Sunday, December 6 of 2015

Monthly messages

Listen attentively in this hour of Mercy.

My paths are your paths and if you are not in My path, you will not concretize anything. God wishes to institute in the world the devotion to My Sacred Heart. In order for this wish to be fulfilled, I need witnesses that have lived through Me the experience of redemption and rehabilitation.

From Heaven, I wish to see you all united all the time so that My Plans may descend and become flesh in the life of people through the experience of love and forgiveness.

The world is far from God because it wanted, because it has separated from the Kingdom of God that once We brought for all with the Good News. Because of this, many souls despair and get crazy in these times for having separated from My Path, from the Path of God, from the Path of the Lord; for having substituted My Plans for their plans, to comply with the vague human will. I know that many do not know how to make die this energy which corrodes the essence of things and that sets them apart from My Father. Nonetheless, if their hearts are humble to ask for My help, I will give it to them, both during the day and at night, and in the times of tribulation when things will become intense inside and outside the beings, as I told you yesterday.

Today I come to deliver My Words in another way and with another energy, because I need to dissipate certain obstacles that keep My Works from being fulfilled on this Planet.

Many are part of My Church, but few are the true disciples who fulfill the Commandments of Moses not to sin. Nonetheless, as the essence of the old instruction has been lost throughout the times, I promised My Father, before the year 2013, that I would come here, to this lost place, to give My great message of salvation to the world. As I did it once in Kibeho, where many did not believe, and still do not believe, that the Son of God blessed the heart of Rwanda to avoid a catastrophe that was the result of not having heeded the Heart of God through His Beloved Son.

I do not come here, in this time, to prophesize these things, because the great prophecy of John the Apostle is being fulfilled to the letter. Blessed will be those who know how to read between the lines the symbols and the message.

I have come all this time to prepare you for something unknown that does not even exist in your memories or cells. I have come to congregate you in the name of love and truth so that, despite the difficulties and the tests, you do not cease from trusting My Heart. You will learn about unknown things inside you, but I once again tell you not to fear. For the dirty water to become pure, crystalline and clean, it must purify itself. I bring you the Water of Life that comes from My unfathomable Spiritual Mercy to remedy all your evils and the evils of the world, which deteriorate the whole humanity.

I have come to bring hope to the one who seems not to have it. I have come to bring Peace to those who do not have it. Without these attributes, it will not be possible to cross the threshold towards the new humanity.

The misfortunes keep happening in this world and nobody detains them. Woe to those who have power for these things and do not do them because they are far from God and form His Law! How many innocent souls die day by day on this scale of imbalance, injustice and lack of fraternity.

If I come here, to this country, as it was once prophesized in the letters of mother Esmeralda, it is because I revealed to her that here there was the seed to give new fruits in the souls congregated for the redemption and transformation of humanity. Do not believe that you live transformation for you alone. You live it for the planet that decays and decays.

God needs once again to congregate His old peoples, as it was in the desert, to once again start to accomplish His Project with another divine state, another consciousness. Because of that, you must be clean inside and outside, so that My subtle energies may express themselves in the consciousness that said “yes” to redemption and to the call for peace.

Today I cannot promise, companions, that the whole world will be saved, that the whole humanity will be rescued by the powerful currents of the Hierarchies. We will try it until the end, but your part on this planet is important. Not only for those who today listen or who have listened to Me, but also for those who, still asleep, are not conscious of their spiritual mission, which they will discover overnight.

If you have offended Me, do not be disturbed. The Son of God got to know on this planet the terrible human condition, which leads to the deterioration of the Divine Purpose, to the marginalization of life, to the precariousness of the spirit. For this reason, the angels have sent Me here to incarnate among you and save you. Not for My Works, but for the Works of My Father, which descend like lights over the world throughout the times. If God Himself, incarnated in His Son, had not been martyred, scourged and crucified, the Project would have been lost. But now, in these times, the risk is bigger, and many do not believe it is so.

When the Law descends, all will have to be sure of what they do and be conscious of their works. Because when the time of My Divine Mercy ends, the last trumpet will sound and will spread the power of the wind over the four corners of the Earth for the seas to rise and the Earth to swallow the unjust. There will be nobody who can detain it. The sin is bigger than the sinner themselves, and the innocent blood has its value, like the Blood of the Lamb that died for you. The same ones repeat the same sins once and again and still do not redeem themselves because they do not accept them.

Your minds must not make judgments, not even feelings of criticism. Each one will live their time of purification, because that is how God needs it to be in order to fulfill His Works in this Universe. Humanity could already be confederated, but it did not want to and deviated from God and His Heart.

