Saturday, November 30 of 2013

Daily messages

Through the Supreme Grace that you receive directly from My Heart pray for those souls that, even being alive, are prisoners in the jails of the enemy and that do not manage to even to see the splendor of My Divine Mercy.

I assure you that in the coming time the chains that oppress and bring to the past millions of hearts in the world will be broken because the High Priest of Love will be seen by many.  He will come among the clouds announcing the redemption of evil on the Earth and the establishment of Eternal Peace in all of those who have lost it for various reasons. 

For this great moment My disciples must be attentive and prepared so that in the last hour they may not change My Glorious Presence for the cunning modernity that the enemy has managed to sow in the consciousness of humanity.

When the Son of God arrives the malignancies that the souls of My Father undergo will be expelled and these souls will be rehabilitated in the Cenacle of Love and Forgiveness.  No stone will be left unturned, as once I have already announced.  All that may seem to be distant to the eyes of the simple ones will be revealed and no lie will ever prevent the loving awakening of a warm heart.

Those who with intelligence and devotion unite themselves to the Rosary of My Divine Mercy will know what steps to take in order to not lose the sense of the spiritual path.  And in the end the religion of My Father will be one only, the religion of love, of humility and of forgiveness.

No one will remain without knowing that I will soon be returning.  Those who have denied Me will be transmuted by the Powerful Fire of My Love.

Now, before the ship of humanity declines, sustain with your faith the torches that illuminate the dark sea of this world.  There will soon emerge in the universal firmament the Eternal Sun that will illuminate the life of those who have always had faith in the return of the Son of God.

Under the Good and the Peace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My Prophesies with attention!

Christ Jesus



Friday, November 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Remember that I come every day to this world to bring you, through the holy prayer of the heart, a little more of My Peace and the Peace of the Universe.

For this I need strong souls that day by day are encouraged to live a sacrifice similar to the one that I lived once on the Cross; since now you must know that I always will be that Galilean who will help you to carry your own cross.

Now, in a cycle of intense definitions for the souls, My Heart tries to prepare you, through the consciousness, for that which is coming.  That One which will come to the world will purify it; at the same time nature, created by the wise hands of the Creator, will see itself liberated from all suffering that has been caused by this humanity.

You, with the Rosary in the hands, have the great key that will open the door to the liberation of matter and, in consequence, of the life of the spirit.  I open to you My Merciful Heart so that you may take refuge in It, because there is nothing more important than being able to live every day the union with God the Father.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for having hope in My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Thursday, November 28 of 2013

Daily messages

If you lose the peace of your heart, you will soon know that you are lacking in love; for this do not permit that the hardships, the tests and the unachievable challenges that I send you with so much love, may take away your infinite patience. Now, in another degree of maturity of consciousness, all that God gives His children has the goal of liberating, each time more, the evil and the sin of humanity.

For this, in truth, those who are with Me until the end are always very few; the quantity of disciples who are encouraged to be burned by the Divine Fire of purification is the minimum.

Now, in a time of emergencies, the universe is served by the virtues and the faults of those who are Mine, so that in time they may revert all the causes that oppress the total consciousness of humanity.

In the path of suffering there exists transformation and the partial purification of that which many carry on their shoulders. But who in truth will risk to live it out of love?

While the clock of the world sets the moment of purification for all, I will support My disciples, those who are encouraged to carry a cross similar to Mine. Know that I will not leave you alone, because I know what it means for you to live the consecration in a time of chaos.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for persevering through My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Wednesday, November 27 of 2013

Daily messages

The ocean of My Divine Mercy is greater and more powerful, stronger and more invincible than the Passion that I lived on the Cross for all of you; this ocean of Graces is prodigious and compassionate, principally for those who have fallen walking the path of the consecration and of the absolute surrender to God.

Every day I open this sacred source before your eyes, so that you may recognize it as the only way out for this time of chaos.  For those who in truth dedicate devotion to the unfathomable Source of My Mercy know that I will not abandon you.  My Steps of light will follow you until the hour of death and after this life, in the next world, I will give you the offer of eternity, of paradise.

For those who listen to My words, that they may keep them in their hearts, because they will serve as fortress and shield for definitive moments.  That no one may fear for being purified, because in order for My New Wine to be deposited, the old wineskin must be polished and restored by My Hands, in this way I will be able to count on consciousnesses redeemed by My Sacred and Invincible Christic Light.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening and for living My Teachings!

