Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many of Mine fear to feel the weight of the planetary cross, which I cause to weigh upon you sometimes, so that you may feel the same I felt during My Sorrowful Passion.

Today, I come here as the Prince of Peace and as the Universal Governor so that, by learning through the cross, your consciousnesses may learn to govern and carry out the Plan of the Redeemer, which is a Plan that has not yet been unveiled to the world.

For this reason, I am here, on this day, at the doors of the nation of Ukraine, not only to place in My Heart those who have been victims of the war, of religious persecution or even of death, but I am also here so that this region of the planet, which was in old times founded by many sacred peoples, may recover the unity it has lost throughout the times, the conflicts and wars; a unity that comes from the Universe to fill hearts with the Truth, and so that this Truth may show you the path toward the Portal of My Peace.

I not only come here for a wounded and outraged Ukraine, buried by the war, I also come here as the Liberator of the World, to remove from this region those negative forces that imprison consciousnesses, hearts and souls, and which do not allow them to see the light of hope.

But I do not come to challenge anyone, not even those who rule some nations of the Northern hemisphere, who have committed themselves to evil and who have expanded this evil throughout various regions of Europe, as well as in other places of the world, in the forgotten Africa.

Challenge is not the task of your Master and Lord. The task of your Master and Lord is Divine Purpose through the Sacred Flame of Love and Unity, which, in these critical and difficult times, I invite you to contemplate in your inner world, because this Flame of the Purpose of God cannot be extinguished by anything, even if darkness reigns around it.

But I come to dispel the darkness in Ukraine so that this people that has been invaded, wounded and transgressed may have the opportunity to receive the cycle of inner rebirth, because, by internally being reborn in Christ, they will be reborn in the Father, and also in the Holy Spirit, which are Higher Energies that will give them the forces they need, as a people and as a culture, to resist and move forward.

I am not alone here, as your Spiritual Governor, I am also accompanied, at this moment, by the Regent Angelic Hosts, and especially by the Angels of the European Nations and of those Nations of the Northern hemisphere, which have joined your Master in this Task.

In this inner and spiritual undertaking, how important each one of your merciful prayers have been, deposited at the feet of the Redeemer, so that I may pour out My Graces and Mercy, liberations and healings not only upon the souls of Ukraine, but also upon the souls of the whole world that still wait for their liberation and redemption.

With this, I have you understand, companions, that My task is not limited only to Ukraine or to the situation of Eastern Europe. When the Spiritual Governor, Christ Jesus, enters the planet, He attends all emergencies of the world, especially those painful and difficult situations that humanity buries so that no one can see them.

In this way, through the universality of My Heart, I invite you to contemplate all necessities and to work for them, although your collaboration and atunement may be indirect; because when you are in this attitude and in this conscious and mature openness, you cannot imagine how many uncertain doors can be closed.

In this way, I come to form you in the channel and Lineage of Transmutation, so that this ceases to be a theory and may become a reality. For this reason, at the beginning of this Message, I spoke to you about the weight of the planetary cross, which many try to escape. But if I make this request, for you to feel this cross, together with Me, I assure you that you will not feel the Cross that I carried on Mount Calvary, because you would not be able to endure it, not even for a second.

Inner unity is the great key of these times, an inner, fraternal and spiritual unity that can overcome the differences, conflicts, the points of view, the preferences and also the desires.

My Spiritual Government leads you to the elevation of consciousness. And when your consciousnesses approach My Spiritual Government, not only do they approach My Great Universal Task, but, companions, you can also understand the magnitude of My Presence throughout the world, each time I present Myself before you to give a Message.

The coming times will be more demanding, but if you believe in the power of faith and love, help from the Universe will come, your consciousnesses will be renewed and service will expand through your honest self-giving.

For this reason, you must not discard anything, anything the Universe presents to you. No kind of service must be ignored by you, because I need to fulfill My Plan down to the smallest details. Be attentive and watchful, because I may send you many signs, and you have to be awakened and aware so as to perceive them.

I do not ask you to place yourselves in an unfit position or on a level that you have not reached; I ask you to place yourselves in an attitude of inner self-giving, because self-giving is a fire that never goes out.

Self-giving is pity, it is love, it is Mercy, but it is also peace.

Self-giving allows you to welcome everyone, under any situation or condition.

Self-giving will always lead you to live as a pioneer, so that your hearts do not become cold nor become too adapted to what seems to be normal.

We are in times of chaos and, for this reason, you are here today, on behalf of all this Work and of all souls, serving with Me in this important task of liberation, for Ukraine and Russia.

Let us keep praying with fervor and faith, affirming, on this material plane, each one of the prayers and decrees, because the forces are losing control of their power through the sacred intervention of Archangel Michael and My Celestial Mother.

Keep being brave, and the Guardian Angels will accompany you. Take the risk of assuming the responsibility that you have not yet managed to assume, because the Christic Love of My Heart will help you assume this responsibility and task.

Because I need you to understand and comprehend that I need you to be in the place and at the moment where each one of you are, and, according to the necessities or demands of the Plan, this may change.

To live the Cosmic Plan, to fulfill the Divine Plan, is not transitory, it is a permanent and determining effort. Thus, you will never be without assistance, because the Lord takes care of all His apostles, the Lord takes care of all His sheep and protects all His flocks.

Ukraine must still be rebuilt, not only from the material point of view, but also from the spiritual point of view. And so that what is material may be rebuilt, it is first necessary to rebuild what is spiritual, the great disconnection that this country has experienced through the war, putting in jeopardy its whole population, as well as all of their inner worlds.

For this reason, divine intervention, like that which is taking place at this very moment, through a state of Grace and atonement, of unity among prayerful hearts, will be able to grant this spiritual reconstruction that the Ultra-terrestrial Angels alone will be able to carry out, because they are the only ones who can do so.

Do you now understand the importance of merciful prayer during these days?

This will also have beneficial repercussions within all Christians of Ukraine who have been forced to take a cold attitude.

But your Master and Lord never deters Himself, and My Presence on the inner planes has awakened many Inner Christs of Poland and of Europe so that they may truly welcome refugees and those who are suffering.

Thus, I am eternally very grateful, because many souls have been able to escape a spiritual and essential destruction that, in these times of planetary imbalance, would have no solution. For this reason, I thank all who have opened the doors of their homes and, especially, who have opened the doors of their hearts.

Because if things continue in this way, in Eastern Europe or in other places of the world, all of humanity might become refugees. Think of this and act with readiness and in an immediate way, closing the uncertain doors opened on the spiritual plane, assuming, for the whole human gender, the Sacraments, the inner experience with Christ, your Lord, so that this great portal of Divine Mercy, opened in Poland, may sustain these times of destruction and planetary persecution, and, at least, souls may be attracted to this channel of Mercy so that they may be protected and supported.

I will keep working for the world on these days, because this is the preamble to what the Divine Messengers will carry out in the Middle East in the months to come.

As this moment is so near, this mission in the Middle East is so near, I invite you all to place your hand upon your hearts and collaborate in the materialization of this Task and with the immeasurable support of your prayers for all those brothers and sisters of yours, consecrated servers and collaborators who will impel this mission in the Middle East, bringing relief to suffering where it is truly quite necessary.

In Tunisia, the Divine and Spiritual Hierarchy will close a wound that has not yet been closed. I might say it is a stigma in the consciousness of Turkiye, because there this stigma emerged, which then radiated to the rest of the Middle East, to Tunisia, Eritrea, Egypt and a great part of Africa.

Do you know what that stigma is that Turkiye and the other nations of the Middle East have lived, which began in Turkiye?

It is the stigma of indifference, of the doors closed to the refugees and to the needy. And Tunisia, as a nation of Africa, feels in its flesh this stigma of indifference that only a humanitarian mission of Mercy and Peace could heal, just as the prayers of all could heal the stigmatized Middle East.

In Egypt, your Master and Lord, together with your Lady, the Mother of all, and the Spiritual Hierarchies, will recover the codes of Light achieved by the prophet Moses, the great patriarch of the ancient people of Israel, who had the spiritual mission of announcing to all the Law, unity with Divine Law, with Universal and Cosmic Law through the Commandments, that today humanity does not live. It will be an opportunity of great inner correction for all.

And in Israel, the Sacred Land of your Master and Lord and of your Lady, we will be able to carry forward a planetary Task that not only the Middle East, but also the whole world needs, so it can learn to go through the Armageddon.

Behind all these impulses that the Middle East needs, there are many other tasks that you do not know. For this reason, I invite you in advance to pray so that the materialization of this task may descend and take place as has been foreseen.

From the border of Ukraine, I bless this wounded country, and, through this country, I bless all the nations that have been traumatized by the world system, by wars and conflicts, by the sales of weapons, by the slavery of people, the trafficking of organs and children, and the feared abortion.

May this blessing embrace all these situations in need of spiritual healing, so that the souls that are slave to those who imprison them may recover hope, love and faith in the New Humanity.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this Sacred Task!

I bless all, through the luminous sign of the Cross of Emmanuel, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While darkness makes the planet succumb, I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to give life and renewal to souls, to deter the hells of this world.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness so that souls may turn to God, so that the hearts that have not yet repented, may repent.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to bring healing to wounded hearts, to give shelter to those who are exiled and to refugees, to calm the cry of the innocent, of all the children of war.

I come as the Great Solar Consciousness to awaken the sleeping hearts, to bring wisdom to the closed minds, to nourish spirits through My Solar Light.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to bring hope to those who have lost it, to deliver My Love to those who do not have it, to give My Mercy to those who do not deserve it. Because I am the Great Solar Consciousness that comes from the heart of the universe, and that, crossing dimensions and planes of consciousness, comes today to Europe and the whole world to tell all: persist! because the triumph of My Heart is near, although it may not seem so at this moment.

For this reason, this is the time of the apostles, this is the time of those who will give their life for Me, not only by bearing witness of My Word and My Presence, but also by giving their life for Me where it may be necessary, in the place and at the moment when I need them, for there is much left to help in this humanity.

And while conflicts and wars are unleashed, many Angels of the Nations can no longer do anything. And the Angel of the Wrath of God wants to precipitate upon the world, with more than thousands of rays, bringing the power of cosmic and solar elements to correct the world. But the prayer of the consistent and the just, the service of the selfless and unconditional, placates the fury of this Angel of the Universe.

But this Angel does not want to impose punishment, but rather severe correction, as the world has not heard the Message and the warning of Heaven, and souls keep living the same way, with the same ways and habits, as if the spiritual and the divine no longer mattered.

For this reason, My Celestial Mother, just as it has been in these recent days, places Herself between the Angel and you, in order to intervene. Thus, a Universal Judgment is unleashed, the first stage of this Judgment that humanity has begun to live.

