Wednesday, November 6 of 2013

Daily messages

I will always be among those who most need My Love and in a special way My Omniscient Divine Mind is projected peacefully upon those who in truth invoke My Greater Name.

I Am the Son of the God of Humility.  Those who come to Me find a safe path to reconciliation and to peace.  In My Merciful Heart exists no deserts, there only exists the Source of Life that will nourish you and will quench your inner thirst.

Today I want to dedicate My Gratitude and Blessings to those who pray because it will be only through them that I will be able to reach the sick humanity in spirit and in consciousness.  It is by means of the praying souls that My Flocks are gathered in this time to silently prepare in the depths of My Heart the return that each child has been waiting for, for such a long time.

Some will see Me coming in Glory, others will recognize Me through inner dialogue, but those who do not listen to Me, who will help them?

For this in this era in which you live, an era advanced in matter but slow in spirit, My Heart wants to provide you with gifts that may help you to awaken the talents of the spirit.

Some will awaken the talent of joy that will heal the sadness of those who live in the desert of loneliness.  Others will awaken the talent of charity, that which will balance the lack of donation among brothers and sisters of a same divine project.  In other beings will be awakened the talent of fidelity and of supreme will, that which will serve to order and evolve the future humanity.  And an unforgettable talent for My Heart is the talent of the true love, that which spiritually builds all that seems to be separated and that repairs the hearts that feel dissatisfied in soul and in life. 

Before My Return, the Holy Spirit of God will reveal these talents, those that will permit to dissolve the evil in the heart of humanity and that will raise again all of those who, by their own actions, have fallen into the abysm of the Earth.

Give thanks day and night for being able to be conscious in this great spiritual moment that today you live with Me, because in your name many have today received Mercy and Pity.  I Am present in the heart that trusts, in the meek, loving and the peacemaker.  I Am returning to the dwelling of the pure ones and of those who are willing to tell Me: “Yes Lord, come to me and stay in my heart”.

May in this hour of Infinite Mercy spring from your beings the eternal gratitude to your God of Love.

Under the Greater Good of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus