of your Master and Lord.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 

Take your hands to your heart and feel, at this moment, the warm embrace of Christ. And He asks us to repeat: Lord Jesus, I trust in You.


Lord Jesus, I trust in You.
(five times)


Christ calls two of His companions, two of His spiritual spouses, to come before the Sacred Heart of Jesus and sing for Him.

Sister María Jerusalén and Patricia may come here.

And through this Alliance with Christ and before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will not only once again renew our vows before this Apparition of the Lord, but we will also prepare this moment of consecration that new auxiliaries will live at this moment.

The sisters that will sing to Christ may come.

We will sing a song He has chosen for all of us, which is called “I will rest”, and we will ask the choir to accompany the sisters in this offering.

All those who want to make an offering before Christ, may make it at this moment, standing or kneeling down. We will sing to Christ at this moment, as He is contemplating us here , so that He can take our love to God.


Song: “I will rest.”


The Lord has blessed us while we sang, opening His Arms as the Redeemer of the World, and through the love that we were offering to the Lord, He returned it to the world as Light, Healing and Hope.

And He is still with His Arms open, and now with a red Mantle and a white Tunic, as the Redeemer of the World, offering His Hands so that, whenever we need, we may hold tight to them, and He tells us that with Him we will never be defeated, that we are a part of His Being and of His Christic Consciousness.

The Lord tells us, at this moment, that He would like the sisters that are here, María Jerusalen and Patricia, to sing a song on Holy Saturday that is important in these times for all, as they can best do, which is a song that He will use on that Holy Saturday so that all those who rule this world may have a moment of Light in their consciousnesses, so that they not forget that Love is above all things.

This song that He has offered for this planetary situation is “The Prayer.”

He asks the sisters if it is ok with them. The Hierarchy always confirms what they ask, because all is precious for God.


I wish I could be here longer today, but the suffering of the world calls me, through My servers and prayerful beings, so that relief and peace may be established for all those who need them in this hour.

For this reason, I thank you for having responded to Me. Tomorrow, at the same time, I will meet you here, so that we may once again be united in the Embrace of God, thus uniting Heaven and Earth, and souls to the Divine Source.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:  

Let us take the Embrace of Christ to our hearts for some moments. Let us commune with this Embrace of Christ, let us hold on to this Embrace of Christ and let us allow all pain, whether personal or of others, internal or external, to finish being dissolved by the Love of the Redeemer, who today anointed us again with His Spirit.

Let us now prepare for the consecration of new Auxiliaries of the Divine Mercy of Christ.