But while weapons and ideas of destruction and conquest are carried forward, who will be able to deter this Angel of the Wrath of God? Because the world and, above all, humanity, have been living out of the Law for more than two thousand years now and, for many Creator Angels, the price of My shed Blood seems not to justify it.

For this reason, through the angels that accompany Me today, and, especially the Angel of Portugal, I come to implore the world for a change in consciousness and above all in attitude, because it does not know Higher Laws, let alone Divine Laws.

I need this Message to be propagated throughout the world and that you may listen many times to what I am telling you today, because Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Words shall remain in the hearts open and adhered to offer themselves to build the Return of Christ.

With these angels that accompany Me today, together with the Angel of Peace, we implore the Celestial Father that the merits of the Mercy of Christ may be contemplated, in honor of the suffering that I endured for you on the Cross.

To placate the power of the Angel of the Wrath of God, I come today to expose to you My Thorned Heart, gravely outraged by the wars and conflicts throughout the world and, especially, by the souls that generate the wars and have condemned themselves to the fire of hell, allying with My enemy.

Who will do the same that I did for you?

Who will give their life for their friends, just as I did for you?

Who will be capable of not only having their heart ready for whatever it takes or giving something more to the Lord, but also who will be capable of living something they do not deserve, for love, for the salvation of humanity?

But I do tell you something: do not be naïve, so that you may not be ignorant. The offering that I make to you is in that which is smallest and even in that which is simplest, in the places where your hearts sometimes resist to collaborate with Me, although you do not realize that you are serving Me through your brothers and sisters.

By uniting the efforts needed in these times of tribulation, My Solar Consciousness will be better able to help the world and humanity for the Law of Divine Mercy to be perpetuated and fulfilled in the souls that most need the Light.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy, which in these days you are praying with Me at the doors of the re-opening of the Marian Centers, be a Marathon of supplication, of pleading and intervention with the Guardian Angels of each one of you, so that this situation in Eastern Europe not be precipitated due to an absurd selfishness of humanity, to an impunity that no longer fits these times and which will have to be eradicated from the human consciousness forever.

Because when I return to the world, in the coming time, you will be able to understand and see what the true Power of God is, which is not based on imposition or authority; the Power of God is nourished in its center by Universal Love, which, as a sublime sphere of consciousness, emanates wisdom and discernment to all dimensions and planes.

Today, I am in a place that is different from where you are used to seeing Me. I am in another space of the Community Fleur-de-Lys, which is the most important space for Me, because it represents the house of consecrated life. For this reason, I ask you, in this intimate analogy, that you pray for all missionaries consecrated to My Plan of Redemption, because both in Africa and in the Middle East and Europe, some souls of this Work that I have formed and founded through effort, will offer to give their life for Me, beyond what may be meant or represented by the service that will be offered to Me for the relief and peace of afflicted hearts.

Since two thousand years ago, when I was just a child in the arms of the Heavenly Mother, when I was taken to Egypt to be protected, not only was Our Family the first refugee family in the world, but also My Heart, from that moment up to the present, has been feeling sorrow for the suffering and the pain of Africa, which is the next stage, the next mission that, despite the distance or the moment, I will invite each one of you to live so that the spiritual debt of Africa may be relieved and so that, never again may any human being, in Africa or in any part of the world, dare to throw a life away, because the human race has gone this far, to the point of devaluing life, due to its great ignorance and even to its great wickedness, to the lack of knowledge about the essence of life.

I wish for you to keep this aspiration of Mine in mind that, when the doors to the missions in Africa open, there may be hands, arms and legs that offer to walk on this continent to rescue the innocent and lost, those who are discarded in the landfills of the world.

If you knew what the Father feels when a life is discarded or aborted, I assure you that no one would be capable of doing it, because it would challenge their evolution and even their destiny, deviating their purpose from the path of God and assuming an unpayable spiritual debt, which only My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy can heal.

Being aware of this, and placing this situation in this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you once again to abandon your little miseries, to leave behind your resistances and incomprehension, and to place the mature consciousness where suffering and pain truly exist  in the world so that you can grow as conscious and available apostles, to serve wherever and whenever necessary.

As the Great Solar Consciousness, I assure you that if more souls paid attention to all this, there would be no reason for the existence of wars, exiles, famine, suffering, madness or even adversity, because all would be more fraternal with one another, and would always be impelled by the Love of God, which, throughout the times, has knocked at the door of your hearts, has called your souls countless times, to awaken you to a truth, a truth that has been buried in the consciousness of the world.

For this reason, only through My Return will many situations be repaired and exorcised and a new Spiritual Government emerge from the hearts of all who have had faith in Me until the end of days, so that they may learn to live in communion with the universe and with the Confraternity, without the need to keep wasting time and missing the opportunity to raise the consciousness of this whole planet to the fourth dimension.

Because when you have the Grace to see in the fourth dimension, you will not only understand the Passion of Christ, but you will also understand the point in which humanity is at this moment, a point of inflection that becomes irreversible.

For this reason, do not cease to pray; may your lips not tire of praying and of asking the angels of Heaven to intervene at all moments, because not only must souls be protected from war, impunity and harassment, but also the most innocent and little ones must be protected and prevented from being discarded by their own parents in the landfills of the world.

If many more nations of the world hold on to the ideal of the law of abortion, how can it be justified that no more wars should take place and that no more nuclear bombs should be activated?

After 1945, with the extremely serious spiritual debt of the United States through the atomic bomb, humanity demonstrated to the universe that it knows how to self-destroy and that it has imposed, through corrupt systems, the commercialization and distribution of weapons, to justify the so-called freedom of peoples and nations.

But awaken, companions, we are in the end of times. Since the Garden of Gethsemane, when I drank the chalice for you and for humanity, I did not expect, I confess to you, that the world would reach this moment and be capable of going to such extremes, farther than it went more than two thousand years ago, crucifying your Messiah, martyrizing God Himself, the One who had created you since the origin.

For this reason, once again the very same God, made flesh and made man through His Son, tells the Father again, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

It is time to be on the lines of the Armageddon, because while time passes, not only time ends, but the events are unleashed, and people do not change.

May the Supreme Truth permeate the spaces and consciousnesses so that the sacrifice of the Son of God and all His Blood shed on the path of Calvary, up to the Cross, may justify the atrocities of these times, relieve the cry of children, and, especially, of the unborn, so that the Most Holy Virgin Mary may re-establish the spirit of maternal love in the consciousnesses who today do not know what it is to love; so that life may be respected and loved, so that the life of the innocent may no longer be discarded, so that poverty in many places of the world may no longer be the cause of despair and lack of peace.

May true Justice, which comes from the Divine Source, balance the scales of inequality. Because My great wish is to never again listen to the cry of the children of war, the cry of the innocent discarded in the landfills of the world.

Learn to love life and someday you will learn to appreciate it. While life is used as a justification to generate death and impunity, the world will not reach the healing of all its diseases. For this reason, I thank all those who have been conscious up to now, and, week by week, have prayed for the unborn. There lies the answer to why the world is the way it is.

And although My Heart and the Heart of My Mother are torn within, just as My Heart was torn on the top of the Cross, Our Love is immeasurable and incomprehensible, because it comes to give life to what is dead in those who believe they are alive.

Let us pray to the Celestial Father.

May each one say their prayer to the Father, in the innermost depths of their being, in the silence of the heart. I am listening to you.

May your souls pray to the Celestial Father so that all mistakes may receive the atonement they need.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us repeat the prayer that Jesus taught us:

Angel of the Wrath of God,
calm your sorrowful heart,
receive the fire of our love
and establish peace.


Go in peace, meditating on My Words and concretizing My aspirations.

Be very aware of this, so that it may not be just another Message, but rather the projection of a new stage that all are called to live.

I thank you for having the courage to listen to Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear children,

With joy I return to My beloved Figueira to once again meet with My favored children, and to announce that the Eternal Father has granted Me the Grace of bringing His Message from Heaven on the coming March 25, a time when the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary and of Saint Joseph will complete this important inner and spiritual preparation of all the followers of Christ for the next Sacred Week.

I want to tell you that this will be My only opportunity that on the coming March 25 I am able to be among you, like a Mother Who feels joy for once again being able to meet with Her children of South America.

After this, the Divine Messengers will continue in the Northern Hemisphere, opening the pathways for the important humanitarian cycle in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and in other places where the Divine Hierarchy will have the opportunity to intervene and help. 

After the next Sacred Week, the door of the end of times will finish opening. This means that the door will open so that those who have become defined can go through it together with My Son, and thus, take on the preparations for His expected Return. 

Everything that happened in Aurora, as well as in Figueira, over time, consciously prepared you to take on this important cycle of planetary redemption with spiritual maturity.

I, as the Mother of all, pray and will pray for you, My favored children, so that at the side of My Son, you may walk firmly and strengthened in Love, for the world has need of merciful souls and selfless hearts, which together with the Archangel Michael, are capable of dissolving evil so that the Love of God may be born again in all hearts. 

The time for the apostleship has come, the time for growing within has come. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My son and My daughter, dear souls of the Earth,

The Mother of God approaches you to console you and strengthen you with the aim that, in these times, the apostles of Christ, who are being purified and transformed, may keep having the drive of saying ‘yes’ to My Son Jesus, the Christ.

On this day, I am upon the oceans of this beloved and agonizing planet, to tell humanity:

Enough! No longer hurt nature.

Enough! No longer instrumentalize human beings as if they were weapons in the hands of those who make wars.

Enough! No longer foster abortion and the loss of hundreds of small and innocent lives.

Enough! No longer discard your brothers and sisters of humanity.

Enough! No longer deforest trees, no longer contaminate the Earth, no longer intoxicate your own foods.

Enough! No longer divide families, no longer dissolve the love of your hearts, no longer practice evil.

Enough! No longer gratify your preferences, no longer traffic human beings, no longer sell animals, no longer sacrifice them.

Enough! No longer generate chaos, no longer be indifferent, no longer distance yourselves from the Love of God.

I say ‘enough!’ to you so that you may listen to Me, because there are still very closed hearts, but there also are wounded hearts.

Children, I pray for the planet and I pray for you. It seems that it is not enough to speak, but, as a good Mother, I will not tire, and, with all My angels, I will work to close the doors to evil.

My beloveds, I see at this moment all the difficult tests that the world is facing, and especially some peoples of Africa and the Middle East, which are stigmatized by their own brothers and sisters of humanity; something that does not allow them to move forward and rebuild their lives. But I also see the violence and aggression that are experienced today throughout all of society, attitudes that have caused the loss of values, not only of faith, but also of mutual respect.