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, November 26 of 2013

Daily messages

My arms of Compassion are opened to receive in My Kingdom all of the disciples, those who in this time must follow My Steps, a path that I will indicate to them for them to reach eternal life.

In this era of definitions I call you to concentrate your lives in My Supreme Light.  In this way nothing will torment you or disturb you and you will be prepared to face with Me the final times.

Day by day I leave in your essences the Source of My Divine Mercy so that you may be able to recognize that My Love for you is unreplaceable and it will last for all eternity.  Now that you have already taken with your hands the flag of peace, follow Me in trust and open the doors to Me so that My Consciousness may be able to reach quickly to the flocks that most need to find My Peace and the Truth of My Father.

I invite you to be transmitters of My Redeeming and Christic Codes through the devotion that you have proclaimed to My Sacred and Kind Heart.  In this cycle I need for My Apostles to be very attentive and awake so that My Voice may be listened in all place and within all.

I invite you again to reconciliation and peace.  Do not lose sight of these two sacred attributes.  The Lord radiates them to you through His Son so that the world may someday achieve redemption.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Teachings in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Shepherd of Souls



Monday, November 25 of 2013

Daily messages

My Universal Consciousness rejoices itself when the souls open in trust the doors of their houses to Me so that My Mercy may be able to reign.

For this today I invite you to answer to My call for the universal liberation and redemption of all of the races through the Trustworthy Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want you to know that My Presence is in all of the paths of the souls.  As I have been once in Middle East I have also been in Orient to remind you of the commitments and the Graces that the Universe had once deposited in My Heart.

With this revelation I ask you to remember the loving commitment that each soul has made with Me since always, thus you will allow Me to realize the works that I have planned in the hearts.

I need the wide openness of your heart in order to open again the doors for those who have them closed.  I only ask you to live Me as Your Inseparable Companion of the Path.  In this way you will help, from the consciousness, to rebuild what has been destroyed in the consciousness of humanity.

I come today to let you know My true Love for you, that love that the Father gestated within My Heart from the first Moment.  Today I Am with you but tomorrow I wish to be with the world to tell it:  “Come and follow Me, it is time to find the true Peace.”

Under the Infinite Love that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for living within My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Sunday, November 24 of 2013

Daily messages

I want to let you know the Source of My Merciful Light. For this it will be necessary that you fully trust in My Will, in that which I Am foreseeing for each one of you.

A soul that trusts surrenders itself to the arms of God and allows its path to be guided through the paths of Heaven. In this time My Purpose is to open your hearts to the encounter with the Source of Love- Wisdom.

It is necessary that My listeners of the daily message strongly embrace My words as the path of guidance and salvation for your souls.  It is time to prepare yourselves with consciousness for what is to come.  It is time to find refuge in My Sacred Heart.

I Am the strength for your lives.  I Am the Path of salvation.  You know it, but it will be necessary to live it in order to understand this mystery.

I love you always.

Under the Good of God, be blessed.  



Saturday, November 23 of 2013

Daily messages

Before His daily Apparition, the Master appeared walking in an indigenous community in Brasilia, DF, Brazil. He was helping and supporting the original peoples; after that He came to us and transmitted His message.


Dear brothers and sisters:

You know that, now and always, the entire humanity forms part of the incalculable source of My Divine Mercy.

Today My Heart wants to pour out Its Graces, not only in the entire world but also, in a special way, upon all the original peoples that have appeared since the beginning of the project of God.

With such a goal, today I give you a new exercise of devotion, which will assist in conserving and protecting the spiritual and loving culture of all your original brothers and sisters.  They too, at this time, are deserving of My Divine Mercy.  All the religious and devotees that will pray this devotional will be able to channel many Graces over the consciousness of all these peoples.  Spiritually they are in need of recovering their identity before God, the identity and the purity that was interfered with by the modernities of today's world.

For this, I ask you that the Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus for the Indigenous Consciousness be prayed fervently on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and especially on Wednesdays, together with the prayer of the Five Sacred Wounds.  This will have important spiritual repercussions in Heaven and I promise to be attentive to the voice of your supplications.

This Sacred Devotional has the goal to protect, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all the original consciousnesses, the ones that you call the Indigenous Consciousness.

Since the origin, when I was on Earth, the Father trusted Me with the revelation about the existence of all these brothers in the Americas.  After My Work in the Middle East I made the promise to bring My Mercy to the Americas with the goal that this continent be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This devotional may be prayed as many times as the soul feels the necessity to unite herself with My Purpose of salvation of this Sacred Indigenous Consciousness.  Now you shall exercise the devotional in the following manner:

Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus
for the Indigenous Consciousness

Union bead

For the Invincible Force
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Beloved Father,
attend to and listen to our supplications.