I leave My feeling to all and a great change in consciousness before everything happens. I leave to all the blessing of the gifts called Sacraments, which infuse in the souls renovation and faith, and the union with the Eternal, with Adonai.

Do not stop rowing inside My boat. Do not let any of your brothers and sisters drown for not being able to row. Do not lose sight of your fellow humans who are a part of My Project. But do not insist on those who do not want to change out of their own will, I will take charge, because it is part of My responsibility that all be just and merciful.

In truth I say to you, companions, that not all are aware of what happens on the planet, because they are not suffering as others suffer and feel sorrow day by day. Offer to God the best of yourselves all the time. Please His Heart with small efforts in order to start to conquer surrender and thus be able to enter the path of humility and peace.

I come in these three months to Aurora to announce new times that soon will not be preparatory anymore to become decisive. Times of decisive Works on the part of My congregated. Many will unite to this work when you truly change. At least, do not cease to try so that the doors to redemption be open for all who must arrive at My Nucleuses of Love.

Understand, companions, that the times have already changed and that it is time to implore to the Creator. Do not be just blessed, but also constant, meek and peacemakers.

I come here to show you that I have not abandoned you. Although My Work has some time with you, everything must continue until at least one reaches My Project.

Adonai, Eternal Father, I implore to You for this world, extending My Arms over all, offering My Hands for them to hold them strong and walk by My side. Do not keep from looking with mercy to Your youngest children. Observe, Adonai, with hope, everything you have created in Your Holy Image and Will.

Take me, Adonai, toward those who do not want Me, who do not Listen to Me nor accept Me. Take Me, Adonai, through Your children, as a spark of hope for the darkened hearts.

Show Your Power, Adonai, in the beauty of Your Kingdoms of Nature. Make Your souls and Your creatures live in the perfect union with Creation. Forgive them, Adonai, for their sins. And, resurrect them in spirit every day of Your Existence, in the Heart of Your Universe and of Your Peace.

Adonai, believe that it is possible in Your Infinite Purpose, that those who hear Me will manage to do it. At least so that the Earth may fulfill its promise of redemption.

I offer you, Adonai, the supplications that reached My Heart in these days. I offer you, Adonai, the humiliations, the renouncements and tests, as the testimony of a great conversion of humanity.

 Do not cry, My Father, for what You see in this world. Calm Your Heart with Mine, so that from Your Heart may spring the Infinite Piety, which transforms life and the consciousnesses.

Adonai, never cease to open Your Fount of Peace in this race, on this planet. Amen

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Glorified Christ Jesus



Saturday, December 5 of 2015

Monthly messages

For this work to be accomplished I need everyone, until I return to this unfaithful world, to be able to repair the hearts and raise from the ground those who have fallen to My right and to My left.

I will come to spiritually resurrect the nations that have been annihilated by humankind.

I will come to resurrect those who have died in life and who have lost their spirit of union with God.

I will come to resurrect the purest part of yourselves in order to bring you My Peace and the renewal of the spirit for the times to come.

For this reason I need you all in My Work, in this definitive hour when the greatest part of the world condemns itself without being able to see the light again, the Light of My Heart, the Light of God.

While everything happens, while the cup of injustice overflows by the offenses of humankind, I come to deliver to you again the spirit of My saving Mercy, that which penetrates the spaces and bears fruits in the humanity who lives in My Solemnity.

Every day I make you face new things, which you may not want to see, but for you to be within My paths your feet must be cleansed from everything you have done in other times and in this way walk free beside Me, together with Me or in My Heart in order to achieve the Purpose.

I know your doubts, your uncertainties, your lack of peace and tranquility. I know your mistakes and your faults. I know everything. But My divine vision does not come to focus on those things, even though I know you will have to purify them in an arduous and firm way.

My gaze penetrates your souls and hearts, there where the essence of everything created exists, that which has been designed by My Father from the beginning of this project for all of humanity.

The most acute part on the planet has not began yet; the first Armageddon will be an inner one, to then happen exteriorly in all the planetary life. What will you do, My companions, when you see things precipitating? Will you be more concerned? Will you lose control of your skills?  Will you lack peace or will you panic?

My Lord wishes that, through My Heart, your hearts be steady and secure in the path that I offer you, facing changes with braveness and not fearing that which you will find inside and outside of you. I know that the transformation of the human race is very hard; I suffered it during the Passion. Each minute that I suffered for you was due to the sin of some man or woman, to a fault of humanity that was irreversible before the Eyes of God. Before your humanity would get lost in that time, I incarnated, at the request of My Father who is in the Heavens, to bring the message of salvation and redemption for the hearts.