Every day, I ask the angels of the Lord to fill with their Light the darkest spaces of this world, so that souls can count on help from within to remake their inner and external lives.

In these times, the family is a focus of division and hatred because, when love is dissolved within so many families, My adversary manipulates them and hurts them deeply.

This is why, My beloveds, we must each day more become allies of the prayer of the heart and pray for those who do not have the Grace of perceiving reality, because they have sold their souls to hell.

I also pray about this, but I also pray so that humanity does not continue condemning itself to the point that violence and death seem normal.

Through all My Mirrors, I transmute, every day, in Heaven and on Earth, the great impacts that are contrary to the Law, impacts that suddenly embrace hundreds of souls throughout the world, not allowing them to escape spiritual terror and mental persecution.

However, united to Me, beloved children, we will win this spiritual and physical battle, not with weapons, not with aggression, not with complaints nor with conflicts or with raising our voices. We will solve this planetary situation with neutrality, peace-bringing, love and faith. This, sooner or later, will deactivate the great craft of My enemy, because he will not have space nor place to sow division.

Children, be optimistic, do not be pessimistic. Attract the Love of God to your hearts because His Kingdom is approaching so that consciousnesses may be liberated from oppression and spiritual prison.

Do not lose faith, do not get involved with criticism, comments, unnecessary usage of words. Be intelligent, and foster the culture of inclusion rather than the culture of discarding.

At this moment, it is very necessary for you to recognize yourselves as brothers and sisters, to no longer close your hearts for any reason, and, in spite of everything, to trust in the Love of My Son, because His Love will always free you.

If all of humanity places its attention on all that I am saying to you, it will no longer be necessary to feel the weight of the cross, above all, it will no longer be necessary to feel the weight of the harassments.

Hold on to My Mantle, position yourselves close to Me, because My Immaculate Heart will protect you.

Abandon yourselves in the Lord, because in Him lies the way out, the overcoming of any situation and the answer in the face of any test.

Children, I bless you again, I again entrust you with My Love of a Mother.

I am here, do not forget Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


As Mother and Lady of Garabandal, I prepare to return and help, through you, the entire people of Spain, who have been struck by the pandemic, hit by the lack of faith and devotion, due to so many difficult events.

Once I said in Garabandal that the glass was almost full, now the glass is already overflowing.

Dear children, My return to Europe is to try, once again, to withdraw many of My children from the indifference and discrimination that they experience in this time.

I pray, day and night, and, while in vigil, your Celestial Mother prepares to begin a new stage and a new cycle with all Her children of Europe, and from Europe to the entire world, including Asia and Oceania.

Therefore, beloved children, I ask you to continue to pray with fervor for each of My intentions so that, one day, they may be converted into a reality of abundance and Mercy, for all My children.

I also ask you to pray for My Plans of salvation and peace, which the Virgin of Garabandal, the Lady of Fatima, will need to carry forward in Africa and the Middle East, through the support and the loving and fraternal collaboration of all.

The time that I will remain in Europe, sending My Messages to the world, will be long, because the northern hemisphere, including Africa, needs a lot of Mercy.

Hence, I will be grateful to you.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message received the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

May peace be present in the heart of all the servers of Christ.

Today, children, My Heart is especially following the start of the humanitarian mission in the Middle East and in Africa.

My paternal love gives shelter to and supports the hearts and the consciousness of each missionary so that on this trajectory of the arrival in Lebanon, they may lose all fear of serving and of loving and allow their souls to receive the Grace of the presence of the Spirit of God, which will have them come to know the power of love and of wisdom, so that they may know how to act with humility and with gratitude, no matter what they are called to serve in.

May the heart of each missionary be filled by the pure aspiration of accomplishing the Divine Will and that, in service, they may consciously rescue the values of love and of hope that many times were lost within beings.

Go with an open heart to those very ancient lands, where the history of human evolution began and, through your actions and prayers, seek to rescue the codes of purity, of peace, and of Mercy that are kept there so that one day they may blossom and bring forth the new human being, the new humanity, which will be reborn from the suffering transformed into hope, and from hope transformed into love.

Everything happens on the levels of spirit when hearts simply become willing to receive, multiply and distribute Divine Grace.

Pray, children, and live the experience of being instruments of God in this world.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If more souls hear the Call of God, this world will not need to know suffering.

Today I come here, children, to relieve the suffering of hearts, although they do not know it.

I come to relieve the Suffering of God for the indifference of souls, for the numbness of beings.

When I look at the world, My Heart is filled with compassion and pity, because I know the Divine Project, that first Thought that God emanated to create human beings, mirrors of His Consciousness, similar to Him in essence and in heart.

That Thought has remained hidden within each one of you and within each being on this Earth. The perfection of God has remained hidden behind all human miseries, and few are the souls that can express themselves according to the Will of their Creator.

Today I come here not only to reveal truths to you; I come to raise to the Heavens the souls that suffer and the sins of this world, in order to relieve the planet and give it a little peace.

Although you are so few, this was enough for the Love of God to descend upon this world and begin to build, in this nation, an opportunity for redemption.

The greater the abyss, the greater is the Love that God sends to Earth. That is why we are here, in this place, in this city, in this nation. Because where the beings who need it the most are, there is the Love of God, no matter how indifferent they are to Him and how often they do not believe that this Love exists.

Many times, hearts suffer because of ignorance, because of not knowing that the Love of the Father is available for all beings.

Therefore, tonight, I only ask you to open your hearts not only in the name of this nation, but also in the name of all of humanity, so that a greater Grace may descend to Earth and, by the offering of a few, the Mercy of the Father may expand throughout this world.

The Mysteries of God are infinite and even more so is His Love. Never forget when He was on Earth, in the Body and Soul of His Son. Do not forget that it was with a few that He transformed the history of this planet and all of His Creation.

The cycles repeat so that beings may receive a new opportunity. The Creator aspires to announce His Presence to the world, a Presence which is not limited to one religion, one people, one nation.

The Presence of God is in everything, children: in the air you breathe, in nature, in the hearts of your brothers and sisters; in everything is the gaze of your Creator Father; in everything is His Heart, waiting for the awakening of love in the hearts of men and women.

I come here to free souls from the suffering they bring from their nations to this place: their brothers and sisters who emigrate, so many who become lost in the seas and so many who arrive here in search of hope.

Through my Presence in this place, I come to give a special Grace to each one of these nations that suffer and cannot express themselves as God thought, due to wars, darkness, the lack of love in the hearts of beings.

Today my Light penetrates the oceans and reaches the nations of Africa, of the Middle-East, through the hearts that, although they do not know that I am here, need help and cry out to God thinking that they do not find a response. The presence of the Divine Messengers here is the answer of God to the prayer of so many hearts who have cried out for Mercy.

That is why I have come to this city to respond to the silent prayer of many of My children who believe that God does not listen to them. The Mysteries of God are infinite. Sometimes you think that He does not listen to you, that He does not answer your prayers, but many times, children, His grace comes into your lives in a way that you cannot perceive, just as today it comes into the lives of so many of your brothers and sisters, although they do not know it.

I wish that hearts could know Divine Grace, so as to know that there is still hope for life in this world, which is not only survival, but an experience of love, similar to the Love of God in His Son.

I wish that beings could know that suffering can be transformed when they understand the cross of these times as an opportunity to renew their Creator's Love.

Do not be afraid to announce the Divine Presence to the world. Not only through words, but also through the example of your hearts. It is the testimony of your lives that will cause beings to lose their fear and believe in the Presence of God through this work, which He Himself is building.

When you raise your consciousnesses to the true purpose of human existence and know that you are here for a Higher Purpose, to manifest a Divine Plan, then, children, it will not matter to you the criticism of men, religions, different cultures and the very love in your hearts will allow all of this to come together in that Greater Purpose. 

God aspires to build in this nation, as in the whole of Europe, a seed of unity among different peoples and cultures, among different religions. 

Here, where beings live the fear of losing power, a false power, where religions are afraid to cease to exist and do not realize, children, that this very fear is what is making them disappear, allow yourselves to enter into communion with your brothers and sisters, so that peace may be established, so that hearts may sincerely repent of their sins.

It will not be with many that the Creator will transform this world. It will be with a few,  who are sincere of heart, that He will begin to transform life on Earth, who, in their silence and prayer, will unite peoples and nations from the spiritual levels to the material levels of life on Earth.

Begin each one of you by loving and respecting your neighbor, even when you are judged or criticized for your way of loving. Love as Christ taught you, living His Gospel, beyond taking it as a sacred book or leaving it in your homes and calling yourselves Christians.

Be more than Christians, be Christs of the new time, imitators of the footsteps of your Lord, so that, in this way, your souls may be a path for Him to return to this world.

Let each one of you, children, be the living chalices upon which He will pour out His Blood to institute a new genetics, His Genetics, on this planet.

As I speak to you, the Presence of God expands upon the Earth and reaches the hearts that need it the most.

While you listen to Me, let your prayers be true, have faith that you are before God, that Heaven opens before your hearts, that the Eyes of the Father are upon Earth, and that, with the slightest opening of your hearts, His Mercy descends upon this planet.

Cry out for peace for the nations that are at war.

Cry out for mercy for those who say they live in the Name of the Lord and dirty His Name with their sins.

Cry out for forgiveness for those who live in hatred and indifference.

Cry out for healing for those who, because of the injustice they have lived, have forgotten the love that is in their hearts.

Cry out for a Grace so that, in the heart of Africa, love may emerge again and this Earth may be a seed of the new life.

Cry out for the Middle-East so that the Blood of Christ shed there may emerge from the earth and heal the hearts, making this land sacred again.

Cry out for this nation, for Italy, so that it may be the cradle of a true religiosity, where hearts will respect and love their neighbor, the different religions and the truth that is in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

Let the darkness in this hour give way to the Divine Light and may you cry out for peace.

With these words, I teach you to pray with your heart, because the world needs it. Wait with love for your Celestial Mother, announce Her Presence more strongly and louder, so that more souls may have the opportunity to stand before Her and receive a Grace.

Before saying goodbye to you, may the priests come here, so that, by the Grace that God has granted them, they may bring down His transubstantiation, to transform the elements of the altar into the Body and Blood of Christ, in Remembrance of Him, as He has asked you, and that this communion, children, this Eucharist consecrated before the Father may pierce your bodies, your consciousnesses, and come as a Greater Grace to this world.

For this, I bless you.

We may stand or kneel for the consecration of the Eucharist.

Priest - And at this moment we remember when our Lord, at that time, together with His disciples, raised the bread, gave thanks, because the day of His Sacrifice had come. God blessed it and He said to all the essences of the world: take and eat from it, because this is My Body, the Body that will be given for all of you, for the forgiveness of your faults.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Then our Lord took the Holy Chalice, gave thanks, the Father blessed It, and He said, "This is My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant between souls and God; blood that will be shed for all of you for the total liberation from your faults and for Eternal Life. Do this in Remembrance of Me until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Here is the Lamb of God, His Body and His Blood.

Let us pray the Our Father. 

Now, once in Italian.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

With the consecration of the Eucharist, the Grace of God descends into the hearts of men and women, and my task here today is fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for being here in the name of this nation and this humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Take the Peace of the Lord to one another as He has taught you, silently giving one another the greeting of peace. Thank you.


Marathon of Divine Mercy
Appearance of Christ Jesus during the 58th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

May the light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be in this place and in the most needed places in the world. Amen.

And after you have accepted My call, now I will be able to return to Egypt, after having lived there as a child; but now the King will return, to break the people free from their slavery, to bring Peace to that place and to the Middle East.

And although the events are still unfolding in the world and in this humanity, I will take with Me the souls that are most in need and I will return to the hearts that are seeking Me the most, regardless of their belief or religion, because what grants life in this world is love; it’s love that keeps you alive, it’s love that allows you to breathe and dream for a better time, with hope.

The captivity will finish someday, not only in Egypt, but also in the world. That is why I must return to the places where I once was, as a child, young or adult, in the East, or in the Far East.

The spiritual importance ​​must be recovered so that the world does not lose peace. That is why I am returning to these places, as sacrifice and also as Grace, to bring to the hearts, again, the meeting with God from the inner planes and so that it can be mirrored on the surface, in the society. That will make everything more just and balanced, that will appease the suffering and the agonies, because it’s through the merits that your Master and Lord reached, in the Passion, that these Graces are possible in this world, and in your humanity.

I cannot stop saying that sometimes My Heart is sad for those who don’t understand, but the enjoyment of those who live Me and those who believe in Me and give Me their confidence makes Me happy, as you have done yesterday and today, in a simple way.

The Kingdom of God is the greatest treasure of simplicity for this world and for souls. If they are simple they will always live the Kingdom of God and He will always be close to your lives and above all things, He will be in your hearts.

I want this enjoyment and jubilance that lives within Me, time and again, to reach the whole world and not only South America. Now it’s time to live the apostolate and make it part of you in each stage of life.

Thus My Mercy will reach those who are suffering the most, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature, which in those parts of the world also experience their silent suffering because they cannot speak, like humans of the Earth.

I know that there is also suffering around you, sometimes in your families, in your cities, in your jobs, in your most beloved ones; but I ask you, for Mercy, to take one more step towards Me, and we will carry this treasure of love to the places that are most needed and that for thousands of years have received nothing, neither from the Universe nor from the Heavens.

I come to recover, through Egypt, the last human values because evolution continues and also the awakening.

The time has come, companions, to recover what you once lived with Me in the Holy Land and beyond it. This is not a theory nor is it an illusion, it’s time to live the Plan in a truthful way, it’s time to keep the Plan alive for as many hearts of the world as possible, for those who are looking for Me and do not find Me because they do not know the way.

Yes, you found the way out, but the world has not found it yet. That’s why I must return and return to the Core, from where everything is created, like the conflict, the war and the persecution.

Because this time, not only the Lady of Light will tread with Her feet upon the serpent, but also Her Master and Lord will step, with His feet, on its allies and defeat them so that they may repent some day. And there will no longer be a weapon against a weapon, religion against religion, because even though the most serious moment has not passed yet, even the impetus and the strength of My powerful Heart will be able to transform all things, when you only say "yes, Lord, here I am. "

In order to have permission to keep working, I will have the permission to continue transforming and unifying souls with God so that His heavenly Kingdom may descend to Earth and His Will be fulfilled because at the end of everything, His Sacred and Eternal Heart will triumph.

The fallen ones will be forgiven, the murderers will be redeemed, the persecutors will be loved and the evil will be dissolved, because evil doesn’t know the Love that comes from the Source. Evil is the incomprehension of the human consciousness for not accepting God's Will, as it was the Will of God to bring His Son to Earth to teach you the School of Love and Redemption.

I gather again, in this time, with those who stayed with Me at that time, whether in the consecrated life or in the spirit’s life; in the life of service, or in selfless life; in the missionary life or in the prayerful life.

May that commitment be revived by those who awaken.

May this commitment be reconfirmed by those who have already awakened so that the Will of the Creator can continue to be fulfilled in these critical times.

My Heart will embrace the Middle East and all those who are in that place, regardless of their condition or their condemnation. Because truly I say, companions, My Mercy is very great and still unknown. My Mercy is so great, that My Blood was spilled on the Cross, drop by drop, pain by pain, and anguish by anguish, to dissolve the evil of humanity and its eternal damnation.

It is the time to make My Love known to the world. And make the other peoples and races aware that I love them, as I love you.

Let them announce that I am returning to the world for the second time and that the heavenly Kingdom will be reapproaching to Earth with the angels and archangels, to put an end to the destruction of mankind and to dissolve the darkness by the intervention of the powerful Father, Saint Michael Archangel, Saint Rafael Archangel and Saint Gabriel Archangel.

The heralds of the Word of God will return to Earth, as it was in the beginning to the people of the Middle East.

And from there, a new history will be written and the suffering will be erased, bringing from Heaven the Books of God, opened, to introduce to the world His new Purpose in the New Humanity.

Blessed are those who live the prophecies and are rejoiced in them, because the Lord, the Almighty, will show His Power to the humble.

With this Light that I bring, I spread Peace towards the Earth, renewing this cycle and this moment for all; giving the chance for those who are confused, to be able to return to My way before the Portal closes.

May the hearts be raised to My heavenly Church and that in communion with the life of each being, everything be renewed.

The God’s Universe descends to Earth and in this simple place, the souls will always find God. Although My Presence is not accepted, I will always be here to embrace you with the Light of Emmanuel.

I come to bless you with the Word of Life. I come to anoint you with the breath of the Spirit. I come to baptize you with the Water that gushed from My Side on the Cross, as part of the Source of Divine Mercy, so that you may be sanctified by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today there are no borders or separations between nations and peoples. The love that I could see here is what I need to renew times and above all things, humanity. It’s the love of those who congregate within My heavenly Church to receive communion from the Flame of the Most Holy Trinity, together with the angels of our Father-Mother Creator, Emmanuel.

Today, the Elohim, called resplendent beings of the Mental Universe, God’s angels, testify with Their fist that My mission in Egypt will be accomplished by the receptivity and the prayer of the souls who will collaborate to make this possible, and thus, My great Mirror of Mercy be lit in the Middle East.

Rejoice your hearts because you are following the right path. There will be no other place that represents Me on Earth, but just this one. Because I say to you again, companions, I come out of My Church to call the flocks that most need Me and that My representatives haven’t been worthy to welcome them with chastity.

May the love of the simple ones promote Peace on Earth.

May the service of the humble people restore the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the prayer of those who are congregated in community and in light, to transform the times in order that the Scepter of the Son of God may descend to Earth, put an end to human wickedness.

And now I will elevate to Heaven this offering that you have placed at My Feet, because truly I say that everything belongs to God, our Father, who is in heaven and today listens attentively to the Voice of His Son and His companions, in order to a grain of His heavenly Kingdom is being sown in this humanity, so that mankind may be recreated through love and good among men.

May everything be sanctified and may everything be elevated under the Ray of Transubstantiation. And that at the foot of the God’s Altar the offering of each human heart be placed, in this afternoon.

In the silence, companions, you can make your offering in front of My heavenly Church. I listen to you in the silence of prayer.

Celestial Father, who leads us all,

accept our offer of surrender to You.

Guide us through the path of love,

so that Your Will may be done.

Amen. (x3)

The offer has been accepted.

Those who will be baptized today, will be enlightened and when it happens, they will be converted.

Those who will be anointed today, will receive the Grace that they expect so much, but they must pray for it.

Father, you have become small so that the world will understand you and thus, you could get inside of the essence of Your children in order that they will vivify You and exalt Your Name, forever.

At the table of these new apostles of Mine, today I declare to you again, through this sacred formula that You have dictated to the humble Heart of Your Beloved Son.

Let the inner worlds listen to what your King and Lord of the Universe declares today: I ask all of you to take and eat of It, because this is My Body, which was given to men for the forgiveness and the surrender of sins.

My Lord and My Jesus, may the souls of the Earth hear the Voice of their Master and Lord, the Living Christ, who says to them: Take and drink all of Him, because this is My Blood, which was poured by men for the forgiveness of sins.

I ask you, for the times to come and the events that will come, do this in memory of Me in order for the Peace and Mercy of God to be present on the planet.

My Lord and My God, this is He who has given life for all and who has resurrected to return to the world, in spirit and divinity, in order to transfigure the Earth into a redeemed humanity.

Our Father, who art in heaven... 

And as I said to My apostles, My Peace I leave you and I give you My Peace; because your Master and Lord will always look at the faith of the members of His heavenly Church so that everything be repaired and humanity be cured of their spiritual sickness.

May this Peace be taken to Egypt and to the places that were entrusted by your Master and Lord and by His most sweet Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that Their Hearts of Service and Humility, of Love and of Hope, may reach the whole world. Amen.

Now give peace.

May the Earth repopulate with hope and may the hope renew the hearts that aspire to reach the Mercy of God.

With the voices of your hearts today I want to expand, through a song, the rain of love for the whole planet, giving the blessing to the world, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for being with Me in the simplicity of the heart and of life.


My child,

Imagine for a moment three-quarters of the world in the days of darkness; because, in truth, what the world is provoking attracts more darkness to the Earth.

Many think that the sun will be hidden for three days, but, in truth, if nations do not stop provoking wars and, above all, do not stop promoting them as if it were the latest fad of these times, worse situations will happen, things that nobody would ever expect; I would say, violent results.

Today, an angel of God removes a painful thorn from My Immaculate Heart and even though the prayers for the nations are permanent and that protects South America, on the other hand, My adversary is conquering the power and ostentation of his allies on earth more and more.

If the weapons do not stop being activated, as I once said in Fatima, a third war, even worse, would be unleashed overnight.

That possible darkness that could reign upon the planet and hide its three quarters, would be the effect of chemical, gaseous and warlike weapons; something outlandish.

The effect of the self-destruction of a part of humanity would be so violent that after the ones who provoke the wars activate their weapons, late would they realize that the power got out of their hands, unable to stop the effects and consequences.

Today, through the pain of My Heart, I bring this reality so that by all means, offers and sacrifices, it may be avoided.

Imagine it again, the planet submerged in darkness, caused by the harmful effect of nuclear weapons.

Humanity because of its interests, are playing with its race. And, although the promise of the return of Christ will be fulfilled, the most definitive moment of the race is still waiting to be gone through; and that moment is about to happen.

In the meantime, do not stop praying because, in this way, your Heavenly Mother will continue to work on the spiritual plane against Her adversary in order to remove from the weak minds the idea of the activation of weapons.

Now the time has come, more than ever, to join your guardian angels so that your spiritual life is protected from the invasive repercussion that the war in the Middle East is generating.

That is the reason why your Heavenly Mother wishes to arrive soon at the Northern Hemisphere, not only to intervene in those who provoke the wars, but also to protect the millions of European souls that would witness destruction without limits, as an effect of what their representatives do in the Middle East.

Therefore, sleep and restore the consciousness, but always have a part of your being well awake because, in an unexpected way, everything could be triggered.

Pray even more from the heart so that your Heavenly Mother and all the angels may be able to intercede and avoid irreparable disasters.

While My Heart hurts, I sustain Myself with the loving prayers of those who join Me in this difficult cycle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

I come to especially ask you to form a prayer group and pray for Syria, so that the Mercy of God may intervene as soon as possible.

For that, I ask you to join the regular prayer for Venezuela together with Syria, since both nations live similar things between themselves.

But this time Syria and its innocent people are object of more war and chaos expanding throughout all the places in that region.

I ask you, children, that this prayer be prayed in the native language of that country, so that the angels of Heaven may have a greater intervention in the innocent souls, who, at this time, are trying to survive this confusing reality.

As you have done it with other nations of the world, children, now you will offer half of a mystery of the rosary in Syrian and the other half in Spanish, so that, in this way, both nations, in spite of their reigning chaos, may be considered as a priority for the divine intervention.

I thank you for responding to this request because other nations of the world are taking advantage of the war in order to continue instilling fear and horror; but, in truth, those nations that incite and provoke wars, do not know that the return of the Law will be very hard on them.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, Africa beats in My Merciful Heart. And I do this for all who have offended it, those who mistreated it, those who colonized it, and who opened uncertain doors for the perdition of souls.

But today I do not come to speak to you of the abysses, but rather of the infinite purity that exists in each child of Mine in Africa, that through the ages I have venerated and contemplated with love.

For this reason, the hour and the moment have come for your King to return to Africa, to close the last doors and have the Heavens and the Universes descend and put an end to human suffering.

My Blood was also shed for them, to generate salvation and freedom in their souls from all the abysses of the Earth. It is to this end that today I bring the Holy Grail in My Hands, to give you My divine Blood, so that you may commune of it and put an end to suffering, hopelessness, affliction, and human pain.

I come today to pour out My Blood over Africa. In this way, I pour out My Blood over Portugal and Europe, to put an end to human discord, to the exploitation of these times, to the indignation that the children and young people of Africa feel on being mistreated throughout time and the years.

Today, I come to open My Arms and to stretch out My Hands for a sorrowful and suffering continent. I come to offer My Sacred Heart as a universal atonement for all the causes that have taken place on the African continent throughout the last decades.

I come to give the Light of My Spirit and of My Divinity. My Heart rejoices today on having received a humble basket of intentions and entreaties on My Altar. In this way, I want My littlest children of Africa to have the total certainty and assurance that their King is pouring His divine and infinite Mercy over them.

Thus, when I arrive in Africa the next time, I will again consecrate it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; because, companions, we must give thanks to this great Maternal and Universal Consciousness, which has generated the means and the spiritual conditions so that My Sacred Heart also finally triumphs in Africa.

I come to place the balm of My Healing in each African heart; to seal the evils, the sorrows, and the sufferings generated by the hearts of Europe towards that so wounded continent.

I come to ask of all Europe, that they pray every day on their knees, an Our Father for the re-consecration of Africa to My Sacred Heart. In that way, dear companions, you who are from here, from Europe, and all the souls of the whole world that are aware of the adversity that the African continent lives, generated by other nations and peoples, may open the doors with their prayers and hearts, so that My Celestial Victory may descend over that continent and over all nations.

Today I come to offer this Chalice, this Sacred Grail, for the innocent, for the victims of exploitation, martyrdom, and annihilation.

Today My spiritual Blood is poured out, the codes of life and of renewal, as a great tributary, as an inexhaustible spring, over all those souls that most need it. Here there is a life story; souls that belong to the Project of God and that are trying in these times of crisis, to live hope.

My wish is that each European spiritually and materially take on each one of these "crianças” (little children). I say "crianças", from the Portuguese, because this mission is especially for the Portuguese; for those who are here and those who are not here. I want to be clear, so that you may understand the importance of fulfilling this request of your Master and Lord of the Universe.

In each one of these intentions, as in each one of these photos, there is a story, a past, which must be redeemed, renewed, and restored by My Sacred Heart, and all the entreaties of those who unite with Me in this mission to generate, at the end of times, a healing, love, and unity in all the souls of Africa; especially for the souls that are in this basket, entreating My Merciful Heart for a divine intercession of the Celestial Father, that today I grant by the authority that He gave Me, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here are one hundred and twenty-eight essences that offered to incarnate in Africa, so that humanity may learn about the suffering of others, about human pain, about torture, exploitation, and indifference.

I desire that all the hearts of the world not forget My beloved Africa and look towards it, because it is still silently suffering.

 The reason for this pilgrimage in Europe is not only for your souls and hearts, which have already received so much, but so that your spirits and your consciousnesses unite with my universal Ministry, and so that you may go two by two, to help those who most need it, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

At this sacred moment, when Adonai hears the plea of His beloved Son and the intentions of simple hearts, your Master and Lord will pray for each one of these souls, representing all the souls of Africa and the Middle East.

We will now listen to "Thus spoke the Master."

We place our left hand over the heart, on the chest.

Father, Adonai, Eli, Yahve, You Who has generated life, give it again to Your creatures, so they may vivify You and feel You in the very depths of their spirits.

Eli, listen to the Voice of Your Son, who pleads for His beloved Africa. Dispel the sufferings. Erase the anguish from hearts. Bring alight in the littlest ones the hope of continuing to live You until the end of their days.

May Your angels descend, Eli. Eli is Your Holy Name, Your Holy Name for all of Africa, for Your beloved people, marked by the wounds and imprints of persecution.

Today I return to that people, Eli. Today I return to the origin, where everything began on this planet; to the place where Your first civilization of love, of service, and of surrender was launched, when You poured out Your divine Codes upon them.

May souls recover the trust of being able to live. May all be healed, so that no cell and no body feel the suffering, nor feel the pain, nor lose the faith of believing in You.

Just as you asked Moses to take care of Your People, today I hear Your Voice, Eli, beloved Father; I take care of Your flocks, so that the seeds of life, of regeneration, may be sown in the souls that have been subjected to human punishment, to exploitation, in these times.

May Your Source of Love and of Light descend upon them. May all recover the joy of being able to feel You and may they live in the fullness of Your mighty Spirit, Adonai. 

Adonai Manu, Father, listen to the voice of Your People.

Adonai, Elah, may Your Will be fulfilled.

Eli, Eli, Eli, may all be consummated, so that humanity, which is suffering, may achieve peace. Amen.

These intentions and these photos will return to those they belong to. I will take them to Angola, to deliver them to each one of them, and thus to give them My deepest embrace of love.

So be it.

And now, in honor of the Most Blessed Mother of Heaven, your Advocate, Intercessor of souls, and Mediator of all hearts, in thanksgiving, gratitude, reverence, and devotion, and for the consecration of these elements, which will become the Body and the Blood of Christ, today I will ask you to call and invoke Our Lady of Kibeho.

And thus, I take you toward My Peace, because in the Peace of God, everything is done. In Peace, you can live eternal life, renewal and faith in all hearts that believe in My Sacred Heart.

May the good and love reign. May humanity live the Project of God. May the Kingdoms of Nature be healed and may all essences of this world achieve redemption, so that when I return in Glory, we may all experience the joy of Paradise. Amen.

I thank all those who will carry Africa in their heart, so that My Designs may be fulfilled; and My Mercy, which is the Mercy of your God, may expand throughout the whole world.

So may it be, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us continue singing, because today, your beloved Son, will carry the pleas of all those who have invoked for Africa to His beloved Servant, Mother, and Lady of Heaven,.

I thank you. Amen.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

During the next Pilgrimage for Peace on the European continent, your Heavenly Mother will try to draw a certain and urgent balance toward a large part of that region, which will be achieved through the adherence of all the Europeans.

From now own, it will be up to them within the principles of charity, goodness, cooperation and fraternity, to lay the foundation so that this liberating pilgrimage can be accomplished. 

This next Pilgrimage for Peace will attempt to reach the spiritual roots of certain matters that over the centuries and times, remained inconclusive and unresolved.

For this reason, I again say that the adherence, the work and the dedication of all the Europeans in gathering the resources for this pilgrimage will show the universe that in truth, the consciousness of all has changed its place and position, has matured and is responding to the need of these times, which is planetary.

The pilgrimage will be developed from what the groups of prayer generate, so that everything may move forward according to what is established by the Divine Plan.

It is time that the Europeans pierce the hard layer of indifference and look around them, to see the need for help and relief of thousands of refugee souls, separated from the chaos reigning in the nations of the Middle East.

Everyone is invited to create the conditions so that this next pilgrimage not only be granted by the Latin Americans, but also the Europeans, called to work extensively in the Campaign for Peace.

Get to work rather than to comfort; Heaven waits for your active participation!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

During the next Pilgrimage for Peace on the European continent, your Heavenly Mother will try to draw a certain and urgent balance toward a large part of that region, which will be achieved through the adherence of all the Europeans.

From now own, it will be up to them within the principles of charity, goodness, cooperation and fraternity, to lay the foundation so that this liberating pilgrimage can be accomplished. 

This next Pilgrimage for Peace will attempt to reach the spiritual roots of certain matters that over the centuries and times, remained inconclusive and unresolved.

For this reason, I again say that the adherence, the work and the dedication of all the Europeans in gathering the resources for this pilgrimage will show the universe that in truth, the consciousness of all has changed its place and position, has matured and is responding to the need of these times, which is planetary.

The pilgrimage will be developed from what the groups of prayer generate, so that everything may move forward according to what is established by the Divine Plan.

It is time that the Europeans pierce the hard layer of indifference and look around them, to see the need for help and relief of thousands of refugee souls, separated from the chaos reigning in the nations of the Middle East.

Everyone is invited to create the conditions so that this next pilgrimage not only be granted by the Latin Americans, but also the Europeans, called to work extensively in the Campaign for Peace.