First decade

For the Invincible Force
of the Heart of Jesus,
all peoples are rescued.

Second decade

For the Powerful Fire
that springs from the Heart of Jesus,
all peoples are saved.

Third decade

For the Unfathomable Light 
that the Sacred Heart of Jesus emanates,
the entire Indigenous Consciousness is sheltered.

Fourth decade

For the Sublime Flame of Love
that the Sacred Heart of Jesus radiates,
all original peoples are reconciled.

Fifth decade

For the Sacred Merits achieved by Jesus Christ
during His Passion on the Cross,
Beloved Father, unite us now and always.


Have a good experience of love and of prayer for your brothers and sisters.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for responding to the command of My Heart,

Christ Jesus.


At the end of the message we asked the Master “why so many tasks of prayer for all of us?”

Christ answered:

“With so many prayers transmitted, they are proportional to the necessity of light on the Planet.”



Friday, November 22 of 2013

Daily messages

While the world changes quickly and very few want to separate themselves from the seduction and the temptation of sin, My Rays of Mercy come straight from Heaven to permeate and radiate all the orbit of Earth.

In this way those hearts that open themselves will always receive the greatest help from My Divine Mercy.

All humanity is in an era of a profound transition.  My Redeeming and Shepherd Consciousness intends each day to bring you back to the truth that today you are living.

For this I need My New Apostles, those who are willing, out of love, to transmute and to offer to Your God little sacrifices, those which in the universe will relieve the weight of the law that will fall down upon the current humanity.

But before this can happen the threshold of My Mercy is opened so that in the Paradise of My Heart you may find the Source of Light and of Peace, the Source that will allow you to overcome the changes and the purification that will come to all.

Whenever in the whole world I find souls at My eternal service of prayer My eternal tears, those that I have cried after My Resurrection, are dried by the warm prayers of My servers.  They act like sun rays that radiate a supreme strength to My Heart.

Under the Mercy that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Your Master of Love,

Christ Jesus



Thursday, November 21 of 2013

Daily messages

In the hour of Mercy My invincible and powerful Heart comes to the world to heal souls and to raise again towards Heaven all who have fallen from it.

In this time of Graces I call you to meet Me and to walk in trust by My Side because the Lord, Your God, hopes that His Children look again at Him in the eyes and tell Him: “Eternal Father, I trust in You”.

Only through the channel of My Heart will you be able to find the necessary strength to go ahead without interferences or pains.  I hope in the silence of My Spirit that you surrender to Me all that separates you from love and from truth because there is no Superior Grace than living the greatness of My Love and of My Truth.

A truthful heart will never fear showing itself as it is. A truthful heart will never fear being found in fault and being judged because truth must spring from the Love of God and the Love of God is the wise science that will allow you to understand all things.

I only ask you to drink from My Blood and to eat from My Body in absolute trust because in this way you will receive for this remaining time all the infinite merits achieved by Me on the Cross.

I leave in your memories the joy of serving and of loving your fellow humans because in spite of the indifferences that exist among the consciousnesses there exists the powerful Truth of God which will demonstrate to you the path of humility and of emptiness of oneself.

Walk now towards the new life, free from sufferings and from swords of battle because in My Christic Love is found your possible redemption.

Under the humble love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus Eucharist



Wednesday, November 20 of 2013

Daily messages

The forgiveness of the heart will take you back to the origin of My Divine Mercy.

For this today I ask you: return to the inner forgiveness because it will give you the opportunity of merging yourselves with the wise love of My Heart.  Trace now the path towards forgiveness because in this trail you shall discover the keys to the conversion and the redemption of matter.   

May the good brethren of the path be united and be never separated from the source of My Love, that which unites you totally.  I want that you be able to recognize the truth in this time, it will reveal to you the path towards the encounter with God.

Live now and always in the flame of the spirit of faith.  In this way you will be able to cross the dark thresholds that may separate you from My Heart.  I Am the Fire that never goes out, that illuminates the path for your essences and lives.  Whoever is with Me will be able to follow the trail that I indicate for this cycle.

Live in the unwavering faith of the heart.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, November 19 of 2013

Daily messages

Never forget meekness, it will open to you the door of patience and in consequence, the life of peace.

My meek Heart waits to have fountains of peace and love over the Earth, in this way humanity will be liberated from the constant faults that prevent the souls from taking the steps.

