Dear child,

Fully confirm in your heart that I will always be your Mother and that a good mother never forgets her children.

A good mother feels the despair of even her smallest child and she also feels their joy.

A mother who has given birth to her child knows everything and her heart never fails, because in spite of the distance or wherever her child might be, a good mother, through her feminine intuition, feels everything that her child is going through.

So trust that a good mother will always understand you and console you. Because a good mother is capable of giving her life for her children, just as she did when giving birth to a new being.

In the maternal womb it is held the whole story between mother and child. The times of joy, the times of pain, as well as the happiness of bringing a new life into the world.

A good mother waits patiently for the love of her children. She cries, in silence, the sorrows of her heart, because a good mother always wishes good for her children, beyond everything.

A good mother is a tireless warrior of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted during the journey between São Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

While, around you, the world agonizes, may your heart be in prayer, your feelings be at peace, your mind be with God, and your spirit be in the Divine Purpose, which is drawn in the stars, to then manifest itself in material life.

When your human condition, in full purification, seems to succumb and lose hope, concentrate your attention on the mirror that there is in the essence of your being and know that you hold within yourself a doorway to the Cosmos, to Eternity, to true life, supported and guided by divine thought.

With eyes fixed upon the mirror of your essence, concentrate your attention on seeking the Love of God and His Grace. Feel the presence of the stars and of all the sources of life and energy that inhabit them. Know that this mirror that you hold inside of you is not the only one nor is it alone, but it is part of a network, which was created since the beginning of life so that all the children of God would find the path of return to His Heart.

Leave the mirror that lives in you alive and active through prayer and the transformation of your being. Make way for the Creator to reflect His Truth in your inner mirror and may you be able to be a vehicle of this Truth for the world.

Nourish, not only your being, when united to the mirror within you and to the mirrors of the Cosmos, but allow this instrument of God in your heart to be a light that guides in the darkness, be a sign, so that your Lord may find the self-summoned in this time.

Within the mirror of your heart, theTruth is reflected, the Path, and the Life, because it is part of the Presence of Christ within you. Therefore, child, do not lose the gift of having this divine tool in you, which can make of your being an instrument in the Hands of God.

Today, work on discovering this mystery of the mirror of your heart through a life of prayer and union with the Brotherhood so that tomorrow, when everything seems lost, you may look inside yourself and recover faith and hope. 

Today I leave you a key and a mystery to unveil. In prayer, understand what I say to you. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was for a Divine Purpose of giving His creatures a unique opportunity to live forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and above all, Christic Love.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love, so that His most imperfect creatures may have an opportunity of demonstrating to the whole of Creation the divine miracle that love performs in beings, when it converts their most cruel and ancient errors and transforms their corrupted essence, that is distant from God, into a crystalline essence that expresses unity and likeness to the Father.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was so that His children may grow through Grace, Mercy and fullness in His Heart. But for this, children, you should choose to be in the Love of God and receive the spiritual presents that He gives you, understanding that life is a unique gift and that the Earth is a sacred place that, beyond its appearances, holds a celestial treasure, which was the intention of God when creating it.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was so that, having the best and most beautiful expression of life through the Kingdoms of Nature, beings would be able to find beauty within themselves. Because with the same intention with which God manifested Nature, He also manifested men. With the same intention with which He manifested flowers, God manifested souls.

I tell you this so that you may know that the Father sent you to the world for love, and that for this purpose of love, you must be on Earth.

Love the intention of God, love life, and if you do not find meaning for loving it, seek for the intention of God when He created light; seek for the intention of God when He manifested the Earth; seek for the Divine Purpose to hold on to with the heart, so that then you understand the true essence of life upon the Earth.

Do not leave this world without living love, and if you feel you cannot find it, let God find you. It will be enough to open the way for Him to come into your lives. Ask God to draw closer, cry out for Him to transform you; not for you to be perfect, but for you to love, or at least to let yourselves be loved by His eternal Heart, because if you only open yourselves to receive the Love of God, that will be enough.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the depths of your body, in the center of your atoms, lies a hidden and silent light. This is the Spirit of Life, it is the Breath of God, which dwells within you and which is the true composition of your being.

You are a living part of the Spirit of God. Thus, the Father, Omnipresent, dwells in the essence of your being. Therefore, His All-Embracing Spirit dwells in everything that is life.

Allow your consciousness to penetrate the mysteries about yourself and discover, through love, wisdom, and humility, the matter pure and full of the Glory of God, which hides in your being.