Get to work rather than to comfort; Heaven waits for your active participation!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace be in this place and in all the hearts of the Earth and may this peace be propagated throughout the world so that My Sacred Heart triumph in all lost souls.

Be apostles of My Word, disciples of My legacy. Adore My Sacred Heart because the time draws near, the time of the great tribulation; do not waste time on other things.

My Heart is full of wonders for all souls and My wish in this definite hour, companions, is that your hearts and souls be consistent with My Heart, so that I may work through your lives, in simple acts of love and of charity.

Humanity will be able to be rebuilt when it is completely purified. There will be no other path to follow, companions, except the path of permanent purification. While that happens in each one of you, adore My Sacred Heart, that is alive in Its Divinity, full of Love and of Mercy for the world.

My wish, companions, in this final time that everybody is living, is that your hearts be attentive to My Words, and in your lives you are able to demonstrate the teachings that I bring you in this end time.

I not only invite you to live My Gospel, but also to practice it daily. And this will begin as from the Patriarchs, when in this so important hour, you remember the Commandments, which you must not alter with any of your actions and feelings. Because it is true, companions, that the final Judgement will come.

And this should not frighten anybody, because the entire Earth will be transfigured. That hour is approaching more each day, and your hearts and minds cannot be distracted by other things.

Create in your families groups of prayer, moments of adoration and of communion with Me. At least, companions, do it for all humanity, that is very lost in other matters.

Open the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven through your praying hearts. Follow the steps of Light that I have been setting in this last hour and do not follow other paths that are not Mine.

Each one of you, companions, has the potential for consecration to My Sacred Heart.

One potential, companions, is that your families consecrate themselves to My Heart, and especially for those who still do not pray to My Heart.

I need to build a true temple in your lives, and not a temple of pagan gods. For in this way, companions, by My completely transfiguring your lives, you will correct your paths and will open the doors so that I may enter into your hearts.

Listen with attention to all that I tell you. Keep the words in your spirits and in your essences, so that they may blossom and then give fruit for My Beloved Father.

You are all being summoned for a greater service, each one in their different degree of commitment.

It is important that the brotherhood be established here. Not only in this city, but also in the whole world. It will be the brotherhood, through the divine fraternity, that will bring you into peace in the critical times; you will know where to be at the exact and propitious time, and you will not lose your paths through the interference of anybody, or anything.

Dear companions, I come on this night and to this region in order to institute the Source of My Divine Mercy, something that souls still do not place their attention on because they are busy with other things.

I need you to enter into this Greater Source so that your lives may be redeemed and your paths straightened toward the horizon of God, the Greater Infinite that comes to meet you.

Follow the paths that I invite you to travel, be My apostles of the New Time and imitate My example of fraternity that I have with all sinners.

My unfathomable Love is approaching you at this moment and especially for those that today are not here and who have not received the sacred opportunity of knowing Me again. Because it is My Glorified Face that is approaching so that everyone may recognize It, fulfilling the sacred promise of My return to the world.

I prepare you for this moment, although it does not seem so. And you will remember My Words, one by one, in the critical moments for humanity.

The first difficult times have already begun in the world and humanity faces a cruel war, that is occurring without pause in the Middle East.

My Heart is over that situation and I hope that your praying voices also correspond to My call, and pray for those who are alone and lost, especially for those that are forgotten by all of humanity.

Entire families go through this crisis and an unceasing exile continues. Who will strengthen all these creatures in this hour?

For this reason, I offer My Sacred Heart, so that you may feel it and live it as the great offering of God for your lives.

To know My Heart, companions, which is an infinite and inexplicable dimension, first you must love it and contemplate it. In this way, the influences of evil in your lives will end and you will be able to take sure steps toward My Heart, because a sacred dwelling place awaits each one of you, so that you may enter in trust and unity.

Today, companions, I come to establish an eternal communion for you with My Spirit and My Divinity. Something that perhaps today you will not understand, because it is a mystery of My Divine Consciousness, that meeting after meeting, draws closer to humanity to establish the new codes of life, so necessary for this time of humanity.

If these codes were not in you today through My Grace, you would not be able to be here today with Me, nor could those who are now watching Me hear Me.

For this reason, My meeting with you is universal.

Many Divine Laws are assembling in this moment, to definitely try and establish the peace that does not exist in the world at this time.

Your first commitment, My companions, is to live peace in yourselves, in the midst of the tribulation and the darkness that circulates throughout humanity.

But if you love My Heart, you will know to adore it and will fully enter into Communion with Me. You will be in the Presence of the Celestial Father and of the Holy Spirit through the Divinity of the Firstborn Son.

In this way, companions, you will re-establish the laws that are lost on the planet, the principal laws for humanity: that of humility, love, charity, goodness, light, brotherhood, fraternity, and service to peers.

If you lived at least one of them, a great part of the Project would have been fulfilled in your hearts, and it would not be necessary that the world suffer the consequences of its sick actions and its negative impulses, which close the doors to God.

Today I bring you My Heart as an offering, because you must always remember it.

Who does not go through My Heart, cannot have eternal life.

Communion with God is first with the Divine Son, to then be in Communion with the Celestial Father; in this way, the events in the world will not be precipitated.

The world is looking for that not to happen, and humanity propagates it in an indifferent way, unleashing the laws and not living a spiritual life in earnest.

All the paths that other believers follow will end up in My Heart. That will be so in the end of the times, in this end of time that you are going through.

Today I bring you revelations from Heaven, in the infinity of My Divine Mercy, so that something may move in your hearts. The Celestial Father waits for each one of you, that you feel the love of your hearts and the relief, rather than such a great indifference.

This city, companions, has the spiritual mission of serving the Animal Kingdom, a Kingdom assaulted by humanity, that feeds the pleasures and the greed in all human beings, not respecting the Laws of Creation.

If you left here today paying attention, you would find service in each point of this city, especially with the animals that are loose, that do not receive the loving of souls, the true love of hearts that must heal all the wounds of this Kingdom, so like yours.

If the blood of animals did not flow over the world, there would be no wars on the planet and souls would be rapidly carried into a reconciliation with God.

At least I invite you, companions, to pray for Creation, for all that was manifested for this humanity by the Creator hands of the Father.

You know, companions, that everything is being destroyed and this causes deep pain to the heart of God.

If you feel encouraged to serve the Younger Kingdoms, especially the Animal Kingdom here, what could God do with your service? Great works of redemption and of peace for a whole people that does not deserve it.

I bring you the consciousness of the Truth so that you learn to live it. It is no longer time, companions, for you to be deceived, because time keeps going by and souls become lost in ignorance because they do not discover the Truth.

Accept My Heart, and My Heart will carry you into finding service, in perfect communion with all of the Creative Source, and you will also bring about the triumph of My Sacred Heart in the Kingdoms of Nature.

Let us lift up our most pure intentions to the Father so that He may hear them deep in His Heart.

And so that this may be possible, companions, we will offer Communion to God: the Body and the Blood of Christ, who was the first lamb mutilated, martyred, and wounded by the sins of the world, who surrendered for you in the slaughterhouse of the world to save all souls through His precious Blood, His redeeming and liberating Blood.

I know that your hearts are still not clean to receive Me. Thus, today, through My Grace which I grant souls, ask God for forgiveness and walk in faith, so as to not be mistaken again.

In this offering that you make to Me today, receive the Codes of My Light and transfigure your lives with the impulse to service and to prayer, so that the Sacred Hearts may triumph in all of humanity.

Our Father...

Commune with Me in hope and receive My Mercy as the last chance for salvation.

I bless you in spite of all the things and the actions of humanity.

Be glad in your hearts for this opportunity and sanctify your lives, responding to the Sacred Call of your King.

Go in peace and continue in peace, living peace for the world, as a greater commitment.

While I rise up, companions, to return to meet you at another moment, pronounce and sing the "Pater Noster".

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Pater Noster...

Friar Elías:

Brothers and sisters, after this meeting with Christ, we invite you to carry His words in your heart and that at some other moment you are also able to go over them, because each time the Divine Hierarchy draws close to a place like this, it brings a special message for each city. Something that we are invited to experience and to accomplish in a simple way, because She remembers and knows that we are children of God. For this reason, we invite you to carry these words in your heart and to be able to practice them as He asked us to this evening.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

While souls live Me, your hearts ignite with Mercy and that is something real, it is something that I always look for in all the hearts of the Earth.

Today I show Myself to you in Glory.

Just as I Am in Heaven, thus I Am before My Father, Who deserves glory and praise.

Today I come from a very special place of the Universe, to where you may be able to go someday, after My Work in this humanity is accomplished.

Today I want you to not only contemplate My Heart, but also feel it here, present among you, communing with the essence of unity and brotherhood among all the spirits of goodwill that, throughout time, assemble to listen to Me, just as you listened to Me in the Holy Land.

For this reason, My Father has placed you here, on this part of the planet, so that you may once again vivify My Principles of instruction and of transformation.

Today I can definitely stretch out My Hand over you and place it on your heads, as My Mother has requested in Her perpetual prayers.

Today I can definitely say that the Love of God overcomes and transforms all things, when He is truly recognized by the souls that sincerely cry out.

Today My Grace is approaching the dark world to illumine it again in My Spirit; in My Spirit of Peace and of Mercy.

But today, companions, I am not only with you, but also with those who open their hearts and their homes to receive Me in this spiritual communion with the Heart that permanently loves you, without restrictions or conditions; with the Heart that suffered the martyrdoms of the Passion and of the Cross for you; and that at the culminating moment, said: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

But today I do not want you to think about what you were in that moment, but rather that you live Me in this eternal present, of which I make you participants at each new meeting.

Today, many of those who are here represent the nations of the planet, their debts and their commitments. I need your hearts, companions, to be My missionaries of peace, like those who have served Me in the Middle East, in the middle of the tribulation and the chaos, fully trusting in the steps of My Holy Mother, Who rejoices in the hearts that love My Heart and My Mercy.

Today I come to give you what the world needs for this end time, which is the Love of God that must renew all things and must redeem the hearts that are still closed to My Call.

But I wait, as I waited in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the absolute solitude of the Heart and of the Consciousness, with the supreme assistance of the angels of Heaven, that consoled My offering on the Cross and in the Passion.

I no longer want to see you asleep.

My Words are codes of light for all.

My Love is the balm for your spirits, it is the consolation for souls, it is deep healing for those who have been wounded through their own actions.

But know, companions, that I still cannot return in Glory, because the hearts that I have chosen must be prepared to receive Me in this moment, to be able to recognize Me and open the doors of their souls to Me, to strongly embrace Me and know Who I Am.

I wish that you could not only see Me, but that you could recognize Me when the moment comes, you and your brothers and sisters of the world, that still sleep in the dream of illusion, of personal realization, and personal power.

Today I am here, in Glory, before the hearts that have said "yes" to redemption. Thus, I will first bless you with My Spirit, which is the Spirit of God, which illumines all forms and exalts the good feelings of souls that are reconciled with God all the days of their lives.

You adore Me, you wait for Me, and you love Me. I also wait for you, I also adore what is real in what you are, and I love what really exists in you, which is the most beautiful thing that God created for his Universe: Unity.

If your hearts were not united when I am no longer here, present among you, what will you do?

How will you wait for Me when I knock on the door of your dwelling places?

How will you transmit My Word to those that should hear it in such a critical hour?

You have no reason to be disturbed, that is something of My adversary.

Those who are distressed in their heart feel that way because they do not love Me, or does not yet know how to live Me; but if I come in Glory for all those who are consistent with Me and for those who have still to wake up in each part of this Earth, what do you fear, if you are in My Light, if you believe you are living in My Heart, which can do all things?

When I fell with the Cross for the second time, My Mother approached, living My pain, because it was something shared under the Purpose of God, to share the pain of the world and of perverted sinners.

She Herself uplifted Me, She picked Me up from the ground when My Body was very tired; because it was the weariness of God suffering in My body for all the ungrateful souls, for the sinners of the world; but it was the love that made Me strong, it was not My Will; because My Will was in My Father.

My Father was in Me, doing His Will. That is what you are to live, just as I lived it, each one in their proportion and to their degree.

At that moment, in the second fall, I thought I would die on the road to calvary. And the look of My Mother was what saved Me; a look of love, of consolation, and of protection. That is when Archangel Michael gave Me the strength to stand up and continue, and at that time I said: Mother, I renew all things, because it is My Father that renews them in Me and in You.

You must allow yourselves to be renewed by My Heart, which is being offered for those who may want to receive it; because there will be no place to go, companions, when the chaos manifests; there will be no refuge, house, or person that will help you. My Heart is your salvation and your eternal faith.

Thus, I will be able to help My children when I am in your hearts all the time, and not only for a few moments.

I need My Existence to expand in you for a longer time. You, companions, are the repositories of an inexplicable grace, of an incalculable opportunity in the face of the debt of the planet and of humanity; for this reason, I persist with you until I get want I want.

We must be in perpetual Adoration for the difficult times. This is what I requested of Faustina in the Most Holy Body of Christ.

In the Shrine is the renewing Strength for all that seek it.

I will bless you and go with you. Make a pilgrimage to My Heart, and do not tire of doing so; in this way, you will understand many things in the coming time.

Now, I have come here so that all may feel purified, for My Light expands like molecules in all those who open their hearts to receive it, in gratitude and love.

In silence, rest your heads upon My Breast and feel My Glorified Heart that consoles and heals all wounds, no matter which it may be, because for the Son of God there is nothing impossible.

If your faith is strong, My Love will be strong in you and will be felt in the hearts that approach to recognize Me in My brothers and sisters.

Today this water will bless you all, as a symbol of the renewal of your first baptism; and those who were not baptized as I was, in the Jordan river, will receive this first blessing that will prepare you for your first baptism, in which all evil will be dispelled, and the Light of My Glory will be established over the souls that may rejoice in My Spirit.

Let us pray as the Father taught us through His Son, so that in Glory, the Holy Spirit may descend and sanctify this water, which is the first sign of the Creation of God on this planet and in the whole Universe, the water that quenches the thirst of souls.

Praised be God, glorious is His Reign, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.

With this blessing, companions, may the Gifts of My Father be able to manifest in you, through the living of the Sacraments and the renewal of your vows with the Most High Project of God.

May your souls be glad and never cease to be so, living all the sacrifices for humanity and the planet, for the final redemption of evil.

My Heart triumphed again today in the world because of your response.

May My Peace be established in those who do not have it.

May My Faith be propagated like the subtle aroma of the Universe.

May My Love expand like the blowing of the wind and may all feel the hope of living in God, forever.

I bless you and those who most need it in this world, as I did on the Mount of Beatitudes, lifting up My right Hand toward My Father, placing My left Hand over My Heart, which is the Heart of God, opening up the Heavens, I have invoked the Holy Spirit.

Thus, I bless you in the Holy name of My Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have come to the shore, to call you, as I did with the apostles.

Yesterday I heard this song and today I wish you to do it in gratitude to My Father.

You may go in peace.


Open your eyes to the Universe and see Me come among the clouds.

I Am the Brother, I Am the Son of God, the one Who sitting at the table with you, shared the bread and the wine to testify to the world on the Christic life.

Today I also come from a place in the world where there is much pain, where there is no peace nor calm. But today I also bring you the Kingdom of the Heavens to share with your brothers and sisters and all those who come after you, when many years go by and it is written in the heart of My servers all that I did here, how much I invited you to transform and to live My Peace.

For who follows Me lives challenges and tests, but in the end will achieve eternal life, an eternal union with God and with His sublime worlds.

But I do not stop observing you and of looking at you with My eyes of kindness, joy and tranquility.

In spite of what I see in the world, I trust in those who follow Me, in those who are faithful to My designs, in the simplicity of life, in the charity of things, in the absolute surrender of the soul to the Kingdom of God.

I do not look for warriors, but rather brave souls who are encouraged to give testimony of My Presence in the heart of all, because I come from Love, and Love is in all things.

If love is in you, the others can see it, and if the others can see it, they will also be able to feel it, and that love will unite you and will not allow the barriers of the human condition, of false power, and of unreal conquest, to separate you.

I taught you with My Path, the path of love; the love that persists, the love that is constant, the love that lives for others and that expresses in the humility of things. This is the love that the world now lacks and you must live it.

Just as I taught it to the apostles, I also teach it to you today.

It does not matter how much you fall down by My side; what matters is that you live in My Love, in My confident, clear, and pure Love.

If I am here today, it is not by chance. I come to seek something that humanity still has inside of itself, so that it is not lost. I come to institute a Law that comes from the Kingdom of My Father and that will save all of you in these critical times.

As I told you in the beginning, I come from a place where there is much pain and where the healing is still not enough, because the healers are not the majority; those who heal with the heart, with love, with charity.

But if your prayers were persistent, just like the prayers of all the brothers and sisters that sincerely hear Me today in the four corners of this planet, evil will soon be eradicated and humanity will be rebuilt by truth rather than destroyed by war.

But in the darkest hour that the world is crossing, I need your hearts to not be extinguished, but rather that every day you reaffirm the experience of that love, the experiencing of that love which moves you, that gives you the impulse to concretize the goals, just as the Universe moves.

In that place, from where I come today, suffering exists, the death penalty, martyrdom, and desolation.

I come from the place where I once had been among you and preached the Kingdom of God, so that through My Passion, My Death, and My Resurrection all souls could find Me throughout time.

I come from the Middle East, where the battle still is not ended and that battle is no longer just physical, but spiritual.

My shining angels work day and night to save the souls, and the Sacred Hearts have committed themselves to give Their last Breath until the last soul is in Our Arms in order to resurrect, in the Kingdom of the Heavens and in the new spiritual life that We donated with all of Our Love.

So, companions of all humanity, prayerful children, listeners of My redeeming Word and of My pulse of Christic Love, do not stop. Pray, worship, commune, forgive, and love. That is the only thing that I ask for this critical moment and that is the only thing that I can do for you before My return to the world.

When I return in Glory among the clouds, the suns, and the stars, nothing will remain as it is. The Earth will be divided in two parts, east and west. The straw will be separated from the wheat and nothing will ever be the same for those who have had full faith, up to the last days of the final times.

Today I come to open your eyes toward the Universe, the eyes of your souls and of your hearts, because it is  the only place where you will be able to look, amid so much planetary darkness.

There are still places that exist in the world that are refuges of prayer; they are nuclei of Light for the souls, and that too is what cannot be extinguished by the action of anyone.

I need your hearts to be in My Heart all of the time so that they may feel what is real and what is false.

In this hour I come to establish an infinite purpose, a path for My followers, a path that is still full of tests and of challenges, because you have signed this commitment with Me in times past and now is the time to respond.

Incredible things will be seen, but also murky things. That will be the moment for your hearts to be merciful, peaceful. It will be the moment where fright must be transformed into light, terror into love, and fear into joyfulness.

Even though you do not believe it, it is possible.

I do not cease to gaze in the deserts of the Middle East at those that tire of so much walking, of not being able to survive, of the hunger and the thirst, of illness and of anguish.

We  went to all of them and rescued them on the plane where we are able to work with all the souls. But, companions, there is a part that is the responsibility of humanity; it is humanity that must do it and it is still not the majority, because they are very much asleep and have not awakened to the call of God.

But the clock is already past its time and the realities are approaching closer to this planet.

That is why the refuge for all will be Our Sacred Hearts. The fraternity and the faith among souls will make you invincible, not because you feel proud and sure, but because you are true and simple in the eyes of God.

Nobody will miss the opportunity of awakening. Do not worry about this, companions. God has already foreseen it from the beginning for each one of the hearts of Earth.

But the world does not know purification, and we know it fears it.

But if your hearts do what I ask, you will be purified and will not lose your confidence; you will not lack love or humility, because I will keep you united with My Father through My Hands, which today offer themselves to you to touch your faces, look you in the eyes, and say to each one:

"Continue, trust in Me, I will never fail you. If I died for you, why will you not die for Me? Do you perhaps fear what I ask you?"

"Let go of your insecurity and embrace My Wholeness, feel My Love, feel My Heart, and you will be whole in all things. If I Am the pulsating Love of the Universe, why do you not risk being in Me and I in you?"

I have waited so long for you to do this and be My servant, My apostle of the end time, because in the last hour, when your life expires, you will want to die in My Arms and be born to Eternal Life, which is lived in paradise where it is always the eternal present. Receive My call with compassion, and embrace My convocation."

"Listen to the heart of your Master and do not lose your strength, because I will give you eternal strength. It will not leave you."

"If the Son lives in His Eternal Father, the Eternal Father lives in His son and His creatures live in the Heart of the Redeemer. And if His creatures live in the Heart of their Master, everything will be done for these times."

I awaken apostles so that they may serve in the planetary transition; I awaken souls so that they may pray with Me and do not tire of doing so.

If I am here it is because I love you and because I know you from the beginning until the end.

My infinite gratitude to the missionaries in Turkey, because they have seen My Visage more than two times, in the desperate faces and hearts that seek the Light in order to find Peace.

I have passed close to them many times on this mission and have presented Myself in many forms so that they may recognize Me: in the sick, in the loneliness of the child, in the desperation of a mother, in the affliction of the old person, in the desolation of the men, and I have been filled, I have been filled with the love of each one of the missionaries, because so far they have trusted in all that My Mother has told them, word for word.