Be forerunners of meekness, be bearers of My Ray of Peace and Love; the world needs to feel free to be able to walk towards the promise of the New Promised Land.

Be flames of faith, that expand themselves to the hearts that are most in need; I only ask you in truth to be My Apostles of the new time, so that My plans are born in all the hearts.

I wait for you in My perpetual Heart.

Under the Most Great Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for attempting to live in inner Peace!

Christ Jesus, the Peacemaker



Monday, November 18 of 2013

Daily messages

When a place is consecrated to My Sacred Heart and in this space the souls participate in this consecration, a door of peace is opened to the entire world and thus many of those who have fallen in desperation receive a Greater Grace of absolution.

In this path of consecration the Father bows before His People to radiate to them love, gratitude and the future; in this way humanity is day by day liberated and transmuted by the doors that she opens before the celestial universe.

The greater help by the angels is concretized in this time by means of the merciful power of prayer; in this manner the souls receive from the Kingdom all that they need as an impulse to continue walking, and not even a possible effort by the hearts will disturb the walk to take the steps to God. 

In this era of Divine Mercy those who pray and those who do not pray must consecrate themselves every day to the infinite source of My Merciful Heart.  In this way you shall be able to construct inside each essence an indestructible and solid temple in the face of the great battles of tribulation.

But I need the hearts to be able to represent Me as suns that radiate the infinite power of My Mercy; for this today I want to leave for those of Mine an open door, that each one will cross on his own time.

I only say to you that there is not much time for you to decide; the clock marks a new cycle of changes and of renunciation for those who always have said yes to Me; for these I will be able to fulfill My precious plans of redemption and of peace.

I wait for you at the Door of My Divine Mercy.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the perfect union with My Invincible Heart.

In union with My flocks,

Christ Jesus of Mercy



Sunday, November 17 of 2013

Daily messages

Smile at life so that the brilliance of your soul will shine facing the darkness.

Rejoice completely, as you have entered into the ocean of My Graces.

Serve without delay, so that your being will donate itself completely.

Open yourself to the new because this way you will be conducted.

Look forward and you will see, reflected in Heaven, the perfect design of My Sacred Heart.

Donate yourself to God; this is the motto for this time and this donation shall always be joyful so that hope will open the new paths in life.

Adore Me completely; thus your spirit will be united with My Greater Commands.

It is time to surrender oneself without fear, because there is no greater value than doing all for love to the Plan of God.

Never forget that the path of Christ is the path offered to all, but only a few are able to throw themselves entirely into My Arms, because they know that I will ask of them unattainable things.

But it will not be any greater than what you are able to realize; My Works are simple and true; My Works want to take all the children of God to Paradise.

You shall recognize in humility that which I ask of you, because it will be necessary for the redemption of the world.

Under the Sublime Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Heart!

Christ Jesus



Saturday, November 16 of 2013

Daily messages

In the face of the movements and the tests of life, My Mercy is present to help you purify your fears and the limitations that imprison you from the actions of the past.

Today I am here to remind you that, in spite of all, you must be united to the greatness of My Heart; in this way you will walk safely, taking the steps towards the Lord.

I come in this time to purify you, and to consecrate you to My Sacred Heart; between these two processes, purification and consecration, you will be able to see all of that which the time has come to be retired from your lives, because in this way I will enter in you.

Remain in Peace.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Love of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, November 15 of 2013

Daily messages

May your heart enter into silence so that you may be able to listen now and always to the truth of My Words.

May your peacemaking be more profound than the great oceans so that in the right hour you may be able to perceive the truth and the wisdom about things.

Enter now into the Universe of My Heart so that I, from this day on, may take absolute control of your life.  For this you must open space and place for Me so that My Merciful Rays may be able to act and transform.

Walk by My Side without observing what exists around you, concentrate your being in the divine power of My Love and wait for the coming of My Supreme Grace.

Trust what I ask you because it is time to awaken to the Supreme Consciousness.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Thursday, November 14 of 2013

Daily messages

Every day my feet touch the clouds that circulate over your beloved planet and from there, in the great celestial dome of the universe, My Heart pours Its Rays of Divine Mercy.

At three in the afternoon the whole world has the precious possibility of renewing itself through My Christic Spirit and in this way, to liberate souls from eternal sin.  My Mercy is like a great power plant that from time to time renews all of the things and all of the beings.

