Dialogues of a Soul with God: Saint Joseph reveals responses from God concerning spiritual themes within a new series of messages

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, in His sacred mission to instruct humanity in these times, contemplated us with a new Grace. His Chaste Heart remembered the most frequent dilemmas and doubts manifested by our souls in moments of prayer, reflection and challenges. Now He is revealing the responses of God to these universal themes within the series of messages with the title << Dialogues of a Soul with God >>.

Those messages, presented in the form of brief stories, tell about profound spiritual questions of souls to the Eternal Father, Who clarifies them directly with infinite love and simplicity.

In this way, Saint Joseph allows us to understand the guidance placed by God within the hearts of all those who strive to tread the path of redemption - guidance that many times is not recognized by our consciousnesses.

Through these sacred dialogues, our beloved Instructor also shows us that no question addressed to Heaven is left unanswered; we only need to learn to listen to the Voice of God within. 

May the souls of the world be able to drink from this spring of wisdom, finding in the “Dialogues of a Soul with God” the impulse to continue their journey of meeting the Celestial Father, once again, with assurance and perseverance.

We are grateful, Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for all that you give us!

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