The glorification of the body is the awakening of the Truth in the most intimate of the composition of human matter. The Glory of God is in His children from the beginning of Creation, but just as His Presence remains silent in the essence of beings, His Glory and His Spirit is also silence in the most intimate of human matter.

When a being reaches full unity with the Father and gives Him the space and permission to manifest in their body, the Glory of God begins to awaken in their physical and material atoms.

All beings, just as all Life, are parts of God, dismembered from Creation and manifested in apparently individual creatures.

Today I reveal a mystery to you: everything is part of God. Everything is a divine projection and particle. But the Creator expresses in those who awaken. His Spirit speaks and lives through the humble, who recognize their ignorance and do not limit the Greatness of God, which is still so unknown and incomprehensible to the human mind.

Meditate on the life that is in you, on the life that you are, part of God, part of His Spirit, and gradually let His Glory manifest in your being so that you may understand that to resurrect is not to die in the body and return to life; to resurrect is to die to ignorance and illusion and to discover the Truth within you.

There were those who died in the body and did not find glorification in God, and there were a few, unknown to humankind, who died to their ignorance and let God show them His Truth; living without understanding the Glory and the Magnitude of the Spirit of the Creator.

This is the time in which not only a glorified being must emerge, but rather a glorified race, which dying to the illusion of a false time and a false life, may resurrect to the Truth, dismissing the retrograde life of the surface of the Earth and opening the path so that the Kingdom of God may dwell here.

Live in Christ so that He may guide you to His Glory and glorify you in Him, awakening, in everything that you are, the living presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


A Good Mother - Part I

A true mother is able to give everything to her children, no matter if her children correspond to her or not.

A true mother does everything in silence, and in this silence many times she is silent in order not to challenge the contrariness of these times.

A true mother shelters the suffering of the others and makes it part of herself.

A true mother knows the immaturity and stubbornness of her children, and even so, a true mother will always show the reality and the good side of the history and of the whole experience.

A good mother does not complain, but yes she indicates; she does not submit nor control, but warns, suggests and guides, because her maternal and feminine heart will always dictate many things.

A good mother will always give good to her children, and a little more.

A good mother is one who always says yes and who cries in her solitude. 

She waits for her children will find the way to maturity, kindness, and transparency.

A good and true mother fears for the perdition of her children, and when her children do not listen to her, it grieves her heart.

That is why the Father gave you a mother, no matter if she is right or wrong. God gave you an earthly mother and a Spiritual Mother.

These mothers expect that their children never forget them, to carry them engraved with fire in their hearts, because a mother is the intermediate thread that will unite them to God, in Her feminine aspect.

All those who, in the consecrated life, had the grace of having a spiritual mother, is to recognize her, especially the youth. Because in these moments to be on the lap of a mother will be like being in the Arms of God.

A lot of humility and confidence is necessary to understand, feel, and realize what a good mother feels for her children.

I invite you to relive the hearts of mothers, for all the mothers of the world who agonize day and night because they cannot help their children. 

God gave you His greatest universal treasure: to have a mother close to you, just as Jesus had Me, so that in the most difficult and arid moments I would support Him.

A true mother always has a place for her children, because her children are the first reason for her existence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


Parents of the Earth,

As Your Mother and Guide from Heaven, I take care of all the details in the same way that I take care of and protect each soul.

Give Me your children, and I will take care of them as I take care of you all the time when you are in prayer with Me.

Entrust your children on Earth to Me so that someday they too may come to an awakening and redemption.

My motherhood follows your children with a tender look, who for you are the living experience of love, compassion, and understanding.

Beloved parents, God has given you a learning, a livingness, and an experience through the birth of your children; an experience that in this life, and at this moment of the planet, oftentimes has caused you to endure, to love, to understand, and especially to forgive.

Each one of you, parents of the Earth, have had to learn how to relinquish, to accept the decisions of your children and of your families.

The prayer of the heart will lead you to understand the decisions of life, and those of your children, just as I understand yours, and accept them in deep motherhood.

Do not expect to fulfill dreams of this world through your children, aspire that they be in My arms of a Mother just as you and your families are, especially when they are far from their loved ones.

All are souls in redemption and transformation, but My sacred motherhood grants you all the Graces. For this reason, today I invite you to place your children in My arms just as you often are, both in the moments of inner happiness and in those of pain.

Know, My beloved parents of the Earth, that you and your children belong to God and that one day you will return to God in spite of what you experience in this world.

I prepare you so that you may deliver your children to the Will of God in the same way that I trustingly delivered Jesus to the Celestial Father.

I encourage you to grow inwardly.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who accompanies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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