I want to glorify their spirits and I want you to see in them, in each one of the missionaries, the glorification of the soul and of the spirit that serves God in fullness and in truth, without time or date.

You, companions, can also do it; you can vivify your spirits from night to morning and at each new sunrise.

The essence of all of this Work is the Love in everything that is done. That will save the world, at least a part of humanity, and in this way, I will be able to say that you have understood Me throughout these end times, that you have shared with Me in the call to redemption.

Under the Luminous Rays of My Grace, I bless all of the missionaries who in faith, give up their lives for Me and for the souls, with the authority and the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the same way that the enemy tries to weaken the different religions in the Middle East and mixes economic interests and power with the religious conflicts so that humanity no longer wants to reconnect to God, the enemy also weakens the role of the indigenous consciousness in the world, placing the original peoples in the face of the so-called "technologies".

The adversary of God tries to imprint in the human consciousness the idea that the indigenous peoples are primitive and that, being so, they delay the evolution of the planet in general.

Be attentive, because this is a destructive thought that diverts you from the Plans of God!

As I have already told you previously, the original peoples who remained faithful to the pure principle of their existence are guardians of fundamental attributes of spirit for the development of humanity.

The indigenous move and act based on intuition, wisdom, on the feeling of the heart, on the union with nature, on reverence for the sacred. Imagine the human being without these spiritual attributes! They would lose their life, their essence, their bond with God.

May the mission in Chaco not only be to render a service, but that you also allow yourselves to experience a mutual exchange: protect, support, and assist those that keep you spiritually united with the Wisdom of God.

These two missions, both to the Middle East and to Chaco, must renew the principles of faith, fraternity and unity in the human heart. Every service, every prayer and every liberation must have that purpose, because with faith, fraternity and unity, the heart will be able to know love one day.

Be in a posture of great humility, because both in one mission as well as the other, in spite of having many resources to help, if you are in a posture of learning, besides helping in great processes of spiritual liberation, you will bring many codes of maturation and wisdom in your consciousnesses.

Humility is the key to service. One who serves with the intention of being a bridge between God and humanity, transcending their expectations and aspirations, will accomplish the Purpose of the Lord, not only for their goal of service but also for their own transformation and the transformation of the human consciousness as a collective.

I love you, and in omnipresence, I accompany both missions as well as all the prayerful beings that support them. May everything be for the fulfillment of the Plans of God.

May peace and love be established in the world.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the enemy tries to strengthen the lust for material power and discord between nations and the different religions of the world, may those who are still lucid and firm in the aspiration of following the divine purpose strengthen their conviction that the only Power is the one that comes from God and that all religions that lead to the Father must be respected.

Children, understand that the spirit of this next mission to the Middle East, as also to Chaco, is the unity, the possibility of being united in love and respect to the different cultures and ways of revering God, who is the Only One.

If the souls walk to God under the spirit of love, fraternity and of unity with the neighbor, it does not matter how you go through this path, because – when the time comes – God Himself will unite all paths opened by Him throughout the human existence to merge them into a single destiny, which is love and unity with Him.

The most important thing is giving an example, to the world, of the possibility of love existing between different religions, cultures and nations. It does not matter if Christians are persecuted in the Middle East: the fact that the Christians of the West continue helping this people, with the intention of dissolving the hatred that expands in the hearts, it is a great act for God, which will balance many evils of the planet.

As the missionaries are going to the Middle East, may all the prayerful beings of the world accompany them with their hearts and unite themselves to this purpose to truly pray for the different religions, to strengthen themselves in their essences of union with the Only God, who is the God of Love and of Truth.

Children, do not allow that the enemy reach his goal of destructing, from the human heart, the Faith in your religions and the essence of all of them. May all the true religions, which are those that lead to God, keep their purity and their essence alive, so that they keep reconnecting souls to the Creator, as it is the purpose of the existence of each one of them. Also in Chaco, in Argentina, you must learn the religion of the heart, that which transcends institutions and is based only on the true meaning of the word, which is to reconnect yourself.

May, little by little, love and respect be planted in the human consciousness. This is the Will of God for this time. May, despite all differences, there be unity among the beings. May the different paths be ways of conducting different souls to only one purpose: love and unity with God.

If you learn to give your lives for your friends, to love and to forgive above all things, you will be living the Christic principles, even inside of other religions. It is this way that the consciousness reaches Christification, even though it only comes to understand the essence of its experience when it transcends the physical level of this world.

Christ is hidden in the essence of all the true religions because who lives in Love, lives in Christ.

I love you and bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Before all that happens in the world, the Messengers of God are trying to teach humanity how to intervene in aid of the souls.

Dear companions, throughout the centuries of your existence, humankind has almost always answered to the wars generating bigger wars and has tried to confront the false power with the same false power, without realizing that only the Power that comes from God can balance all things.

It is a divine aspiration that the planet do not be indifferent to what is happening in the Middle East, but not so that humankind may react with wars and respond to the hatred that permeates the hearts of the people present there sending an even heavier burden of hatred.

Do you realize that this has always been the strategy of the enemy? To generate such atrocity in the cities and such lack of love among humans, so that this hatred would expand itself to all beings and all would respond with the same level of terrorism.

In the beginning of all this chaos, many were impressed with the degree of wickedness of the human heart, when they saw the ways some people tortured and murdered the neighbor; but now, such is the hatred that is expanding itself through the hearts, that those who were impressed before with these actions would be capable of doing the same with the said murderers. That is why, children, God calls you to the awakening. Do not let yourselves be influenced by the evil of the world. Keep your consciousnesses fixed on the goodness and your hearts united to the One who was crowned with thorns in silence.

We call you to react to what happens in the whole world – and, mostly, in the Middle East – not with hatred and with resentment, but with absolute love. Dissolve resentment from your hearts, learn to forgive, in the small things, those who are closer to you. Learn to be brothers and sisters of each other, under the spirit of unity and of fraternity, and watch yourselves more precisely each time, so that neither in the small nor in the great things you are unfaithful to the principles of love that you have elected to live.

United to the Divine Messengers in a great chain of love for humanity. Serve, forgive, reconcile, love, send to the world messages of peace, and live this peace. Be examples of a true effort for living the goodness, and no longer allow yourselves to surrender to hatred and to lack of love only for your inability of being humble.

Abandon your pride and your will of defeating the others and standing out with your own behaviors, because these are the same conducts, the one that manifest themselves in your day by day, that, in greater proportions, generate the wars and the conflicts in the world.

It is time of growing in order to learn how to serve God. It is time to be humble, so that your pride does not make the planet sink, once more, in the sea of chaos and of evil.

Persevere and overcome yourselves. Put aside the childish and retrograde codes of pride and arrogance and allow that the Grace of living in peace and fraternity be a reality in your lives.

For the salvation of humanity,

Your Friend and Instructor, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While we were praying I saw Saint Joseph, first in the Middle East, dressed as a Muslim and with a cloth around his head. He was walking in the desert, accompanying different families who were emigrating, putting in His arms the children who were most tired of walking, and helping them. Afterwards, I saw Him in other cities, in big cities, helping people on the streets and only accompanying them, as someone who was simply passing by there. I also saw Him in different indigenous villages and when He appeared, He was surrounded by indigenous children who looked to be between three and eight years old. While Saint Joseph was transmitting the daily message, the children who were accompanying Him, spiritually radiated Light to the different indigenous tribes of the world.

       Dear companions in Christ, Missionaries of love on this Earth in so much need of aid and of peace,

Today I come to you with joy, but also with much regret in the depth of My Chaste Heart. I come with joy because I knew that, when arriving to the world, I would find beings that are willing to be with Me wherever it is necessary. I come with regret because I cannot be indifferent to all that happens in the world and also in the universe as a repercussion of the events of the Earth.

Today I do not come only from the Middle East, I come from many places of this vast planet, where I can walk beyond the borders, since for Me they do not exist. I come mostly from the region of Chaco, in Argentina, and also from other villages and tribes of original peoples that humanity still does not know. And I am not alone, because I have brought to you the little ones who – from the plans of the spirit – radiate their purity to those human beings who have the mission to keep guarding the presence of the indigenous consciousness on the planet, so that purity and simplicity do not disappear from the human heart.

Many think that it would not be necessary to carry out two missions at the same time, and lucubrate thoughts, imagining the reason why we have asked a mission to the Chaco, since the missionaries are already going so far, to the Middle East.

I know that the typical ignorance of the ordinary human mind often does not allow you to think and feel like the Creator of all things thinks and feels. That is why I will explain some truths to you, with My request that you observe them and learn from them, so that when your time arrives, with its own discernments, you make important decisions – time in which We will no longer be able to dictate all the steps as now.

The indigenous consciousness, in general, has an important mission of guarding the purity in humanity and also the possibility of understanding nature and, through nature, finding God. The indigenous are guardians of unity, of life in community, in a peaceful and loving way. Throughout times, many were losing these attributes and the customs of the current humanity were influencing the different indigenous communities of the world.

In Argentina, the region of Chaco, as other places, is a space of the consciousness of the nation that – despite the abandonment and the suffering which it lives – has not lost the essence of what it is and keeps being a guardian of the purity, mainly for this nation.

As South America has a primordial role in the end of times, if Argentina itself does not take care of the treasure it has in Chaco, it might lose the possibility of living simplicity, humility, peace and purity, attributes that are primordial for the emergence of a new race.

This mission of consecrating the Americas to God is a responsibility of all those who correspond to this Work of the Lord, and you must be aware that which each people fulfills a primordial role in the construction of the New Earth.

Why do we send the missionaries to Chaco and, at the same time, to the Middle East? Because, while some will try to heal the pain, the suffering and the resentment of the beings who have left their lands, their homes, others will go to a similar situation of people who have also been removed from their lands and, however, have not lost hope.

May the purity of your indigenous brothers and sisters be radiated to the Middle East and may, thanks to the different missionaries who will compose these two missions and all the prayer groups that will support them, a connection of love and unity may happen, so that, through service, love strengthens the population of Chaco and so that the purity of this people, strengthened by love, reach the Middle East as a hope that, one day, they be able to live fraternity.

May in these two missions, both peoples rekindle hope of being among brothers and sister, in a world of cooperation, of fraternity, of unity with one another and all with God. All this can be achieved with the purity of intention and the heart united, perfectly, to the Heart of God, from where comes all the principles and archetypes for humanity.

Go ahead, missionaries of Christ, of Mary and of My Most Chaste Heart. We will be in Omnipresence with all, watching over the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

Your Father and Friend, Missionary of all hours,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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