Those disciples that have the mission of praying to My Divine Mercy at three in the afternoon enter like holy water into My Power Plant repairs and transforms your consciousnesses.  Your essences are rapidly impregnated by wise codes of light, those that I once achieved on the Cross when I entirely surrendered Myself to you.

From this moment the Source of My Mercy has become prodigious and constant, bringing relief, liberation and reparation for those that are  most in need.  Remember that you will always carry a part of My Source in your hearts because whoever lives through My Heart will become free.

Under the Divine Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior  



Wednesday, November 13 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear companions of the path,

There is no greater power that I have left for the world than the merciful prayer, that which unites spaces, places and nations.

Today, those who may dedicate space to this important spiritual exercise will receive from My Heart the gifts that will allow them to open the doors for the inner healing of the heart and of the soul.

As you have asked Me, all the most needy children are already in My Kingdom and in My Eternal Heart.  I ask you to carry on praying with fervor, love and dedication so that the fruits of the merciful prayer may open new paths for those who in this time have condemned themselves to the fire of hell.

In this moment the Fisher of souls is traversing the places in the world that need an important spiritual and divine help.  In My Basked of gold I collect the prayers of those who offer constant joys and blessings to My Sacred Heart.

Now, in this hour of Divine Mercy the clocks of the world are detained so that the true time of My Divine Mercy may descend in Glory and in aid for those who most need.

I only ask you to be persevering as was Sister Faustina Kowalska until the end of her life on Earth.  Join forces from the heart through the union between your beings because only in this way you will give permission for some events to change.

It is time to swim in My Ocean of Repairing Graces; it is time to raise the flag towards the High, the flag that will confirm before evil the victory of the Christic Life.  It is time to only act through the pure love of the heart.  You need it and the world too.

Under the Eternal Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for always seeking the Eternal Flame of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, November 12 of 2013

Daily messages

In the desert of life there are only summits to be crossed and hills for walking through.  There, on the horizon of your hearts, is found My Venerable Temple, full of love, of unity and faith, an unbreakable space that bears the headwinds and the tremors of others. 

Nothing greater than My Sacerdotal Love will be able to overthrow the temple of your heart.  For this be attentive because you will be on time for returning to the dwelling of the apostles and of the servers of God.

If you did not pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy the temple would have already been overthrown a long time ago.  May your conviction of wanting to be with Me be the permanent impulse to build the new dwelling for My Return.

Be carriers of the flame of My Perpetual Hope and believe in the power of the supreme trust that I deposit from on High into your lives.  Go ahead waiting for the upcoming time of peace of the heart and of all the consciousness.  Together we will construct, through merciful prayer the new trail for the hearts that fall day by day, that totally deny Me and that loose the sacred temple of the heart from great landslides.

Remember that the good Works are fulfilled when the workers build towards the High and the Divine.  In this way nothing that may not be the designs of the Father will be able to interfere in the aim of My Project.

Enter into the highest current of My Merciful Heart.  May nothing totally suffocate you, but may your consciousness always be joyful for serving the King of kings.

In Heaven they talk about the dedication of those who answer to My Call while on Earth the prayerful hearts are raised to the Temple of My Heart.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening to Me the door of your inner temple!

Christ Jesus, the High Priest and Guardian of the Temple of the Heart



Monday, November 11 of 2013

Daily messages

The supreme angels are the ones who accompany My Celestial Commands that liberate the souls of the world from the prisons that are imposed on them when they live in constant sin.

All this angelic mission also radiates My Powerful Rays of Mercy, those that give the opportunity of liberation for all.  Now the supreme angels of Heaven are preparing to remove from the eyes of the world the bandages of illusion and of material desire for trivial things.

But it will be necessary that the prayerful hearts on the Earth participate in these redeeming commands through the merciful prayer of the heart.  In this way your feet will walk through safe trails in order to find in the next time the portal towards Paradise.

Permit that the bandages of your eyes also be removed by My Sacred Hands.  I promise that you will not suffer, but that you will see emerging the light of My Mercy as a Solar Grace in the horizon.

See in this time the true necessity of serving without tiring your fellow humans because only between you and I we will construct the emergence of the new humanity.  May the supreme angels guide the infinite path of your souls, may your sacred instruments be prepared for the unexpected battle against the wiles of hell.  In the same way that once I was three days in hell I will return to carry the light to the eternal obscurity.

Implore your Father for Pity and Mercy. It is time to live in My Perpetual Vigilance.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Warrior Heart!

