Thursday, November 14 of 2013

Daily Messages

Every day my feet touch the clouds that circulate over your beloved planet and from there, in the great celestial dome of the universe, My Heart pours Its Rays of Divine Mercy.

At three in the afternoon the whole world has the precious possibility of renewing itself through My Christic Spirit and in this way, to liberate souls from eternal sin.  My Mercy is like a great power plant that from time to time renews all of the things and all of the beings.

Those disciples that have the mission of praying to My Divine Mercy at three in the afternoon enter like holy water into My Power Plant repairs and transforms your consciousnesses.  Your essences are rapidly impregnated by wise codes of light, those that I once achieved on the Cross when I entirely surrendered Myself to you.

From this moment the Source of My Mercy has become prodigious and constant, bringing relief, liberation and reparation for those that are  most in need.  Remember that you will always carry a part of My Source in your hearts because whoever lives through My Heart will become free.

Under the Divine Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior