Songs of Figueira – “From these hills”

Within this song of Figueira, we can testify and feel the expression of the gift of faith, in an aspiration to attain this profound contact with the soul.

“From these hills” is a song that reveals to us a priestly lineage, an intermediate bridge for earthly life that allows accessing contact from Above.

In this sense, the song offers harmony and also affirms the response that the Eternal Father, time and again, radiates to His children.

The state of retreat grants the deepening of this contact with the Above and with the Universe.

For this reason, the retreat facilitates this inner state of communication with the Higher Laws and allows us to place our consciousness before what will be necessary to transform in these times.

Faith is this higher gift that, day by day, strengthens our commitment with the Above. In this way, the soul, within this fortitude, will be prepared to assume responsibilities and thus carry forward the purpose of its mission.

For this reason, the song, at a moment, reveals that Figueira gives it peace. Which means that Figueira, as a sacred tree of wisdom, offers seeds of instruction and knowledge so that the consciousnesses may awaken and learn to uplift.

The song invokes harmony because under the principle of harmony lies the path of inner unity. Thus, the souls separate and liberate themselves from the superficial conflicts that lead to disharmony.

This song also attracts evolutionary principles, and, at the same time, through simple examples, it teaches how to correctly contact higher life.

By opening to this contact with the higher levels of consciousness, the soul will be able to love the First Law and, thus, be beyond itself to be able to be in the Whole.

This aspiration, to live the life of the spirit correctly, brings the consciousness to the inner encounter with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My companions:

Let nothing that comes from you yourselves surprise you, because just as you will see appear what is most hidden in your sibling, so will you see emerge from yourselves what is most hidden. And let this not be a reason for gossip nor comments made among My disciples, because the time has come in which the door of the dungeon will be opened so that a profound cleansing of the consciousness may be done, in order to liberate it from its constant errors.

Animated by My Priestly Spirit, you will enter and submerge into yourselves, in prayer, to liberate all that is already old and does not a part of My Plan.

You might feel an unbearable inner pain, but know that what is most resistant and hard is being broken by My hammer of Light so that, from this shell arises a peacemaker spirit, that spirit of the truth of each being which was formerly imprisoned by the aspects of life.

I know that for the majority it is difficult to face yourselves and see the truth, but be brave, as your Master and Lord was brave, so as to be able to overcome all things through love.

May you not lack love at this moment, because love is what will liberate you from these chains, from these dungeons of the consciousness, from all inner prisons.

Open your arms and let the Liberating Ray of My Heart impregnate you, so as to establish a new being within you, just as the Father thought of it from the beginning.

Only be brave and thus you will achieve peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In the desert of life there are only summits to be crossed and hills for walking through.  There, on the horizon of your hearts, is found My Venerable Temple, full of love, of unity and faith, an unbreakable space that bears the headwinds and the tremors of others. 

Nothing greater than My Sacerdotal Love will be able to overthrow the temple of your heart.  For this be attentive because you will be on time for returning to the dwelling of the apostles and of the servers of God.

If you did not pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy the temple would have already been overthrown a long time ago.  May your conviction of wanting to be with Me be the permanent impulse to build the new dwelling for My Return.

Be carriers of the flame of My Perpetual Hope and believe in the power of the supreme trust that I deposit from on High into your lives.  Go ahead waiting for the upcoming time of peace of the heart and of all the consciousness.  Together we will construct, through merciful prayer the new trail for the hearts that fall day by day, that totally deny Me and that loose the sacred temple of the heart from great landslides.

Remember that the good Works are fulfilled when the workers build towards the High and the Divine.  In this way nothing that may not be the designs of the Father will be able to interfere in the aim of My Project.

Enter into the highest current of My Merciful Heart.  May nothing totally suffocate you, but may your consciousness always be joyful for serving the King of kings.

In Heaven they talk about the dedication of those who answer to My Call while on Earth the prayerful hearts are raised to the Temple of My Heart.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening to Me the door of your inner temple!

Christ Jesus, the High Priest and Guardian of the Temple of the Heart



Empty yourselves to be in Me, it is a long path that, however, you must travel through the faith and the trust in My Sacerdotal Heart.  

For this I come back day by day to you so that in surrender you may discover in the merciful prayer the great Source of My Love for the souls and for all humanity.  Today My paternal advice is extended to those who are consecrating themselves to My Spirit of Universal Love, thus the redemption reached once on the Cross of Calvary will irradiate itself as an intense light over the hearts that open themselves to receive It

I Am with each one of you; My Paternal Soul is especially with those essences that are beginning the path of return to My Sacred Heart.

Dears, in the same way as the Holy Apostles, you will live the transformation of matter and of spirit because if it happens, My Dwelling may reside and rest within your little inner temple. I only want from My ones all, all that you are and all that still you are not, I want you entire, willing, trusting in My Consciousness, open from heart and soul so that My rays may restore the past of your lives, free you from sin and lead you towards the Kingdom of My Lord. 

You have the opportunity My dears, to live in My Kingdom while you are present in life on the Earth. There is something precious that God guards for each of the essences created in the image and likeness of the Lord.

For this, in courage I want to see you, joyful in the transformation and in the changes that your consciousnesses are passing through. I just wait from you sincerity in the love for Me because in this way I will be able to pour My Graces over those who from serious faults deserve My Mercy.

Companions, the path to be travelled still has not begun; you are beginning the first crossing that tries to take you to the depths of My Heart. If you and your brothers and sisters are taken to My Heart of Love I will be able to tell you that you will be quenching the thirst that I live for many souls.  My thirst must in this time be calmed by your prayers as for your constant offer, so that the Christic plans may be accomplished in all of the hearts. 

I accompany, as My Holy Mother has said, each one of the steps that are manifested for this transition of the world. May the power of My Redeeming Love transform you and consecrate you to the Kingdom of My Father.

I am with your dwellings.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.