Christ Jesus



Sunday, November 10 of 2013

Daily messages

Your essences are like very beautiful flowers in the garden of My Infinite Heart.  All of the flowers are born through Me and I Am reborn through the flowers.  Within this metaphor there does not exist separation because the essences are always united to the rhythm and to the beating of My Heart.

I want that on this day will shine the essential beauty that God has given to each one of you from the birth of your most little lives.  In this way you will be uniting your beings to the Creator Source of God.  In Heaven as on Earth exists the Sacred Unity, a promise that you must reach by means of your walk towards My Heart of Love.

Today I find Myself before the different beginnings and stars.  Today I see Myself before the magnitude of the essences of My Father.  Imagine for a moment that there are as many essences as stars in the cosmos.

Who will guide them?

Wither will they go after this trajectory upon the Earth?

My original Hope is to carry you to Paradise, towards the ocean where Love and Supreme Unity are merged and recreate forms of sublime life for all of the universe.  I wish today that you aspire to seek this Immaterial Source that is not from this world, but that belongs to the Universe of My Merciful Heart.

I will guide you and I will make known to you these wise mysteries.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Saturday, November 9 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the Lord of Grace and of Mercy because all of the souls can direct themselves to My Heart to plea for help.

But there are rays of Grace that I pour over those who day by day invoke My Paternal Presence.  In all of these hearts I can leave the Source of My Wonders only when they are encouraged to tell Me yes.

In this time of changes for all, My Rays of Grace and of Mercy descend from the universe to illuminate the dark path of those who walk among the shadows of the Earth.  I come in search of all of those who have forgotten about Me.

For this My Repairing Source of Mercy needs receptacles to be able to deposit the Sublime Grace.  These new receptacles will be My Apostles of redemption and of forgiveness, those who in the service and in the surrender to the neighbor will give testimonial of My Existence in their hearts.

Now it is time to continue walking without looking behind because you must only concentrate your spirits in the redeeming purpose of the Earth.

I contemplate you, I follow you, I encourage you to give more.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My message with the heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, November 8 of 2013

Daily messages

In My Heart is guarded the humble power to heal all things, above all that which comes from the spirit that is wounded and hurt by the claws of this world.

But in that soul that at three o'clock in the afternoon trusts itself fully to My Merciful Heart, I will be able to perform My Miracles of love in the spirit and, in this way, it will reach the inner peace that it needs so much.

But it is necessary day by day to seek the Source of My Mercy, the one that will resolve that for which you do not achieve resolution; My Heart lives and works through the Love of God, that which you in this time must seek in prayer and in charity to others.

In this time of Mercy, the universe takes part in the encounter that each soul may have with My Infinite Mercy; in this way that which would seem impenetrable or difficult to resolve will be resolved only when the soul has merged its inner consciousness in the Source of My Wonders.

I come every day, at this most important hour, to give evidence of the redeeming power of My Heart; which hopes to receive comfort, love, prayer and reconciliation from all of those who seek My Eternal Light, inside the night humanity is passing through.

Be firm and do not surrender for anything, because whoever is in Me shall not perish.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in the ocean of My Divine Mercy!

Christ Jesus



Thursday, November 7 of 2013

Daily messages

Guard your being in the silence of My Heart and in this way you will listen with clarity to My Words that will guide you towards the Purpose.

Clothe yourself with My Unfathomable Mercy and permit that My Light reach the deepest corners of your little consciousness.  Among My Steps of a Pilgrim are found you and your brothers and sisters.  Within My Hands and Prayers are marked each one of the souls that I have been seeking since My Passion and all continue in its course of peace because nothing that is not My Will will be able to modify your lives.

For this in the most difficult moments, is when My Love approaches to My disciples, My infinite Help will always want to demonstrate to you the capacity to deeply love God and your brothers and sisters.

The path to be followed is rough because it is full of challenges and tests to be overcome, but there is nothing stronger than the Divine Love, that which will fill you and that will give you inner strength to carry on walking. After the surrender is found the inner Glory, the universal joy for the soul that is liberated from itself for all of eternity.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Wednesday, November 6 of 2013

Daily messages

I will always be among those who most need My Love and in a special way My Omniscient Divine Mind is projected peacefully upon those who in truth invoke My Greater Name.

I Am the Son of the God of Humility.  Those who come to Me find a safe path to reconciliation and to peace.  In My Merciful Heart exists no deserts, there only exists the Source of Life that will nourish you and will quench your inner thirst.

Today I want to dedicate My Gratitude and Blessings to those who pray because it will be only through them that I will be able to reach the sick humanity in spirit and in consciousness.  It is by means of the praying souls that My Flocks are gathered in this time to silently prepare in the depths of My Heart the return that each child has been waiting for, for such a long time.