What causes affliction to My Heart is that the humankind of the Earth in these times have gotten used to listen to My words but have not changed yet. For new things to ingress in your hearts and lives, you must be already transformed and make new things. As I have said once, I will not be able to "pour new wine into old wineskins"; until these days this Law is applicable for those that in truth recognize it with heart and soul.

The times of the definitions have come to all, and there will be no one else to you to tell about it. This will be between you, between each one of you and God. But My Heart, which is Kind and Compassionate, opens itself as a chest of light so that your souls may be deposited in It. In there, in the precinct of My Heart there will be no evil, no temptation, no adversity.

I come to bring to the world a message of hope, a hope that fades away little by little from the consciousness of humanity. Because now what embraces it is the fear of failure. Many thought in that time, during the Passion, that I failed; that I failed from My public life to My death. But what was that which led My Heart to persistence  in face of so many offenses and injustices committed by My own brothers and sisters, by the children of God? Love was the unbreakable power that overcame all the tests. The love that was being generated within love opened the doors to redemption and to life for those who were dead. If in this time you do not live from this very love that I offer to you through My Spirit and through My Sacerdotal Heart, many will perish, and this will not happen due to the fault of any one, nor to the action of someone. Your steps may get indefinite if you do not take the risk to live this love that transforms and redeems everything.

But to reach this love that I talk to you about, companions, you must first die to yourselves, so that in this way you may be empty, and love may be born and spring as a source in the greatest desert of your lives. Many think that in these times of purification they will not be able to cross the desert, but if I am here today to encourage you, to bless you, to console and renew you, why do you believe you will not manage to do it? If I Am the Power of the Love of God that moves the Universe and all forms, why do you fear that your structures or your beings may tremble?

I come to remove from you that which is already old, that which no longer serves Me, because I have never used it to My profit. But you, as humanity, have made profit of humankind itself and of your own will. It will be through the love that I promote in the whole Cosmos that you will manage to minimally live the Will of My Lord. Do not be afraid, companions, of tearing you apart from inside and of asking the Heavens.

I come here, at this moment and in this time, for this part of the race, which must fulfill the Project that is written in the Heart of God. If you fail many will fail.

I come to bring you the Light that emerges inside this great abyss of the Earth where all have put themselves and where many have condemned millions of souls throughout these last times.

There may be a worse war than the one that happens in the world today, because the cruelest war is the spiritual war, which is being faced by the world and the human beings, with no consciousness and with no forgiveness.

Our Hearts overflow in pain by seeing the deeds committed by all humankind in these times. This way you will be able to comprehend, companions, that if before so much cruelty in those times My sacrifice was grandiose, your transformation is very small before so much adversity. I come to place your consciousnesses in another state and in another plane so that you may achieve a deeper and truer vision of what is happening.

Our last attempt as the Sacred Hearts, as Hearts of the Celestial Father, will be to give, in this month of December, the great and last impulse to all of humanity. It will be in this culminating moment that your hearts, humiliated before the Creator, will receive once again the Spirit of My Grace and of My Forgiveness, bringing to memory the recollection of My sacred birth in Bethlehem. May this month, for all men and women of the Planet, be the Good News proclaimed by Your Most Holy Redeemer.

Do not get desperate, do not get discouraged, the vessel may wreck, but it will not sink if I am in you and you are humbly in Me.

Try to promptly banish everything that bothers you, because I need you as My empty instruments so that My Laws may descend and be infused into the whole non redeemed Earth.

Better times will come after purification. Everything that happens in these times have already been prophesized and written by John, the apostle, My beloved disciple. But it has not been prophesized that the times of today would be so difficult. Today I deliver to you with My Hand the Grace of being able to get out from the abysses that Earth has generated. Be My apostles of Light, in redemption, and encourage yourselves to follow Me until the end. In this way, the Plan will be able to be accomplished and the most lost will receive the opportunity of returning to the House of My Father.

The chaff is being separated from the wheat,  and with this wheat, however imperfect it may be, I will make the new bread of life which will be on the table to the end of times, when your Priest comes to take communion with His redeemed ones.

Have faith and persist. My Mercy, throughout times, can do all.

I thank those who say they love Me, or who proclaim that, because there is no shame on that, but rather the renewal of the spirit of those who seek the Love of the Redeemer.

Go in peace, facing the end of times and in the spirit of inner transformation, I will help you.

I thank you.

Glorified Christ Jesus

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