Some will see Me coming in Glory, others will recognize Me through inner dialogue, but those who do not listen to Me, who will help them?

For this in this era in which you live, an era advanced in matter but slow in spirit, My Heart wants to provide you with gifts that may help you to awaken the talents of the spirit.

Some will awaken the talent of joy that will heal the sadness of those who live in the desert of loneliness.  Others will awaken the talent of charity, that which will balance the lack of donation among brothers and sisters of a same divine project.  In other beings will be awakened the talent of fidelity and of supreme will, that which will serve to order and evolve the future humanity.  And an unforgettable talent for My Heart is the talent of the true love, that which spiritually builds all that seems to be separated and that repairs the hearts that feel dissatisfied in soul and in life. 

Before My Return, the Holy Spirit of God will reveal these talents, those that will permit to dissolve the evil in the heart of humanity and that will raise again all of those who, by their own actions, have fallen into the abysm of the Earth.

Give thanks day and night for being able to be conscious in this great spiritual moment that today you live with Me, because in your name many have today received Mercy and Pity.  I Am present in the heart that trusts, in the meek, loving and the peacemaker.  I Am returning to the dwelling of the pure ones and of those who are willing to tell Me: “Yes Lord, come to me and stay in my heart”.

May in this hour of Infinite Mercy spring from your beings the eternal gratitude to your God of Love.

Under the Greater Good of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, November 5 of 2013

Daily messages

The true roots of the universal love are found in the wisdom and in the knowledge that each being of this wide cosmos can experiment with day by day inside this school which your Most High Father calls “the school of evolution”.

Today My Heart has been able to rejoice in this wisdom that is awakening as light in the prayerful hearts.  It is the wisdom of the heart which will always permit you to understand things immaterial and spiritual.

The path that I offer you for this life is the path of the spirit, the inner dwelling that will help you to understand the great mysteries of God.  The path to reach love is humility, the immutable instrument that will give you the necessary simplicity before all of the tests of life.

This path of humility today is not sought by the majority of My ones because humility requires from the good hearts the emptiness of oneself, the most pure honesty and the surrender to the Divine Will.  For this My Father has asked Me to remind you about these basic principles, those which form the life of the walker and pilgrim.

I leave for you the aspiration to seek the Divine Wisdom.  The world must recognize through It that it is time to change and to ask for Pity for those who are still fallen in the four cardinal points of the Earth.

The prayer to My Infinite Mercy will always lead you to remember the path of My Passion on the Cross, that which I realized for you.  In this time the Divine Mercy will try to awaken humble spirits so that soon they may be converted into bridges of salvation for those who are forgotten in the world.

I Am asking the most simple from all of the schools that exist in the universe, I only encourage you to seek this perfect path of redemption and of peace for all.

I give thanks for the work of the marathon participants and principally to all of the children that, marathon after marathon, open to Me the door of their homes so that My Invincible Love may enter.

I bless the apostles who inspire themselves to walk by My Side in this time of purification, but also of peace for all who always seek the light of My Heart.

Under the infinite Love of God, be humble and blessed.

Thank you for entering today into My Chaste and Pure Merciful Heart!

Your Universal Guide,

The Master Jesus Christ



Monday, November 4 of 2013

Daily messages

One month since the last marathon in the blessed City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, My Christic Consciousness returns to the origin of the origin, returns to the place where you have seen Me walking between the orange trees as was prophesized.

May this fourth marathon represent the perfect harmony for the hearts that pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy because the lack of harmony in humanity, in the continents, in the oceans and principally in the Kingdoms is leading to a disequilibrium of the axis of the planet.

But the Infinite Source of My Mercy perfectly harmonizes and aligns everyday all of the axes of the Earth and this is always possible when the prayerful ones call Me in prayer.

This fourth marathon that will be realized for the second time in the Marian Center of Aurora will have the purely spiritual aim of being able to repair extremely grave situations that have been gestated in the consciousness of humanity.

For this, through the Kingdom of Aurora and through the Lady of Aurora all of the prayers will be elevated to Heaven during this marathon so that they may be presented before the Thrones of God.  In this way Your Mother, by means of the loving intercession of Her Son Jesus, will ask for more Peace and for more Mercy for the whole world.

My principle intention for this fourth marathon will be the spiritual unity between the four Marian Centers, the one of Aurora, the one of Figueira, the one of the Holy Spirit and the one of the Child King.  This will permit the great celestial spheres to be radiated from the universe towards the Earth and once again that humanity be relieved.

All of the groups of prayer that follow the inner construction of these marathons will also be able to be united under the impulse of merciful prayer.

The Kingdom of Aurora expects that by the end of the 13th day of November Heaven will have complied with the task of redeeming the souls of this world.  Each new encounter with Me promises a change in the consciousness, in the life and in the cells of the physical body for those who open themselves in trust to My Redeeming Call.

With joy Heaven will be united again with the sacred lands of Aurora and this will be possible because of your fellowship with Christ.

I will thank in advance the effort of all of the marathon participants for taking part in this fourth marathon.  During the 5th Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will take place in the city of Londrina, the State of Paraná, Brazil, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will carry out a regional blessing for all of the South of Brazil with the aim of complying with the divine request of peace and of unity among all of the people from Brazil.

My companions,

Today My Heart approaches you to encourage you to go ahead.  Do not fear for the graveness of your faults or for them to occur, fear whenever you are not able to recognize that you need My Mercy, as most souls do not direct their problems to My Wise Heart.

I Am among you to make you grow up and love.  I wait for you in the communion of the heart.  

A good day of praying for all the marathon participants!

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus



Sunday, November 3 of 2013

Daily messages

My Light will always liberate the world from sin but it will be necessary that day and night you remember Me, that you guard Me in your hearts and in your memories.  It will only be through the constant Eucharistic union with Me that your souls will celebrate to be within the Temple of My Heart.

Those who condemn themselves day by day through the actions of life are still deeply subjected to sins.  Pray for your familiars by means of the merciful prayer and permit that the Light of My Kingdom approach to each one of them.

I leave to you the commitment of making to decide for yourself if you want to be with Me in the face of any circumstance, or only when your little will may decide.  In this time of definitions I will separate the wheat from the straw and this will not be done with My Blessed Hands, but it will be done by the souls that in this time are placing themselves on one side or the other side of the bridge.

Now the laws circulate on the Earth to realign the spaces that need much harmony.  Only dedicate your time to be with Me including before “the great responsibilities,” as you call them, because only in Me can you take the steps towards redemption.

Today I define you, today I gather you in My Operative Mission for the Great Plan.

Under the Love of God be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My teachings with the heart.

Christ Jesus, Your Lord.



Saturday, November 2 of 2013

Daily messages

The Parable of the Roses 

You are the roses and I Am the gardener.  I wait for your flowers of life to be between My Hands so that as unique and precious bouquets you may be able to be placed at the feet of the Altar of God.

All of the roses are watered with the same Water, Water that flows from the source that comes from My Heart.  For this, if the most closed roses open themselves to Me as they do to the rays of Sun, from them will be born good and harmonious aromas of the Creation.

There are gardens all over the Earth, gardens of souls and of hearts that form part of the project of God, but all of the gardens must be trimmed by the hands of the wise Gardener.  If the necessary care in the gardens of the Lord does not occur, the roses and the flowers may get dry and disappear.

For this, all of the flowers of the gardens of the Earth must nourish themselves with the Water of Life and must not seek inner nourishment in other sources that are dry.   Since the beginning, there exists one only Source that will always provide you with wisdom and peace.

Be precious roses between My Hands.  If you love with the heart your beings will be more beautiful than the rainbows that cross all the Earth.  Allow yourselves to be cultivated in the celestial gardens.  There, no other hidden gardener will cut off the root that originally unites you with My Heart.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in the garden of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, November 1 of 2013

Daily messages

Sometimes I allow you to swim against the current because only in this way will you know how to confront the headwinds.  Whenever you do not find a positive answer on the part of a brother or sister, it will be the greatest moment, that in which you must become merciful.

The universe of imperfections and errors surrounds the planetary life and only through good actions of reparation and of mercy will the defects of your fellow humans be healed in the inner.  Never wait for great answers from anyone because your true answer is found only in the Love of the Lord.  

Now you are facing the time of great contrary currents.  As My light approaches to the world, greater will be the power of tribulation that will anticipate the time of the Universal Judgment.

For this dedicate time to works of charity so that at least those who sleep in the illusions may be able to wake up and recognize that it is time to live fraternity.

But something I want to tell you: Mercy will have some time to be poured upon the world because afterwards will be poured the Divine Justice.  Examine your consciousnesses day and night so that always pure thoughts and attitudes may emerge from you.  Go ahead.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message in the inner!

Christ Jesus

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